Thursday, November 14, 2013

Legal Schnauzer First Amendment Case Featured in a Special Report on CBS Channel 42 News

This is Carol, Roger's wife. CBS Channel 42 News, a local television news station serving the Birmingham Metro area, highlighted the Legal Schnauzer first amendment case in a special report featured during their 6 p.m. broadcast Nov. 12. The video segment was more than 4 minutes in length and is currently posted on the news station's website entitled "Jailed Blogger in Court" by Mike McClanahan.

The link to the Channel 42 News special report is shown below:


Anonymous said...

Conspicuously absent from the Alabama Bar Association's "The Pledge Of
Professionalism Honor Roll" is anyone named Robert Riley...hmmmm why?


Unknown said...




e.a.f. said...

if all this activity is to shut up Roger Shuler, you have to wonder how it is working now for the rileys, et al, With all the publicity this case is getting, they may well live to regret their actions.

So happy to hear CBS is carrying this story. Now lets hope it goes nation wide.

Thank you again for keeping us updated. Best Regards to you and Mr. Shuler.

Anonymous said...

USSA is going down a deep and dark hole. I will take front row seat, with popcorn, when these Judges get hung in there own Courts after one of our own fair trials.

Unknown said...

Carol post this or not, really this is very important for all to see, however, my direct is to get you this info so you can contact the REAL people to do something immediately,

The cabal that has put Roger in jail is going down hard.

See the list of National Governor's Association, and write to the Governor's because there is a hard line AL crossed and Roger proves the government in the southern states are truly run via the faction with the 'money'.

Best & tell Roger all SPIRITS are fighting for him now, too, as always & Murph knows.