Monday, September 30, 2013

Sheriff Targets Blogger Who Broke Bill Pryor Gay Porn Story In County That Led Charge to Gut Voting Rights Act

Judge Bill Pryor
Shelby County, Alabama, played a central role in the U.S. Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that overturned a key provision of the Voting Rights Act (VRA)

Chief Justice John Roberts, in authoring the opinion in Shelby County v. Holder, said our country has changed, implying that places like Shelby County are much more enlightened now than they were in 1965. 

That might be true, to an extent. But anyone who thinks Shelby County is a bastion of forward thinking--where people of all colors, religions, genders, and political affiliations are treated fairly and equally under the law--might want to view the video at the end of this post.

It was filmed during one of at least four visits that sheriff's deputies made to my home in Shelby County last week. Why are deputies suddenly so interested in the house that my wife and I have owned since 1990. As I reported on Friday, I can think of no legitimate law-enforcement purpose for the visit. And why are two and three deputies involved, with multiple vehicles?

I can only conclude, at this point, that it's part of an intimidation and harassment campaign driven by my recent reports here at Legal Schnauzer about photos of U.S. Judge Bill Pryor that appeared in the 1990s at a gay porn site called

The intimidation campaign drew the attention of the national press this weekend when Alan Colmes' Liberland blog wrote a piece titled, "Is A Whistleblowing Alabama Blogger Being Harassed by Law Enforcement?" From the article:

Roger Shuler’s blog Legal Schnauzer has not shied away from turning over a few rocks to reveal scandal in Alabama’s political and judicial arenas. He recently revealed what his sources confirm to be a photograph of 11th Circuit Court Justice William Pryor that had been posted to gay porn site — and the story has gone viral (as have not one but two provocative follow-ups). In what seems to be a bit more than coincidence, Shuler had several unexpected visitors earlier this week that may be tied to a different bit of darkness upon which he shed a bit too much sunshine for a couple GOP players’ taste.

The Colmes blog notes the thuggish appearance of the deputies' actions, which were caught on video in Friday's post--and again at the end of this post:

Yes, the multiple vehicle schtick is overkill. It’s not much of a stretch to conclude that Shuler, a legal blogger with a growing following, is being harassed by people who are none too happy with his reporting — but also neither smart nor savvy when it comes to the power of the Internet and social media.

As for Shelby County v. Holder, it focused primarily on America's historic racial divide. But the VRA is part of an almost 50-year effort to ensure civil rights for all Americans, especially those who might seem different for any number of reasons.

Consider your humble blogger. I am a white, male Protestant with no disabilities, so I would seem to fit into the mainstream. But I also am a liberal in a county that is overwhelmingly conservative--in a state that has largely been taken over by one-party Republican rule. 

To make me even more of an oddball here, I am a journalist, with a degree in the field and more than 30 years of professional experience. That proved useful when my wife and I experienced a colossal cheat job in Shelby County court--started when a neighbor with an extensive criminal record filed a bogus lawsuit against me over a property-related matter--and that inspired me to start a blog about legal and political corruption.

How did that go over with the Shelby Count power structure, which has been dominated for years by members of the GOP? Not too well, especially when I went beyond personal issues to report on political prosecutions during the George W. Bush years, such as the ones involving former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman and former Mississippi plaintiffs' lawyer Paul Minor.

Conservative forces were not just angry about Legal Schnauzer; they decided to make me pay, by cheating me out of my job at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), where I had worked as an editor for almost 20 years. That was in May 2008, and the same forces (or their associates) cheated my wife out of her job at Infinity Insurance in September 2009.

How do I know political and legal entities were behind this? For one reason, a member of UAB's human-resources staff admitted to me in a tape recorded conversation that I was targeted because of my reporting on the Siegelman case. (You can check out a video on that subject here.)

Now, I seem to have committed another sin against conservative orthodoxy by revealing that Bill Pryor, he of the uber right-wing views and the controversial Bush-era nomination,  

has connections to the gay porn scene of the 1990s.

I have reported extensively on corruption in the Shelby County Sheriff's Department under Chris Curry. In fact, Curry's band of rogues is largely responsible for a bogus sheriff's deed that has been our house since 2008. (You can check out videos of the sheriff's sale here.) 

Experience has taught me that Sheriff Curry and his crew are lawless thugs. And I'm not the only one who seems to hold that opinion. We are aware of several federal lawsuits that allege racial discrimination against the department during Curry's tenure. We will be reporting on those cases in a series of upcoming posts.

Is Shelby County a uniformly awful place? Not at all--or Mrs. Schnauzer and I would  not have lived here for 23 years. Here is what I wrote about my home area back in June, after the Roberts court issues its ruling on the VRA case:

What kind of place is Shelby County, Alabama, in 2013? And in terms of justice issues (such as voting), should the public be confident the rule of law will prevail in this burgeoning area south of Birmingham?
As a resident of Shelby County since 1990, I feel qualified to take a crack at those questions. What are my answers? Well, Shelby County is a prosperous, pretty place that features lots of gorgeous trees, mountains, and bodies of water--I can throw a rock from my backyard and almost hit the natural splendor of Oak Mountain State Park. The county, especially in the northern section closest to Birmingham, features numerous fine places to shop and dine, with some of the most attractive neighborhoods you will find anywhere.
But what about those pesky justice issues? In that regard, Shelby County is a cesspool. The county seat is in a little hellhole called Columbiana, and when you take one step into the city limits, it's as if you've entered a time warp and gone back to . . . oh, about 1912.

Like most Americans, I am thankful for the genuine progress our country has made since the VRA was passed almost 50 years ago. But are we really out of the woods on matters of discrimination? Should we be confident that the rule of law will protect civil rights for all? Are local law-enforcement agencies filled with enlightened protectors of the constitution--or glorified brown shirts?

We invite you to take a look at the following video, filmed last Thursday, and decide for yourselves:


Unknown said...

Legal Schnauzer, Roger and Carol Shuler, People of Alabama and the human being population of the United States of America.

The USA, according to my investigation, was taken over and the new world model for how the order was to be, in this new century: see Project for a New American Century.

But, listen carefully over the scope of our USA's degradation into absolutely backwards and certainly the words Orwellian:

rule of law, spirit of the law, letter of law, and due process law.

The real criminals behind the use of America as the 'straw man' for the globalization of all earth's 'natural resources', are the same families that have been at this vampire of our planet since the human condition could be molded into behaving like is seen in the so called 'elite' of AL.

The MONEY, call what IT isn't.

The credit is debt and this abomination is a worse crime than can be ever repaid.

Roger Shuler and Carol Shuler have been in the front line of teaching all Americans just how the truth blistered us a long time ago and now the first degree burns are intolerable.

For the PUBLIC SERVANTS who are the court system, to act like dictators and use the POLICE to TERRORIZE in 'order' to continue the cover up of digital electronic units - is insane. Criminally insane in fact.

They, them, those now in the full frontal destruction of our America true power [due process, rule of law], Rove's vile evil, the clan and cultists 'Fed' BLOB, SLOBS, and name what the darkness is because it's the season.

The courage of the Shulers' is how every US person has to now embrace and grow the power to be THE BALANCE necessary to bring honor into America.

Thank you M/M Legal Schnauzer MURPH SPIRIT Carol and Roger S.

postscript NETANYAHU the demon of all predatory 'rich' is speaking at the UN, Tues (tomorrow) PLEASE write, Email, fax, tele, send a DEMAND FOR ARRESTING ALL WAR CRIMINALS and he is, as well as KISSINGER, BUSH, and they are not being visited by the thugs cause ITS' the agenda to keep our war criminals in charge.

Must change the non-transparent 'money' that pays the criminals to have the wherewithal to eat up the lesser 'haves', because our greater 'haves' are not sane enough to have what is all ours', clearly the demons don't share other than their own nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Southern thuggery in action. Keep that video camera handy, LS.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same sheriff's department that sold off your house on the courthouse steps? Can't imagine why you wouldn't trust such fine "officers of the law."

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, it's the same one, @12:48. And they didn't just sell the full rights to our house, they did it unlawfully in every respect. Sheriff sales have a legitimate purpose when conducted according to law. Ours was not done by law in any way.

Anonymous said...

If I had multiple cop cars come to my house like that, I would think what you probably think--that they want to search my house or arrest me. If you know they have no valid grounds for either one, then yes, it sure seems like harassment.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So this is real life in the county that caused the Voting Rights Act to be gutted? Pretty darned enlightening, I would say.

Anonymous said...

so called sheriffs and attorneys of the US, unless being part of the solution in this time, are definitely a serious problem for the majority who know the criminals are a faction and don't give a damn about other than what is thought to make these criminals more powerful and certainly rich here in America but lost it all everywhere on the planet so we get even worse consequences of the lawlessness

Anonymous said...

Roger and Carol, your house got sold because it was and is the lesson.

The lesson is we're Palestinians and are being taught how we are to be in the new world order which is ruled out of Tel Aviv.

The problem for fascism, again, the global world got the historical agenda and got sick of the pretend US benevolent Bad Spirits [BS], and kicked our fraud out. USA got to be the new empire after the empire of WWII was thought to be taken down [Hitler and Stalin].

FRAUD was the US got taken over and the SUPREME COURT has to be held accountable for this. The MONEY isn't sovereign and for the SCOTUS to be in the racket of how this has enriched all but, the labor classes in the USA.

Hmmm, Wall Street a very clever global racket to induce the people fraudulently and transfer wealth.

China and Russia joined in the new century global one world fraud, as usual those two suspects were only baiting the USA.

Russia, Saudi Arabia and of course the other 'partnership's with now defunct Japan, but the investors' have all enjoyed the straw man turnover -- you two as workers' paying the dues, considered the real monied and so is, your house and my house too, got sold to some investor in Asia that paid real money, as well. They got cheated and know this too [AIG, for ex].

Nevertheless, watch the products now entering the US GLOBAL FOOD, the products are basically chicken from China, our new world partner in the order of genocide.

Americans must face this is about genocide. Chinese grew too many people and other people grow too many because the agenda is to do this over and over and use the flesh as is done, mass murder.

legalschnauzer said...

Your comparison to Palestinians is pretty darned apt, in my view.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

LS, indeed we are called and considered the useless eaters, disposable commodities and Bush said should we be against this, then we get to be slaughtered as are the Palestinians.

Kissinger and Nixon "The Eternal Fire" were about the Pentagon which is to control America in the militant shut-down as has been being perfected on the poor Palestinians for far too many tortured years and years.

TSA is our form of the MOSSAD and other gatekeepers in Palestine.

The crux of the situation is the Americans as always, shock the predators into realizing the dire experimentation hasn't gotten to the truly power spirits [Carol&Roger], and so Carol and Roger awaken the other spirits.

Gotta kill the spirits that are stronger than the imbalance of criminally insane.

The spirits that are stronger, Carol and Roger, must do also what the Palestinians have done since the 1800s, resist not evil.

You're there, the blog isn't a resistance to the evil, your work is the alchemy necessary to get the greater spirits all awake.

God Bless You and the spirit of MURPH is truly alive and well, how great good fortune for ALL US.

Anonymous said...

these so called employees of the usa are sought out because they have records.

this has been proven, the thugs now terrorizing us, come from criminal backgrounds and are given the job of terrorizing us, told they can be put back into whatever place they were let out of, should they not do what is done to you LS,

very surreal the usa, the collapse of our society can't be stopped and the inevitable is the most insane are chosen to take down america for the more insane.

stay sane and keep blogging so the sane can all change this critical mass insanity.

thank you

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many child molesters and meth makers go undetected while these clowns pound on your door.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

For the average American to be willing to allow American Sovereignty to be taken away and the United States of America to be folded into the NWO, the political process is being manipulated to make USG officials appear to be either gangsters, incompetents or insincere “human compromised” doofuses and shills (which they actually just happen to be), thereby destroying any respect Americans hold for these USG politicians and officials and now also America, the nation-state as it currently is.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bill Baxley was the AG in Alabama until the day he saw a sign that said "Drink Canada Dry." He bought a plane ticket to Vancouver that same day. He made it all the way to Montreal before his liver gave out . . . .

Anonymous said...

Anonymous hacker, commentator, journalist, and fameball Barrett Brown was arrested in a dramatic takedown last night live and on-camera, in the middle of a TinyChat with a dozen others.

The shirtless and relaxed Brown is sitting in the dark with his girlfriend, teasing an attractive chat member about being a GIF instead of a real person, when he evidently hears something and goes off camera. His girlfriend evidently shut off the webcam, but the audio continued to run, capturing what sounds like a very agitated Brown having a shout-off with officers who react with predictable physicality.

“dating @barrettbrownlol is the BIGGEST JIHAD EVER,” tweeted his girlfriend.

A few hours earlier, Brown had posted a YouTube video threatening to knife any FBI agent who bothered him or his mother. “Yup Barret wins the interwebs hands down with that vid. #epic #shuterdownthiscantbetopped,” tweeted an equal parts admiring and derisive observer, before going on to suggest someone turn it into a mashup with kittens.

Anonymous, who both loves Brown’s ability to get them good press and loathes his self-appointed position as unofficial spokesman of Anonymous, quickly went to work. Naturally someone had been recording the whole thing (it’s not clear exactly who at this point) and the video was quickly distributed via Mediafire. “He’d want it this way,” said the uploader. Not long after that, someone else posted a cleaned-up version of the audio, the better to transcribe it. Then, the transcript was uploaded to Pastebin, making this one of the most thoroughly covered arrests in multimedia. Expect a GIF any minute now.

Anonymous said...


Call it the American Dream because we have to be asleep to believe it.

Think Carlin died naturally?

Be careful LS, you have the same power as Carlin or the thugs wouldn't be willing to be on your video blog which they knew would happen.

Need all the fear factors they can get so listen to Carlin and we must carry on his baton, you do LS, and that is why you are also a very BIG fish to fry.

Anonymous said...

I do not know what has happened to my America. I guess it started with Nixon and then moles were placed during Reagan's administration while the Christian Right merged with the Right Wing Fringe of the Republican party. Moles multiplied and matured. The Fringe Right took over the Party. The Party took over the states in 2010 and suddenly Freedom is a joke and a thing of the past. That you can be so punished and harassed is terrifying to us all. What is done to one is done to all. I am stymied right now as to what to do but this old activist will find her footing soon and find an effective way to fight back. Meantime, I send you prayers, positive thoughts, white light, crossed fingers, whatever you want. It's all I got right now.

Anonymous said...

That video makes me nervous just watching it.

Anonymous said...

technology has taken the alabama corruption and given new name to giving head in the news, LS can also dance and sings blues

choosing to not be intimidated by the creatures in lagoons only the most loathsome are found

Murphy Schnauzer picked up the loaded gun of lawlessness and in the best shot any great dog can

bulls eyes time and time again with balls to the walls how the people got at long last fed up

federalists how many or how many not and the blanket of smallpox for the Indians got into

Americans' trusts

LS dug in and uncovered the rot from all the snot-gargles polluting the gene pool stop

not you LS, god live long the dog


Anonymous said...

So IT thought IT could continue on ITS' making America the land of idiots while IT got to act like IT is a service provider of government public duty ITs.

The ITS have been out IT'ed

Editor Schnauzers

Anonymous said...

Why are deputies suddenly so interested in the house that my wife and I have owned since 1990. As I reported on Friday, I can think of no legitimate law-enforcement purpose for the visit. And why are two and three deputies involved, with multiple vehicles?

I can only conclude, at this point, that it's part of an intimidation and harassment campaign driven by my recent reports here at Legal Schnauzer about photos of U.S. Judge Bill Pryor that appeared in the 1990s at a gay porn site called

There are plenty of reasons that the sheriff could be there lawfully. Just spitballing here, but if you had been named as a defendant in a lawsuit, especially one where you had vehemently and publicly denied the effectuation of service by other means, it would be perfectly lawful and even expected for the Sheriff to come to your house to serve process. And if you had refused to answer the door for them, they would have to keep coming back to do their lawful duty. But that is just an example. This is obviously nothing so benign. If this weren't about repression and intimidation, why would they bring multiple vehicles? It is not like they are going to someone's house who has threatened to introduce process servers to Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. Am I right?

Let's formulate a plan for exposing these vermin for who they really are. Why don't you call down to the Sheriff's office and inquire into the nature of their visits to your house? Have you not done that? That seems like the best way to uncover their nefarious motives. You could even record the explanation and post the audio on here! You have done that in so many reports that we know you are good at it! It is high time that you let that sun shine in on this campaign of harassment and intimidation!!

What you have said is misleading at the very least. But you know that. And I am guessing you will argue that service of process is not a "law enforcement purpose?" And that the quote above is therefore accurate? Regardless, the intent is to use cute phrasing to dance around what is really going on. Very lawyerly of LS. After following the Garrison story on here for the past month or so, it seems very clear that the Sheriff is coming by to serve you. And bet that you actually are pretty sure of this too. And that is why you would never actually call the Sheriff, or answer the door, or even ask through the door to find out the Sheriff's purpose. You can't rail against the wizard if you have already pulled back the curtain and shown that it is just an elderly munchkin. I suppose that in the blogosphere a story about repression by a tyrannical authority sells better than one about municipal servants completing clerical duties.

And that is why I am guessing this never gets posted...The story is not there if you aren't the martyr anymore...Have to keep it going...rape victims, palestinians and brown shirts, oh my!

e.a.f. said...

So glad I don't live in Shelby county. so if its "that county" which started the federal voting lawsuit, people should be afraid, very afraid. Watching those videos the thought was, is this really happening? Well it was, its on the video, but really. its so blantant and silly.

Do ensure you have cameras on all sides of the house and over each entrance way. Having a protective cover helps keep them from being disabled. If they are giving you this much attention, I'd conclude they aren't "finished" with you yet.

Time to write the sherrif and governor again. Like could they go and do some real police work. Even if there isn't any crime happening today, there must be cold cases they can work on.