Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Concerns About Blackmail Prompted Investigative Action On Tip About Gay Porn Photographs of Bill Pryor In '90s

Judge Bill Pryor,

Officials in Alabama law enforcement acted on a tip about gay porn photos of Bill Pryor out of concern about possible blackmail.

The tip came in fall 1997, several months after Alabama Governor Fob James had appointed Pryor as attorney general. Someone had seen the photos at, based in Cocoa, Florida.

"An informant called and said, 'You aren't going to believe this,'" recalled a retired agent with the Alabama Bureau of Investigation (ABI). "He said Bill Pryor was being displayed at a gay Web site out of Florida. So I looked it up, and there he was, with his name on it.

"They obviously were old photographs, but it was gay porn. A coworker and I made some copies of it, and [a lawyer] presented it to a Republican [politician], who went to Pryor with it. That next day, it was killed from the Web site."

The former ABI agent said he had no doubt the photo was of the Bill Pryor, who now sits on the U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. President George W. Bush made a recess appointment on Pryor in 2003, and the Senate narrowly confirmed him in 2005.

How did Pryor react upon seeing the photos? Our source says: "Pryor expressed surprise, of course, and I was told he said, 'That's not me, that's not me.' But Bill Pryor is hard to fake a photo of, and it had his name on it."

Why would it be hard to fake a photo of Bill Pryor? We can think of at least one reason: Photos of Pryor, taken over a number of years, indicate the judge has strabismus, which is the medical term for a crossed or misaligned eye. The young man in the porn photo clearly has strabismus.  

Former Alabama Attorney General Jeff Sessions was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996, and Gov. James began deliberations to appoint his successor late that year. Pryor was appointed in early 1997, and the gay porn photos surfaced a few months later. 

Even though he had served as AG only a few months, Pryor already had made it known in political circles that he someday wanted to become a federal judge. That is what prompted the ABI to investigate the gay porn photos. "He was lobbying for [a judgeship]," the retired agent said. "Even though being homosexual isn't illegal, it's an issue that conceivably could result in him being blackmailed as a judge. We thought, yes, there is something to it here."

How many people in Alabama have seen the photos? The answer to that is not clear, but we've heard from a number of insiders who claim to have seen them. Our sources say the spread at included eight or nine photos of Pryor. The photo that we have run, and has been picked up at numerous Web sites, definitely is not the only one out there. 

The retired ABI agent said he showed the photos to a former reporter for The Birmingham News. "I showed them to her to get an opinion, and she was in shock over it."

Did she have any doubt about who it was? "She did not, nor did we."

Anyone who has followed the Alabama political scene over the past 20 years or so will not be surprised to learn that The Birmingham News never reported the story--even though one of its reporters immediately recognized that the young man in the porn photos was prominent Republican Bill Pryor.


Anonymous said...

queens and kings too, olden days took siblings and put them into institutions, acted like the sibling was and idiot, but not the case.

point is, the dark secret of the south is now outed and just like the queens and kings of old being seen for what monsters they were and are, so the south has been faking family values while the degenerates are the real players in politics.

rove and his ilk don't actually go onto the internet as a working tool, to them it was a way to spy on everyone.

obviously the idiots didn't think about themselves as the most caught cause they're the least schooled in real journalism and technology. gotta look at the fact they really thought technology belonged only to the pedophile cultists.

blow-off and blow-back.

that's what happens when the great reporters get their dog in the show, and the blue ribbon goes to the best always.

thank you LS

Anonymous said...

The former ABI agent said he had no doubt the photo was of the Bill Pryor, who now sits on the U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. President George W. Bush made a recess appointment on Pryor in 2003, and the Senate narrowly confirmed him in 2005.

VLADIMIR PUTIN really like George W. Bush and it was because Bush is a first class poker player.

He got us all in this poker face, he is more gay than not, kissing the Bandar Bush his lover every time they met and then all the secret liaisons with Tony Blair at Camp David and name a secret bat cave the Rover Turd Blossom didn't know with his voter fraud machines Diebold. Wow we've been screwed by the hate themselves for being violated as children?

We're living in the Pryor hell because he not only got circumcised but he also was sucked as an infant?

And worse!

That's the problem here, the Bush Family in the Franklin Scandal Cover Up never shined the light on them choosing the 'judicial' to cover up the cover ups.

We get to live under the criminals' who were broken by seriously bad criminal pedophiles and so we are in essence trapped in the nightmares of damaged children in robes.

Children of the Corn Cobs? Scary Hallow weenies you've exposed LS.


Anonymous said...

LS, when you're at the top of the ladder with the best, you get to be silenced SO BE CAREFUL!

Horst Faas: Photographer who brought home to Americans the horrors of the Vietnam war

Exhausted to the point of collapse by four days of fighting in the southern tip of Vietnam, the strewn men look more like corpses than soldiers. A widow crouches distraught over the remains of the husband she identified from his teeth. And a young paratrooper sports a helmet that says it all.

They are images that bear testimony not only to the gruelling barbarity of the Vietnam War but also its chronicling by press photographers whose work in the front lines of the south east Asian jungle made the conflict the “last newspaper war”.

Anonymous said...

Did "she" have nickname, bi-line?

Addressing the traffic stop, are all these vehicles equipped with dash cams, did this one; point, evidence for your proof of innocence, while at same time contributing to harassment.

There began to surface into 1999-todate a very much larger picture that did cause to set the stage for Pryor to be "blackmailed". Only as result of many a full-court-press endurances via those only on a need to know basis that has provided Pryor his safe harbor from his judiciary accountabilities and cover-ups todate; as he has not yet been publicly exposed.

But, MURPH! You are laying a good foundation to present them from.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The concern shouldn't be that Pryor may or may not be gay. It should be that he may or may not be a closeted gay--with wife and kids for show. That's where potential blackmail enters the picture.

Anonymous said...

Here is the time line as I read it:

Fob James appoints Pryor as AG around Feb. 1997, and the gay porn photos surface around Sept. 1997.

It took about seven months for the photos to reach someone's attention.


Anonymous said...

So a Birmingham News reporter sees the gay porn photos, almost faints when she realizes they are Alabama's new attorney general, and the paper does nothing on the story.

Classic "journalism" in the South.

TLR said...

Fascinating post, LS, one of your best on this subject. My favorite part is about 8-9 other photos of Pryor that are out there. I figured it was just the one.


Anonymous said...

Pryor was lucky as hell to have been appointed AG, and he already was trolling for a federal judgeship? What an arrogant, corrupt a-hole.

Anonymous said...

I find it sad that a person's possible gayness might be cause for concern about blackmail. I guess that's the real world.

legalschnauzer said...

It is sad, @11:45. But keep in mind that this was 1997. Hopefully, the situation might be a little different today. Like an earlier commenter, I would say Pryor's apparent closeted status was the main concern. That, plus the fact, we are talking Alabama here.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Fob James feels about the Pryor appointment today.

Anonymous said...

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gay isn't gay when the chemicals are used to bend the endocrine into a state of so much confusion the human doesn't know what sex the body was born as.

gays don't feel other than what sex it is when in the womb and should the gene be more female in a male, well nature gets mixed up and that's what happens.

but the epidemic is made and the purpose is to have gay judges to control and others too.

HIS BEARD, that is what is family is referred to just like Barry Sotero the so called Bi sexual, ha ha ha, maybe he takes enough drugs to even be a werewolf, it's the season after all and his track record of killing fits the mask.

Anonymous said...

There are eight or nine other photos of Pryor out there, all of the gay-porn variety?

legalschnauzer said...


Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Fob James and his family hate Pryor's guts now. They feel Pryor duped them over the Roy Moore deal. I also feel certain Fob became aware of the gay porn stuff.

A man close to the James family told me that he viewed Pryor as a "lying, cheating faggot." I think that view reflects what Fob himself feels.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The gay porn photos were known in political circles, it seems, at the time Bill Pryor started his AG's investigation of Don Siegelman.

I think we now might know what prompted Pryor to start that whole mess.

Anonymous said...

LS, do you think Republicans are the ones who unearthed these photos and have used them for certain purposes?

legalschnauzer said...

That's my understanding, @1:15. I'm still working on that part of the story, but my research so far points to Republicans who have used the photos as a weapon. Not sure if it was a political person who unearthed them, but I see no signs at this point, that it was a Democrat. Not sure a Democrat would be capable of pulling something like this off.

Anonymous said...

The reference to the woman reporter "she" that was shown Pryor's photos; what was her last name, or nickname? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I doubt blackmail was necessary to get Bill Pryor to act like a corrupt slime ball. That comes naturally to him.

Anonymous said...

These photos, and the timing of when they surfaced, shine all sorts of new light on the Siegelman case.

Pryor learns in late 1997 that gay porn photos are known, Don Siegelman is elected governor in 1998, and Pryor launches investigation in early 1999, just as Siegelman is taking office.

Pryor was ethically compromised when he started the Sietgelman investigation, and these photos prove it.

legalschnauzer said...

I know the female reporter's name, @2:04. I haven't reported it yet, I guess out of professional courtesy. Don't really want to embarrass her, but I might change my mind about that.

Actually, it might not be an embarrassment to her. She might have wanted to report the story, but her editors wouldn't allow it. In fact, I feel certain her editors wouldn't have allowed it, no matter how badly she wanted to write it up.

I do know the reporter no longer is there. She was one of many who left in the big layoff of 2012 (or was it 2011?). She currently works for a communications company in Bham.

Anonymous said...

The gay porn photos were well known in GOP circles when Pryor became AG, and the minute a Democrat is elected governor . . . wham, Pryor starts shoveling dirt to Eddie Curran at the Mobile paper--in Pryor's hometown.

How convenient. I'm betting Eddie Curran knew about the porn photos all along, and he never wrote the first word about them.

Anonymous said...

These photos turned Bill Pryor into Karl Rove's bitch.

legalschnauzer said...

Funny that you should mention Eddie Curran, @2:25. I got a really nasty e-mail from him the other day (Sunday, I think). I didn't run it because it read like it was written while he was under the influence of about a five-gallon tub of Jack Daniels. Maybe I will try to find it and run it.

Eddie seems in a lather over the Pryor revelations. I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

These photos played a role in the Siegelman case, and you can bank it.

Anonymous said...

I would call Eddie Curran an earthworm, but that would be an insult to earthworms.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Curran, "Goat Hill", Mobile Press Register was served on a golden platter during 2001 a large package with more than enough facts, figures, physical evidences to work with, without him ever having to leave his office, that if he had gone with the story would have better served Alabama; removing the major corruptors and crooks. Although the contents were non-bias, the Republicans were more implicated.

At that time Siegelman was not even on the USDOJ's prosecuting radar for anything. That is until Canary got there, taking Pryor under her wing.