Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rob Riley Sues Blogger And Then Tries to Keep The Case Sealed From Public View

Rob Riley
Prominent Alabama Republican Rob Riley has filed a lawsuit against my wife and me over reports here at Legal Schnauzer about his relationship with lobbyist Liberty Duke. Riley claims our reports are false and defamatory, but he has taken a number of steps to shield the case from public view.

The Riley lawsuit explains the swarm of Shelby County sheriff deputies that repeatedly trampled our property and pounded on our door throughout last week. It also explains the fraudulent traffic stop that Lt. Mike DeHart conducted on Sunday afternoon in order to "serve" me with court papers.

How did we learn about the Riley lawsuit, given we threw court papers out the window in anger after DeHart had unlawfully stopped us on a trumped-up claim of rolling through a stop sign? Well, about a dozen papers remained in our car, and I retrieved them from a trash can at our home on Tuesday evening.

Most of those papers were copies of posts I've written about the Riley/Duke affair. But two of them included a header that identified a lawsuit styled Robert R. Riley Jr. v. Roger Shuler and Carol T. Shuler, civil action number CV-13-236. It apparently was filed in Shelby County Circuit Court on July 23, 2013.

I do not have a copy of the complaint itself, but the two-page document we do have is styled "Motion to File All Pleadings and Exhibits Thereto Under Seal." (See video at the end of this post for a discussion of this motion and other issues surrounding the Riley lawsuit).

The motion in question states in pertinent part:

Comes now Robert R. Riley Jr., Petitioner, and requests that this court order all pleadings filed in this case, and all exhibits thereto, filed under seal. In support of this Motion, Petitioner states as follows:
Alabama Rule of Civil Procedure 5.1(c) allows courts of this State to order that case filings be made under seal to protect the privacy of parties.
This case involves a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary and Permanent Injunctions based on highly defamatory false information about Petitioner being disseminated by Respondents into the public sphere. Said information subjects Petitioner to immediate and irreparable harm in the form of contempt and ridicule in the city, county, and state in which he lives. Filing court records that can be obtained by reporters or the general public will perpetuate the very harm this action seeks to avoid.
Based on the foregoing, Petitioner respectfully requests that this Court order that all pleadings, responses, replies, and exhibits thereto be filed under seal.

What are we to take from this? Here are a few things that come to my mind:

(1) Riley claims he has been defamed, but he has so little confidence in his case that he doesn't want anyone to know about it.

(2) Riley specifically wants to make sure that the press, mainstream and otherwise, never knows about anything involved in the case.

(3) Riley seeks to make an end run around the American notion of a free press. He seeks an injunction against reporting on a lawsuit he filed in a public forum, but he wants it all conducted in a private manner.

(4) If the lawsuit was filed on July 23, 2013, why was Riley just getting around to serving it last week? Was Riley allowed to file the case under seal, and if so, why? If that's the case, why was it unsealed briefly now, with an immediate attempt to seal it again? Is the stamped date accurate, or did someone in the Shelby County Courthouse stamp a phony date on it to obscure the real motives behind the lawsuit?

What ulterior motives might Rob Riley have? Well, he and his family are extremely close to U.S. Judge Bill Pryor, who has been the subject of recent reports here about photos of him that appeared at the gay porn Web site in 1997. Pryor, as attorney general of Alabama, played a pivotal role in ensuring that Bob Riley was elected governor in 2002, when votes for Democratic incumbent Don Siegelman mysteriously disappeared overnight. Pryor ordered the questionable ballots sealed and threatened arrest for anyone who attempted to count them. (Seems like the Rileys and Pryor have an affinity for sealing records and keeping the public in the dark.)

Pryor also launched a state investigation of Siegelman, which morphed into a federal probe under the George W. Bush Justice Department. The 2002 election probably would not have been close enough to be stolen without the Pryor-initiated investigation. When Siegelman tried to run against Bob Riley in 2006, he and former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy wound up indicted and convicted on corruption charges, even though the main bribery charge was filed almost one year after the statute of limitations had run.

The bottom line? Our series of reports on Bill Pryor's ties to 1990s gay porn started on September 17--and since have been picked up by an array of national Web sites.

Is it a coincidence that Rob Riley's lawsuit against me surfaces now, while his ally Bill Pryor faces national embarrassment, courtesy of this blog?

I think not.


Anonymous said...

Methinks Mr. Riley has something to hide. That's why he wants everything sealed tight as a jug.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, LS, you've got the power structure stirred up big time.

Anonymous said...

This is the same Rob Riley who "earned" millions of taxpayer dollars while his "Diddy" was governor

Anonymous said...

MURPH, wasn't Rob during the Riley administration given the duties and responsibilities of overseeing Riley's legal department?

If not, what then exactly was his job during those 8 years?

Anonymous said...

Thieves do their best work in the dark. That's why Rob Riley likes things done in secret.

Anonymous said...

Is Rob Riley aware that the courts are paid for with public, taxpayer dollars. If he wants a private forum, he needs to find one somewhere else?

Gerry with a G said...

Let's see, Bob Riley rode off to Alaska rather than testify in the bingo trial. Rob Riley files a lawsuit claiming defamation, but he wants to old thing kept secret.

Does anyone in that family have a spine.

Anonymous said...

Have you received notice about a restraining order or injunction?

legalschnauzer said...

Nope, not a word.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Alabama Crook Alliance! Your stupidity is bring to light for the comatosed public what New World Order really is all about! Thanks for being so narcissistic and dumb!

legalschnauzer said...

I don't think Rob had an official job in the administration, 11:22. He was, in theory, a private practice lawyer. I'm told by a number of sources, however, that he often acted as "de facto" governor.

Anonymous said...

What a wuss!

Anonymous said...

Liberty Duke is suing you too? If they have not been an item, it seems strange that they would file a lawsuit together.

legalschnauzer said...

I'm not sure, but I think Liberty Duke is suing us, too. I'm not sure they truly were filed together, but it sort of looks that way.

Anonymous said...

You can bet your bippie that this is an attempt to divert attention from Bill Pryor. The Riley family made millions, with Pryor's help. He is the family cash cow, and they are going to bat for him big time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a racket has formed to abuse our court system and attempting to destroy our 1st amendment!

Anonymous said...

What is Rob Riley trying to hide? For one, he's probably trying to hide this whole ugly soap opera from Leslie Riley, the missus.

Anonymous said...

You're getting too close to "The Fuhm-lee," Schnauzer.

Anonymous said...

Rob Riley wants this sealed because he knows filing the case makes him look like a fool. He also knows it makes him look guilty as charged.

Anonymous said...

I've long thought that Rob Riley doesn't come across as all that smart. This isn't going to help him any on that front.

Molli said...

Bob Riley has raised his kids to be involved in many gambling ventures as well he has been a role model for them to learn that corruption equals astronomical sums of money and power. His power presumably includes power over the courts. Baby boy Rob is putting his learned sneaky skills to task. Mob Don Daddy must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like Rob is trying to clean up his resume for a run at Spencer Bachus' old job.

Anonymous said...

Has it ever occurred to the thick-skulled Rileys that one of their victims might someday turn weaponry upon them--with very painful results?

That Second Amendment deal can work in a lot of different ways.

Anonymous said...

Rob Riley got in trouble over the Liberty Duke affair at Dawson Baptist Church. Church leaders had heard about it, and the deacon board called him on the carpet when LS reports showed up.

legalschnauzer said...

I mention that in the video, 12:10.

Anonymous said...


I believe the end game it to hurt you financially.

Anonymous said...

Rob Riley's daddy with two days left in office as governor of the state of alabama negotiated a $37.2 million BP payment to Brett-Robinson to complete a real estate project--a massive condo in gulf shores. Weeks later bob riley (rob's dad) filed registration paperwork in washington and montgomery as a paid lobbyist for Brett-Robinson. Bob Martin wrote about this. Nobody apparently cares.

Anonymous said...

if the end game is to hurt LS financially, well, they are probably not gonna be successful. I would imagine he has arranged his assets so that there is nothing to get. posting nude pics of a gay federal judge would necessitate such financial planning.

Anonymous said...

Liberty Duke is not the only mistress in Rob Riley's "family values" background. I know of one in Florida, for sure--Sarasota area.

Anonymous said...

If Rob Riley is doing this to divert attention from Bill Pryor, it pretty much confirms the young man in the porn photo is, in fact, Bill Pryor.

Anonymous said...

Baxley ------
dksindo ------
Smith -----------
Pryor ---------------------
skaidi ---------------------
Shelby -----------
King ------
Riley ------
Strange ------


...protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,

...faithfully discharge THEIR office's duties.

One has to wonder what DOCTOR BEN CARSON is beginning to think of Sessions' Alabama, SAME Senator that Carson sat next to before/after giving the keynote address at national day of prayer breakfast

Anonymous said...

How did someone as stupid as Rob Riley get into Yale? Never figured that one out.

Anonymous said...

@12:25. Agree. Just like they tried with Siegleman and McGregor. Create bogus charges and bleed them through the legal process. Funny term "legal process" because it is anything but legal. Attorneys, court employees, judges, etc. all on board the BS train.

Anonymous said...

LS: Do you have Rob Riley's home address?

I suggest that readers send letters, containing copies of your posts about Liberty Duke, to Mrs. Rob Riley.

Maybe she's in the dark and needs to come into the light.

legalschnauzer said...

Here is the address, 12:59--

Leslie McLeod Riley
364 Lucerne Blvd.
Birmingham, AL, 35209

Anonymous said...

Who is the judge in this freak show?

legalschnauzer said...

I don't know. I haven't been lawfully served with that information.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get to depose Rob about a whole bunch of topics. That should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Will you be able to subpoena Rob's medical records, tax records, financial records, phone records, e-mail records?

legalschnauzer said...

Yes to all of the above, including any information about his ties to Indian gaming interests.

Anonymous said...

How bout Diddy? I think you should call him as a witness! Maybe the wife too! Rob just did AL a huge favor!

Anonymous said...

I notice that Rob Riley had to get one of the lackeys from his own law firm to represent him. I guess that means no other lawyers would touch it.

Anonymous said...

If I were in the management at VictoryLand or Country Crossing, I would be fighting for position in line to have lawyers help you depose Rob Riley in this case.

Anonymous said...

Could you depose Mrs. Rob Riley?

legalschnauzer said...

I don't see why not. In fact, I think that's an excellent idea.

The former Mr. Liberty Duke might also want to prepare himself for a spot on the hot seat, as will Liberty's former employers at Matrix, including Joe Perkins.

Anonymous said...

Depositions, and the audio videos. Get lots of people to be your crew.

It really is the law.

MURPH you file for depositions in the matter immediately and ask all the SPIRITS that are barking down great here, to enjoin as those who do know the 'case'.

Then take the depos. Use the courthouse's jury room, it is the law you can.

You get the DEPO TEAM who are also the 'GOOD WITNESSES' IN the case, and go for the real time exposure for the poor running scared.

I can't imagine being in the thought processing right now in all these New World Order totalitarians collapsing.

Putin and Obama are on 10/7/13, in Bali for Putin's 61 Birthday.

That says what it says for the GOP and wanting Obama to nuke Syria and Iran.

You're in the power position MURPH COALITION, do not lose this incredible tour de force.

Congratulations LS, and all.


Anonymous said...

MURPH, several days ago a challenge was made to all commenters about their contributions towards getting your messages out.

Since,for the record, this commenter's obligation to challenge, has been completed.

Support former Alabama governor Don Siegelman,
"It is time, [NOW] for all GOOD men to [get off our asses] come to the aid of their [state] country".

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I would like to know what real property each and everyone of these thigs has purchased in the last 4 years! I would bet if any they were stolen! I wondrr if these thugs have anything worth taking?

Anonymous said...

There is something unique about a secretary of state. Right?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Every time I see this pictUre of Rob Riley it reminds me of the commenter months back who said this pic Hee Haws at them. It really seems like it does. I laughed throughout that day about that Hee Haw comment.

Anonymous said...

Come on Rob, please run for Bachus' seat!!!! Something tells me this up coming election year is going to get very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I'm back. A great commenter at where I do a lot of jabbering about all this, is being sent here.

So coming to check in I see the He Haw face comment. And glad you got a good laugh, again I did too.

Every time I see that mug shot of the biggest mouth that only fits on the muzzle of a Jack Ass, well there needs to be a PUMPKIN carving of that, someone!

Send the photo shot in the dark to LS. Maybe a pumpkin of the junk monster too, that is who got the attention of a great commenter.

He'll be here and he thinks the judge needs to be disbarred, now.

He Haw

best to all Ha Ha and Ta Ta

Anonymous said...

I'm filing a COMPLAINT in the International Criminal Court against the Endocrine Bending, or call it on the street Gender Bent.

The Zionists that run the Federal Reserve System and the Jewry Political that are the partners in the money fraud against the USA, bent the endocrine in how many humans? Can't count, too many.

Know them by their thinking not with but a seriously compromised endocrine system.

This time in history is going to be very tragically reported.

LS, you were the true deep journalist, where was Seymour Hersh?! Hmmmm, where was the New York Times?

Judges are the faction specifically controlled by the Federal Reserve System's owners that are mostly European.

The judicial majority is and was intentionally turned into a degenerate collective of criminals that can be fully controlled.

Cracked heads, not nearly enough powerful US Constitutional real true attorneys at law, in this truly break down in our society, able to be the pillars.

Rather, the behavior in the US, as LS exposed in Alabama -- when the sick are exposed, the inclination is to be rabid. Attack the healer. The exposure heals US.

Talk to them, poor things, they don't speak with a voice that can be considered in balance, and therefore, can't be a well functioning thyroid.

Russia understands and a request to the Russian 'leadership' for joining in the Complaint regarding the high crime of gender bending global is to be.

LS, you have actually exposed the greatest story in earth in this time. Russia has absolutely forbidden the bending of genders.

America is not going to be in the history as a well nation. Christians are going to be exposed for a great hypocrisy in hiding behind 'beards' - example is GEORGE W. BUSH JR., and then the OBAMA great deceit.

All the messed up seriously in the head by whatever, and then made into leaders for US. All of 'EM, taking pharmaceuticals or what was the penis nose about? Girls that are young to get his temp to rise and vote for him too. Hillary is tweeting now with Chelsea, it's the same insanity.

Liberty Puke on herself. Look where she has chosen to allow, her process of 'relationship' to be some bad fantasy acted on. What does the doctor prescribe for her to be so reckless in the jungle of anglos.

Wars without end to keep the distraction of hell US, seeming to be moving right along ghettos are abundant and filling right up.

Murphy's Spirit R US Americans and that's the future too, whew, balanced thinking stuff.

tx LS

Unknown said...

Roger Shuler, there is a huge global clamping down right now on the www.

I bet you were in that list to get!

Feeling mighty blessed you didn't get in that hit. Wife & You be very very very careful.

Russia may be teaching Obama something, can't tell yet, but here is how the real story gets told about the Clintons and Russia and how we are in the same break down as USSR except we do not have the resource rich country.

"...In late 1992, Vice-President Rutskoi blasted the reforms program in a public address, noting that further development would ruin Russia’s industrial potential, and that lifting state control over prices in a highly-monopolized economy could only lead to social disaster. He also directly opposed the government, noting that most people from Gaidar’s team seriously lacked real-life experience and based their plans purely on controversial theories, coining the phrase “small boys in pink pants.” ...."

THE 'BOYS' IN CHARGE in the USA right now are the Geithner and other born in the 1960s era, and not a wit of sense in getting to run America and with Kissinger and Associates teaching them.

"... A top US State Department official urged members of Congress Thursday to hold onto fresh sanctions against Iran until President Barack Obama’s administration can assess the new conciliatory tone from the Iranian government ...."

SCHNAUZER STAY UP AND RUNNING, there's definitely a reason the locals want you down.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@1:32. Wouldn't be surprised if no lawyer outside the "Riley family firm" would touch this. How do you know who is representing ol' Robbo in this case? If you have inside info, please share with the rest of the class!

legalschnauzer said...

The court documents I have show Jay Murrill as Riley's lawyer. Murrill is from the Riley Jackson law firm, another sign this lawsuit isn't serious. It might be a serious problem for me--given our corrupt courts--but it's not a serious claim under the facts or the law.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see you to seek Rob Riley's tax returns for the past 12 years. Those would show his income before "Diddy" took office and after "Diddy" took office. I bet there is a huge difference.

I seem to recall hearing that Rob has been involved in offshore financial dealings, in Cayman Islands, etc.

I want the Schnauzer to sniff those out. Maybe you can find out what happened to all the investors' money on the Russian lottery scam that Rob and Robert Sigler pulled off.

Wasn't Milton McGregor one of the people who got conned on that?

Anonymous said...


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Your nosey neighbors will help you fit right in; and in no time at all, you too will be undermining, shafting, humiliating, discrediting, the very same ones you not to long ago made friends with, plus having the courage to step outside the box of contaminates; entering into a world of orchestrated political gotchas.

Brian, In memory of

Anonymous said...

So how is this lawsuit or lawsuits, not main stream news? Me thinks Alabama is lame stream.

e.a.f. said...

Riley wants to sue you because you reported on an affair with Duke? That is ripe. What ever happened to freedom of the press and free speech. Then he wants it all kept secret. Like what is he saying? He didnt have the affair, or he is just pissed you reported on it?

Why sue about someone reporting you had an affair? Gee, about 1/2 the married people in North American have affairs.

It is not unreasonable to conclude there is more to this than meets the eye or lawsuit.

Why would they sue your wife? You're the one who writes the blog. They must have had a brain freeze. Of course they may want to ensure they have a crack at all the assets you and your wife might hold. They really need to find something else to do.

Doesn't Riley understand, that these days there is no such thing as a secret. Even if a judge loved him and gave him his wish, someone else might find the information and release it, from far, far away from Alabama.

Anonymous said...

I want to go ahead and make a prediction: you will not get your way in one or (most likely) both the defamation suits filed against you and you will then declare the judges in those cases to be corrupt and incompetent. The real question is: are you willing to go to jail to protect your "sources" like a real journalist or will you give them up when ordered to do so by the courts?

ttowntruthseeker said...

Ah declare. The boy done took liberties with Miss Liberty...

Anonymous said...

Remember in the cartoon where GOOFY would stand but he would go from side to side in one place, saying



GOOFY never got far because he was too big and goofy to know which way to go.

Riley cult GOOFBALLS of the south with no way to go.

Anonymous said...

What happens next? when do you have to go to court?

Anonymous said...

No new posts for 4 days... Have they gotten to Shuler? Taken his computer?

legalschnauzer said...

I find people like you endlessly amusing, 8:17. First, you are too lazy to educate yourself about cases where reporters have been jailed over identification of sources. Those generally involve reporting on criminal matters, not civil cases alleging defamation. Second, you also are too lazy or stupid to read a post, or conduct your own independent research, to determine whether a judge applied the law correctly. With cretins like you, it's a simple, "The judge went for you or against you." You are incapable of asking, "Did the judge follow the law?" Given the low wattage of your brain, I have no idea why you even try to read our posts or the comments from intelligent readers.

Anonymous said...

can't take anon 8:17 as a 'face' but you can print out the comments and use as TP


Wayne said...

Thank you LS for responding to Anon 8:17 because I was about to say the same thing.

Unknown said...

Given the low wattage of your brain, I have no idea why you even try to read our posts or the comments from intelligent readers.

THANKS, LS, I must take this art form and send the www a viral on how the truth has been set free!

USA 'COURTS' have the same wattage brain chemistry, obviously.

Anonymous said...

low wattage brain chemistry, shot
wads, cretins lazy too uneducated amusing endlessly~
intelligent reporters conducting independent research

criminal matters, not civil involving
defamation, judges don't follow law correctly~
post, blog, comment, cognitive dissonance


Anonymous said...

HA! 8:17, sounds like you are admitting your guilt! Will knowing sources help you sleep better at night? Make it easier to socialize without being so bitchy? And 8:17, your prediction sounds more like ex parte communication and if what you predict happens, you just made all the corrupt judges look like just that! And we all read it!

Anonymous said...

Schnauzer, you sound a little edgy and ready to snap. The paperwork is the tangled web the weavers want you in, how to be Sun Tzu?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot; you will also lose on appeal and will then declare the appellate judges to be corrupt. How many lawsuits have you filed without winning even once? It is amazing that every single lawyer that has represented you and every single judge that has ever presided over one of your cases and every appellate court that has heard your appeals are all corrupt. You have terrible luck.

Humanoid Figure said...

I am from what you call the the 28th Century. Listen to me & I will provide you with the knowledge necessary to defeat your enemies.