Monday, November 11, 2013

Bleak Veteran's Day Witnesses War on Constitution in Legal Schnauzer First Amendment Case

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Today as we celebrate the sacrifices of our brave men and women in uniform this Veteran's Day, we are shocked and saddened to discover that the many freedoms for which these selfless soldiers fought and died over the course of our nation's history are being eroded away. 

There is a war being waged on the U.S. Constitution & our Bill of Rights by the rich, powerful, well-connected and corrupt. And the travesty involved in the Legal Schnauzer first amendment case is on the front lines of that war. Police brutality, prior restraint, unlawful search and seizure, police harassment, denial of due process, false arrest and malicious prosecution, as well as, suppression of free speech and freedom of the press--our civil liberties are currently under assault. 

Last Tuesday, however, I was most gratified to report here that the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama had received a huge outcry from concerned citizens regarding my husband's beating and arrest. So much of an alarmed public outcry in fact, that they agreed to step in and lend their assistance by filing motions in Roger's first amendment case. Below is an except from the ACLU email.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama intends to file a motion for leave to appear as amicus curiae in the above cases. Our memorandum will assert that the Court’s TRO and Preliminary Injunction run afoul of both the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article I, § 4, of the Alabama Constitution. In addition, we will assert that the sealing of the record in these cases unconstitutionally impinges upon the public’s right of access to judicial records and judicial proceedings. Our only interest is in the constitutional issues that are apparent in this litigation.

The following ACLU motions were filed on Nov. 1: 


e.a.f. said...

In Canada we honour our veterans today. However, the Canadian federal government does this by eliminating services and pensions to veterans. We have also witnessed the deterioration of democracy. The federal government has continued to silence federal government scientists. The Prime Minister simply refuses to speak with many press members. However, they have not resorted to beating them up, yet.

It is great to read your update and look forward to Mr. Shuler being released from jail. What wars were fought over, the American political elite, and we use the term loosely, have worked hard to destroy. Alabama needs to learn to seperate not only church and state but politicians and police.

in solidarity, my best wishes to you and Mr. Shuler

legalschnauzer said...

e.a.f. - Thank you for your kind words of support & encouragement. Best wishes to you this Veteran's Day! In Solidarity...

Anonymous said...

Many have been the times that I raised issues similar yours expressed pertaining to servicemen's treatments under the law.

With names and hometowns of those Alabamian veterans having given their last full measures, seriously wounded, for other people's rights and freedoms in foreign countries that they have never met before or known of; this state's officials has continuously refused to acknowledge some beforehand.

We, the public, as individual private citizens can never escape
our duties after having witnessed from afar each of these families not being capable of mustering the realization at time of lost, of, their son, daughter, father, mother's lives.

No! There has never been a perfect world, government, or[earthly] man. Shu has burdened the load of exposures upon his back for way to long. His courage is praiseworthy and admirable.

Maybe this is the time for Shu to let the calls go out for forming some type of official, unofficial blogging headquarters from his home. Acts of corruptions against the tax payers, denial and violations of rights and freedoms thru law enforcement, judiciary, too thru the unusual, out of the norm political influencing.

"No it's never easy to stand alone." STAND FOR SOMETHING; fORMER Ohio Congressman John Kasich.

Anchor Aweigh

Anonymous said...


Roger has taken a bullet and more, as you also know having done the same because you two are one, this is very obvious.

The one standing together as a couple is what scares the hell out of the hell ghetto slimy smarmy Alabama so called 'gov'.

We don't know where this country is going now, but we know the very wrong road it took and Roger is proof just how close to martial law, ooops, Roger's case is all about martial law.

So, now, either the ACLU, Et AL get Roger free or we know exactly what happens next to all USA.

NDAA and all the little add ons are what the Rove cult did.

Thank you Carol and Roger Shuler for loving Murphy Schnauzer with the heart and soul of true human beings, what America was to be as our whole reality.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 5:09 AM ... Very well said. Thank you for your support and kind words. It is most appreciated!