Tuesday, November 5, 2013

American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama Intervenes in Legal Schnauzer First Amendment Case

This is Carol, Roger's wife. We have been heartened by the loud outcry of concerned citizens all over the world regarding Roger Shuler's brutal beating and unlawful arrest on Oct. 23. People everywhere, including scores of media outlets, have stepped forward to help shine a spotlight on this outrageous display of police brutality, as well as, suppression of free speech and freedom of the press. Our civil liberties are under assault and people are saying, "Enough!" Thanks to this outpouring of effort by so many, the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama has graciously agreed to step in and lend their assistance by filing motions in Roger's case. These motions were filed on Nov. 1. Below is an except from the ACLU email.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama intends to file a motion for leave to appear as amicus curiae in the above cases. Our memorandum will assert that the Court’s TRO and Preliminary Injunction run afoul of both the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article I, § 4, of the Alabama Constitution. In addition, we will assert that the sealing of the record in these cases unconstitutionally impinges upon the public’s right of access to judicial records and judicial proceedings. Our only interest is in the constitutional issues that are apparent in this litigation.
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Unknown said...

Going to ACLU to 'post'!

Good Crying Out Loud!!

Guardians Of Divine (REAL JOURNALISTS, Roger Shuler)



POWER over dark? THE WORD.

GOD DOG isn't going to allow any further ALABAMA ROVE and the most degraded the USA could have EVER allowed this Country to be so lost.

Roger Shuler, THE AMERICAN with courage same as Michael Hastings and all the TRUE PATRIOTS that have exposed this BIG AL DIXIE MAFIOSO US-ZioCons Fascist and worse, complete MILITANT POLICE takeover.

We have a U.S. Constitution, or not. The ACLU can either remain in job position of protecting this most powerful reality, or not.

Looks like the word isn't 'not'.


Wayne said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. So glad the ACLU is not involved. Hopefully they can put an end to this madness.

e.a.f. said...

That certainly is good news! I will continue to check in with the blog for updates adn continue writing letters protesting this. Thank you for continue Mr. Shuler's blog.

Please take care of yourself. You and Mr. Shuler are in my thoughts.

Wayne said...

I'm glad the ACLU is involved. Need to proof read before submitting.

Scarette said...

Glad to hear this. What a terrible thing to happen!

Anonymous said...

Food for thought. Regarding the ACLU. Would it not be a good idea to mention, to their representative if going to go to trial with you; a lot of strong evidences and witnesses that can contribute to state's longtime patterns and practices.

You've got one hell of a good case, plus its liken to a spider's web of deceits.

Your case has "hail Mary" written all over it; or either has "long ball" to centerfield, homerun!


Unknown said...

I've shared the story on my Facebook page, and my thoughts and prayers are with your family in this time of crisis.