Monday, November 4, 2013

Alabama Deputies Brutally Beat & Unlawfully Arrest Legal Schnauzer Blogger, Roger Shuler

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Roger was severely beaten by four Shelby County sheriff's deputies inside our garage on Oct 23rd at 6 pm. He was hauled off to jail where he remains there without bond on contempt of court. They are also alleging he resisted arrest,but that is a lie. They never said they were there to arrest him, did not read him his rights, did not show a search warrant or arrest warrant. Bond for resisting charge is set at $1,000. It is being reported on nationally and we will continue to work to take it viral to shine a spotlight on this travesty. I was asleep in the house at the time of the assault,but they wanted to arrest me too. I awoke at 11:30 pm and found Roger missing and garage looking like a crime scene. I was horrified and thought he surely had been abducted by criminals, taken off somewhere and murdered. I was partly right. They were criminals...with badges and uniforms. And whose salaries are paid for by taxpayer dollars. 

Please read the following post written by Andrew Kreig of the Justice Integrity Project in Washington D.C:


Varnerism said...

Be strong, Carol! OBSERVERS will eventually overcome their personal pettiness and recognize this extreme injustice.

Truth is a positive defense against defamation, and whether Roger was served properly he absolutely had no reasonable time to prepare for a court hearing.

The judge had no factual basis for rubber stamping the plaintiff's unproven allegations, please seek counsel to have Roger released so he can better fight his obscene illegal detention.

Best regards,


e.a.f. said...

It is good to see that you have started writing the blog. it will keep us updated on Mr. Shuler's status. People will also be able to report what actions they have taken to assist/protest in this matter.

For now I have written the Sheriff of Shelby County and the Attorney-General. Advised some of the progressive Canadian bloggers of the situation. Once I have the email address for the Govenor of Alabama I will write him also. the American Ambassador to Canada will also be receiving a letter.

It is important people write letters. If we are able to cirulate a petition as some organizations do, it would be helpful. Has anyone contacted the Alverz organization. they have a method of starting a petition which goes out to all their members. If 30K signatures could be obtained it would be important to let the politicians in alabama know, Mr. Shuler is not alone.

I will check in with the blog daily.

Please let Mr. Shuler know I support him in his efforts and am working on his behalf, in my limited way.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy! Even accused murderers get bail!

Steve said...

First they came for the Money,
and I didn't speak out because I had no money to take.

Then they came for the Democrats,
and I didn't speak out because I was complacent .

Then they came for the journalists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a journalist.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me

Unknown said...


Thank you so very much for showing up. It has been devastating to see that the criminally insane acted on their UNCONSTITUTIONAL deviant decision to harm Roger.

I'm doing as much as can be, going after the corruption which is crumbling now, BUT the IT, technology is the only thread now keeping the USA afloat.

IT has barges floating in San Francisco Bay, and Portland, Maine, too. Readying for a very bad GRID XE, and Roger in that jail isn't at all a good thing in this time.

Thanks again, pay attention to the New York 'blackout' and worse.

Gotta Get Roger OUT OF JAIL.

Anonymous said...

Alabama is on full display. This is a constitutional law issue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Shuler:

During these present days involving your enduring daily unwarranted personal life[home]style struggles result of your family exercising your Constitutional, equal, Rights
activities; take some comfort in knowing that there are those you have never met or spoken to that has you in their thoughts and prays, and too, their efforts reaching out contacting others throughout the United States striving to get the message out about what's being done illegally to Murph and Shu.
May God Bless You, and Keep You Safe; that Mr. Shuler returns home very soon.

Most respectfully,

e.a.f. said...

yes, even murders get bail. However, in the view of some in Alabama, Mr. Shuler is worse than a murderer. You see in their world, murder happens to someone else. In their world the worse that can happen is exposure of their crimes/sins. that has happeneed because Mr. Shuler told the world by writing it in his blog. From their perspective he must be stopped at all costs.

A violation of the First Amendment of the American Constitution is a small price to pay. People such as the Rileys appear to have a sense of entitlement which appears to know no bounds. Add that to a retired Circuit Judge, one Claud Neilson, and you have a lethal concocation. Living in Canada, I don't know what you need to qualify to be a circuit judge, but I think it not unreasonable to conclude, you don't need to read and you don't need to know the law or just have the ability to ignore it al. The First Amendment is very clear. Then in 1931 the Supreme Court, in Near vs. Minnesota, gave some teeth to the whole thing.

Sending 4 deputies to "arrest" one man, who has no record of violence is over kill, even by American standards. (O.K. in British Columbia, Canada, it takes only one cop to kill an innocent person) However, I've decided B.C. cops are smarter. They know not to beat and arrest a person with a public profile. It is just so career ending, not to mention the law suits.

It might be nice if some in Alabama decided to exercise their right to assembly and gathered outside the prison Mr. Shuler is being held in and invite the media. A small demo is always good for the soul.

If anyone has some ability to sleuth about, it would be interesting to know how the Rileys got Claud Neilson. Like weren't there any non retired judges available? My question would be, how much was Judge Neilson paid or did he do it for free?

if the State leg. is sitting, is there a member who can be approached to bring up the matter in the State House? Perhaps a group could get together and lobby some of the politicians who aren't so enamoured by the Rileys. Well there must be one or two somewhere in the state!

Some time ago Mr. Shuler wrote, the current sheriff of Shelby County is not running for re-election. Perhaps, if he is a republican some one can find a democrat, who will be running for the office, to take a position on police officer violence. It is always a nice platform to run on.

For those who are not enamoured by the actions of the deputies you can always e-mail their boss at:

It is important for the police to know people do know what happened. If they think enough people know, they will be more careful. Letters to editors of any paper in Alabama and some national ones are always fun to write. Simply outline what has occurred. It is important that what happened to Mr. Shuler not remain a secret. these assholes are fucking with your First Amendment Rights! Some may ask, why is a Canadian interested in any of this? Because as the U.S.A. goes so does Canada in 10 years.

Unknown said...


When Roger gets out of Jail, find the best 'DOCTOR' and this means those that have studied poisons for centuries (East Indians and Chinese), to go through Roger with an examination that can locate every nasty done to the experimented upon and on in the 'system'.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carol,
You don't know me, but I have read and appreciated Legal Schnauzer off and on for quite some time.
I just now read about Roger and am stunned! Another beacon felled.
I am not surprised so much as utterly disconsolate at where we have come to.
What a loss and a travesty to truth and to justice!
Thank you for writing what happened Carol and
thank you Coyote Lane
for furthering information as to what has occurred!
These days of Enlil are coming to a close.
You are not alone.
Most Sincerely,

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Shuler:
I trust your receiving this will find that you have had a blessed day. A song that I use to know quiet well but now I'm only familiar with was sung by Elvis Presley, "Walk On" that I found personally heart lifting.
True there are those by now living in Birmingham/area having come to your aid with forms of assistances; your world now has experienced as never before extent this state's premeditating, approving, encouraging, and condoning the very same acts of corruptions in even far more worst malfeasances by conspirators, participants, and those complicit in actions that has been the cause of turning your world upside down by those very same night-crawlers.
Throughout each day, going to bed each night, take comfort in your awakening hours that there are those "Little People" with you in mind. And I for one would appreciate you mentioning me in your bedtime prayer. For you see, because of what others were instructed to do to me, "to shut me up", I'm walking that same path, but well ahead of Murph and Shu.
My best wishes for both you and Shu, but of course Murph too.

Most respectfully,


Anonymous said...

I' ve been reading Roger' s blog for a few years now, out here in CA. As a former resident of the deep south I understand what he was he was going up against, especially in the AL closed society. I was concerned for his safety. This beating is like something out of the pre civil rights era. I hope it 'blows up in their faces'. Thank You Roger

Unknown said...

Oh my! I have been down with the flu and just learned of this. Tell Roger that Bamanewsgirl is here! I'm all over this!