Thursday, October 24, 2013

Liberty Duke Paid A Heavy Price In Quickie Divorce That Was Filed In Talladega County

Liberty Duke
Alabama lobbyist Liberty Duke lost her interest in the marital home, waived all right to alimony, and agreed to pay all credit-card debts in her 2006 divorce, court documents show.

Duke and Rob Riley are suing my wife, this blog, and me, claiming that my reporting on certain topics is false and defamatory. But court filings suggest that Liberty Duke's misconduct, of some sort, precipitated her divorce and put her in a weak bargaining position.

William Joseph Duke initiated the divorce on February 27, 2006, and the case was over in roughly five weeks--even though the couple was married 14 years, had two children, and owned a home. The husband filed the case in Talladega County, even though the couple lived in Chilton County. Talladega is known as an Alabama jurisdiction where divorces can be obtained quickly, and court filings are likely to be kept away from prying eyes in the home county.

A divorce agreement the couple reached illustrates the weak position in which Liberty Duke found herself. (See the full document at the end of this post.) Consider what happened with the Dukes' house, from the agreement:

2. Property
2.1 Real Estate
2.1.1--The parties jointly own real estate located at 1155 County Road 368, Verbena, AL 36091 (the House.) The Wife will convey to the Husband all of her right, title, and interest in the House by quitclaim deed. The Husband will have all rights to escrow account. Until August 31, 2006, the Wife will reside in the House and pay all expenses related to the House, including without limitation the mortgage. On or before such date, the Wife will vacate the House. After the Wife vacates, the Wife's obligation to pay the expenses of the House will stop.

We don't know how much the Dukes had invested in the house, but Liberty Duke gave up her share.

Did she make it up on alimony? Not exactly:

4. Alimony
Both the Husband and the Wife waive any and all right to receive periodic alimony, past, present, and future.

On top of that, Liberty Duke got stuck with a major chunk of the household debt:

3. Marital Obligations
3.1.1--The Wife will be responsible for all credit card debts of the marriage and will hold the Husband harmless from any liability arising from indebtedness related to the said accounts.

As for the children, the couple agreed to share joint legal and physical custody, with the kids' primary residence being with Liberty Duke. William Duke agreed to pay $703 a month in child support, but the overall  document gives the impression he could have gotten away without paying anything. One assumes, and hopes, that he cares enough for his kids to not go that route--no matter what issues he might have with their mother.

Court papers from Talladega County in 2006 indicate Liberty Duke sure did something that ticked off her ex husband--and she paid for it dearly.


Anonymous said...

How sad the political ponerology is so rampant in the south, especially in Alabama.

The Rileys and Rollins and Roves and then the leader of what America doesn't want to face now, the Bush Family Values.

Obama was picked because he is the perfect 'fit' for all of them, it appears to be a real orgy fest in the so called tribe political legal anti morality and call the degradation liberal democrats or new republicans.

Collapsing corruption in failing empires always looks the same.

Wow Legal Schnauzer, what a job you have had to take on. Don't notice the reporting in AL getting your back on all this like in the days of Watergate or Clinton sordid affair with Monica.

America's 'elite'?

Really & truly clueless.

HOPEfully shame can have some impact on the classless 'humans', doubtful though. However, Mr. Duke is no doubt very embarrassed and Ms. Liberty may be regretting having ever known SLOBS Rob BLOB.

Wayne said...

LS..wouldn't it be great if you could find an honest detective to administer a polygraph test to those four jokers (Jessica, Luther, Rob and Liberty). I know they don't stand up in court but the results would be interesting. But you know darn well they probably wouldn't go for it...LOL..

Anonymous said...

Obligations to official oaths

Authorized and/or authoritative

A declaration, as by appeal to God, that one will speak the truth, keep a promise; the thing declared......

Perjury under sworn oath[s] are so commonplace that when these circle of Alabamians gives under oath their promise of truths serves only to further make mockery of the judiciary they claim to equally enforce on "the little people", bs!

Someone mentioned the other day about out of state attorneys being brought in; some have been contacted, as far away as South Florida, New York, Washington, Chicago, and other more smaller cities in between; all basically saying same thing, Alabama has to bad of a reputation, didn't want any part of what goes on there, and no amount of money is worth what would have to deal with.....

One must wonder what now Dr. Ben Carson thinks about Senator Jeff Sessions' and his propaganda about Alabama; Dr. Carson's opinion maybe being swayed more towards realities and facts, away from the perjury fantasies.

Murph's Mavericks spearheading the leads, lending full support to Shu causes creams to continue be rising to the top that the public can be made cognizant of the potential for a state official coming forward with most valuable evidences spanning over these offices.

Anonymous said...

none of the usual suspects are enjoying the skin crawling reading the news that was brought on by the doing of getting into too much skin and not enough considering the exposure of the largest organ we have as humans, skin

Guardian Of Divine GOD can also be Guardian Of Information and is actually this ER was, US sold the title as NSA and global police

GOI is kinda funny

DOG Democracy Overseeing GOI

Alabama got all the Gs in the bad political pockets and the PR has been very grateful to expose the problems to solve from all the Gs at LS community

many bow wows to you

Anonymous said...

Could we the people of Alabama have a possible suit againt Riley, Duke and Garrison on ground of trying to deprive us of our 1st ammendment right? I ask because this bs case beyond the point of pissing people off. If Larry Flint could fight the 1st ammendment, why cant we? If so, i'd be scrounging for opportunities at contempt motion on ALL 3 daily! These thugs are a clear and present threat to our security!

Anonymous said...

Murph! It's about 4:00 P.M.

Without any postings.

Where is Shu?

Where is Shu?

IF AWOL again, to the woodshed you must sent.

Anonymous said...

The stockings were hung by
Legal Schnauzer with care, filthy dirty laundry,
corruption, the snare laid bare

Turkey shoot Thanksgiving fine fowl
calling foul, fraud, deliberate court gobblers' gobbling
All Saints' Eve breathe sniff

Political partying senseless base commoners
servants imaging century twelve running no-where
aren't the pagans embarrassed?

no, not even a little~
inside organs melting lava explosions soon boom
no homes bodies jobs children


Anonymous said...

correction LS

Shockings, not stockings, oops

tx PP

ttowntruthseeker said...

It would be truly ironic if their extramarital affair began as a "quickie" and then they really connected emotionally. Perhaps politics separated these star-crossed lovers. And all Liberty got out of it was a quickie divorce.

Unknown said...

can trust be, you two are OK?!

just staying low profile, good idea!

just saying hello & praying OK U2

Unknown said...

Good! these money help child in his future. He will do good study and use it. But a divorce really effect children's mentality. conflict mediation

e.a.f. said...

She must have used one of those lawyers who did so well for some of the other Alabama women.

After 14 yrs of marriage, she either was the one who ran up the bills, or he had something on her. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Where'd you go Roger?? Do we need to raise your bail?? No post since Oct. 24th so I'm worrying the vampires got you.

Mike Sax said...

Very interesting blog Mr. Shuler. I'm from New York but find your running blog on the ways of Alabama fascinating-and yes sometimes appalling.

Even if you're right about Ms. Duke's infidelity, it seems to me a very harsh judgment against her. The laws evidently in Alabama give someone whose spouse wronged them a lot of leverage.

You have any dirt on Richard Shelby? LOL

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know Roger's address in Jail? I would like to write a letter of support.

e.a.f. said...

Happy to see the comments have been published. When I didn't see comments after the last blog posting by Mr. Shuler I typed in his name and up came all the articles, in other blogs regarding his arrest. It was reported he had also been beaten and maced in his garage. He is currently being held indefinetly. So much for the First Amendment.

With all the support the Second Amendment gets, you'd think people might be interested in the First Amendment.

It seems rather peculiar that some one can obtain a restraining order from a "retired" judge and then have 4 deputies go to a person's home, beat him, and arrest him. So much for American freedom. this looks more like what goes on in China and Russia.

A number of blogs have reported on this but there doesn't seem to be much in the MSM.

I have written the Sheriff of Shelby County and the Attorney General of Alabama to discuss points of law and posted on some Canadian blogs which had listed Legal Schnauzer as a recommended blog.

As soon as I have the governor's email address, I will also write him. People may wish to send letter to the editor. They may not be printed but it is worth the effort. Living in Canada, I will be writing the American Embassador to Canada.

There have been other actions taken against members of the press in the U.S.A. If Americans do not deal with this issue, they may not be able to at a later date. Whether you argee with the writings of Mr. Shuler, his First amendment rights need to be protected.

Yes, I would also appreciate Mr. Shuler's mailing address in jail. Is there a mailing address for Ms. Shuler. It is important this not be swept under the carpet.