Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alabama Sheriff's Department Resorts To Fake Traffic Stop To Harass Blogger For Posts About Bill Pryor and Gay Porn

Shelby Co. Sheriff Chris Curry
A Shelby County deputy on Sunday afternoon conducted a bogus traffic stop in the latest example of harassment my wife and I have encountered since I began reporting on U.S. Judge Bill Pryor and his ties to 1990s gay porn.

The incident almost ended with a physical confrontation between me and Lt. Mike DeHart, after I called the officer a "fraud"--plus a few other choice words--and he threatened me with arrest. I'm not sure what would have happened if my wife (we call her Mrs. Schnauzer here) had not been with me and made it clear that Officer DeHart was going to have to physically deal with her if he took his bullheadedness any further. It appeared that DeHart saw his career flash before his eyes--suddenly becoming conscious of how bad it would look to physically confront a woman in the parking lot of a public library--and thought better of what he was doing.

(For details about the incident, check out the video at the end of this post.)

All of this, it seems, was the culmination of a week that saw multiple visits every day to our home from sheriff's deputies--always in groups of two or three, with at least two vehicles--resulting in banging on our door, yelling on our doorstep, and trips to the back of our house. On one night-time visit, deputies shined lights into our windows. 

As I stated in a number of posts (see here and here), the show of force made it appear to us that deputies were setting me up for a bogus arrest or a groundless search of our home, with the likely intention of seizing our computer. Long-time readers know that Shelby County Sheriff Chris Curry orchestrated an unlawful "sale" of our house on the courthouse steps in 2008, just a few days before I officially got cheated out of my job at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). (See second video at the end of this post.)

To be sure, that kind of experience does not engender a spirit of trust when deputies come pounding on our door, and that's why we were in no hurry to answer to a throng of officers who appeared to wish us harm.

What were they really up to? We learned Sunday, courtesy of Officer DeHart, that the plan all along apparently was to serve me with legal papers. But evidence strongly suggests that the persistent harassment, the phony traffic stop, even the legal papers themselves, are part of the fallout from my reporting on the Pryor gay-porn story.

Here is a short version of what happened Sunday: At the intersection of MacIan Lane and Keith Drive, I turned left to head toward the exit from our neighborhood. We drove about a mile to the North Shelby County Library, where we intended to partake of the many dangerous activities therein. As we parked and prepared to leave our car, we looked behind us to see a sheriff's vehicle, blocking the way, with lights flashing. 

When I inquired as to what was going on, an officer told me to get back in the car. He then approached and claimed he witnessed me roll through the stop sign at MacIan and Keith. I immediately told him that I did no such thing. It's a one-way stop, where I was turning left and had to check for traffic coming from both directions. We've lived in Broken Bow South for 23 years, and we know that Keith Drive is the most heavily trafficked street in our neighborhood, and this stop sign is just a few yards from the busy Alabama Highway 119. 

Even a careless driver doesn't roll through a stop sign like that--and I sure as heck don't. I knew immediately the officer was lying.

He took my license and registration to his vehicle, and I noticed him returning with a stack of papers. He handed me a warning notice for the "rolling stop" and then gave me the papers, saying, "Mr. Shuler, you've been served."

I'm used to seeing thuggish behavior from lawyers, judges, sheriff's, and just about anyone connected to American law enforcement. But even I was taken aback by this show of audacity. The guy actually conducted a bogus traffic stop in order to serve me with legal papers, apparently from a lawsuit filed by Republican political figure Rob Riley.

Like most citizens (I think) in such a situation, I was fuming. I called the officer a "fraud" and a few other choice words I didn't learn in Sunday school. I asked for his name and basically told him he was a liar and a cheat and he could stick his papers in an indelicate place.

DeHart ordered me to get up against our car, and in so many words, I told him to go to hell. I got back into our vehicle, and he grabbed my arm and also the door, keeping it from closing. He was reaching for his handcuffs when Mrs. Schnauzer made it clear she was about to pounce.

My wife is one of the sweetest, most good-natured people in the world. But she has a Serbian temper that surfaces under certain conditions--and this was one of those conditions. 

Given that Officer DeHart had already trashed our federal civil rights and probably committed any number of state-law torts--maybe even crimes--he apparently realized that adding a physical confrontation with my wife was not going to make his professional career path any smoother. 

He backed off and returned to his vehicle, we pulled away and threw his f-----g papers out the window. I don't normally condone littering, but in this case, I felt it was warranted--given that DeHart started the whole affair by acting in a fraudulent manner. We later returned to the library, and the papers were gone, so we are hopeful that DeHart and his fat ass had to clean them up.

Pryor and Rob Riley (the son of former governor Bob Riley) are part of the Republican sleaze machine that has turned Alabama into one of America's most corrupt states. The Pryor story is about much more than titillating photos. It's about a corrupt "public servant" who has become a GOP fixer in the federal courts--an ethically compromised "jurist" who vaulted to power precisely BECAUSE of the known gay porn in his background.

We will explain that in a series of upcoming posts. But for now, Rob Riley's lawsuit seems to explain the hordes of deputies on our property in recent days--plus one deputy who considered it his public duty to conduct a fraudulent traffic stop.


Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer, Mrs. and Mr. It's time you take a long vacation from living there in the place -- where so many human filth have soiled the truth -- that the people maybe have to all move away, the good people.

Really and truly. Call a mass exodus into the community. Figure out, like did the Amish, where the place is safer and all the people that are MURPH SPIRITED get the hell and NOW, out of ghetto hell.

Let it die on the vine with the poisoned well.

Michael Hastings. Our words in the USA to know when to get safe.

You two have done your job and above. The place likes acting as though civilized and yet, the Rove reality is what that whole dirty porn hole is. Too much corn holing in the past, act like the inbreeding is an easy target for the bending and other slinging sleezy coos anyway the wind blows.

Cops, sheriffs, marshals and name a government employee in the USA not compromised in the need to earn a living by breaking the law.

Welcome to Rothschild's Israeli model that Palestine understands.

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, what does it take to legally be served? I have had papers taped to my door before. I laughed.

Anonymous said...

Roger...good thing you had the Mrs. with you. If not, no telling what the thug would have done.

Anonymous said...

The corruption in this state has no limits.

David in S. Alabama said...

Check out this news item:


A Western Pennsylvania man was arrested at a DUI checkpoint for inciting Chaos. “Chaos” is the name of the police canine whose job it is to sniff out drunks.

[Chaos] was taunted by 26-year-old James Paul Andrews, of Cranberry Township, after the man was stopped at a drunken-driving checkpoint about 2:40 a.m. Sept. 15…

Andrews…was allegedly “barking, hissing and growling” at the dog, according to the K-9′s handler, Evan City police Sgt. Don Myers.

The Butler Eagle reports Cranberry Township police filed the charge on Monday — which is a felony carrying up to seven years in prison — along with drunken driving and other charges.

Township Sgt. Chuck Mascellino says Myers and Chaos were assisting with the checkpoint when Andrews allegedly became irritated and began barking at the dog."

Now we have the Schnauzer barking at a Shelby County deputy...

Unknown said...

Should this not be such a tragic slap in the intelligence factor, it could be used as a slap stick comedy.

Should you get the hell out of the cesspool, you can more than likely write a bestseller on the place where no one with any common sense would live without packing a lot of heat as an undercover private investigator and living like a criminal on the run from the pond scum that's alive and acting like the law.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Officer DeHart came real close to having a police brutality, false arrest case on his hands.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Officer Bubba is so arrogant that he thought you wouldn't recognize he was lying about the rolling stop. Bubba's not used to be questioned about his lies, so he didn't know how to handle it.

Anonymous said...

I've been a licensed driver for many years, with a clean record, save for a couple of speeding tickets. I will admit to having rolled around a stop sign or two when turning right and my view to the left was not obstructed. But turning left onto a two-way street? No one in his right mind would do that, and I suspect LS is more or less in his right mind. This officer is lying.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks cops don't just make stuff up needs to get a reality check. Sorry this happened to you, Mr. Schnauzer, but I'm sad to say that it's not all that unusual. You are one of the luckys ones who didn't wind up in jail.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so the plot thickens. This appears to be about Liberty Duke and Rob Riley. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Why, when the -witness- observed you roll the stop sign, didn't the -officer of the law-, stop you then and cite you?

According to the real law that's the way the process is actually served.

Proper service in AL has definitely gotten away with - almost in your case LS, could have been murder or the Bonnie Wyatt story of you written by another journalist. Thugs in AL don't play with those that want real law, and the scary time is here.

legalschnauzer said...

I agree, @7:50. Mrs. Schnauzer saved the day.

Anonymous said...

They sure were desperate to get you served for some reason. I'm familiar with how most sheriff's departments handle service, and it is one of their least favorite tasks. Officers hate it, and most of them don't try real hard to serve defendants. In Alabama, deputies have 30 days to get service done, and if that doesn't work, it goes back to the clerk's office. From there, it's up to the plaintiff to either get a private process server or try certified mail. In most cases, a sheriff's department might try service 2-4 times in a 30-day period. To come to your house twice a day for a week is unheard of. Somebody was in a big rush.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of cops and state troopers stopping good-looking women, traveling alone, for no reason other than to check them out.

legalschnauzer said...

It's covered in Rule 4 of the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure, @7:09, which is quite lengthy. (See URL below.) You were right to laugh about the papers attached to your door; that's not lawful service.

The basic rule is that papers have to be left at the defendant's "usual dwelling" with "a person of suitable age and discretion." In most cases, the server has to communicate with someone in the dwelling to determine if this is the correct dwelling and the person is of suitable age and discretion.

There are exceptions where defendant has refused or is avoiding service. My experience has been that this usually is not determined until a pretty extensive period of time has passed. It can take 120 days or more, in quite a few cases, to complete service. Another exception is when certified mail is use. Here is URL to Rule 4:


legalschnauzer said...

I've heard of the same thing @12:20. In fact, I almost wrote about such a case in Shelby County. A young woman from Montgomery was stopped and actually wound up in jail because a search of vehicle found prescription meds in her car. She was taken to jail and given almost nothing to wear--a blanket, I think, that barely covered her. Her mother lives in Georgia and contacted me about it. The daughter opted to let it slide and get on with life, but I might go back in my notes and write about the basic facts of that case, without the young woman's name because she did not want that published. My memory is that the mother told me all kinds of attractive young women were in the Shelby County jail on apparently bogus traffic stops and given almost nothing to wear, with cameras on them pretty much all the time. I suspect a number of folks might be getting their jollies from this sort of activity, watching on monitors at some remote site.

Anonymous said...

Considering how many people carry firearms in their vehicles, this cop took one hell of a risk making a phony stop like this. Some people would have blown his head off.

Anonymous said...

So from this and recent incidents and comment here LS, its starting to look like they are all usibg the strategy of coming at you simultaneously. How did Ted Rollins know this to write it in the "LS Exposed" site? Looks like all the garbage are colluding on an attack plan and have included Ted Rollins, a child abuser and probable child sex abuser! The patterns and similarities are hard to ignore with all these goons..... sexual deviance, promiscuity, homosexuality and worst of all child physical and sexual abuse and gay porn etc. I thought the sexual revolution happened in the 60's? Im seeing an obvious rebirth accept more deviant, lacking love and run by thugs!

legalschnauzer said...

Officer DeHart definitely has a civil-rights and false imprisonment case on his hands. And I'm still studying the relevant law for other possible misconduct.

BTW, false imprisonment does not just apply to false arrests, where people wind up in jail. It applies to any form of detainment under false pretenses. That's exactly what happened here.

Whoever put Officer DeHart up to this also will be liable.

legalschnauzer said...

I haven't checked Ted Rollins "site," @12:36, but the nexus in all this probably is the Bradley Arant law firm. That is Rollins' corporate firm. It also is a nesting place for Luther Strange, Jessica Garrison, Bill Pryor, Rob Riley, Bob Riley, and more. I suspect that's the tie.

Anonymous said...

I tend to get sad and maybe even shed a tear when I read about an officer killed in the line of duty. Until I read this, it never occurred to me that maybe some of them are asking for it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this, LS, but I'm glad this happened to you. You are a white male, with a fairly high profile because of your blog, and I bet this has never happened to you before. It happens to people of color, like me, all the time. I think it's educational for people of all colors to see what happened in this case. Glad you didn't get arrested. If you had dark skin, you probably would have been.

Anonymous said...

This officer comes from an environment of entitlement. He thinks he's entitled, because he wears a badge and toes the conservative party line, to stop a citizen for a traffic violation he didn't commit.

I bet the officer looks down his nose at "welfare queens" and their "entitlement benefits." My advice to Officer DeHart: Look in the mirror and see your own sense of entitlement.

ttowntruthseeker said...

Do they really call it "Hellby County"?

Anonymous said...

they are paid a lot of electronic units, uniforms as though law keepers

seems the book about the haves and have nots is how the usa gets run into the toilet further

basically the 1% of the 1% owns the usa, not in reality but since the 911 fraud, the game is the 1% of the 1% are only the votes that actually get to count as the money to decide how the country is run like a big gambling casino global

alabama is a perfect place for the owners to get the money lost by poor mostly, to the owners that take the real and continue on blowing the usa away

no one should spend any money in the gambling transference of wealth. strikes.

stop whatever gets the casino global what is necessary to continue shoving usa into a bad debt never to be repaid

Anonymous said...

"Officer DeHart definitely has a civil-rights and false imprisonment case on his hands. And I'm still studying the relevant law for other possible misconduct."

Be very careful they may have you exactly where they really want you, into the courts and so on,

time is of great value and your book can't be focused on - when in litigation never-ending.

Think about all the options you have to actually 'win' this.

Best, glad you weren't dark skinned or alone, too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the deputy's vehicle was equipped with video/audio equipment that captured what happened during this traffic stop.

legalschnauzer said...

I wonder about that myself, @3:43. I hope the answer is yes, and I intend to find out.

Anonymous said...

From what I saw at about 2:16 in your recording is the Sheriff's vehicle rolling through a stop. Hmmm, did he stop the right person? I do believe they are required to come to a stop (unless maybe in emergency) the same as the rest of us!


legalschnauzer said...

That's a very interesting observation, DM. I think an earlier commenter also noticed that. I guess the goose and the gander live by different sets of rules.

legalschnauzer said...

I think you make a very important point, @3:43. The apparent Garrison and Duke lawsuits are fraudulent--there is no doubt about that--so it's clear a number of parties are quite antsy about getting me into court. You throw in Officer DeHart's actions, and yes, it does appear that all sorts of people are engaging in fraud so that they can try to get me into court.

Anonymous said...

@12:45 P.M.
Like everything else that affects more or less our daily lives, a police officer should always be measured by his individuality during performances of his official capacities. Not allowing for the theory that all covered under one one blanket. True, for whatever the reasons, there have been many who were found to be too weak; themselves here again many times becoming criminals themselves; or defendants in civil actions when easily avoided.
Maybe they have a ned to be accepted by their peers, being seen outside in as one of the good ole boys, going along to get along, or maybe just an officer awaiting something to trigger an action/inaction, to cause his reaction which is in most
situations identified and resolved before the misuse and abuse of law enforcement powers gets out-of-control.

But obviously, not a blanket indictment on all law enforcement officers; but, if where so, the selection, training, and retraining process failures should be laid at the front doors of each politician's offices.

Politicians cannot escape their own duties to the public when involving law enforcement supervision's and actions. Politician's rides herd over upper managements.

On any given day or night when a police officer leaves for work knowingly, or not, he also puts his life in the hands of another fellow police officer, police dispatcher. And yes,@ 12:45 P.M. there are those police officers still today, as they have been since first recorded corrupt.

But fortunately for the good of the many there has always existed more with their good intentions than not; furthermore, whether this nation, state, county, or city, there has been someone who has been blessed by the caliber of these men and women who have given their last full measures while serving in the line of duties.

Anonymous said...

As trespass developed into a means of compelling the defendant to compensate the plaintiff for injury to his property interests, it took two forms: an action for trespass on real property and an action for injury to Personal Property.


An unlawful intrusion that interferes with one's person or property.

Tort Law originated in England with the action of trespass. Initially trespass was any wrongful conduct directly causing injury or loss; in modern law trespass is an unauthorized entry upon land. A trespass gives the aggrieved party the right to bring a civil lawsuit and collect damages as compensation for the interference and for any harm suffered. Trespass is an intentional tort and, in some circumstances, can be punished as a crime.

Common-Law Form of Action

Trespass is one of the ancient Forms of Action that arose under the Common Law of England as early as the thirteenth century. It was considered a breach of the king's peace for which the wrongdoer might be summoned before the king's court to respond in a civil proceeding for the harm caused. Because the king's courts were primarily interested in land ownership disputes, the more personal action of trespass developed slowly at first.

Around the middle of the fourteenth century, the clerks of the king's courts began routinely giving out writs that permitted a plaintiff to begin a trespass action. Before that time criminal remedies for trespass were more common. The courts were primarily concerned with punishing the trespasser rather than compensating the landowner. From the beginning a defendant convicted of trespass was fined; a defendant who could not pay the fine was imprisoned. The fine in this criminal proceeding developed into an award of damages to the plaintiff. This change marked the beginning of tort action under the common law.

As trespass developed into a means of compelling the defendant to compensate the plaintiff for injury to his property interests, it took two forms: an action for trespass on real property and an action for injury to Personal Property.

In an action for trespass on land, the plaintiff could recover damages for the defendant's forcible interference with the plaintiff's possession of his land. Even the slightest entry onto the land without the plaintiff's permission gave the plaintiff the right to damages in a nominal sum.

An action for trespass to chattels was available to seek damages from anyone who had intentionally or forcibly injured personal property. The injury could include carrying off the plaintiff's property or harming it, destroying it, or keeping the plaintiff from holding or using it as she had a right to do.

Later, an additional Cause of Action was recognized for injuries that were not forcible or direct. This action was called trespass on the case or action on the case because its purpose was to protect the plaintiff's legal rights, rather than her person or land, from intentional force.


Demand a visiting judge in this. The top level of Judicial is where this has to be heard.

Anonymous said...

they're desperate

desperation begets desperation

Anonymous said...

In their ends, they will not be remembered by the words of their enemies, but rather the silences of their friends..........

Anonymous said...


AMERICA with Bush the Christian man, went and did to many countries the same as has been done here, but far worse. However, the ante was being raised as the journalists kept doing the hero job, waking US the hell up

~war was going to be the weapon to keep the USA in the developmental stage of full blown fascism.

the freaks that are in alabama are scary because they wanted this terrible life style which gives no one any rights except the filth that hide and get caught and blackmailed.

we all have to file in the ICC.

our society is what alabama proves and this isn't but a fascists' totalitarian ISM.

thanks LS for getting the bullets and the front line now has to be other than you and the Mrs.

FILE IN THE ICC, you're an 'individual state' in the USA ...

Anonymous said...

the rove cultists are either singing the blues, crying the blues or wallowing in the blues and not one of the criminally insane knows how to play a musical instrument.

BUT the sound of their fall is not silent, nope the rope given to all 'em and enough they've hung their own selves in the shame of a glut of gluttons for punishment transparency!

keep up the great work LS

Anonymous said...

Ku Klux Klan Rally Among Government Shut Down Casualties

While over 800,000 furloughed government workers took the bulk of today's "shutdown" hit (even if that means record high traffic and ad revenues for the world's porn websites) in the form of compensation (that is merely delayed) one of the parties impacted by the first government shutdown in 17 years was none other than the Ku Klux Klan. Reuters reports that a KKK rally was one of the first casualties of the U.S. government shutdown on Tuesday when National Parks officials told the white supremacist group the event would have to be canceled. The KKK had been granted a permit for what it dubbed a First Amendment demonstration on Saturday at Gettysburg National Military Park, but park officials said it could not take place because all National Parks have been closed. "Because of the federal government shutdown, Gettysburg National Military Park has rescinded all permits for special events, including the October 5 First Amendment demonstration," the park said in a statement.


Anonymous said...

So this is where Fat Bastard ended up.

Judy said...

I hope whatever disease afflicts the Alabama "Justice" system doesn't spread like Eurasian Ash Borer or Snakehead Fish, up to Minnesota. It's unbelievable what goes on/what you have to put up with.

Anonymous said...

October 1, 2013,

The Courts and the Shutdown


The opening of a new Supreme Court term on the statutorily prescribed first Monday in October is always surrounded by a fair amount of drama having to do with the momentous legal issue the justices will be taking up. The government shutdown has imbued the start of the 2013-2014 term this coming Monday, Oct. 7, with a different sort of suspense.

A notice posted on the Supreme Court’s website says the court “will continue to conduct its normal operations” through this Friday. It is silent about what will happen if the “lapse of appropriations,” as the notice delicately describes the madness, continues beyond that. The court will be announcing its plans a week at a time.

It is expected, though, that the term’s first oral arguments will proceed as scheduled, shutdown or no, and that the court will conduct business as usual, much as it did during the Clinton-era shutdowns. How long Supreme Court operations could remain unharmed if the shutdown drags on is unclear.

For lower federal courts, a prolonged shutdown could be disastrous. Sufficient reserve funds are on hand for normal court operations for just 10 business days, through Oct. 15, according to a memo recently circulated by Judge John Bates, director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

Once those funds are depleted, there would need to be extensive furloughing of staff, and reductions in probation, pretrial and courthouse security services to comply with the federal Anti-Deficiency Act, which allows only “essential work” to continue during a government shutdown. Coming on top of the devastation to the nation’s court system caused by the maniacal across-the-board budget cuts known as sequestration, the damage to American justice would be compounded and hard to recover from once the impasse is over.


Anonymous said...

That lawyer with the Kenny Stabler haircut and wide red tie fraudulently buying your house on the courthouse steps from a fat redneck claiming jurisprudence is a Saturday Night Live skit in the making. So I guess they didn't get your house? Man Roger, I am sorry you have to endure such complete bullshit. These hillbillies need to be put in their place.

Anonymous said...


Schnauzer playing piano

Anonymous said...

I cant imagine this happening in most parts of this state, especially down south. These cops would end up on a railroad track.

Phoenix Justice said...

This sounds like what happened to the owners of the Phoenix New Times a few years back due to their constant negative reporting on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Hell, it sounds and awful like what happens in Maricopa County on a daily basis.

kellygreen said...

As a first time reader, I must admit that I'm totally fascinated--the civil rights violations, gay porn, corrupt cops.... I've worked with a lot of law enforcement agencies--some good, some bad--and I have no doubt that those who orchestrated this debacle against you instructed those cops to record (audio and video) of every manufactured encounter. Perhaps you could demand, under FOIA, copies of all such recordings. If such tapes exist, they are the mother lode.