Friday, October 18, 2013

Rob Riley's Efforts To Silence Legal Schnauzer Posts Draw Comparison to Hee Haw's Junior Samples

Wayne Madsen
Republican Rob Riley's efforts to silence our reporting on certain topics involving lobbyist Liberty Duke are akin to what one might expect to see in a third-world country, a Washington, D.C.-based investigative journalist writes.

Wayne Madsen has more than 20 years of experience with national-security issues, and his journalism has appeared in numerous daily newspapers, including The Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He is the editor of the online Wayne Madsen Report, and his work has appeared in a wide variety of political journals from both the left and right, including In These Times, CorpWatch, and The American Conservative.

Madsen minces no words about Riley's unlawful efforts to seek a preliminary injunction and contempt finding against me, my wife, and this blog. (Why are Riley and Ms. Duke, suing Mrs. Schnauzer? They claim she is "administrator" and "contributor" at this blog. Never mind that I am Legal Schnauzer's one and only author.)

Even though we have not been lawfully served with the Riley/Duke complaint, my wife and I have seen court filings that indicate they are seeking our arrest for . . . get this . . . practicing journalism. You can almost hear Madsen's eyes rolling and his teeth clinching as he writes about Rob Riley's antics. (Wayne Madsen Report is a subscription-only Web site, but we have received permission to reprint some of his material here. Madsen's full article about the Rob Riley injunction can be viewed at the end of this post.)

Writes Madsen:

Roger Shuler, a veteran journalist with 13 years with the Birmingham News and a graduate of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism, one of America's top journalism education institutions, now knows what it's like to be a journalist in a Third World country like Sierra Leone or Honduras.
After writing a series of articles on his website Legal Schnauzer, Shuler has been hit with a "nuisance subpoena" by prospective GOP U.S. House candidate Rob Riley, the son of Alabama's former Governor Bob Riley, the man whose political chicanery and vote count rigging cost Democratic Governor Don Siegelman his job in the 2002 election and paved the way for Bob Riley to move into the Governor's Mansion in Montgomery for two terms. The younger Riley is planning to run for the seat of retiring Representative Spencer Bachus and is launching his bid by silencing Shuler, one of Alabama's most outspoken muckraking journalists bird dogging to Rileys and their nepotistic and kleptocratic political corruption.

Madsen is just getting warmed up with that blistering salvo. He goes on to note our recent reports about U.S. Judge Bill Pryor, a long-time ally of the Riley family and Bush-era political strategist Karl Rove:

Junior Samples
Shuler has also gone after U.S. Judge Bill Pryor, a former Alabama Attorney General who is now a member of the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals who refused to recuse himself in the appeal of Siegelman who was sentenced to six and a half years in federal prison on trumped up charges brought by a cabal of Karl Rove GOP politicos in the U.S. Attorneys' Offices in Montgomery and Birmingham in a trial presided over by U.S. Judge for the Middle District of Alabama, Mark Fuller. Shuler doggedly pursued sex scandal stories involving Fuller, Pryor, and current Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, all Republican "family values" politicians.
Shuler's latest story concerns nude photographs of Pryor published by a gay porn website specializing in erotica featuring young males. So what's the problem if Pryor was of legal age at the time the photos were taken? Shuler nails it in one sentence: "In 2005, Pryor wrote a brief to the Supreme Court on behalf of the Texas anti-sodomy law where he argued that decriminalized gay sex would lead to legalized necrophilia, bestiality and child pornography." Well now. I guess the Eleventh Circuit should ensure that Pryor keeps his distance from funeral homes, barns, and day care centers.

Madsen has written extensively about Alabama's dysfunctional political culture. But even a veteran like Madsen seems taken aback by the absurdity of Rob Riley's recent actions:

WMR has been reporting on political and judicial malfeasance in Alabama for a number of years. Overall, Alabama Republican politicians and judges evoke memories of Al Capp's Jubilation T. Cornpone, Hee Haw's Junior Samples, and Green Acres's Eustace Charleston Haney, otherwise known as "Mr. Haney." Bumbling, goofball, ignorant, and corrupt vestiges of a bygone plantation-era South don't even come close to describing what passes for judges and political leaders in the state that refers to itself as the "Heart of Dixie."

The judge who has been assigned to hear the Riley/Duke complaint has a dubious past, Madsen reports. That would be the retired Claud D. Nielson, of Demopolis:

Rob Riley convinced Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore, of Ten Commandments-in-the-courtroom infamy, to appoint retired Alabama state judge, Claud Neilson, to act as a special judge to handle a lawsuit brought by Rob Riley against Shuler and his wife. Neilson is the man who, in 2009, dismissed remaining deadlocked counts after a jury voted not guilty on the majority of sexual abuse, sodomy, and assault charges brought against Mobile Circuit Court Judge Herman Thomas. After Riley Junior submitted a motion for all matters in his suit against Shuler to be sealed, Neilson agreed.
Only in Alabama could a journalist be enjoined by a judge not to write about a candidate for public office. This action by Neilson is a flagrant violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Alabama remains subject to the U.S. Bill of Rights, regardless of what the Tea Party and its ZZ Top- and Charlie Daniels-looking truckers and motorcyclists may believe.

Madsen finds a certain level of humor in Riley's actions. But he also notes their potentially serious implications:

Reporting on Alabama politicians is like taking a walk down nostalgia lane behind the "Kudzu Curtain"
The actions by Neilson raises the issue now being debated in Washington about media shield laws for journalists. A number of entrenched politicians, including Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas and Democrat Dianne Feinstein of California, do not believe independent journalists with websites, blogs, or newsletters should be considered journalists under a federal shield law that would protect only corporate journalists from having to testify before juries and grand juries about their sources. . .
The Alabama nuisance subpoena, SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) suit, and court gag order against Shuler and his wife not only have repercussions for the press in Alabama but a finding against Shuler and Legal Schnauzer will definitely be used as cited case law for other corrupt politicians to bring legal action against independent journalists in other jurisdictions far beyond Alabama.


Anonymous said...

cue the deuling banjos...Rob Riley and Bad Puppy Pryor are going on full display. Squeal like a pig boys!!! Smile for the national spotlight.

Unknown said...

The point.

All bloggers are being gagged in this matter, it is not just the Legal Schnauzer webblog.

ILLINOIS has a place where we can write and it isn't a blog?

"... Is becoming a judge a lifelong dream of yours? Or are you thinking, now that you've gotten your law degree or have been out in practice for a while, that you might like to throw your hat in the ring, either by applying for appointment to a vacant associate or circuit position or by running in a partisan election for state circuit, appellate, or supreme court?

If your answer is "Yes!" you have plenty of company. That's not hard to understand. As Sheila Murphy, formerly a circuit judge for Cook County, says, "If you're a trial lawyer or litigator, you naturally start thinking at some point, 'I could do that!'"

By all accounts, being a judge is a great job. Says Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, "Every day is a challenge and something to love if you're a lawyer. Even more, every day is an honor, because you realize your responsibility to society and, most of all, to the litigants, is being honest and fair in everything that has to do with them."

The salary's not too shabby, either: Justices of the Illinois Supreme Court make $207,066 annually; appellate court judges, $194,888; circuit court judges, $178,835; and associate judges, $169,893, as of July 1, 2010. Those are the second highest in the country, as a report to the Judicial Salary Resource Center of the National Center For State Courts shows. Add to that great benefits, including outstanding retirement pay, reduced or waived bar association dues, and invitations to lavish banquets, judges' nights, and the like, at which you're an honored, nonpaying guest.

The challenges

But the judging job has its drawbacks, too. "The most difficult challenge is the public life that you lead" as a judge, says Burke.

Your family members may find that challenge even more difficult. Is there something in your background - a nasty lawsuit, perhaps? - that you'd prefer people not to know about?

Judicial aspirants should expect that whatever it is will become public, whether to the general community or only to a bar association judicial evaluation committee, during the evaluation of their candidacy, says Burke. And those who become judges should understand that any examples of poor personal judgment going forward will quite likely be discovered and discussed in their communities and in the press.

Anonymous said...

1. 72 CC - 1 Filed 12/15/72

Paul R. Durr, Circuit Judge, 8th Circuit, Calhoun County

The Complaint alleged he owned and operated an abstract company; practiced law, filed false statement of economic interest; and did not advise litigants or attorneys that opposing counsel was a business partner.

Order of 8/1/73: One-year suspension without pay. Respondent then resigned from office.

2. 73 CC - 1 Filed 3/9/73

John J. McDonnell, Associate Judge, Cook County

The Complaint alleged he: 1) Threatened man and wife with handgun;
2) Struck another man and pushed his wife; 3) Interfered with Board investigation.
Order of 6/29/73: 1) Suspended for four months without pay; 2) Dismissed; 3) Dismissed.

Anonymous said...

I'm constantly amused how most of your "journalism" starts with a story in which you make wild allegations (based on anonymous sources, of course) which inevitably transforms into a story about how you're being persecuted.

ttowntruthseeker said...

Third World Country? Alabama's worse than that!

Anonymous said...

Wayne Madsen is a bright guy. Some people, on the left and right, consider him a conspiracy theorist. But I think he is on target, much more often than not.

Anonymous said...

Comparing Rob Riley to Junior Samples?

I consider that an insult to Junior, who has gone to the great haystack in the sky and isn't here to defend hisself.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Madsen kicks some serious ass with this piece. Thanks for sharing with those of us who can't afford a subscription to his site.

Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody's still butt hurt from being outed yesterday. Is that you Officer DeHart, at 9:03?

Yoo hoo, hey officer! I'm getting ready to walk into a library. You going to arrest me?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Mr. Madsen for the info about Judge Neilson. I was not familiar with Neilson's role in the Herman Thomas case. That whole deal smelled like a barn yard. (I guess Junior Samples would appreciate that metaphor.)

Anonymous said...

I was inspired to look up Junior Samples on Wikipedia and was amazed to find he died in 1983. Had no idea he's been gone from us for 30 years. Junior was one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Madsen nails it when he calls Rob Riley's complaint a nuisance lawsuit. That's exactly what it is.

I wonder what Riley's fellow conservatives think of such abusive use of our court system.

Anonymous said...

All anonymous commenters must be assumed to be Mike DeHart until proven otherwise. It is the only logical assumption one can make. Because only Mike DeHart thinks that Roger Shuler is an absurd joke.

Why kind of game are you playing @12:09, Officer DeHart? Clearly a false flag post. You're clever, but I've seen through you.

Anonymous said...

I've got a serious question for Officer DeHart:

Were your comments in recent days posted while on the job? Were they sent from a publicly funded computer or other electronic device? Were you on public time, using public equipment, to pull your con game on LS readers?

If so, taxpayers have a right to know.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Mr. Haney on Green Acres. He was a grease ball, but what a funny grease ball!

Anonymous said...

This is Officer DeHart. I'm posting from a computer located deep in the bowels of the earth, where the Dark Master and I have hunkered down to plot the destruction and public shaming of Roger Shuler. It was in fact purchased with taxpayer funds, but not taxpayers of your "Earth." It was purchased with space tax dollars, which we have obtained from the gay aliens, the Jews, and the gay alien Jews. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to ticketing journalists who have offended the Illuminati.

.e.a.f. said...

As they say, it doesn't matter what they say about me, as long as you spell my name correctly. In an attempt to silence you, they have given you much more visability.

In these days of changing technology, a web journalist, isn't a journalist???? If we followed that type of reasoning then we would not have had radio or t.v. journalists. We might not have had newspapers, if society had stuck to the town cryer.

If they argue you need to "print" a newspaper to be a journalist, then how large does the newspaper need to be? Will a one sheet piece, once a week qualify for a "shield"? These people really don't want to go there. When you are a country which is based on freedom of speech and association, you are attacking the constitution of America. Oh, these idiots. Don't they know how to read their own constitution?

If someone graduated from university with a degree in journalsim, why can't they be described as a journalist. Conversally, if you didn't graduate from university with a degree in journalsim, and you are deamed not to be a journalist, there goes about half the press, in one form or another.

if they don't want you "publishing" from Alabama, you can set up "mirror" blogs from anywhere in the world. Welcome to Canada, if you so desire. I'm sure some of the countries which the U.S.A. loves to preach to about freedom of the press would welcome you also.

Anonymous said...

Its not DeHart, Its JMG!

Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer: It looks like you have your hands full with the Pryor/Strange and girlfriends stories. Having been a fan of all of your Ted Rollins stories, I was just wondering why you stopped writing about him. Has he suddenly found the Lord or developed a conscience?
Did Legal Schnauzer tire of the subject? Just wonderin.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of these posts are Officer DeHart. He actually still has a job. He's never done anything to be rightfully fired, unlike Roger Shuler.

Anonymous said...

I was on some other places today and saw where someone and I did not know them had forwarded your site to several folks.. Now those folks are going to fwd to others and after a while your site will go viral. Is everyone going to be sued?

Anonymous said...

9:03AM ET AL

Legal Schnauzer and Alabama USA have proven how smart the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. are there.

Gov USA has advertised globally we are smarter, want to one world gov just like Hitler did. Thus, get the people running the operation govUSA who prove they can.

We know who are the hew haws and then the serious business people are the geniuses with humor.

No humor is not intelligent.

Notice penis noses and nude penises BUTT hurt that there is NO humor! Humor is the highest of the human intelligent.

The humorless want to have the power of a Nazi kick boot, however, not the power of the higher intelligence.

The blog of Legal Schnauzer has FORENSICALLY proven who needs to run the contemporary super power, IT that can destroy the world. AND, and the people earth aren't amused. LS has the true story.

LS shows world earth senses of humor are well oiled to keep the evolution molting, at LS.

Bad Puppies and Roaches In Robes AND all the barnyard crap needs to be fully exposed via humor, to remind the shamed toxic shock and awe worshipers -- that, they're NOT the slightest, in the high intelligent of humor.



Biloxi Marx. Yes, my cousin once removed (in the south "shirttail cousin" - and our family Marx is from the east and the south USA). And, NO, no one more than likely reading this post has read Das Kapital in German. OR, should you have, please let us discuss what was truly said about 'money' and how we would be exactly where we are today and he said the truth just like LS, in the 1800s. LS is a Marx hero of what the power of writing the truth can do to a world earth. Gotta follow the heros no matter what the losers dictatorial "Illumaniti" (Karl exposed IT too, LS), dictate to US to do. Been doing this crap since the first phony House of Bauer Rots-child, and then set up Israel to be the yoke of fake religion to really cost humanity the reality of real. Marx said when he was asked about the religion 'Jew' ... "it is an interesting new religion", MARX DID NOT PRACTICE JEWRY POLITICS. Our family has never practiced the fake made up Hebe superstition and further, time always arrives to challenge the superstitions of 'man', all of every one.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Bush has 'the eyes' look, Hmmmm, how the Bad Puppies 'see' one another?

Cheney knows how the dead get dead, Michael Hastings, Journalism, in the real world


LS your blog outed the deepest darkest of the USA.

Now the Bush-Cheney heart attacks are working, so to speak.

Rolling down hill all that scum from the POTUS#43 Et Al, we gotta get our WMD shelters in order~

tx xo/PP

Anonymous said...

When just 50% of Americans get 51% as curious as Roger and Carol Shuler, to dig in like a great Schnauzer dog, and get the bones, then we get the change we hope for.

"... According to Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya in a 2011 Global Research article, The Yinon Plan was a continuation of Britain’s colonial design in the Middle East:

“[The Yinon plan] is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli regional superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states. "

Americans pay for the State of Israel. Israel belongs to the Rothschild Dynasty that joined with the Rockefellers, just not that long ago, in a very firm deal.

Israel isn't a promised land where Jesus was. Palestinians who don't believe in the story about the 'Christ' live where he supposedly drug his cross and so on. These Palestinians have been dragged from their homelands, and of course the apartheid and genocide are seen in the Global Mafioso 'Jewry Political Agendas'.

Sequester and Austerity are in the book, of, Fritz Kraemer.

"On Excellence."

Kraemer ran the PENTAGON, um, Cheney the Dick Et Al ran the killing machine to rule earth, since the World War II Nazis came here to continue to do what has been done in "Shock & Awe" "Axis of Evil".

History only lies when the real criminally insane get to write the words. History gets real when the Roger Shuler great spirits are 'chosen' to write the REAL truth.

Alabama got taken by the really bad ideologies that be LIE ve in the totalitarianism of yoking all the humans in earth and what a power just like 'god'.

Get rid of the superstition regarding the 'chosen people' and realize who the real chosen really are - the future isn't but, fully transparent and that is LS.

Anonymous said...


Upon getting rid of the Zionists' agenda, we get rid of all the poor experimented on that can't be trusted to be human.

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
The Infamous "Oded Yinon Plan". Introduction by Michel Chossudovsky
By Israel Shahak
Global Research, October 18, 2013
Association of Arab-American University Graduates, Inc. 3 March 2013


Just as you think the Republicans have destroyed themselves with their government shutdown default antics, along comes Obama and appoints a fascist murderer head of Homeland Security.

RT reports that Jeh Johnson, a drone proponent and the Pentagon General Counsel who authorized the unconstitutional extrajudicial murder of American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki, has been nominated to head Homeland Security.

Jeh Johnson is also the Pentagon lawyer who accused WikiLeaks of “illegal and irresponsible actions” and of giving aid to terrorists. Will Congress confirm this tyrant to police state power?

Anonymous said...

I like ZZ Top's music

I don't like the inequality in the NON representative government USA because the Roves get hired to be the devil to the angels and this gets sold as though the only choice we have as Palestine West

legalschnauzer said...

I haven't tired of the Ted Rollins, 2:39, and I doubt Mr. Rollins has found either the Lord or a conscience. As you note, the Pryor/Strange/Riley stories have sort of pushed their way to the front of the line. But much more will be coming on Ted Rollins. In fact, now that he's building in Tuscaloosa, he becomes an even more important story in Alabama.

Anonymous said...

What insights do you have about the circumstances of Mr. Shuler's firing at UAB, 3:45? What causes you to claim he was "rightfully fired"?

I ask because UAB's own in-house grievance committee found he should not have been fired. Mr. Shuler has reported that here, and I have a well-placed source in the UAB admin/HR apparatus who has told me that is true. In fact, my source is a devoted Legal Schnauzer and says she has yet to see anything Mr. Shuler has written about UAB that wasn't true.

So what are your credentials that give you special insights? And do you seriously believe that an officer who conducts an unconstitutional traffic stop has not given his employer grounds to fire him?

Do you have values based in the U.S. Constitution or are they based in some other document?

Anonymous said...

The reparations debate has faded, along with much of the controversy surrounding research into universities and slavery. “This movement, once edgy and interesting, has been taken to the vet and defanged and declawed,” said Alfred Brophy, a legal historian who spearheaded a 2004 resolution at the University of Alabama apologizing for the antebellum faculty’s mistreatment of slaves on campus.

“Sometimes I chuckled at how contemporary some of these colonial administrators were,” Mr. Wilder said.

“Ebony and Ivy,” with its cover image of a tendril of ivy wrapped around a chain, may not find a home on many alumni-office coffee tables. But Mr. Wilder, a graduate of Fordham and Columbia who has also taught at Dartmouth and Williams, says that some people are too quick to see political motives behind work like his.

And the question is? Which people of our human beings were the greatest owners of slaves ...

And the answer is? Practitioners of 'Jew' from Roman time and yes, came to America AND were especially attracted to the south where ownership of slaves was an incredible business for these folks, then and now?

The Jews came to the USA to get the rights' that are now a monopoly and slavery? Money is not sovereign it belongs to the people who say they are Jews and Zionists.

Anonymous said...

Ten year trial, or almost a decade, to make Israel stop robbing and rewriting history.

For the Bible scholars and others, this is a very tell tale truth, at long last the 'chosen' so called state of Israel - is being stopped for the same behavior seen in the State of Alabama.

Make up whatever, the people who are in charge because of getting paid the so called money of 'haves', and then just because the open season on Americans, the imbeciles make up evil like to Bonnie Wyatt and the Rollins family vs. monster Pedophile Rollins Campus Crest.

We ordinary because we're the nots, are the other people that are forced to do what the fraud criminally insane dictate.

Bush-Cheney-Rove-Obama Et Al.

No matter, law.

LAW to protect Legal Schnauzer and Mrs. S., U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights', simply change history by stealing the due process clause.

George Orwell didn't do justice to this amazing fantasy parasite that has destroyed, almost entirely, the host of true enlightenment.

The disease of these people that have decided to rewrite the history to fit their retirements and of course the paranoia, superstitions and criminally hell bent in hurting self and others.

Glad this case~~ -been an important mileSTONE in history now- ~~is proven via the forensic of that detail of the tablet on the back was authenticated as antiquity.

The etched in stone is of course continuing to be debated as though the debate is other than more bad fantasies.

You, LS, are the tablet which has the writing that has been challenged as fraud.

Deal is, your stone was authenticated and is, DUE PROCESS LAW, and your credentials therein is the writing in modern time, too.

Good work in changing even what's going on in Israel. Truly thanks.