Friday, November 15, 2013

Bizarre Nov. 14 Hearing on "Permanent Injunctions" in Legal Schnauzer First Amendment Case

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Here is a brief update regarding the Nov. 14 hearing on "permanent injunctions" in the Legal Schnauzer first amendment case. As expected, it was indeed a kangaroo court.

The officials at the Shelby County Courthouse in Columbiana, Alabama, turned away large numbers of concerned citizens claiming the mysterious and nefarious proceedings were closed to the public. This was done in an effort to hold the court's actions away from the glaring and disapproving spotlight of public opinion. However, several people did manage to gain access to the courtroom. We have talked to them at length regarding the bizarre proceedings and will report more in coming days as further information comes to light. Although I was not present at this hearing, conversations with Roger Shuler and others reveal a number of very alarming and mystifying key points.

The key points are as follows:

  1. The court and the other side threatened me with arrest. (i.e. legal extortion)
  2. The court told Roger Shuler he could be in jail indefinitely. (i.e. legal extortion)
  3. The other side threatened us with monetary sanctions. (once again, legal extortion... Is it just me, or are you beginning to sense a pattern here?)
  4. The other side never requested a struck jury at the outset of the underlying alleged "defamation" case. (This means it is a bench trial. Bench means the outcome will be decided by the judge only.)
  5. The other side filed a motion to remove the seal on the underlying alleged "defamation" case.


Andrew Kreig said...

Hi Carol, roger:

Hang in there. You have many friends. Remember the American Native American adage: "My enemy, like my friend, makes me stronger."

Here is my column today building on what you wrote.

All best,
Andrew Kreig

Alabama Kangaroo Court Parades Liberal Pundit in Chains, Continues Indefinite Jailing, Nov. 15, 2013.

Alabama authorities paraded a shackled liberal pundit into court, where he was denounced Nov. 14 for recent news coverage about his jailing. The defendant was Roger Shuler, a 56-year-old commentator jailed on contempt of court charges Oct. 23 for publishing columns about a politically powerful GOP attorney. Shuler reports on Deep South legal affairs via several nationally prominent blog sites such as his own Legal Schnauzer. Salon, OpEd News, and FireDogLake frequently reprint the stories. Shuler specializes in political muckraking about scandals in the Deep South legal community. The reports often focus on claims that ordinary litigants are being unfairly treated in the courts. Also, he writes about financial corruption involving taxpayer dollars, illicit sex among conspirators and their minions, and cover-up to uphold family values image necessary for election success. Most but far from all of the wrongdoers in his columns are Republicans.

e.a.f. said...

so much for American justice. not much there. All Americans should be very scared about what has happened to Roger Shuler. However, the longer this goes on and the more media exposure this receives, the more this will awaken the public to the disgrace that is called the Alabama justice system.

Unknown said...

The pattern is abject corruption.

The objective of the abject corruption is to destroy all the individual rights', and especially the rule of law.

No due process unless PAY to play and this is the agenda - only those with money can get supposed legal protection.

It is over for the corrupt, however as is obvious the criminals don't want to give up the power of the shadow gov.

You must write to KAREN HUDES at her address and get the ways and means to go after the corruption of the MONEY.

Federal $ pay for this corrupt cabal and that is what Roger exposed, the cabal is a paedophilia cult that has the B.A.R. global mafioso.

VATICAN. Go study the Vatican and then go after the party/ies that pay these corrupt criminals to do what has been done to Roger.

Anonymous said...

Until now the thugs have had things pretty much all their own way. Those days are over. The real Shadow forces will not “be-organized”. Each shadow will simply begin to do what they can see needs doing. The range of their targets is limitless—despite all the spying and the firepower at the supposed command of these Rambo-types who believe they are nothing short of Supermen & women. The mercenaries think they cannot be stopped, on the surface of what they’re using for a brain. They see us as total failures when confronted by their massive force and enough firepower to wipe-out anyone that dare oppose them. But what they fail to note is that they are the ones who actually NEED all that artificial firepower just to pump-up the power they feel they lack. Deep down they know they’re nothing without their toys and all their equally flawed buddies that need each other just to stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Just read about this in a Caribbean News aNow article, which blows, cause Surinamers are using first amendment violations in the US to discredit recent DEA arrest of Dino Bouterse's son for trying to establ. Hezbollah camps, arms & terrorist access to the mainland..... Sad not to have heard of this in mainstream" media, but not surprised, as self censorship here has grown exponentially since the passage of the Patriot Act, Obummer', etc. Will definitely fwd info. Hang in there! God bless you for your dedication to exposing the rampant corruption & fraud of the corporatocracy & nonrepresentative govt. Sickening that things have devolved so badly, but I know truth will win out. Try judicial watch & other such groups....

Anonymous said...

Legalschnauzerexposed calls him a cyberbully with sexual psych disorders that he projects on innocents. Wonder what interests' money is behind this? Will now have to do some more digging- but that's an essential nowadays, as one can't take words as truth just cause they're in print. Unfortunately, lobbyist activities....are generally suspect, & the gubment doesn't often care for transparency.
So, may the sun shine in the darkness. People crave the truth be told. The process & behavior of the court stinks, reeks badly on this one. You must've hit a nerve, & someone's pocketbooks.

legalschnauzer said...

Hello, Andrew ~ We appreciate all you have done and are doing. Awesome article! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The world is watching and listening. WAY to be be brave, bold, and standing your ground.
Anarchy. I love that you are causing that to happen...

Starr in California

Michelle Looney said...

Hello Carol, I have not kept up with this blog regularly, but visit from time to time. I am so terribly sorry to know about Roger. He has done such a good service for Alabama in providing them with so much insight into the workings of government.

That Roger has been arrested in the state of Alabama is not surprising as he has been so desperately committed to cleaning up the corruption there. People in power so often don't want things to be cleaned up.

My son was determined by the Baldwin County, Alabama sheriff's department, to have committed suicide there. It is the same Alabama sheriff's department and county where Don Siegelman lost his election before they conspired and threw Don in prison. It is also the same county where the Steve Nodine/Angel Downs murder/fiasco occurred. My son's body did not match the autopsy report, deputies stonewalled my attempts to get records for years, and I have tried to unravel this and expose the truth for years. I will never, EVER give up and nobody should ever give up the Good Fight.

I pray that the good people of Alabama will wake up and smell the coffee burning in their state and clean up the corruption.

There are more good people than bad ones in this world, and when they finally see the Truth I believe they will do what's right.

My very best to you and to Roger. Love never gives up.
-Michelle Looney

Anonymous said...

First, I want to state that I am a conservative. I do not like hypocrites, though.I do not personally know what transpired between Liberty Duke and Rob Riley. When I first heard of the alleged affair, I had doubts as to the validity of the claims. I have had a change of opinion. I do feel that Rob Riley has something to hide since he wanted the case sealed at the outset. How convenient to ask that the case be unsealed AFTER the judge has ruled on the case. Rob Riley is a hypocritical, condescending, self-centered jerk. Let him run for Congress. I'll campaign against him, even if he has the most liberal opponent.

legalschnauzer said...

Hello Michelle Looney ~

Roger & I very much appreciate your kind words of support and encouragement. And I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your dear son. My deepest sympathies to you.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Andrew Kreig is a patriot.

Anonymous said...

Carol, who is Roger's lawyer? What does the lawyer say about procedural options to get Roger out of jail?

Anonymous said...

Did the ACLU show up at the hearing?

Anonymous said...

Have you contacted the Alabama ACLU?

Anonymous said...


Winners really were the greatest losers and that's history.

Roger is now history and he isn't the loser.

Michelle Looney, the DOJ in Washington DC did a full investigation on the deaths of innocents in the 'jail' via suicided, and the history in Portland Police Bureau for violations of the U.S. Constitution were no less than 77 pages double-sided.

That 'Settlement Agreement' was just enacted recently between the DOJ WA DC and POB Portland OR.

AL and OR are 'sisters', ugly twin evildoers.

Anonymous said...

Everyday that Shuler is denied freedom only continues to confirm years of growing concerns of such treatments involving others, with exceptions their being without platform to get their stories public. Alabama records/documents will reveal that there has existed a longtime pattern and practice of targeting those determined easy prey for the denials and violations of their equal rights and freedoms. Many of us too have felt the stings of Alabama injustices; the old adage, "you can't fight city hall", well, that's not exactly not totally true, for you see anyone can; as long as they have enough money in their pockets to fight off "the machine" etc. When there have been those of us in past who have tried to make a difference were beaten down in other ways beyond legal courtroom maneuvering. Shuler has the best to date opportunity of all others before him, because of dedicated bloggers with persistence hoping to go viral. These arrest actions can never be just removed as if never happened, now, whereby giving Shuler an action[s], a
voice to be paid attention to, and given respect. The United States Department of Justice has been contacted; many Alabamians having been deprived of their Constitutional guarantees, and what little they do receive is a result of serving at the
pleasure of powerful and influential and political individuals and/or cliques.
Someone should contact Shuler's wife, ask about someone taking a lead role establishing organized support group[s] via blog, mail, phone, fax, email to put a face on unity for Shuler, for Shuler's dedication for rights and freedom....

legalschnauzer said...

Anon on 11/16 @ 8:25 AM -- The AL ACLU filed two motions on Nov. 1. Please see blog posts from Nov. 5 and Nov. 11 re: the ACLU's involvement. Thanks.

Michelle Looney said...

Carol, thank you for your kindness, my thoughts are with you both daily. Take care of your health and get plenty of rest because the stress in these situations is pretty incredible.

Anon, thanks for the DOJ comment. I was a freelance, contributing political cartoonist in N.C. and understood that public figures and politicians could be caricatured and featured legally. It was a way of keeping them honest while addressing related issues.

The research was often more taxing than the actual drawings.

Some of the featured politicians weren't so happy about some of the drawings. Businesses were affected by environmental and other issues and business is extremely powerful in politics. I was asked to feature state and local issues by the editor and that's what I did.

When one political party lost the county elections after being in control for 100 years, the editor was fired and my cartoons were no longer as valued.

I didn't win any popularity contests among the ruling class but felt my work was good for arousing interest in local issues among the general population, of which I was a member.

Five jails, shackles, handcuffs, false accusations later, with a court ordered state hospital incarceration, a reportedly dead child whose body I never identified–– I have been attentive to numerous stories of bullets in the head, questionable coroner practices, and incredible rulings.

Ten and now twenty years later, I am amazed to be surviving in this homeland our ancestors fought to build and named the U.S.A.

These state agency-police harassment and incarceration activities recall public school classes where we were required to learn about dictatorships and communism. We were taught to believe we live in the best, most democratic country in the world.

There's a pattern with these reported "suicides" and even the mayor of Warner Robins where I lived briefly (and was harassed and arrested) reportedly "committed suicide" in his office. Guns in businesses and public offices? An attorney I hired for one of my bogus charges was city attorney and fired for being associated in that Warner Robins, Georgia "suicide" situation.

In another case in coastal Georgia a County Commissioner, Tom Sublett, was found with a bullet in his head, his hands tied in front of him, his body in the water and the gun never found: and it was ruled suicide - by the same expert hired and paid $4,000 in the incredible Alabama Nodine bogus murder case.

Nothing surprises me anymore. A European friend jokes the Corsican Mafia who specializes in gun blasts to the head seems to have taken over the American South. We're losing the respect of some of our finest allies with our inability–– or refusal to address our corruption.

Something is very, very wrong here, and sadly it isn't just Alabama.

I used to believe this, "If they take all of our money and we can't afford an attorney in these civil actions; if they they frame us criminally and/or trash our integrity, remove our opportunities to find gainful employment, destroy our credibility, and rip our families apart we can still survive. That one, brilliant spark of hope remains as our gift from our Founding Fathers: Free Speech. We can tell the truth and the truth will eventually set us free. Thank Heaven for the Constitution!"

I don't want to believe I was wrong about that.

Free Speech and an adherence to the truth is all some of us have left.