Friday, October 11, 2013

Alan Colmes And Fox News Shine A Hot National Spotlight On Rob Riley's Thuggish Harassment Of Legal Schnauzer

Alan Colmes
One of the nation's leading liberal voices is shining a spotlight on Alabama Republican Rob Riley and his efforts to shut down our reporting about certain topics.

Alan Colmes reports at his Liberland blog that Riley's tactics smack of desperation and show shines of backfiring. In a post dated October 10 ("Desperation: Alabama GOPer's Harassment of Legal Blogger Backfiring?"), Colmes notes that Riley is seeking to hold me in contempt of court, even though a judge's preliminary injunction runs counter to black-letter Alabama law. Liberland compares Riley's legal shenanigans to an episode of the Keystone Kops:

Last week, an Alabama sheriff made what appeared to be a bogus traffic stop in an attempt to serve whistleblowing legal blogger Roger Shuler with legal papers. Rob Riley, a big player in Alabama GOP politics, had apparently filed an injunction against Shuler . . .
In a true Keystone Kourts move, Riley now seeks to have Shuler held in contempt of court.

How could all of this backfire on Riley? Attention from Colmes is a sign that a backfire already is in the works--and Colmes notes that Riley is almost begging for more unflattering attention:

Moves like that can ricochet back on the perpetrator pretty badly — especially as Shuler’s travails are being picked up by moire and more Internet sites. Riley is inadvertently begging for mainstream media coverage with his ill-conceived legal moves. As a certain other web site is fond of saying, “Developing Hard" . . .

Colmes perhaps is best known for his 13-year run as co-host of Hannity & Colmes, a nightly political debate show on Fox News Channel. He currently is the host of The Alan Colmes Show, a nationally syndicated talk-radio show distributed by Fox News Radio. Colmes is the author of two books, Red, White & Liberal: How Left Is Right and Right Is Wrong (2003) and Thank the Liberals For Saving America (2012).

Thanks to Colmes' longstanding ties to Fox News, Rob Riley's antics are becoming well known to a largely conservative audience, the folks that Riley apparently hopes to help represent in Congress by running for the U.S. House seat that Spencer Bachus (R-AL) is vacating. A post at Fox News Radio ("Intimidation of Law Blogger Tied to Alabama GOP Primary") picks up on that theme:

Following a week of intimidation and attempted unlawful service of papers on a law blogger whose national profile is rapidly on the rise, more pieces of the story are falling into place.
People who follow Alabama politics might well have put two and two together to figure out what was behind an apparent intimidation campaign targeting Roger Shuler, whose outspoken blog Legal Schnauzer has pulled no punches on matters of corruption in Alabama’s legal and judicial community.
Last Thursday, Shuler confirmed that one Rob Riley had filed a civil case against him, which explains a litany of visits and one very questionable “traffic stop” by local law enforcement.

After noting the apparent connections to Spencer Bachus' recent announcement that he will not seek re-election, the Fox News Radio piece compares Riley actions to missteps that other conservatives have made on the national stage:

This should come as no surprise to anyone. Rob Riley’s legal tactics are not unlike those of Tea Party Republicans who have realized that they have overplayed their hand with the government shutdown and a possible debt default and cannot dig themselves out of the hole they made.
In both cases, their actions are too little, too late.


Anonymous said...


Wrote to Boehner about this and faxed the letter to his offices, more than one.

Sent Email blasts, top 'liberal women lawyers' in USA.

That Republican leadership in the Washington DC cesspool need to clean up their tributaries or else they are bye bye American pie in the faces of not good enough to be a dog, and vermin? No, not even roaches -they've gone below the scale in insects here in AL.

Southern low life and Northern liberally so confused, Eastern gone psycho paranoia and Western into also terrorized fear.

We've lost our compasses, all directions and when a Legal Schnauzer gets into the dig, the job gets to look like maybe it'll get done.

CORRUPTION. Whether it is being a controlled substance via the shadow government - or not.

Check the moral compass human beings and when the direction is corruption and / or the degradation of our species, get a clue to self-discipline.

For GOD'S SAKE, we have conscience and that means to not look at a Karl Rove for direction!

Anonymous said...

Glad tidings, Right Wing News.

Where are the Left?

Chomsky was contacted? Yes, sent an Email. He interviewed at Russia Today just recently.

As usual the Left are embarrassed that the Right are also as lost as the left.

No Gov USA, shut-down proves this to be true.

Federal Reserve is out to get you Roger and Carol, you are exposing the criminals that get hired to do whatever empire wants at home and of course global war on terrrr is the key.

Anonymous said...

making certain we get this straight, i mean clear -

world earth has kicked us to the curb for our corruption and the blogger legal schnauzer reports the real news of usa corruption,

so legal schnauzer gets not only kicked to the curb for doing the best job journalism can, but the corrupt community does the best to actually snuff the truth in the entirety and that is into the criminal reality of not just corruption, we're talking premeditated murder!?

that one comment and more than one, were about getting you into that fraudulent law paper trash and then what?

i'd be going for claims of not harassment, this is where the line gets drawn on politically correct.

it is not correct to threaten you and public sees your journalism as a threat to the corruption?

no, the public rewards you with donations and the so called 'government' is out to kill.

kill machine needs to chill in the dust bin of history.

keep scaring the corruption and exposing the criminal racket, there are too many of we the wee to kill.

Thank You Schnauzer Couple, Bold and Courageous as the Schnauzer is, small to giant.

ttowntruthseeker said...

If it's on FOX it must be fair and balanced!

Anonymous said...


Occurring during or about the time in 1995, after BILL CANARY, Alabama Economics Council had hired KARL ROVE, and BILL PRYOR was his client, apparently serving under Attorney General JEFF SESSIONS; his efforts to indict Governor JIM FOLSOM on state corruption charges, but were quietly dropped when SESSIONS went to WASHINGTON; PRYOR assuming SESSIONS position advising that there was never an investigation.

SESSIONS and PRYOR becomes deaf mutes involving cost and manpower to investigate FOLSOM, after having enjoyed media attentions, dropped case in the middle of the night without offering a word in press conference.

But, not long thereafter SIEGELMAN has replaced FOLSOM as the Attorney General's Offices target;
assisting PRYOR would come to be LEURA CANARY, BILL CANARY'S wife, a U.S. Attorney prosecuting in federal court this time; rather than in FOLSOM'S case REDDING PITT, a U.S. Attorney; where JEFF SESSIONS had been a U.S. Attorney before elected Attorney General, serving about 2 years, before elected U.S. Senator, replaced by PRYOR.

Does anyone know the situation that caused SIEGELMAN to testify against PRYOR; "Rove's Boy" about 1995? How did PRYOR come to be connected to, and when with ROVE?

If you do, please respond.

Can anyone provide type of case and/or case number information and/or background that SIEGELMAN, before Governor, testified against PRYOR, before PRYOR was Attorney General, during, about 1995?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Alan Colmes is keeping up with this story. Excellent work on his part.

Anonymous said...

That gurgling sound you hear is Rob Riley's Congressional dreams going down the drain.

Anonymous said...

The really devastating piece for Rob Riley, in my view, is the one from Fox News Radio. That goes out to a right-wing audience and ties his bullying tactics to a U.S. Congressional race. You might not agree with conservatives, but quite a few of them are intelligent individuals who will see right through Rob Riley. This makes their party look terrible.

Anonymous said...

Keep this in mind about Rob Riley's run for the Spencer Bachus seat: By name recognition alone, Riley is almost sure to be in the top 3-4 candidates. And if he can make the primary close, he will have the benefit of the Riley Family Vote-Stealing Apparatus, which worked so well against Don Siegelman in 2002.

Rob Riley knows he can steal, I mean "win", this race. That's why he is desperate to clear the Liberty Duke story off the Web.

Anonymous said...

Where are the right-wingers in Alabama who always complain about government intrusion in their lives?

Why aren't they bitching about this kind of government intrusion?

Oh wait, it's on the behalf of a Republican, Rob Riley. I guess that makes it OK.

Anonymous said...

Right Wingers and Left Wingers and then where are the Intelligent Non Wingers that actually care enough about the USA to get this insanity we've become accustomed to as though this porn show of family no values, in a phase of genuine grown up healed real?!

Legal Schnauzer reported the whole truth for the information to be what the news is designed to do and be - educate people to choose in a wise conscious reality.

So LS gets attacked, threatened, stalked, harassed, wrongfully detained, illegal trespass in many ways and forms, let us see now, the deaths aren't yet.

Sorry LS for painting such a vivid real lens above, but we have to get honest and the RED BLUE WHITE and yellow cowardice.

Time for Alabama to look at the real world and ask what the spirit of the law is in shining the letter to do due process in ruling for sanity and wisdom.

Liberty and ? Rileys and ??

Not the best leaders or leaders' skeleton closets, never and not especially at Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Great point, 11:19. Rob Riley knows all about stealing elections. If I'm Bill Armistead or some of the others who figure to be in the race . . . I'm pulling for LS in this battle.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Sean Hannity will be picking up on this at any moment.

Anonymous said...

If Rob Riley runs for Congress, you can bet his good friend (and murderer?) Joe Scarborough will break out his knee pads for a little pole-smoking session.

Anonymous said...

As his No. 1 platform, Rob Riley will be pushing to legalize illegal traffic stops. We will have a new crime in America--"Driving While Liberal."

Anonymous said...

Dixie Mafia playing dirty down
southern girls ladies twirls swirls boys doing
other boys groin international styles

Mafia Financial does whatever moves
seamy steamy worms crawling in and out
dead dreams lost souls grieving

Gone heads aides upside down
attorneys unholy alliances taken oaths corruption contract
no more tomorrows liberty lied


Buddy said...

I hope they make a movie out this.ABI agent/republican operative(K.R)/attorney general with sordid past/blackmail to help controll govenors race/millions in illegal funds to finance the election/electronic election fraud/computer expert dies in plane crash/reporter dies car crash/existing govenor railroaded with bogus charges from wife of GOP operative...Let's call the movie "Snaunauzered" Keep up the good work Roger.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for an interesting comment, Buddy. Your scenario has Bill Pryor pretty much in the center of everything. I suspect you are right on target about that.

Buddy said...

"Schnauzered"...Glad it's friday.

Anonymous said...



your work / site / genius of the great American Spirit

Murphy is proud parent of US newly born citizens' united

Anonymous said...

fox covered it. why not Has Archival no shame?

e.a.f. said...

Mr. Riley may win the nomination, simply because his "organization" will out work the others. The best way to ensure he does not become the nominee, is to find another candidate. One with no "history". /Then work like hell.

Its rather amusing to see this is now on the national stage. Ah, the power of the press. Good work.

If they attempt to remove your blog, you can look into "mirror" blogs. A Canadian blogger is doing it after someone decided to try to sue him for libel.

Riley simply "protesth too much".

Anonymous said...

@ 10:34 A.M.

Still seeking anyone that can help with this answer, information about particular case number, and/or case background information.


Humanoid Figure said...

Fox is coveting this because like all thei former allies, the Bush Family is turning on Pryor & Riley who will soon join the ranks of Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega & Adolf Hitler. W. Bush & the elite bankers used Riley & Pryor to get what they wanted. Now it's time to eliminate the middle men who know too much.

Unknown said...

The Committee to Protect Journalists conducted its first examination of U.S. press freedoms amid the Obama administration's unprecedented number of prosecutions of government sources and seizures of journalists' records. Usually the group focuses on advocating for press freedoms abroad.

Leonard Downie Jr., a former executive editor of The Washington Post, wrote the 30-page analysis entitled "The Obama Administration and the Press." The report notes President Barack Obama came into office pledging an open, transparent government after criticizing the Bush administration's secrecy, "but he has fallen short of his promise."

"In the Obama administration's Washington, government officials are increasingly afraid to talk to the press," wrote Downie, now a journalism professor at Arizona State University. "The administration's war on leaks and other efforts to control information are the most aggressive I've seen since the Nixon administration, when I was one of the editors involved in The Washington Post's investigation of Watergate."

Downie interviewed numerous reporters and editors, including a top editor at The Associated Press, following revelations this year that the government secretly seized records for telephone lines and switchboards used by more than 100 AP journalists. Downie also interviewed journalists whose sources have been prosecuted on felony charges

Those suspected of discussing classified information are increasingly subject to investigation, lie-detector tests, scrutiny of telephone and email records and now surveillance by co-workers under a new "Insider Threat Program" that has been implemented in every agency.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:49 A.M. 10/11/13

Thanks for your heads up making known your personal efforts to reach out beyond the Alabama boundaries attempting to draw attentions to Murph, as well as, the crossing of the lines involving political schemings designed for particular and/or specific employed/elected,

or not, officials maneuverings to achieve monetary/material gains resulting from the tax payer's coffers through various guises and ruses intent on their cover ups being cloaked from the public; you know, the[their] very ones not to long ago many of same were knocking on public's doors seeking their votes with dedications to trust and honest government;

apparently becomes one of the first things set aside after having taken the official oath of office. After all, here, sworn oaths don't mean jack squat! Murph and Shu has brought as much into the sunshine, establishing those facts!

Anonymous said...

How many lawsuits have you been involved in?
How many have you won?

Anonymous said...


I like the way you think, and I pray to God you are right. Wouldn't it be wonderful it middling crooks like Riley and Pryor got sold down the river because they had passed their "shelf life"?

Unknown said...


your transparency is glaring.

LS is a journalist and that is the rub, here-there-everywhere ...

"But more than 20 leading newspaper editors from a dozen countries rallied to defend the Guardian's handling of the Snowden files. Many insisted that journalists were quite capable of deciding which information is too dangerous to publish – and which information the public has a right to know. "Journalists have only one responsibility: to keep their readers informed and educated about whatever their government is doing on their behalf," said Aluf Benn, editor-in-chief of Israel's Haaretz."

OK those that aren't in the know of the new order of transparency, get dialed or clued in right now.

The attacks on Journalists' has been noticed globally and there is an uproar addiction to the information which we must have to discern between those that take oaths and those that do whatever the criminally insane direct that is clearly not our law.

U.S. Constitution was suspended, or call it Continuity of Government was 'suspended' and that was Bush-Rove-Cheney-GOP.

Well the time came for those to step up and bring back our honor in due process law.

Obviously the Alabama 'elite' are not interested in cleaning up the brainwashing and programing that the whole world sees through.

You embarrass our nation, Alabama fraudulent 'Politicians', 'Judges', Officers, Administrators and those that get paid public tax monies to defend US as the highest job in USA.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

@ 10:27 A.M. 10/12/13

It doesn't make any difference the number of times Murph and Shu have been engaged in litigations in the past; for that is the past.

How many, if any, # times attempts made to serve court documents HAVE BEEN the accusations waste of time; same here as with number times having gone to court; IT'S REALLY NOT GERMAINE!

So get over it; bring to the table something meaningful to discuss/respond too, never mind should be positive or negative

Issues now, at hand are matters of public concern, especially when involving the police department;
and the continuous unraveling of investigative journalism pieces which contributes to the exposures of wrongful persecution of former governor Don Siegelman......
A good discussion/debate is welcome anytime.

Anonymous said...

A question for you, 10:27. How many anonymous comments have you posted on the Web? How many of them actually have a point?

Anonymous said...

The ballot boxes can be changed. REMEMBER the last time we had the ballots fixed in an AL race. Ask Dana Seigelman about that one. God bless Governor Siegelman and his family. That sure is a good man.My heart breaks daily when I think about what happened to him.

Humanoid Figure said...

@12:51 - The One you pray to as your "God" is on your side, but he is not the one to whom most GOPers pray. Seek your god in prayer 5 times each day & read about him in the only book to survive both burnings of the University of Alabama Library in 1865 & 2015, the Holy Quran.

Anonymous said...

Alabama is so ashamed of what has happened to the Siegelman family that the criminals guilty are what happens to 'beasts'.

Humans can be the most lost in the practice of humane. Craziness.

This blog is a mirror of how dangerous the same species gets, when the threat of some skeletons hiding - get - shaking and falling out.

may as well be in the band with stevie LS, you're all the news AL needs to stop the crime immorality and so, dig-dig-dig all bones hide'N in graveyards haunting civilized folks.

Anonymous said...

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LS sent the video link already

Humanoid Figure said...

Scissors cut paper & rock breaks scissors, but Machete Kills. Carlos Estevez will be the First Hispanic President.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
A question for you, 10:27. How many anonymous comments have you posted on the Web? How many of them actually have a point?"

Irony watch.

Anonymous said...

"Dumbing Down The Courts"

John Lott

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that the Judge has scheduled a hearing on the contempt motion this week. You're good at reporting rumors as fact, but you could do a little "journalism" and confirm that with one phone call. You planning on attending the hearing?

Anonymous said...

Mail to ENQUIRER they would love to get ahold of a good story.. We are tired seeing Kim and Kanye.

Anonymous said...

LS you behave as dumb as the comment 8:23AM.

The sick, demented, degenerates are in need of all that is left of the USA, incarcerations.

Our country is a business that the GOP has run like a personal pocket book to do whatever the corrupted liars, cheaters, thieves and mass murderers could get away with and call it retirement portfolios.

You're lucky you're no longer at UAB, the 401K is no doubt in the pockets of the jackals now doing the best to kill you.

React according to rumor and then when the real truth in justice arrives in the matter, you can make the point that your case was advised from the court jesters it appears and so they're to blame, as always.

No due process law and no rule to hold any accountability - GOP have set the new world standards.

Anonymous said...

Has @ 10:27 10/12/13 ever responded
to inquiries?

Maybe 10:27 questions/concerns would better/best be served by raising same about block-grant funding and/or law enforcement grants.

Forced bankruptcies for want of properties.

Courts compromised by judge's own actions in front of DA and others
arrogant contempt of court by open to the public court's judge, political favor payback that intentionally violated and denied one's constitutional and equal and due processes rights.

If you really want to participate in, we the people's government, you got to get down where the sunshine is never allowed in.
Attending public affairs being seen meetings are for show, primarily; you really want to learn, for example, go down to city hall and inquire about the travel expense account, compared for previous year, police department jail dockets, city clerk's office a copy of many months ago in sessions city council meeting; you will not be told, probably, but there also exist an audio recording, you'll have to pay extra for; but things such as these are not commonly ask for everyday items.

Maybe @ 10:27 this broad view will help you to serve your Q & A time more planned.