Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Roy Moore Should Be Known As "Hypocrisy Judge" In The Wake of Ruling On VictoryLand Forfeiture

Judge Roy Moore
Perhaps no public figure in modern American history has used Christianity to attain power quite like Judge Roy Moore of Alabama.

Therefore, you might expect that Moore is well versed in the teachings of the New Testament and lives his life accordingly. But based on a recent Alabama Supreme Court order in a forfeiture proceeding involving the VictoryLand casino, you would be wrong.

As chief justice, Moore signed an order that forced Macon County Circuit Judge Thomas Young off the VictoryLand matter. We've already shown the order conflicts with long-standing Alabama precedent--and it even includes a bold-faced lie, which makes you wonder how serious Roy Moore really is about the Ten Commandments and their warning against "bearing false witness."

But that's not all. We now have evidence that suggests Roy Moore should forfeit his nickname, "The Ten Commandments Judge." A more fitting title, it appears, would be "The Hypocrisy Judge."

As one who professes to be a devout Christian, Moore should be familiar with one of Jesus' best- known teachings. It comes from Matthew 7:3--"Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"

The meaning is clear: Christians are not to judge others, especially without stopping to scrutinize their own behavior first. Does Roy Moore follow that directive? Not even close.

In its VictoryLand order, the Alabama Supreme Court repeatedly chastises Judge Young for failing to show proper deference to a higher judicial body--and Roy Moore signs his name to the order, front and center as chief justice. This is the same Roy Moore whose previous reign as chief justice ended when he refused to obey a federal-court order that he remove his Ten Commandments monument from the Alabama Judicial Building.

As recently as August 21, 2013, on the 10th anniversary of the monument controversy, Moore still was defiant, claiming that he was right on the matter and federal courts were wrong. In other words, Roy Moore made disrespectful statements about the federal judiciary just as the VictoryLand order was about to be issued. (It's dated August 23.)

What do Moore and his colleague say about Judge Thomas Young, of Macon County? (See the full order at the end of this post.) Here is part of it:

Judge Young has consistently criticized this Court's decisions regarding the litigation involving VictoryLand. He has indicated that he was "shocked and alarmed" at our decision in Tyson v. Jones, that our decision in Cornerstone was "not clear" and "did not assist him," and that the application for a search warrant this Court directed him to sign was insufficient and "improper." Most telling, Judge Young violated this Court's previous directives by failing to act immediately upon the receipt of our February 15, 2013, sealed order "to issue the warrant" and, contrary to our directive that the proceeding and order remain under seal until further order of this Court, wrote a note on the face of the warrant that would disclose the fact and nature of the proceedings in this Court to VictoryLand and presumably others prior to the "further order of this Court."

Were Roy Moore's colleagues on the Alabama Supreme Court, knowing Moore's continuing history of defying and criticizing a federal court, able to sign the VictoryLand order with straight faces? Did Moore himself sign the order without noticing the slightest trace of irony?

As "The Hypocrisy Judge," Roy Moore seems to think he can do just about anything--and no one will notice that he's a phony.

VictoryLand Judge Young Recusal by Roger Shuler


Anonymous said...

The worship no other gods tribe.

Yes even dress up to prove how holy the worshipers of gods legal tribe are about saving the money of the souls owned by USA corp.

VictoryLand, HollyWood, AND the best of all parlors


Hypocrisy knows no bounds in the Roaches In Robes Tribal Legal.

Anonymous said...

Was the SC order sealed to prevent public scrutiny? Is Judge Young not following the script?

Anonymous said...

Not only is Moore a hypocrite he has ruled against Victoryland on his personal beliefs not by the rule of law. All of the Supreme Court in my opinion are a disgrace to Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Roy Moore joins in a ruling that blasts a judge for criticizing a higher court's order? What a joke!

Anonymous said...

I bet ole Roy doesn't see the irony in this at all. I bet he doesn't see the hypocrisy, not one bit. Even if he were to read your article, I'm betting he would have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

We had a choice of Roy Moore, Robert Vance, or Harry Lyons? Isn't that sad? I'm starting to think Harry Lyons might have been the best choice--and I'm not entirely joking about that.

Anonymous said...

I think @6:44 is right on target. If you read the full order--and I have--Roy and his buddies seem to have a particularly firm hard-on about Judge Young's note that was attached to the warrant he was forced to approve. It does seem "Roy and the Supremes" are pissed that Judge Young provided the public with some insight into what was happening, and he wasn't following the script.

Anonymous said...

Why does Alabama keep electing ding-a-lings like this? Will we ever learn?

Anonymous said...

Love your reference to Jesus' teaching about "removing the log from your own eye." It's funny how often professing Christians tend to ignore this.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like Roy Moore is "phoning it in" during this second stint on the Supreme Court. He's just feeding his ego, with no interest in cleaning up the courts or serving the citizens of Alabama. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Roy Moore's an idiot and a hypocrite, but it doesn't follow that he's wrong in this instance about the deference that lower courts owe to higher courts. I know you've devoted a couple of other posts to the VictoryLand decision, but this one doesn't really add much of anything to those other than mocking Roy Moore. I think we can all agree that in the American judicial system, lower courts owe deference to higher courts. Should the justices of the Alabama Supreme Court refuse to support deference to higher courts just because it's ironic that Roy Moore is advocating that position?

legalschnauzer said...

I don't know where you are getting the notion that anyone here claims lower courts aren't supposed to defer to higher courts. And in this case, Judge Young executed the higher court order, even though he disagreed with it. I don't have a problem with Judge Young's note, especially since he is correct that the Supreme Court departed from precedent in its ruling. But he did not defy a higher court, as Roy Moore once did.

My concern is that the Alabama Supreme Court is playing favorites, ignoring precedent, and making claims about its orders that aren't there.

Alabamians have two options, as I see it: (1) Vote the boobs off the bench; (2) Provide any information they can to authorities that might spark a federal investigation.

Anonymous said...

Does Roy Moore want to be a preacher or a judge? If he wants to be a preacher, why does he keep running for judge?

Anonymous said...

Roy Moore is just counting his press clippings. He's starting to believe his own "legend."

Anonymous said...

Roy, get that log out of your own eye, Bud. Your vision will instantly improve.

Anonymous said...

Im emberrassed to admit this but i voted for Moore. Seemed the lesser of the evils at the time now i have to admit i was wrong and i dont enjoy that. Since he took the bench back, the court corruption has further done a toilet dive. Roy get off your ass! Quit being a lame duck and walk the walk you talk!

legalschnauzer said...

Don't feel bad, @11:25. I voted for Roy Moore, too. I preferred him over Vance. I still prefer him over Vance. I would prefer Idi Amin over Vance. (Isn't Amin dead?) Actually, I would prefer at the moment to do away with Alabama appellate courts. They serve no useful purpose, other than to cost us money in exchange for bogus, unlawful rulings.

Anonymous said...

God, I missed that story where Moore still was defiant back in August, on the 10th anniversary of the monument controversy. He still doesn't get it. I doubt he ever will.

Anonymous said...

I think Bill Pryor is an abomination on the federal bench, but I have to agree with his actions on the Roy Moore issue. This isn't hard stuff: You can't establish a particular religion on public property, in a public position. We have churches on every corner, and folks are free to go wherever. But Roy Moore is a big enough boy to understand there is a line between religion and the public square in our democracy. It's worked for a long time, and it will work for decades to come if we let it.

Anonymous said...

I actually think Roy Moore is a pretty honorable guy. I'm not a big fan of gambling or VictoryLand, but I do suspect the Supreme Court ruled based on political considerations, not the law, in this instance. I think Judge Moore just went along, to get along. He should show more strength than that, but I don't know what all he's dealing with behind the scenes. I still think he's better than Vance.

Anonymous said...

Moore stated in his autobiography that when he was a Company Commander in Vietnam he slept in a sand bunker because he had earned several enemies under him in rank. He feared that they may act upon their threats and place a grenade or bomb under his cot while he slept.

In the late 70's while in the DA's office in Etowah Cnty he was investigated by the state bar for "suspect conduct". He left that position to run as a democrat for circuit court judge seat. Overwhelmingly lost in the primary. So Moore moves to Texas where he spent a year professionally fighting as a kickboxer! He then moved to Australia and worked as a cowboy on a ranch in the Outback. Came back and tried to get his position back in Etowah DA's office...lost again. He switches parties and in 1992 Gov. Hunt made a temporary appointment for Moore to replace a judge who died. Moore hung the wooden plaque (which he had carved) in his courtroom. 1996 a lawsuit ordered him to discontinue jury prayer and to remove his plaque. He vowed to DEFY THE COURT RULING. The SC issued a stay; for reasons unknown the Supreme Court never ruled in the case; it was thrown out. Enter Karl Rove and a SC win. Ten Commandment debacle replayed but this time it wasn't his wooden plaque it was a huge tax payer paid for monument. Once again court asked it to be removed. He annonced his intention to DISOBEY THE COURT ORDER. 2004 the eight other members of the SC unanimously overruled Moore and orderd the removal of the monument and a few months later issued a unanimous opinion to immediately remove Moore from his post. 2006 Moore runs against Riley -- lost the primary (again) by a large margin.


legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for an important history lesson, @11:57.

Anonymous said...

The people who think they know these politicians, like preacher Moore,
DO NOT & THEY just keep voting & putting them right back in office!
We need a whole new crew, get the old "moggies" OUT NOW!

Anonymous said...

People should write in the people that are actually worth voting for.

Perhaps that is the solution to the problem with people voting.

Enough people haven't gotten the imagination Commandment into a focus etch in the stone heads?

Vote by writing in the person to be truly elected. Can't get worse than it is - er, well maybe the people need to first not believe in the Biblical Old Testament because the Jewry Politics rule.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is where the true rot tap root can continue to be growing the very bad apples that when fallen from the tree grow more teeth set on edge and this is Biblical too.

Old Testament Biblical South works very well for the money changers of fraud because the first intelligent choice in any place in earth is how does the money work.

Southerners appear sucking on a nanny's tit for the most is the vote and a very psychotic chosen as the perfect one, proving the syndrome of self loathing hate, or the money wouldn't get a pass as debt fraud.

VOTE MONEY TRANSPARENCY and watch the Rove army scuttle into the dirty holes where the sun never shines again with any luck at all.

Anonymous said...

Roy's into the Old Testament. He just ignores all that stuff that Jesus said in the New Testament.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Jesus isn't accepted by Jewry Politics and the Old Testament with hell fire ghettos and whatever torture can be done is definitely in the many books of the OT, death and destruction, and never ending terror, horror.

America is a well controlled nation of religious superstitious that for the majority in the past number of too many presidents have allowed the so called government be the Prophet Israel.

Anonymous said...

I'm at a lost continuing to try to
understand, when the opportunity exist thru this blog offering the public access for speaking up/out for something, having ascended the ultimate value; after having themselves been made aware and is mute, oblivious to another's hue and cry.

We, as individuals, don't really want to know about the real serious problems, then we are involved, maybe required to do something lawful and legally public.

We sit along the sidelines, looking, pointing, and talking waiting...... for something/anything to bring about an ending resolution.

Those having sought your help/assistance having lost, you take comfort in saying, "well, you know I told them this was going to happen."

But if those few having dedicated themselves to go it alone, enduring what they must and wins; those along the sidelines leaving these to carrying the moral burdens don't hesitate to run then, the next day, later on telling of how they were involve with the winning efforts seeking justice.

"God will not give ammunition to soldiers who are not willing to go into battle." Author the Poet Anon.

Anonymous said...

Things seem to have taken a slightly antisemitic turn here in the comments.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, Judge Roy Moore is a classic sociopath. It is a sad, sad time for Alabama.

Unknown said...


Please do define how you use this word and most especially in fact absolutely with the most scholarly debate you've ever been addressed in to, let us talk about the language of words and what does this powerful tool symbolize in the automatic programming of "Americans"

I am more than ready to go here, in fact my blood is truly rushing into the place where I must climb a tree to deal with the Tiger in my veins that gets released when the necessity arises.

Please understand my cousin once removed was-is Karl Marx.

Do not entertain, I'm stupid enough to think that anyone who has not read German has read or understands Marx. Bring your multilingual tongue with you.

And come on.

Anonymous said...

Coyote, im not the commenter you are aiming at but we've previously discussed Marx here. Did you months back tell us that Marx was intentionally misinterpreted by the West? I may have misunderstood but that stuck with me and seeing as ive never been a fan of Marx, i must admit that i tried to think outside the box on what i thought you were saying. It certainly seems logical now. Whats so disturbing is that when you grow up to learn thst everything you were raised to think was true, is not and you begin to see the light in the distance revealing that all you were taught to be bad, wrong and culturally acceptable may also be not true.

When you experience the level of corruption most of us have (myself and obviously LS included) clarity is intoxicating. You want more and more. The more you learn no matter the severity, it simply no longer shocks you. Its definitly made me reevaluate my feelings on the death penalty and ive alway been in favor of it. Though i might tweek it to include mandatory death for pedofiles. Reasoning........ Our problem in this f'd up country would then be solved! All of them would be solved! That would get rid of judges, politicians and connected trash too! WIN WIN! Sorry if i got off on tangent, just want to hear more on Marx.

Anonymous said...

Wenn man sagt, daß es eine internationale jüdische Verschwörung gibt, ist man antisemitisch. Und das haben Sie hier gesagt.