Thursday, October 17, 2013

U.S. Judge Bill Pryor Does Not Respond To Questions About Strabismus And Its Role In Gay Porn Photos

Bill Pryor
Both federal judge Bill Pryor and a young man who posed under that name at a gay porn Web site in the 1990s appear to have an eye condition called strabismus. The Bill Pryor who sits on the U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, however, wants no part of taking questions on the subject.

The Eleventh Circuit is based in Atlanta, but Pryor's primary office--his "duty station," as it's called in the judicial trade--is at the Hugo Black U.S. Courthouse right here in Birmingham. Pryor's residence is in the Birmingham suburb of Vestavia Hills, not too far from my home in North Shelby County.

It seemed only natural to contact Pryor and seek comment about strabismus, which affects 3 to 4 percent of the U.S. Caucasian population and appears to be present in at least two gentlemen named Bill Pryor--one who sits on the federal bench and one who revealed all for the gay porn Web site in the 1990s.

You might think that Pryor, with his lifetime appointment that is 100 percent funded by taxpayer dollars, might feel an obligation to answer questions from the public on any number of topics, even one that understandably might make him a tad uncomfortable. But you would be wrong.

We kept our query about strabismus short and sweet, trying to make things as convenient as possible for Pryor. But he still wouldn't bite. Here is the message we sent via e-mail:

This is a followup on my reporting at Legal Schnauzer.
Do you have a condition known as strabismus, which is a crossing or misalignment of the eyes?
Have you ever been treated for strabismus?
Would you release copies of your medical records as it relates to any and all eye care?
Thank you,
Roger Shuler

Pryor already has denied that the young man in the photos is him, so you might think it would be easy for the judge to reply, "The guy in the porn photo isn't me, and I don't have strabismus."

Of course, we have photographic evidence that suggests both "Bill Pryor, the judge" and "Bill Pryor, the porn star" do have strabismus. 

Maybe that's why the judge wanted no part of our questions.


Anonymous said...

Time to dust off the Sherlock Holmes methods and put them to use.
The Mobile High School and the directional school in North Louisiana both have recorded yearbooks with his 17 and 18,19,20,21 year old photos. It may be tiime to take a field trip...

Anonymous said...

Shockingly, Legal Schnauzer assumes that a refusal to respond to his questions is somehow inculpatory.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he should respond, but he won't, because he can't; in a roundabout way Pryor is similar to Dehart it appears, if Dehart's paper serving goes south he may find himself out in the cold, on the outside looking in.

PRYOR"S FACE WILL ALWAYS BE IDENTIFIED WITH THE POLITICAL WRONGUL PERSECUTION OF SIEGELMAN except Pryor carries along with him a lot, a lot more baggage yet to surface. He's probably already received his marching orders that if he implicates anyone intentionally, or more so by unintentionally saying wrong word would equal the old forewarned adage, "you don't tell on us, we don't tell on you" type thinking.

Think about it..........

What was Pryor doing about 1996 for Rove to pick-up a nick-name "Rove's Boy"?

The short amount of time, year or two in AG's office under Sessions, under James appointment 2 years, elected outright 1998 4 years; approximately 7-8 years + short time after 2002 appointed 11th Circuit without ever having had any bench experience, very little prosecuting/litigating experiences.

And he is the best that Alabama has to offer to fill the 11th Circuit's vacancy? One has to wonder, was anyone else even rightfully considered? Pryor from git-go!

Pryor may find himself outside the loop if someone else talks first, to serious authorities, on the outside looking in. A state employee with possibility of indictment has good reason become government witness against Pryor; maybe going back 1997 involving Siegelman!!

Mary said...

I find it amazing but mostly disgusting the main stream media never investigates or questions any possible corrupt, illegal, or questionable behavior by the elite Republicans. Why is this? Are they owned and manipulated by the Riley’s, the Hubbard’s, and Luther Strange to name a few?

Anonymous said...

OVERVIEW Interpretations EXAMPLES for Impeachments of Federal JUDGES

[01]Thomas Jefferson's Federalist
Papers # 78

[02]Congressman Gerald Ford's recommendations

[03]Article II Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution

Raised was the question regarding a federal judge, who sits in judgment everyday of the public; therefore is his threshold of responsibility and accountability to be lessen just because he is a judge should he be involved in a serious crime?

No, but to/by [what should be] the equal standards he administers justice in his court everyday.

Anonymous said...

All great points, @8:33. You should start a blog of your own. I would read it for sure.

Anonymous said...

Pryor is just practicing human nature. I would be quiet too if I didn't have honest, sensible answers to tough questions that I knew were coming.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, @7:24. I don't see this post as inculpatory. I see it as a journalist reporting the facts. LS had a legitimate question, raised it with Pryor, and Pryor failed to respond. LS also notes that photographic evidence suggests "Judge Pryor" and "Gay Porn Pryor" share the same relatively rare eye condition. That's what the post says, nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that Pryor wants his highly paid, lifetime appointment, which is funded by the public--but he doesn't feel he has a responsibility to take questions from the public?

Anonymous said...

Hey, LS, why don't you call Pryor's former law clerk in DC and ask her if he has strabismus and received treatment for it. She seems to be his go-to gal for difficult questions.

Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer qualifies as a journalist, he has a degree.

LS also qualifies as an investigative reporter, he was the journalist for a university in the capacity of investigating for the publication of Univ AL.

LS is why journalists get killed.

When the truth gets reported because the facts are all in order and prove the truth, then journalism is at the top of the information power stream.

That happens in a place where the model was to be a new order of whatever the so called Republicans, however the Democrats are equally corrupt - the Federal Reserve System runs the country for the Global Mafia Financial Cult and Cult for certain. Pedophiles and whatever the mind can see as a broken way of being so called human.

These subhuman in Alabama that do such behaviors as this done to LS because his journalistic genius is the top power of truth, well the poor caught in their own traps.

Bad Puppy and the "Minnows" which is what the poor lost that followed the Roman Emperor, and did what was told to do - Pryor knows the 'drills'.

Karl Rove was destined to fail. His sickness reached critical mass and that was why we got him as the bully thug USA terror war insane criminal vote stealing psycho.

He and his Bad Puppies are all going to the place where they can heel while we all heal.

Anonymous said...

Why should Pryor respond to you?

You've chosen not to even publish my second comment to you yesterday asking how many lawsuits you've ever won. I think this was my third request.

No answer or an attack on my intelligence would indicate you haven't won any.

legalschnauzer said...

Try asking a relevant, intelligent question, and you will get an answer. Try identifying yourself, and you will get an answer.

I have no obligation to answer any question from someone who won't identify himself.

I told Pryor exactly who I was, with what Web site I am affiliated, and why I was asking a certain question. Bill Pryor knows exactly who I am, and he knows my credentials because I've told him.

You, on the other hand, have done none of those things. You are a smart aleck, and I doubt you are capable of asking a relevant, intelligent question. Even worse, you are a coward who throws spitballs from the cover of anonymity.

Furthermore, Pryor is a public official, paid with taxpayer dollars. I'm not.

Even though I'm not a public official, I will answer most any question from anyone who has the courage to tell me who they are. It appears you aren't that sort of person, so you get the amount of respect you deserve--which is zero.

If you don't grasp all those differences, then you are even more stupid than I thought you were--and that's saying a lot.

Anonymous said...

Whew, LS, I hope @2:03 has Blue Cross or Obamacare or some sort of good health insurance. He's going to need it to fix that new a-hole you just ripped for him.

Anonymous said...

Some advice for you, 2:03. You are in way over your head. You might want to lick your wounds and slink away--while you still can.

You are providing entertainment for the rest of us. I get great pleasure out of watching LS wipe the floor with you. But for your own sense of self worth, assuming you still have some, you might want to close up shop.

Anonymous said...

2:03 here. I take it the answer in none.

Anonymous said...

BS Roger. You have no problem responding to anonymous comments when the author agrees with you. But you refuse and call someone a coward if they dare to disagree. you make your wife goosestep and "heil" to you around the house? Or is she allowed to come to her own opinions on these issues. Hell, you probably cost her her job with all your lunacy.

Here's an idea...why not disable the ability to comment anonymously? I imagine you wouldn't dare, because then the number of anonymous "commentors" would decrease significantly, seeing as most of them are probably you and your wife.

I find it hard to believe that there are this many idiotic people in the world that find their way to your blog and agree with you. But then again, maybe I have an overly optimistic view of my fellow American's intellect.

This blog is just another example of someone blinded by jealousy over the success and wealth of others, while he lives in abject squalor. It must burn you up that all of the public figures you focus on destroying continue to live their lives and enjoy successful careers, while you and Mrs. S collect welfare checks and drive to the library so you can use public computers and electricity to rant and rave about those same people.

Unknown said...

2:03PM Anon, all the people who come to read what Legal Schnauzer writes and reports, there is no excuse for the Americans to not all send him money.

Rant, rave, do whatever, but send him money.

2:03PM send money to LS, note that you are Anon of the particular post you want read, and then ask LS to post the stuff that provides for him to waste his time.

Pay him though. Don't just come to his blog and waste all the time that isn't free.

Paypal Pal.

legalschnauzer said...

Boy, looks like you're really butt-hurt about something there, 3:50. My condolences. Your skin seems awfully thin these days, the same condition that you tend to accuse others of having.

I've posted many of your comments, against my better judgment, and responded to quite a few of your idiotic comments.

But I'm not going to respond to a sophomoric question from a smart aleck who is afraid to identify himself.

If an anonymous commenter asks in a genuine way about my thoughts on general issues, I'm happy to respond.

But you are the opposite of genuine; you are a phony. Furthermore, you are asking about my personal business. If I'm going to discuss that with anyone--and I post a bunch of it here for anyone to see--it's not going to be with a cowardly "ghost." Let me know who you are, and we will go from there.

Of course, we all know you aren't going to do that because you are a small person of limited intelligence. And now, you are butt-hurt, to boot. Must be tough being you.

Unknown said...


Get your fake money out and pay Roger some of that digital stuff so he can be just like you?

What for? Are you going to actually have a real idea for the people to read? What about your success?

Who are you? Ah you just want to be a ghost turd in the Halloween Punch Bowl.

Your degradation of Legal Schnauzer and the Mrs. are very obvious psychopathic babble and then you're dangerous, yes you are too dangerous to ever trust a word you have to say.

Don't let your actions be the measure of your words, or you are going to end up the one in a place where you are going to not be able to play spook nor the hero.

You are a very supportive fine talking machine boot lick jack kick high yourself, Nazi.

Public figures enjoying their life!

HA HA HA, Why ya here?

Anonymous said...

Temper,temper Roger.

Anonymous said...

LS, I would bet my mortgage that the contrarian commenter here, and probably the one on some other posts, is Officer DeHart.

The commenter is a dim bulb, which fits with what I've tended to see over the years in most law-enforcement officers. He takes great personal offense at your traffic-stop posts, and that's because they threaten his job. And he even tends to call you by your first name, Roger, as if he has encountered you personally before.

That's because he has--when he conducted the unlawful traffic stop.

Now, he's hinting that he is stalking you and Mrs. Schnauzer--and that's probably because he is.

Welcome to Legal Schnauzer, Lt. DeHart. Now we know why you won't ID yourself.

Hope you enjoy your future career at Burger King.

Based on your apparent stalking, I'm thinking you are one disturbed guy.

Anonymous said...

Stink stunk sent skunks off into recovery,

word smith obvious trained in the armies of lies,

possums ran from the can, too,

eat worms dirt first,

TRASH came here not trailer white,

pigment challenged black isn't,

BOO HOO rocker off his meds can't find chamber pot what a blow to sick stink ego for all to see,

butt hurt & can't pass air

go far far away and never return

xoPorn Pom

Anonymous said...

You guys are nuts.

Anonymous said...

At least the Mossad isn't being paid to stalk, er, is this freak the Mossad because that would be a very dangerous terrorist and you should report to the authorities that you have terrorists here LS.

Anonymous said...

I bet you nailed it, @5:23. That is DeHart.

He admits at @2:03 that he's the guy who has been asking the "how many lawsuits have you won" question on yesterday's post. So there's no question we're talking about the same guy.

Notice at 3:50, his reference to Mr. and Mrs. S being at the library, as if that's a problem. Who accosted them at the library recently?

Lt. Mike DeHart did. That's him, with the anonymous comments.

You also are right about the signs of him being a stalker. This is a dangerous guy, I'm betting, especially because he was stupid enough to put his career on the line, and he's been outed here.

As you state, this commenter is taking this very personally. And that's because it is personal to him. It's Officer DeHart.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, @5:35 . . . or should I say, "Officer DeHart"?

How does it feel to be outed?

Doesn't sound like you enjoy it too much.

Anonymous said...

I take back that you guys are nuts. You're crazy. Oh well, free speech and the first amendment. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter how insane it may be.

Anonymous said...

Ali Mohamed- A Double Agent for the CIA, FBI Informant & Pentagon Insider with the Green Berets - See more at:

I am also of the opinion it's either DeHart as an educated Lt., or the guy is nuts and / or the lawyer/s hired to defend the morons that believe the transparent world was and is only for the so called 'public figures'. Vocabulary is too carefully spoken with words extremely definite in statement for just the regular traffic stopping public figure.

Mossad, CIA, NSA, DHS, so many public figures paid to be stalking the bloggers.

Obama said no more listening to the bloggers regarding debt ceiling and of course reality.

Anonymous said...

No question that is DeHart. The library comment is a dead giveaway.

Fantastic work, @5:23!

Anonymous said...

Hey, welcome back again, Officer DeHart at 5:50. Yep, we're crazy all right. Just crazy enough to catch you red-handed.

Better get that resume polished up because you're going to need it soon.

Anonymous said...

What a delight to see a bullying (probably sociopathic) police officer outed right here in the comments section of LS!

Just a classic. DeHart is no match for LS readers.

Anonymous said...

Another dead giveaway. This commenter is obsessed with "how many lawsuits have you won" questions.

Well, that's DeHart saying, "The justice system has screwed you at every turn, and I'm part of that system, so I know the system will cheat you again, on my behalf."

It's classic bullying behavior, all because LS and Mrs. S stood up to him

Anonymous said...

Hey DeHart, how much did Rob Riley pay for your cheap stunt? Was it worth it to put your career on the line?

You must be worried about something, or you wouldn't be here trying to pull a con game. Has Sheriff Curry chewed out your ass for being so stupid?

Anonymous said...

I just did some Googling and found that Mike DeHart is part of the "Shelby County Law Enforcement Chaplains Association."

This guy claims to be a big-time professing Christian. And he's a lying, cheating, con man!

How precious is that?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to include the link to the chaplains deal. Here is URL. Makes me want to puke, to see this bully claiming to be a man of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the logic on display in these comments is truly priceless. It's almost worthy of your journalistic skills, Roger. Which themselves are only overshadowed by your aptitude for legal reasoning.

legalschnauzer said...

I want to say my personal thanks to 5:23 and others who have helped out Lt. Mike DeHart. I must confess that it had not occurred to me that the commenter in question was DeHart. But LS readers tend to be a sharp bunch, and I have no doubt now that you crack investigators are on target.

Great work, and my congrats to everyone. It makes me proud to have readers like you guys.

I never would have figured this one out on my own. It does, indeed, "take a village" sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like DeHart is trying to make a graceful exit at 6:26. Not going to happen, dude. Your con days are over here.

You've been caught with no clothes . . . sort of like your buddy, Bill Pryor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you really "out[ed] Lt. Mike DeHart." That's obviously him, because no one else knows that you've been to a library. It's not like you posted about it multiple times on your blog or anything. Very clever deduction, folks.

Oh, and good job pandering to your lunatic audience, Roger. I'm betting that you're smart enough to know that it's highly unlikely that the anonymous commenter is Mike DeHart but you're so obsessed with basking in the adulation of antisemitic nutjobs that you endorse their every kooky theory.

Anonymous said...

LS, I'm pleased as anyone that Officer DeHart has been outed. But I would encourage you and Mrs. S to be careful about this guy. Like others, I suspect he is dangerous, and his comments do hint at stalking. They also hint that he is worried--as he should be--about his job.

Please use caution. And please know that all of us here have your back. I would love to see this guy taken down, along with his corrupt crony, Rob Riley.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:23 P.M.

Well that would be understandable, he more likely than not is on Pryor's direct line call list of those who can be called upon in times of need to render his duty to his king, "corruption".

Doesn't matter if you are a Federalist Society member or not.

Anchors Aweigh

Anonymous said...

It's amusing that Lt. DeHart had every opportunity last night and today to bow out gracefully when told repeatedly that his comments were nonsensical and, frankly, stupid. He chose to "stay online," and now he's been outed.

Should have gotten out while the gettin' was good, Big Fellah!

Anonymous said...

Mike, nice job of digging a deeper and deeper hole for yourself.

You wanted LS to answer a question, so I have a question for you, and I repeat, "How much did Rob Riley pay you to attempt this little traffic-stop stunt?"

Anonymous said...

Excellent research there, @6:23. Wish I could say I'm surprised to learn that DeHart is a professing Christian, but I'm not.

The Christian faith should have an impact on moral behavior, but in far too many people, it has no impact whatsoever. For a guy like DeHart, it's probably just a cover to make him feel a little better about being a corrupt sheriff's deputy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike, are you a big Bill Pryor fan because you figure he will bail you and your Shelby County buddies out of any federal lawsuit you might be facing?

Has Pryor done that already? That's how it works isn't it, Bill Pryor is the fixer for right-wing interests in downtown Birmingham and the 11th Circuit?

And he got that position by virtue of the dirt in his closet regarding gay porn. Rove pushed for Pryor because Rove knew of the dirt and knew Pryor could be controlled.

So Mike, you are relying on "Gay Porn Bill Pryor" to save your ass?

Must make you proud to be a "'Merican."

Anonymous said...

Yup, you got me! I am totally Mike DeHart! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my massive gay orgy featuring (among many more) Lee Garrison and Bill Pryor.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me Officer DeHart is not going to be sleeping real well in the coming days.

Don't you just feel terrible for him?

Anonymous said...

I bet the Riley fuhm-lee has smacked Mr. DeHart on the nose with a rolled up wet newspaper.

"Bad boy, bad boy!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, are you into gay porn like your buddy, Bill Pryor?

Which one is your favorite member of the Village People? I'm guessing its the guy in uniform, the cop.

Is that what inspires you?

Anonymous said...

Also, Roger, for a supposedly liberal blogger you tolerate an awful lot of gay- and Jew-bashing.

legalschnauzer said...

I'm not aware of any gay-bashing on this blog. I am aware of a few commenters who take issue with what might be called the "Zionist crowd." But I don't take that to be "bashing." If someone wants to question U.S. support of Israel, and its possible influence on our domestic situation, I think that's fair game.

Anonymous said...

You don't think there's anything homophobic about: "Hey Mike, are you into gay porn like your buddy, Bill Pryor?

Which one is your favorite member of the Village People? I'm guessing its the guy in uniform, the cop.

Is that what inspires you?"


Anonymous said...

And you see no difference between (1) criticizing the policies of the state of Israel and (2) positing a Jewish cabal that exercises sinister control over the world?

legalschnauzer said...

I can't speak for the author of that comment, but I don't think it's something that requires censorship from me.

My take is that the person has a problem with Bill Pryor being a hypocrite. The person also seems to have a problem with the con game you've played here in recent days.

The commenter simply called you out, as I see it, and razzed you some. You should be a big enough boy to take it. You certainly dish it out.

legalschnauzer said...

What stands out to me is that you whine when your own comments aren't posted, but you want other people's comments to be deleted.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me that you've collapsed everyone who posts anything critical of you into the same person. This leads to hilarity like you accusing me of "whin[ing] when [my] own comments aren't posted," which is not something that I'VE done. For a guy with so many "enemies," it's puzzling that you assume that there's only one person who thinks that you're a fraud and comments on your blog.

And, by the way, mocking someone based on their real or perceived sexual orientation is homophobic any way you slice it.

Anonymous said...

what mobile high school did pryor attend? anybody know? year books are usually kept in libraries.

Anonymous said...

All I know better watch out for the MURPH.

Jews and gays be damned.

The MURPH doesn't let little things like that stand in his way.

We will have JUSTICE against the Alabama Gestapo.

Anonymous said...

Roger @5:14. Just saw your response. Sorry, I've been working all day, and most of the night. Wish I had the time to respond as quickly as you.

In response to your post, my @3:50 post was my first on this site. So I am not sure how you have posted "many of my comments."

Regardless, what part of my earlier comment do you feel was "sophomoric?"

Can I not have valid ideas behind the veil of anonymity?

The hacker group ANONYMOUS is in your vein politically, yet they strive to preserve their own anonymity. Are they worthless as well?

David in S. Alabama said...

Pryor was employed by two Birmingham law firms but never made partner and was finally asked to leave both firms. This was mainly due to the time he spend away from work teaching at the Law School at Samford . and organizing chapters for the Federalist Society in B'ham and Mobile.

Now he spends time away from the federal courthouse as a lecturer on federal jurisdiction at the UA Law School. I wonder if he is paid for this and how much. Maybe you could find a law student who could ask him in class about his eye problem or even best about how to pose for porn rags.

Unknown said...

Oh my GDP who is here but, one of the Rothchild clan? No, the Rockefeller? Different coin same head and tail each 'family' are the worst of our earth species.

Yes you are busy at orgyville no doubt about that fact.

Jews practice Metzitzah b'peh.

That is the problem, not the practice of make believe religion Hebes.

When babies are having their foreskin sucked off, and it is against the law according to USDC Naomi Buchwald, then we have a serious problem in those that own our money sovereignty in the APARTHEID in the head.

MRI is science and proves, not only that the act of Metzitzah b'peh is bad, ITS' CRIMINAL.

Count the Jews on the Supreme Court USA. Count the numbers of Jews represented in both the House and the Senate.

The Jews were the owners of the world, but blew it in the 600 Billion Counterfeit Derivatives Market. And when the entire GDP for the globe is / was ONLY 65 Billion. Oh My God GDP IS BUST.

Now these are the numbers that get to be found out, never to be seen though, via USA cause the JEW Federal Reserve System FED, is not beholding to the country that does not have sovereign money.

Stole our rights' almost all now are gone.

Jews are paranoid and far worse, read the books about them meeting in graveyards to discuss their BELOVED ISRAEL.

Israel is a fraudulent point on the map for the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers Et Al to have a place to enslave all humans.

Oil is a commodity that has been used to be what every human needs to live, more or less.

Money same commodity ideology. Life costs and must get paid to the owners of the oil and money.

So moving right along to gay bashing. Should the gay be actually not gender bent, then it is an endocrine misfire in the womb and / or whatever happens to the boy to get an extra girl gene or vice versa.

BUT BENT. This act of CRIMINAL INSANITY takes the Metzitzah b'peh and puts to shame the idiocy of humans' worshiping 'mony'.

Let us call you BENT GENDER Mr. nose in the butts of the public images having fun.

Here go study just how tricky the criminals are:

Now, once you have paid attention to this, you may understand why Roger and Carol Shuler, and the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS, are not going to take it anymore and are mad as hell.

Why should "Roaches In Robes" get to cover up the cover up of destroying our male species, and then take the society and make GHETTO HELL, read Gilad Atzmon THE WANDERING WHO.

The GAY in the USA are not GAY. Maybe a small percentage are, but the rest of the poor humans have been experimented into protoplasm that is controlled via the Rothschild Dynasty of Paedophiles that are the House of Rockefeller and proud to have done to America what has been done.

When our male species isn't mutilated and our money sovereignty returned, then we can THINK about the fact, that, the poor public are insane, those that choose to participate in raping America and Americans via no money sovereignty, and it is 2013!

Very sick Mr. BENT GENDER. That could be shortened to BG, boy girl?

How I would feel knowing the 'public agents' and 'leaders' in the USA used the weapon of biowarfare in bending my endocrine system so twisted, I don't know the first law in the universe when born: "Who Am I?"

Grow up ? Hebe ? who thinks Jew and Gay bashing are real. Simply reactions by the species that is all connected in consciousness, to the abomination of life in earth falsely manufactured by the most sick of our human being 'family'.

Anonymous said...

Christian Crusader Butt Rocker Twisted.

No doubt the spooky kooky is into the Armageddon BS, and that explains all the anti-semitic ignorance.

The two or more, call it the village, is the tribe and family and why the top pyramid are only into the businesses of families destroying the human family bond.

Power drive of the stupid when the money is only virtual.

Thankfully the balance law of unintended consequences. What a powerful blog here, LS.

Public Figures, priceless.

Having lives that aren't squalor in abject welfare vacuums.

This 'exceptional' deranged nutter has exposed just how the model by which the USA has been gang raped in the a$$.

legalschnauzer said...

Bill Pryor went to McGill-Toolen Catholic High School in Mobile.

Anonymous said...

I hate to burst yall's bubble of fun, thinking that its officer DeHart showing his ass here but i think you guys are wrong. Doesnt fit the profile nor level intellect. It does fit that of JMG and this commenter has formed and obvious pattern for months mow. Plus this commenter has time on their hands throughout the day.

Anonymous said...

Oh and i doubt DeHart would care to reference Lee Garrison.

Anonymous said...

Early 1997, why wasn't Bill Pryor and the state's Attorney General's office active in the high stakes multi-states gambling raids in Houston County. Leaving investigation to FBI and police; had Pryor's white flag already been hoisted for others to see, charting Pryor's future, future.

Anonymous said...

uh oh!

Poke A Roo Pope and Catholic do too, stupid rule to make sex a bad, that's what happened to the puppy in school -- known many a student of the system and oh yea the Yale Bonesmen are also into the shame of acting out the trauma

TRAUMA, Pryor is in a traumatic state of mental, emotional and obviously he has children so the physical hasn't gotten what side of the genomes he is confused of.

Spirit is defunct.

Judge is a perfect place for this 'man' of the cloth and in USA the most degenerate are in control and the reason is the terror and trauma are the powerful 'ghosts' RULING the damned colors that are filthy cover ups to due process.

Law? No law other than to hide the USA and the core of puss pedophilia, once a great nation BUTT too many disturbed about what 'sex' is a serious problem.

Agent Orange spray from Rollins to get the job done here too?