Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How Did Jessica Garrison Have A Mt. Brook House in 2011, When Foreclosure, Public Auction Didn't Come Until 2012?

Jessica Garrison's house
in Mountain Brook
Court documents show that a Republican political operative with close ties to Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange was set to live in a Mountain Brook home in 2011, even though the property in question was not sold at public auction until summer 2012.

Jessica Medeiros Garrison perhaps is best known for her long-running extramarital affair with Strange, which has been the subject of numerous posts here at Legal Schnauzer. Garrison, the ex wife of Tuscaloosa school board president Lee Garrison, works for the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) and serves in an "of counsel" role with the Birmingham law firm Balch Bingham. She also worked in the Alabama Attorney General's Office under current U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions and current U.S. Judge Bill Pryor.

Did Garrison's ties to GOP heavyweights help her obtain a home in Birmingham's most exclusive suburb when the house apparently was not even on the market yet? Did powerful figures pull strings to help keep Jessica Garrison quiet about certain party secrets, and in the process, commit mortgage fraud, foreclosure fraud or other wrongdoing?

We don't have answers to all of those questions yet, but something funky clearly was going on with Jessica Garrison's purchase of a Mountain Brook home. Garrison claims in court documents that the house is within 60 miles of her former marital residence in Tuscaloosa, and that allowed her to maintain primary custody of her son.

In an e-mail dated August 14, I sought to question Garrison about her purchase of the Mountain Brook home, and she did not respond. But two days later, I received a letter from attorney Bill Baxley, threatening a lawsuit on her behalf. Garrison apparently has, in fact, filed a defamation lawsuit against me, although I have not been lawfully served with it.

Why is the house such a sensitive topic with Jessica Garrison? Perhaps it's because the dates involved in its purchase do not add up--and that suggests someone was pulling a fast one.

The house in question is at 119 Main Street in the uber quaint Crestline section of Mountain Brook. That is such a hot address that even a 1940s cottage of modest size can capture an eye-popping price. Jefferson County property records show Garrison's house has 2,213 square feet and is appraised at $439,900.

What about that curious timing? Well, let's first consider a document from Garrison's custody case titled "Verified Amended Petition for Modification of Custody." (See the full document at the end of this post.) The petition is dated August 22, 2011, and deals in part with Garrison's decision to give up a job at Strange's office in Montgomery in order to resolve a custody dispute. From the petition:

The Mother, acting under the good faith belief that a move to Birmingham would mitigate the tension between the parties, found a home in the Crestline community of Mountain Brook, Alabama, that she understood and believed to be within 60 miles of the Father's current residence. The Mother duly notified the Father of her intended change of principal residence by certified mail on or about July 26, 2011. Regrettably, the Mother's decision and actions appear not to have had the desired positive effect on the tension between the parties.

This establishes that Jessica Garrison had the Crestline home lined up on July 26, 2011, but that is at odds with a Foreclosure Deed on the property that is dated July 20, 2012. (See the full document at the end of this post.) The deed says a foreclosure sale was conducted via "public outcry" on July 20, 2012, with Burt W. Newsome conducting the auction for Renasant Bank. The document goes on to state:

Jessica Medeiros Garrison was the highest bidder in the amount of Thirty Thousand and 00/100 ($30,000), which sum of money Renasant Bank offered to apply to the costs of foreclosure and then to the remaining balance on the indebtedness secured by said mortgage, and said property was thereupon sold to Jessica Medeiros Garrison.

How did Jessica Garrison know she had a house in 2011 when it wasn't sold at foreclosure until 2012? We don't know--but we do know that Ms. Garrison isn't anxious to answer questions about it.


Anonymous said...

What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. Thanks for covering what the newspapers should. No wonder they all have one foot in the grave. Soon it will just be legal schnauzer.

Anonymous said...

Political Ponerology

The psychopaths are very well exposed in the book by Andrew Lobaczewski

enjoy looking at these psychos that know the money is fraud, or should, and that means this psycho 'government' knew the foreclosures were about the political ponerology criminally insane to live off the 'normal'.

LS you and the Mrs. are too normal and these psychos must destroy you so their evil isn't noticed.

You expose the evil and that is not what is supposed to happen.

Go for the Blue Ribbon, it is time.

James Greek said...

the bitch is lying

James Greek said...

I am referring to her not you Roger.

Anonymous said...

Can't beleive a bank would let a house valued that high go for $30k even in the bad times. Wonder who's connected to whomever on the bank board?


Anonymous said...

Another good example of arrogances further surfacing result of their continuing exposures to others' sordid paper trails.

Shu, your investigative journalism techniques doesn't requirement suggestions from here; but, just in the event you haven't considered in your quest for information down there, think about the following: How much was the 2011 property taxes, when were they paid, and by whom? While at same time, check for 2012 since both time frames originates mid years. Check when, if ever was, the utilities cut-off, cut back on again, span of time. If you don't have one, go to library, find a current city directory, also a city directory dated for end of

You can check, recheck, cross reference by streets, avenues, individuals names, phone numbers, places of employments etc etc.....

Get contact for Mr. and Ms Robert C. and Hilary J. Maxwell from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. You may be, or not surprised.

The best question to ask Mr. Maxwell; exactly when did you and your family actually load up and move from this address. Likewise double check via city directories listings of neighbors next door, up and down the street, behind him.

Did Mr. Maxwell ever meet the new buyer before closing on the transfer of deed. Was he still living in the house?

How does Mr. Maxwell account for, in his opinion, such an expanded time line gap indicating someone if true living in his home for a year before taking possession.

Was in concert with on the side deals, if so, with who, and why?

Now if you'll turn MURPH loose, off leash, results will come forthwith, after all Murph is closer to what smells, whereby giving him a heads up advantage....

ttowntruthseeker said...

Home is where the heart is...

Anonymous said...

No wonder young Jessica doesn't want to answer questions about this. If I were the beneficiary of such a scam, I wouldn't want to answer questions about it either.

Anonymous said...

Somebody helped Jessica Garrison obtain a house in the heart of Mountain Brook, way in advance.

My question: Who did it, and why?

Anonymous said...

I'm just a middle-class schlub, but I generally am not able to buy things until they are for sale.

What magical powers allow JMG to buy things before they are for sale?

Spasmoda said...

Did Lee Garrison attend the public auction while wearing a penis nose?

Anonymous said...

Jessica is part of the GOP ruling elite, so she thinks she is entitled to special favors like this--just the way Rob Riley thinks he is entitled to Spencer Bachus House seat.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Renasant Bank was in the middle of this transaction. Anybody know about that bank, who's behind it, etc.?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mrs. Luther Strange and her divorce lawyer know about this.

Anonymous said...

The way I read that foreclosure deed, Jessica Garrison was able to buy a $440,000 house in Mountain Brook for $30,000.

That appears to be the way DM at 8:06 reads it, too. Are we missing something?

How can a $440,000 be sold for $30,000?

Anonymous said...

That house is worth $440,000?

legalschnauzer said...

It is, in the Crestline section of Mountain Brook.

If you moved it a mile or so away, into the Crestline section of Birmingham, that probably would knock about $200,000 off the price tag.

MB has an almost all-white school district, and Bham has a majority black school district.

Not that race factors into the real estate market.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is this:

Jessica must have provided some pretty spectacular favors for somebody.


Anonymous said...

I smell Bradley Arant's paw prints on this.

Anonymous said...

LS, I'm sure you will think of a bunch of questions about this when Jessica gives her deposition in her lawsuit against you.

Anonymous said...

To get a deal like this, Jessica must be quite the tiger in the sack.

(Oops, will that cause Bill Baxley to sue me?)

Unknown said...

ten year chain of title

reconveyance of title was recorded according to the fullest laws of AL

what about the closing for that, did the former owners' actually get the value equality that's the law?

contract closing in courts as according to the REAL law!

Anonymous said...

Shu! Please advise. If this residence was not officially listed for foreclosing on/until July 12th, 2012 after having been ran three times newspaper announcements offering up for the highest bidder at the courthouse;

THEN HOW does an official, as this, foreclosure document get signed off on during.....JULY 06th 2012... fourteen days, 2 weeks, before recorded July 20th, 2012 sale day; between ? assignor and ? assignee with a lot of lawyer mumbo jumbo
involving $385,000.00 property and
monies owed or due to be ??????

Just in the event, should it ever come to surface, any Republican Party coffers were used in any amount in any way, after Republicans continuously send out letters requesting contributions; plus rising to the same bar, or surpassing what was charged against Lowell Barron by Luther "Dr. Strangelove", his headhunters; will bias, prejudices, double standards apply here?

Another matter for MURPH putting the sniffer, close to ground, leaving the scent wherever suspicion found.

Anonymous said...

This deal smells to high heaven!

Anonymous said...

In a time of massive mortgage and foreclosure fraud, this story merits national attention.

Anonymous said...

Certainly looks to me like Jessica Garrison decided to sue you when you started asking questions about this sweetheart house deal.

Anonymous said...

The law is suppose to provide for those when losing their properties to be equally applied; such as, when a creditor forecloses on whatever property and offers for public highest and it don't bring amount owed, creditor after sell can file civil action for balance and cost;

but on the other hand, when those falling on hard times are forced into foreclosures, their properties when offered for public bidding, when sold, having accumulated monetary equities are due the difference in return funds.
Creditors cannot have it both
ways, at consumer's expense.

Here, now not only is being seen the conflicting time lines, but more far reaching reasons for suspicions as to amounts of monies and tied to other dates; there does not appear to be any consistency, compared normal transaction[s].

If this continues to unravel, Luther may want to consider early retirement from politics; but not limited to just these events.

Anonymous said...

The house belonged previously to Robert and Hilary Maxwell? Wonder what they think about all of this. Were they screwed or were they willing participants, paid off somehow?

Anonymous said...

Can't see how this is possible at $30,000. There are way too many developers/builders/flippers in that area to let a correctly advertised public auction in Mt. Brook city limits go at that price. What medium did they use to advertise this auction as required by law? How were they able to arrange an auction with only one bidder? I say one bidder because common sense says there were no other bidders at the auction to let a half million dollar home go at $30,000. People buy these houses in Mt. Brook for $500,000 and bulldoze the house for the land, and did it all through the recession. There may be deals available in that area to everyday people, but not deals like this. Someone is receiving special treatment. Not to mention Renasant Bank, having ties to the local market mainly through it's merger with Heritage Bank in 2005, is familiar enough with the area to not have a true absolute auction with no reserve. Banks know they will lose money in the foreclosure process and do not seek to profit in the sale of assets, however they do not give away high demand properties for pennies on the dollar. If this auction is accurate and above board, I would imagine some Renasant stockholders would like to talk with whoever is in charge of asset liquidation in the Bham market.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for your insights, 12:18. They are appreciated,and I welcome them from others with knowledge in this area. This is a relatively new area of inquiry for me, so I appreciate help in trying to figure out what happened here.

For sure, it appears I've been sued, mainly for asking questions about this house deal.

Anonymous said...

I tried buying a foreclosure, talk about crooked realtors, and their cronies. Used car salesmen have nothing on those unscrupulous cads!!

Anonymous said...

L.S. In your 11:00 comment did you mean if the house was moved to CrestWood...instead of Crestline?
The house is already in Crestline.

Anonymous said...

L.S. In your 11:00 comment did you mean if the house was moved to CrestWood...instead of Crestline?
The house is already in Crestline.

legalschnauzer said...

I thought there was a section of Crestline that is in Bham city limits. Am I wrong about that?

If so, then yes, I should have said Crestwood.

Kind of hard to tell where Crestline ends and Crestwood begins.

Am I in the ballpark on the difference in prices, from MB city limits to Bham city limits?

Anonymous said...

This is the way "Redistribution of Wealth" works in the New World Order! These crook pick and choose what they want and take it! Whats so disturbing is that in most cases pertaining to lender liability fraud, when the frauded person tries to satisfy the loan at a value slightly less or equal to what is owed, they are turned down! Then it is sold to a crook for FAR less that amout as seen here! This is happening to individuals daily and has now for several years. One of the main names running the racket is Mark Sustana out of Miami Florida! He is general council for Lennar, the largest homebuilder in the world! Part of Sustana's duties at Lennar is running the acquisitions racket along with banks and other attorneys and firms. They run Rialto Caplital, RL REGI and numerous other Co's who buy up fraudulantly forclosed properties. They are based in Miami and Atlanta. They have these Co's in almost every state now. If someone decides to mess with Sustana, he sues them to shut them up! This guy should be in prison along with everyone involved

e.a.f. said...

$30K for a home like that????

You can't buy a parking space in Greater Vancouver for $30K let alone a house like that. I'd have paid $50K and used as a vacation home. Only for Jessica you say? O.K.

Makes you wonder how much was owing to the bank. Sure hope the bank is privately owned, because if it has shareholders, I'd sell now. These guys don't know how to do business. Sell a house for $30K

Anonymous said...

Schnauzer, you need to do some research on Burt Newsome. He is a shady character with a very sketchy past.

legalschnauzer said...

I will. And please feel free to share what you know at my personal e-mail:

Anonymous said...

State v. Newsome

Anonymous said...

Purser v. Newsome
United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, Northeast Division