Friday, September 20, 2013

Alan Colmes And His Liberaland Web Site Pick Up On Reports About Gay-Porn Photos Of Judge Bill Pryor

Alan Colmes
One of the nation's best-known liberal commentators is reporting today on our reports about photos of U.S. Circuit Bill Pryor that appeared in the 1990s at a gay porn Web site.

Alan Colmes' Liberland addresses the issue in a post titled "Circuit Court Justice's Gay Porn Site Photo Comes Out Of The Closet."

Colmes perhaps is best known for his 13-year run as co-host of Hannity & Colmes, a nightly political debate show on Fox News Channel. He currently is the host of The Alan Colmes Show, a nationally syndicated talk-radio show distributed by Fox News Radio. Colmes is the author of two books, Red, White & Liberal: How Left Is Right and Right Is Wrong (2003) and Thank the Liberals For Saving America (2012).

Liberland serves as Colmes blogging base, and the site zeroes in squarely on Bill Pryor. Here is how the post begins:

Earlier this week, provocative Alabama law blogger Roger Shuler posted an interesting tidbit about solidly conservative US Court of Appeals 11th Circuit Justice William Pryor.

The post then quotes from our reports, noting that the photos appeared in 1997 at the Cocoa, Florida-based Web site and Pryor has a staunchly conservative public record, including opposition to gay rights. More from Liberland:

And, to quote the great George Takei, “Oh, my!” Above the Law, arguably the most popular (and dishy) legal blog in the nation, has picked up the story . . .

Bill Pryor at
Liberaland then pulls this nugget from the Above the Law (ATL) report:

If true, this would not be the first time that a respected jurist has inadvertently revealed what lies underneath their robes. Judge Wade McCree of Michigan bared it all when one of his sext messages was leaked to the public. Madam Justice A. Lori Douglas blushed red as a Canadian maple leaf when nude photographs of Her Honor engaging in bondage acts surfaced online.
On the other hand, if the gossip that is making the rounds is true, it would likely be the first time that a federal judge seated on one of the United States circuit courts has been caught with his pants around his ankles — or in this case, with no pants at all . . . 
The judge implicated in this affair is William Holcombe Pryor Jr. of the Eleventh Circuit, who also serves on the U.S. Sentencing Commission. Though we have no way to confirm if the accusations are true, we can’t help but notice a possible resemblance between Judge Pryor and the attractive young man in the pictures (meaning that Judge Pryor is quite the judicial superhottie).

Both Liberaland and Above the Law now have reported on the historic nature of our investigative work. Has a federal judge ever been caught with--as ATL puts it--"no pants at all"? Has any national political figure ever been so directly exposed as a blatant hypocrite? 

The answer to the first question clearly is no. On the second one, it's hard to think of any politico who comes off as more of a phony than Pryor.

The story, by the way, is far from over. As Liberaland shows, it's just warming up. We have much more coming on the Pryor story here at Legal Schnauzer.


Anonymous said...

More props for your reporting, LS. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news. I dig me some Alan Colmes. He might look like a space alien, but I like him anyway.

Anonymous said...

The story is picking up steam!

ttowntruthseeker said...

Maybe he has some spots on his dick like Michael Jackson that don't show in the picture and this will prove the image isn't of him...?

Anonymous said...

MURPH! To keep this story building national interest and alive, when adding expansion beyong Billy's willy?

Anonymous said...

Colmes has a big audience. The snowball is rolling, headed for Wee Willy Pryor.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Sean Hannity to pick up on this subject.

Robby Scott Hill said...

A picture with comments from multiple credible journalists is worth a thousand, no a MILLION words. Comments & shares do not constitute endorsement of any kind including, but not limited to funding, fomentation or joint publication. Donations of less than $14,000 per tax year are made directly to the author without regard to the content of any particular post on this blog because by gosh we like Roger and the Internal Revenue Code encourages all of us to give up to this amount per recipient free of gift tax.

Happy Social Sharing

Anonymous said...

Isn't the silence deafening from Bill Pryor? If a photo like that of me was making the rounds--and it wasn't me--I would be in front of every camera I could find, taking questions and stating emphatically setting the record straight.

Anonymous said...

I've read both of Alan Colmes' books, and they are good stuff. Recommended. Glad to see he's paying attention to the Pryor story.

Space Trucker said...

Looks to me as if little Bill had a hard time as a young man.
Perhaps that is why he is notorious for handing out stiff sentences?

Robby Scott Hill said...

William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States who despised the nickname "Slick Willie" hereby bargains, grants, conveys and forever assigns this infamous title to one, William Holcombe Pryor, the one true "Slick Willie."

Anonymous said...

This story through Pryor's false advocacies and arrogances evolving out of the Seigelman persecution before ending is destined to source black books that Pryor had an interest in before judge. Was it to keep him/others muted while AG, tied to Sessions, King, Riley, and Strange; or visa-versa, stand-off, you don't tell on me, I won't tell on you. For you see they wouldn't have been talking about traffic tickets, now would they?

Robby Scott Hill said...

Somebody needs to do a FOIA request to the State Bar to get a copy of Bill Pryor's bar application & to the White House Appointments Office & US Senate to get copies of his application for Federal Judge. Also, exactly how much money did Pryor earn from posing for the pictures & did he pay income taxes on his earnings? Federal Judgeships are subject to a tax check as well as a background check.

Anonymous said...

Well now that Judge Pryor has been outed, it is time to focus on Big Luther, the next in line looking over the good flock.

If Big Luther's squeeze JMG is dumb enough to sue you, LS, well then it is time to use discovery to put the screws to her.

Also, anyone out there with photos and info on JMG and Big Luther Strange will surely be able to come forward and make a "donation" to the cause.

Suing you was a dumb, but desperate move. I still wonder if they technically really have if the service wasn't legit. Kinda nice for them in this situation...they can feign suing and really not be to avoid discovery. Problem solved in their twisted legal/moral world.

Keep digging, LS.

legalschnauzer said...

Interesting points, @1:50. They either know the service was not legal or they are dumb as dirt. Throwing a document in someone's driveway, while making zero contact with anyone in the home, is not legal service. In fact, it isn't even close.

I was just coming home that evening and was about to pull our car into the garage. My wife looked out the window to see this goon running down our driveway, throwing something at our car as I was pulling it into the garage.

The garage door closed, and I never even knew the guy was there. Neither me nor my wife had any contact with him. But he threw papers on our driveway and claims that is service.

If they want their goon server to sign an affidavit that he served me, I would be happy to present evidence to the court that proves he's a perjurer. I would be perfectly happy for someone to wind up in prison over this--assuming the guy is willing to lie under oath. Cameras are everywhere these days, and this thug might want to be careful about lying in regards to what happened on our property.

Their lawsuit itself is not serious, and I know that. They are trying to force me into some sort of meeting with them, but they want to do it with the hammer of a bogus lawsuit over my head.

I'm not going to fall for that con game. I will be happy to discuss legitimate issues with anyone, including a drunk like Bill Baxley, but I'm not going to be conned and threatened.

Baxley, or anyone else, can contact me and arrange a real, above-board meeting. But I've had lawyers treat me like I'm stupid for 12 years, and I'm more than a little tired of it. I know what Baxley is doing, and I know why he's doing it.

If he doesn't have enough integrity to discuss issues in an above-board way, he can take his bogus lawsuit and jam it up his ass.

Anonymous said...


You have some great ideas. This situation calls for a thorough investigation. People go before Bill Pryor and his court, under oath, all the time. What if Bill Pryor lied under oath?

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall that Bill Clinton was stripped of his law license for lying under oath. He remained president, if memory serves, because a law license is not a requirement to be president.

Is a law license required to be a federal judge? One would certainly think so. What if Pryor is stripped of his bar card?

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of checking into Pryor's tax records on this--and other matters, like the money he makes from selling junk at Fixed Point Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the anti-gay voices in the GOP when one of their own is outed? Why aren't they demanding an investigation of Bill Pryor?

Anonymous said...

As usual your hard and honest journalism matters. Nice to see it reached national recognition again. I hope now that there is the ability to donate to Legal Schnauzer you are reaping some monetary rewards. Lord knows your service deserves our support. MSM charges for digital access and they don't investigate or deliver the truth. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Investigation! Wanted by GOP!
Of Bill Pryor, to fearful the exposures what other sanctions by GOP would be made public; especially involving Seigelman's persecution originating with Pryor transferring to USA Leaura Canary to Federal Judge Fuller.

GOP would rather sacrifice Pryor than continue further potential connections to Washington......
Which would be sure to come about.

What GOP concerned for, is what else out there they about, but not knowing what it is to anticipate
that's still to come.

I truly hope that Seigelman has this opportunity to legally and lawfully return favor done unto him by those who sought to destroy his life.

Seigelman has never been democrat v. republican actually, factually about rights being wronged.

Maybe Alan Colmes will be the national banner carrier in support of this story being spread, kept on front burner nationally.

Anonymous said...

No GOP leadership member is going to rush to Pryor's side. Common sense dictates they know should their name surface tied to Pryor will have come on MURPH's turf.

You can almost hear the telephone calls ringing ringing and ringing and no answers; if one should answer having been instructed to tell Pryor that I'm not here.

Possible, but unrealistic to even think that; Karl Rove will be national front man for the
Bastion of Alabama Republican Leaders Found Out To Have Ties With Gay Organizations, Magazines, and Porn.

Holmes may just have the inside national exclusive, a story with sprinter's distance. Hannity sucking hind tit on this story....
Were taught "Remember the Alamo".
"Remember Pearl Harbor".
Please now, let us remember the Seigelman family.

Anonymous said...

Colmes and Shep Smith are the only reasons I keep half an eye on FOX News Channel. Colmes has one of the best shows (conservative, liberal, or otherwise) on talk radio. Glad to see his site has picked it up - in fact, I was only remotely aware of his site until you posted the link, Roger, and I owe you! It's got a lot of interesting content and links, and is now on my must-see bookmarks.

Betcha the good 11th circuit court justice will claim no Pryor... er, prior knowledge of the pic having been posted to a gay porn site. Just a youthful indiscretion that got out of hand -- like the naked photo of rightie blogger Eugene Volokh (that continues to be a punchline among his fellow righties). Yeah, that should settle things down (or not).

Anonymous said...

MURPH! Thought Provoker.

Which Alabama Attorney General said this;
"But in my years as Attorney General, he said, we've prosecuted far more lawyers....way more politicians, and way more bankers......maybe even more preachers".

Let me know one way or other for correct answer.

legalschnauzer said...

Hmmm . . . I'll guess Bill Pryor.

Anonymous said...

I am on my first cocktail, but did I read correctly that Bill Pryor is selling his junk at church functions? Not bad if you can get it as a federal judge.

legalschnauzer said...

You just gave me a major belly laugh, @7:13, and it's much appreciated. Please write again when you are on your third cocktail. That one should really be priceless. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

No prob, Rog. You are the man. I have given much thought to your countenance on Tuesday morning...

You awoke with a purpose, not unlike the 19 Arab fundamentalists.

Yours was a different, more American, route, however; yet ultra-modern and civilized. Nevertheless, you intended to inflict a blow that would be heard and felt by many, if not all.

I have wondered, and would love to know, what thoughts raced through your mind.

Did the thought ever come to pass...

That you were going to actually wake up and post full frontal nudes of a sitting federal judge?

Man, that's courage. I don't care what star system you come from.

How you fight is how you will be remembered, I believe.

Murph must have been one hell of a mutt!

God bless his heart.

See you on the other side cuz I know it's better than Alabama!!!

Anonymous said...

@7:13 By "junk" are you referring to furniture, appliances, knick-knacks, used clothing, and such -- or the "junk" he put on display at Given the scandalous behavior behind closed doors at far too many a church (certainly not limited to the Roman Catholic Church), a clarification might be in order...

Anonymous said...

MURPH, Sorry wrong answer.

It was Bill Baxley, yep, quote right out of archives.

Anonymous said...

Good questions, @7:22. The key moments for me came the previous Tuesday. That's when I knew I had the photos, confirmation of who was in them, and the information I needed to write the stories. At that point, it was only a matter of composing the story and checking with Pryor's office to give him a chance to comment or grant an interview.

I didn't think much about possible impact ahead of time. My main concern was presenting the information I had gathered in a clear and compelling fashion. The photo probably is what many readers remember most, but my main concern was getting the story right. The photo pretty much speaks for itself, but I had to give birth to the story, putting everything in context.

I guess that comes from years of practice in the journalism profession, but you sort of learn to lock yourself into the moment. Thinking about possible impact and repercussions tends to come later.

legalschnauzer said...

You stumped me, @7:48. Good question. I wonder how many readers got it right. You might be able to produce a home version of "Jeopardy! Alabama Corruption!" You would never run out of material.

Robby Scott Hill said...

The Alabama State Bar has advertised for a new Director of Admissions. Most likely because the stories being written about Pryor, Strange & others have the potential to "open the flood gates" for all bar applicants who were denied admission over "mickey mouse" conduct amounting to anything less. The behaviors reported in this blog are affecting the ability of Chief Justice Moore and Keith Norman to govern the Judicial Branch of Government. If certain attorneys are allowed to remain in practice and on the bench, admission and discipline standards will be challenged. The staff at the State Bar will be spending lots of time responding to these challenges. Perhaps the old guard needs to retire and allow a new generation of folks who have adequate energy to address the sea of change that is coming to get to work before the State Bar becomes increasingly irrelevant. We have seen no meaningful change at State Bar Headquarters. Moore's legacy as Chief Justice will be forever questioned if he does nothing to rein in those who removed him from the bench during his previous term in office. He will be seen as the Chief Justice who was content to go along to get along as he padded his retirement account and will not have the credibility to run for Governor or other offices when he is forced to retire from the Court by operation of law at age 70.

Anonymous said... will only cover this if it is covered by a national source. Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Involving enforcement and judicial corruptions; said described officials, after becoming cognizant/participants, do they themselves become complicit [partnership in wrongdoing] with the corruptors? Will someone explain, please.

Where can be located in the U.S.C. Titles and/or Alabama Titles
addressing these types specific
malfeasances? Will someone explain, please?

Anonymous said...

During his speech, which Alabama Attorney General went on the record when speaking to his audience saying; paraphrasing, that there exist corruption within the Attorney General's office?
MURPH! Who do you think?

Food for thought: It was in Washington, before the National Chamber of Commerce meeting.

legalschnauzer said...

I'm guessing that goes back a ways. I'll guess Siegelman, but I bet it goes back farther than that. Maybe Jimmy Evans?

Anonymous said...

MURPH! Sorry, wrong answer.

It was BILL PRYOR; actual quote forthcoming over the weekend, awe struck when read in actual quote!

Would that qualify as complicit?

Would by such occurring on the record not be expected of disclosures before senate judiciary, rather than choosing to not disclose before hearing's approval?

At what level the bar set before any officers of the court[s] are
determined engaged in complicity?

legalschnauzer said...

I'm 0 for 2 on these quizzes. My batting average sucks pretty bad at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt courts, how embarrassing for the so called justice to get caught with not only the blindfold removed, but indeed the eyes were poked out so the seeing corruption couldn't be other than really blind.

Justice in the scales don't tip to the pedophile cult so well.

The Pedophile cult got caught and it is, the Federal Reserve System 'Fed' that pays their bent poor protoplasms whatever to blubber before their own families and the world.

Yes you bet the attorneys who have been discriminated against are to be watching how to get dignity restored.

American has collapsed.

The Lawyer Bubble was the big one.

Americans were lured into becoming attorneys for the racket, the Fed, the global mafia pedophile cult.

How shameful of US to not be as well educated as the MURPH Dawg.

Robby Scott Hill said...

2020 - The Legal Schnauzer headed the first major successful challenge to Alabama's censorship organization, the Alabama State Bar, whose members engaged in frivolous Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation in the political process (aka SLAPPs) and forced the Bar to reform its policies.

Anonymous said...

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Ah yes, the Bank of America chums the legal community.

Anonymous said...

9:17, you left out the AFCC, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.....since you are speaking of Bank of America. I have always wondered why no one ever mentions the AFCC on the site. Its just the most corrupt organization ever started by lawyers and judges. Nothing but judicial slush fund for corruption to flourish. Marv Bryer watched his daughter and grand son be put through he in CA and blew the lid on this org! Now thats a story! That man should win a Pulitzer!

Marv's daughter was vicitimized by CA judicial system in such a horrible way! Some crooks went to prison because of Marv's tenacity!