Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lawyer In Birmingham Accuses Jessica Medeiros Garrison Of Lying Under Oath In Divorce From Tuscaloosa Politico

Jessica Medeiros Garrison
An Alabama lawyer states in a recent letter that Republican political operative Jessica Medeiros Garrison lied under oath in her divorce case from Tuscaloosa politician and insurance man Lee Garrison.

Jessica Garrison perhaps is best known at the moment for her long-running extramarital affair with Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange. Garrison apparently has filed a lawsuit against me, claiming my reports on the Strange affair are false and defamatory. (I say "apparently" because I have not been lawfully served with the complaint and have not read it. All I know about it comes from a report at Alabama Political Reporter.)

Jessica Garrison's credibility, however, takes a serious hit in an August 26 letter from Birmingham attorney Lisa L. Woods. The letter is addressed to W. Cam Parsons, a lawyer for Tuscaloosa businessman Stan Pate.

During the recent campaign for Tuscaloosa's municipal elections, Pate allegedly established a Web site and purchased outdoor advertising that claimed Lee Garrison was a poor choice to be chair of the city's school board. To help drive his point home, Pate apparently borrowed from the Garrison v. Garrison divorce case, in which Jessica Garrison made a number of unfavorable statements, under oath, about her ex husband.

If Pate's goal was to keep Lee Garrison out of office, he failed. Garrison narrowly won his race in an election that drew national attention after reports about sorority girls receiving free drinks and other improper enticements during the voting process. How bizarre was the normally quiet Tuscaloosa election? Photos surfaced of Lee Garrison wearing a penis nose--and he still won, with the help of a University of Alabama Greek community that must approve of such hi-jinks.

No one can accuse Stan Pate of being unclear about his feelings on the school-board race. Pate allegedly published the following from a Verified Amended Petition for Modification of Custody that Jessica Garrison filed in her divorce case. (See the full document at the end of this post.)

The father has repeatedly exhibited a willingness to forfeit time with his son to pursue recreational and social activities that often involve excessive drinking and late nights. He also admittedly has had a gambling problem and takes controlled medications for which he has no prescription or medical need. The father also has a bad temper and a consistent tendency to rage, often in the presence of the child. Moreover, the father and his wife are cigarette smokers and have pets, both of which contribute to the child's ongoing allergies.

Obviously, the Garrison divorce/custody battle generated some rancor. And Lee Garrison hired Lisa Woods to help express his unhappiness about Stan Pate's alleged use of the above language.  Here is a portion of what Ms. Woods stated to Pate's lawyer, Cam Parsons:

Given your years in practice, I am certain that you understand that, sometimes, things are said in the course of divorce and post-divorce matters that are not true. Simply stating that some third party "swore" to such information does not make the statements true. That said, we ask that you advise Mr. Pate to take his website down and refrain from making or repeating false statements against my client.

To ensure that her position was clear, Ms. Woods pretty much repeated it in a letter directly to Pate. (See both Pate letters at the end of this post.)

You have posted a court filing, purportedly by Ms. Jessica Garrison and/or her counsel. It is our position that the statements contained in the same were false then and are false now. An Objection and Response to those false allegations was filed on my client's behalf. We notice that you did not bother to place that document on your post. We perceive this as disregard for the truth in your posting.

In her zest to defend Lee Garrison's honor, Ms. Woods seemingly does not recognize the serious nature of what she is saying about Jessica Garrison. The court filing is not "purportedly by Ms. Jessica Garrison and/or her counsel." It is by Jessica Garrison, in the form of a verified petition--and that means it is signed under oath. Here is the language at the end of the petition:

Before me, the undersigned authority in and for said county, in said state, personally appeared JESSICA MEDEIROS GARRISON, who, being first duly sworn, deposes and says that she has read the above and Verified Amended Petition for Modification, and the facts therein are correct and true.

Jessica Garrison has signed her name on the line above the word "Affiant," which is defined as "a person who signs an affidavit and swears to its truth before a Notary Public or some person authorized to take oaths, like a County Clerk."

In a likely attempt to protect a fellow member of the legal tribe, Lisa Woods makes it sound like Jessica Garrison's false statements are no big deal. In fact, they are of the utmost seriousness, under the law. In essence, Lisa Woods is claiming that Jessica Garrison committed first-degree perjury--and that is a felony that could send Garrison to prison and cost her a bar card.

Is Jessica Garrison a glorified con artist who cheated in a sexual way with Luther Strange and cheated in a criminal way to help maintain custody of her child? Does that mean any legal complaint Jessica Garrison has filed against me is likely to be fraudulent?

Based on the words of lawyer Lisa Woods, a reasonable person could concludes the answer to both questions is yes.


ttowntruthseeker said...

I guess Lee Garrison's wearing a penis on his nose didn't keep him from sharing custody of his child with the woman who moved to Mountainbrook. I believe she claimed that her child would have recreational opportunities that were diminished when the tornado devastated Tuscaloosa? But actually most of the parks in Tuscaloosa received no damage. Could there have been an ulterior motive for her move to Birmingham?

ttowntruthseeker said...

the Franklin Stove Blog gives one perspective on Tuscaloosa's last election.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty amusing to read a letter from an "officer of the court" who says, "This other lawyer lied under oath, but everybody knows people lie under oath all the time, so it's no big deal."

And lawyers wonder why they are probably the most hated "professionals" on earth.

legalschnauzer said...

You are correct, @6:14, the Garrison custody docs do cite diminished recreational activities in Tuscaloosa. I'm guessing there was a whole batch of ulterior/mixed motives behind the move to Bham.

Anonymous said...

Jessica says Lee Garrison takes controlled substances for which he has no prescription or medical need. Sounds to me like she's claiming he is a recreational drug user. She also seems to be strongly suggesting that her ex is engaging in criminal activity. If he has no prescription, who is supplying these substances? Does Lee Garrison have ties to drug dealers?

Anonymous said...

LS: The 2011 document you display here says Jessica Garrison had found a place to live in Crestline. But another document you've posted, says the house in question was not sold at auction until 2012.

What gives?

legalschnauzer said...

Not sure exactly what gives, @8:58, but whatever it is, it seems to emit a foul odor.

Looking into this. Thanks for your alert set of eyeballs.

Anonymous said...

Stan Pate has a set of big brass ones. He might be nutty as a fruitcake, but I like the guy.

Anonymous said...

"...first degree perjury and that's a felony.." Jail/prison time? Here! in Alabama? For perjury; does MURPH know you wrote this story for your readers?

Whether employed/elected officials requiring they give official under sworn to oaths, and bonds; if where held true to the spirit of the law's definition of "perjury", there would be many ahead of Garrison as far as weightiness, i.e. example A.G. Luther Strange, U.S.Senator Jeff Sessions and others far reaching and in between when confronting each with the content of their character involving perjuries.

Their copies of oaths, if exist, might as well best be served as wiping papers; because for sure the content of their oaths are not being adhered to. Here, thoughts of perjury amongst those within their political cliques, better yet, tied to "the machine" probably aren't given a second
thought; but Pryor and his cohorts are [a] totally different stories.

Many has been the times that asking, will there ever be anyone beyond this state's boundaries with the USDOJ who's not in someone's pocket that will move to resolve the many ongoing lingering
state's problems and tragedies.

legalschnauzer said...

You are on target, @9:08. Perjury probably is the most perpetrated and least punished crime in U.S. No chance Jessica Garrison gets even close to an investigation for this. For that matter, we don't know that the statements she made under oath about Lee Garrison are false. But the story here, in my view, is that another lawyer claims JMG lied under oath.

Anonymous said...

USA is in crises, the government shut down got put into the Government Goldman Line of Credit mortgage, to steal more of the Americans Spirits.

That photo of her. Can you not get something that proves she isn't completely 1950s fake?

Test-I-lie, in testifying when a licensed attorney or government police or any 'employee' that the Federal Reserve System hires.

It's a racket and you LS are the best journalism any country could imagine, but did you not notice Snowden and others got out to continue going where you have had the courage to go?!

Just a reminder that the criminals in the US have been told they're in big time melt down.

But the new Line of Credit for the District of Criminals is back on.

Watch out. When the credit spigot is off, not so much danger but when the LOC is on, lots of MOSSAD and other NSA, DHS, ET AL to see how the new digs of detainment are.

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Too bad Calif doesn't simply sue the criminals in the positions of destroying the US Constitution, it could begin a wave across US.

Excellent work in seeing all the fine i's and t's cross ways, and corrupt lying scum frothing like the human filth should.

Anonymous said...

8:58 is on target! Whats happening here has been long planned as far as targeting those who are having their wealth stolen via "redistribution"! The thugs on the local level have long back eyed and marked their victims the intend to loot! The local thugs mark it and the lien holders then free it up illegally for the criminals to then negotiate. The problem with their sick plan is they picked the wrong targets! They will see that eventually!

Anonymous said...

The Jefferson, Shelby and Baldwin County crooks are on notice! They should grow eyes in the backs of their heads! They will need them!

Anonymous said...

Will this allow Big Luther to run for re-election along with his rethuglican cohorts? Enquiring minds want to know!!!