Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Is the Real Reason For Apparent Legal Action From Jessica Medeiros Garrison And Bill Baxley?

Bill Baxley
According to a report at Alabama Political Reporter (APR), Republican operative Jessica Medeiros Garrison has filed a lawsuit against me, claiming that my reports on her extramarital affair with Attorney General Luther Strange are false and defamatory. APR reports that Birmingham attorney Bill Baxley filed a complaint on Garrison's behalf, and I have reported here on two threatening letters I've received from Baxley.

I haven't seen the alleged complaint, and I haven't been served with a copy, so I don't know if APR has its facts straight or not. But I do know this: If Jessica Garrison has filed a lawsuit against me, with Bill Baxley's assistance, it probably has nothing to do with my reporting on the Luther Strange affair.

What's the real reason that Jessica Garrison is threatening and/or taking legal action against me? Here are three distinct possibilities:

(1) I have been investigating the curious circumstances under which she purchased a foreclosed property in Mountain Brook, which had been appraised at almost $440,000, and she wants to stop that;

(2) I have reported on, and I continue to investigate, her business relationship with a man named Erik Davis Harp, who was indicted in 2009 as a kingpin in an illegal sports-betting operation that had servers in Panama and generated $20 million a month. Leaders of the gambling ring reportedly had ties to the Gambino and Genovese crime families, and Garrison wants to stop my reporting on that;

(3) I have been investigating massive corruption in central Alabama courts, and my reporting at the moment focuses on a prominent judicial figure in Jefferson County. This married judicial figure reportedly has what might be called an "unconventional relationship" with an executive at an "old money" Birmingham investment firm, one that has operated in these parts for more than a century. I interviewed the investment executive on August 15 about his relationship with the judicial figure. Two days later, I received a threatening letter from Bill Baxley.

What does all of this mean? Well, let's focus first on what we know: We've already shown that I contacted Garrison via e-mail on July 12, requesting an interview about her relationship with Luther Strange. I gave Garrison five days to respond, and when she didn't, I proceeded to write my first post on the matter, dated July 17. From that date until August 13, I wrote six posts about the Luther Strange affair--and I never heard a word from Jessica Garrison.

Jessica Medeiros Garrison
What does that tell you about Ms. Garrison and her lawyer, Bill Baxley? It tells me that they know my reporting on the Luther Strange affair is true, and they didn't want to kick a hornet's nest by threatening a bogus lawsuit against me.

That strategy apparently changed on August 14, when I sent a second e-mail to Jessica Garrison, raising the issues noted in Nos. 1 and 2 above. Two days later, I heard from Ms. Garrison for the first time, via a threatening letter from Bill Baxley.

So, what do we have here? I wrote six posts about the Luther Strange affair, over a roughly one-month period of time, and never heard a peep from Jessica Garrison. I asked a few questions about her house transaction and her business ties to Erik Davis Harp and . . . presto, Bill Baxley is sending nasty missives to me, on Ms. Garrison's behalf.

What about item No. 3? Well, that is the most interesting possibility of all, the one to which I am paying the most attention. And get this: It doesn't involve Jessica Medeiros Garrison at all.

It does, however, involve Bill Baxley. Someone at the old-money investment firm noted earlier is very close to Mr. Baxley. And I have electronic documents suggesting that someone (or several someones) at the firm was extremely distressed about my interview with the executive. My electronic records show these individuals conducted extensive research on my major posts at the time, especially on reports about the Jessica Garrison/Luther Strange affair.

This all suggests that Bill Baxley is using Jessica Garrison as a "straw man" in an effort to stop my reporting on a corrupt Jefferson County judicial figure and an executive at a local investment firm. This further suggests that any lawsuit filed on Jessica Garrison's behalf probably has nothing to do with Ms. Garrison.

I will be sharing my electronic documents shortly. They suggest that Bill Baxley is conducting an elaborate legal hoax, apparently with Jessica Garrison's support and permission. It's the kind of scam that probably should get both of them disbarred.

We also soon will be learning much more about the investment executive and his close relationship with a major judicial figure in Jefferson County.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

Bill Baxley is an empty J.D. bottle in the pocket of a dirty old suit. He is a used condom...totally worthless. Pretty easy to see they are playing the f*ck-f*ck game all old fart hack lawyers play when they know the court administrators. This is all a ruse aimed to intimidate you. It's pretty feeble though, because by now it is apparent your resolve is as true as your journalistic integrity and commitment to the truth. Keep digging, Murph. The bone, and its precious marrow, is within reach. I am certain you smell it. As for the guy at alreporter, why is he coddling Luther, Baxley, Garrison and their ilk? I thought they were supposed to be exposing corruption in Alabama politics? Luther appears dirtier than a public toilet seat. Bob Martin of the Montgomery news has predicted his resignation. LS, you have done a great job of exposing the relationships between pryor, garrison, strange and baxley. The news folk want to selectively report the news. Unfortunately, in the new world media of legalschnauze, there is no such animal. Sic em' Murph!

Anonymous said...

A LS post said Fox News reports we're fed up and can take back our government, that is the law of our law - we people are government and can make certain this is real.

Yes it's true, We People ARE the law of our government which is simple truth in reality.

Problem was and is, the Federal Reserve System [Fed] fed us digital dust and did to the rest of humanity too, globally.

Fox News hasn't reported this yet, but Legal Schnauzer has been on top of this truth from the start, too, the 'wealth' of the 'South' so called leaders - where did these criminals get the 'money' to commit so may crimes?

The Fed is our problem. The Fed is run by Tim Geithner who was at Kissinger Associates and then we get Kissinger the war criminal here in the USA BUT he can't go anywhere else and not be arrested.

Here we have no arrests except the innocent: Don Siegelman.

The Fed is our government in that IT stole the digital electronic units or electronic digital units [EDUs] and we now know because the REST OF GLOBAL EARTH SAID NO.


It is time 'Government USA' which are the ISRAELI FIRSTERS running US into the dirt for the State of Israel which is owned by the richest 'earthlings' and so these vile evil pay the Pryors and Roves and yes the Bush - Obamas too -- TO RUN USA GOLDEN ARMY NATO ...

Time government We The People recognize how many years we've been nothing but farm animals for the Strange affairs joined by Head Aide Angels that ALSO pretend to be about the law of due process.


How else to pay the criminals when all there really was, were the poor farmers that came to live in America to not pay the "European Kings and Queens" their supposed ownership of 'land' and of course the pounds of flesh in the numbers incarcerated at the Corrections Corporations of America [CCA] whose major shareholder is DICK CHENEY. Now how is that for insider traitor!

LS IS 100% SPOT ON and this is what has Fox News reporting about 'gov' that owns Fox News too.

Government is We The People. We have the sovereign right to 'coin' our own 'money'. The Fed stole this and the State of Israel got set-up as though a HOLY place for all to worship and to die for, but of course, Holy and all.

We are waking up. LS has been the Clarion Call and the JOURNALIST deserves what all great spirits that awaken humanity globally get for keeping the people awake and well informed - Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Peace Prize as well.

HEAD AIDE does not want the people to know the housing bubble was popped so the retirement portfolios of the JUDICIAL were kept fraudulently afloat in the FRAUD OF EDUs.

What would happen should all the fake lawyers learn the real law and practice getting government into the place of natural?

Fake lawyers are those that do not understand MONEY is the contract which hinges all pins into the BIG SHIP LOLLYPOP.

How many lawyers have been in the courts and not known the money fraud IS the crux of our collapse?

Too many.

HEAD AIDE gets a home and that's the real story - home foreclosures were a racket back in the beginning of so called 'bank foreclosures'. BANKS HAVE NO MONEY. How to foreclose on a contract that is money committed at the root of due process?

In a word, DUH.

Lawyers in the USA should be suing the schools for not teaching the basic law of a sovereign nation.

Can't be sovereign absent the money sovereignty.

LS has always posted these seeming RANTS, until the law gets honored, we only know the criminals' colors over every good law we should be using to throw the Roves and all his minions with him into CCA.

ttowntruthseeker said...

There you go again. If we were to judge by your blog all of these public servants would be considered low life scumbags. Would the people of Alabama stand for this? Is everybody in Alabama a sub-cretinous product of incestuous inbreeding? Surely not!

Anonymous said...

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.. Del Ponte also observed that UN inspectors had seen no evidence of the Syrian army using chemical weapons, but added that further investigation was necessary ....

(Sharmine Narwani and Radwan Mortada, Questions Plague UN Syria Report. Who was behind the East Ghouta Chemical Weapons Attack?)

.. All of the above leads us to believe that this attack was one of the most horrific crimes committed in modern history, a diabolical staged operation which consisted in killing small children, producing fake video footage and photo ops of the corpses, all of which was intended to fabricate a pretext for military intervention under a humanitarian mandate ....

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Houses of Rothschild and Rockefeller think they own planet earth, er that is the families that have been operating as global mass murderers inc., for centuries and doing this via selling earth people MONEY that is FRAUD, and this is where we stand today.


Surely the GOP hasn't been 100% corrupted into a cesspool of never ending pedophile broken on purpose?

What about Elizabeth Warren? Any real HOPE she can beat the Fed in the first step of 'student loans' at the same pretend percent that the 'banks' get to borrow?

We can't go on like this.

Fooling US and 9-1-1 the nail in a coffin that was going to funeral anyway. The best is what we see in Alabama as the greatest show in America, the best they could at fooling all the human beings all the time. Rove and his ilk in control and WOW, worshiped as though honorable the total annihilation of family values.

Setting up whatever staged scene necessary - Strange as it may seem the players are always the picked ones even before the womb carries the offspring of the criminals that own the technology and that is really all.

We're literally controlled by a machine that pays humans to be machines to other humans.

Brain dead? Mentally ill? Bio-Engineered into nearly perfect late staged 'state' robots.

We've got to become grown up enough to demand sovereignty for all the people living in a finite place, no not just Alabama, but the whole darn round reality being disposed of as though a commodity that miraculously births commodities to provide to the most insane to sell as though 'disposable commodities' [Henry Kissinger says we're nothing but, disposable commodities and / or useless eaters].

Anonymous said...

Lets see now...Bill Pryor is a judicial figure...could be him or maybe a federal district judge or someone in the Jefferson County Courthouse..plenty of corruption to go around there. Who could be the corrupt insurance executive? Could be Paul Bryant Jr…. He's certainly corrupt ....but he lives in Tuscaloosa. I wonder if he has ever posed for porn. Maybe its someone at BC/BS....they are all corrupt. LS will probably tell us tomorrow.

PS ...Bill Baxley is a judicial figure of sorts. But I sure hope there or no nude photos of him floating around the internet!

Anonymous said...

Just a correction, @10:38. It's an investment executive, not an insurance executive.

I can't make a guess at the exec's name, but I bet I know the name of the firm.

Anonymous said...

So a prominent JeffCo judicial figure is about to be outed for his relationship with a fellow at an "old money" investment firm? This could get delicious.

Anonymous said...

Of all these possibilities, the one about the gambling guy, Erik Davis Harp, is most interesting to me. That whole offshore betting scam stinks to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

I sense a bit of sarcasm in your comment, Ttown.

Anonymous said...

LS, you clearly are barking up the wrong tree on Ms. Jessica's house in Crestline. Single moms who do no apparent work are able to buy $440,000 houses in Mountain Brook all the time. Very common.

Anonymous said...

Has Baxley added Bob Martin of the Montgomery Independent to his lawsuit? Martin reported on the affair also.

Anonymous said...

I have the impression that Jessica is an overgrown spoiled brat. She gets anything she wants--SGA president, job at Phelps law firm, "job" with RAGA, appointment to big Luther's staff, "job" at Balch Bingham. Your reporting has thrown a wrench into her salad, and she's stomping her feet about it. Grow up, child!

Anonymous said...

I, too, have been hearing about Luther's impending resignation. Can't happen fast enough for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing that Mrs. Luther Strange has hired a prominent Bham divorce lawyer and is fixing to take Big Luther for a ride. In fact, my sources say that Luther is soiling himself over that prospect, and his fears about it drove the fraudulent lawsuit against LS.

Anonymous said...

You seriously expect people to believe that you haven't even taken a peek on the lawsuit that you know has been filed against you? And don't hide behind the silly argument that you don't "know" that you have been sued because you claim not to have been served. A copy of the filed complaint was included with the Alabama Political Reporter article that YOU link to. Because of your own words on this blog you are on notice that suit has been filed. You are also on notice that the court records reflect that you were served on the Sept 18. Pretending those records don't exist will not help your case.

Anonymous said...

Big Luther Strange may have more on his plate to be concerned for other than matters involving a "runaround Sue".

There may be matters having reached Bentley's offices that Strange should have responded to beforehand, but rather snobbishly long before now chose to ignore; may now also have caused Bentley's offices to be

@ 7:27 AM. "...relationships between pryor, garrison, strange, and baxley". Please, take note.

The more MURPH tugs at pulling these bones from out of the dark shadows will come to include Sessions, King, Riley, Shelby, Canary, Franklin, Breuer, and two sleepers; both pivotal in the causing of bringing about the others' yet to be revealed full disclosures.

legalschnauzer said...

You are quite the smart aleck, 1:01. And you expect people to believe you don't have a dog in the fight when you continue to send anonymous comments like this? Is it against bar ethics rules to send anonymous harassing statements to someone you've targeted in a bogus lawsuit--or someone you know has been unlawfully targeted by another lawyer?

You don't deserve a response, but I will give you one:

(1) I haven't peeked, looked, glanced or done anything else to said "lawsuit." Why? I know it's a fraud on the court, on me, and on the public. I know why it really was filed. I've filed suits and been sued, so that whole game doesn't get me riled up like it once did. Just because I linked to the Alabama Political Reporter article doesn't mean I read it closely, and I certainly didn't click on any links. I like a lot of what Bill Britt has done with his site, but his reporting--based on the word of a con man like Bill Baxley--is poor, in this instance.

(2) If you went to law school, did you remotely pay attention? How did you graduate? An article on a Web site does not put someone "on notice" about a lawsuit. A comment from someone who doesn't even give his name doesn't put me on notice that a fraudulent service certificate has been filed. And being "on notice" is not an issue anyway. A defendant has to be lawfully served. Without that the court has no jurisdiction over the parties. Completing service is the plaintiff's duty, and she hasn't done it--not even close. You seem to be acknowledging that

Bottom line? I've seen a number of groundless lawsuits filed over the past 12 years or so. I find them boring, even if they involve me. I know a con job when I see one, and I don't need to read an alleged complaint to know that Bill Baxley and Jessica Garrison are a pair of con artists, with Luther Strange's able assistance, morel than likely.

As for what might or might not help my case, you probably are the last person I would consult on that. And until I'm served according to law, there is no case.

BTW, my personal e-mail is rshuler3156@gmail. com. It's been on the front page of the blog since day one. My regular phone number is listed in the book. My personal cell number is readily available for those who ask.

I know, of course, that you are too big a coward to contact me. But I'm easy to reach for honest people who actually care about justice. You, I suspect, don't fit that description.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:43,

Takes one to know one.

Ya heard?

Anonymous said...

I bet Jessica is happy now. She gets Big Luther all to herself and Bill Pryor...her mentwhore...will remain a "guiding influence" and able "confidante." I wonder if Mrs. Strange in the divorce will go for half of Jessica's house in Mountain Brook?

legalschnauzer said...

In defense of @9:43, I'm pretty sure his comment is one of irony. Don't think it's meant to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Baxley, Garrison, and Luther all lose their bar cards when everything is said and done.

legalschnauzer said...

I'm not an expert on divorce law, @2:02, but if Mrs. Strange finds out in discovery that Big Luther helped provide financing for Jessica's house . . . who knows, Mrs. Strange might be entitled to half of it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:01, you have got to be a complete dumbass! You say things like "you are on notice" yet you comment anonymously? Are you a moron?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Baxley goes both ways?

Anonymous said...

Im going to guess 1:01 and 1:56 are one and the same. Bet their URLs match. Whats so funny is that they are making Jessica look very bad, even silly! There is no way a heterosexual male would write this babble for weeks now. I smell estrogen.

Anonymous said...

Allsopp v. Bolding, 86 So.3d 952, 959-960 (Ala. 2011) (“[C]ourts have upheld service when a defendant attempts to evade service, and, therefore, “in-hand” delivery is not required. See Travelers Cas. & Sur. Co. v. Brenneke, 551 F.3d 1132 (9th Cir.2009) (upholding service where process server testified that, after five attempts to serve defendant, papers were left on the front step after the defendant spoke to process server through an intercom system but refused to answer and unlock the door); Errion v. Connell, 236 F.2d 447, 457 (9th Cir.1956) (holding that service was sufficient where sheriff pitched papers through a hole in defendant's screen door after she spoke with him and ducked behind a door to avoid service); and Slaieh v. Zeineh, 539 F.Supp.2d 864 (S.D.Miss.2008) (holding that service was sufficient where process server dropped papers in the front yard after defendant refused to accept them and attempted to walk away).”)

Anonymous said...

Im going to guess 1:01 and 1:56 are one and the same. Bet their URLs match. Whats so funny is that they are making Jessica look very bad, even silly! There is no way a heterosexual male would write this babble for weeks now. I smell estrogen.

legalschnauzer said...

The more comments you make, @1:01, the more ignorant you look.

I'm only aware of one visit to my house by a process server. My wife thinks there might have been one other. That's two at most, and the servers never spoke to anyone either time.

Read your own cases and learn a few facts. This isn't even remotely a case of avoiding service.

I've got a toad in my backyard that is smarter than you. Sheesh!

Oh, but I forgot, you don't have a "dog in this fight." Hah! I'm starting to think you are Jessica herself. You sound like the sort of liar that she apparently is.

If you are Jessica, I find it intriguing that your ex husband's lawyer recently came right out and said that you lied under oath in your divorce case.

We will be reporting on that soon and forwarding all information to the Alabama State Bar.

Is that what they teach at UA law school--lie under oath, file lawsuits that are frauds on the court? No wonder you were attracted to Republican politics.

BTW, have you ever looked in the mirror and asked, "Jess, why do you constantly surround yourself with compromised men?"

Look at the quality of man you seem to attract--Luther Strange, Bill Pryor, Jeff Sessions, Bill Baxley. One con man after another.

Instead of blaming me for your problems, you really ought to look at your own inability to judge character.

And by the way, Jess, why is your divorce file sealed, you know the one where you divorced Lee Garrison?

Who asked for it to be sealed, and why? Lee Garrison told me he didn't even know it was sealed. He also told me that you knew Mr. Harp was involved in offshore gambling when you went into business with him.

Lee told me a number of other interesting things . . . all coming soon for LS readers.

What a tangled web we weave, Jess . . . what a tangled web.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, if you insist on boring the world with your self manufactured problems for which surely no one cares about or is concerned for you, why has there been no hearing date set if what you say is true? And believe me when i tell you that the courtroom will be full on Roger's side if the day comes. Can you say the same?

Anonymous said...

You are good at titillating your audience, LS. Maybe that's why are are top 50. I get a kick out of the way you can dance around certain upcoming subjects. Draws the readers in, I'm sure.

As for "unconventional relationship," that must mean someone is gay. And as for an "old money" investment company in Birmingham . . . that would almost have to be Sterne Agee. Hmmmm.

e.a.f. said...

The headline is great! Guess they don't like you.

So Mrs. Luther Strange is looking like she is ready to split the sheets with her "wayward" hubby. Think of this blog as a nice source for wives and ex wives who have not been treated in a kind manner. I'm sure they love this blog. Keep up the good work. May the "wronged wives" of Alabama live long happy lives with at least 50% of their husbands assets and income.

I'd certainly agree with your rationale as to why some don't like you the way some of us do. You truly are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Here again, when involving public officials, attorneys at law, their underlings at what point they are in violations of their required of OFFICIAL OATHS AND {honest services surety} BONDS?

Does not the Uniform Bonding Code's definitions and explanation pertaining to "Attorneys" and "Judges" violations of bonds likewise hold accountable those within state of Alabama?

Such as being in premeditated concert with others for the purpose of conspiring; or in designed cohoots with others for the purpose of malice towards others?

Even though a federal judge, Pryor still maintains an Alabama law license, right; if by being federal not required by state official oath/bonding; evidence of conspiring, cohooting, and premeditations would attach him to any illegal/unlawful scheme, right;

going all the way back to Siegelman forward! appearing before Senate Judiciary, and any ongoing current matters aligned with Strange and Baxley's ruses.

Remember covering up pricks and dicks is one thing, covering up felonies are all together by far a more serious problem!

Anonymous said...

I love it. JG, Baxley, and Luther have sought power, money, and prestige. Now, as public figures, can't handle the heat from the consequences of their choices.

These are the same people who go to church every week and proclaim to love Jesus, but will do anything for a dollar. These people don't care who they hurt, or the damage done, all for a buck. It makes me want to vomit.

Tuscaloosa is loaded with corrupt slime who would sell their own children as long as they are driving a Mercedes.

LS you have freedom to write, especially about public figures. The whole reason for the freedom of the press is to help keep people honest.

LS, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Is there any reason in particular to think that @1:01 is connected to JMG or BB, other than the fact that they are not agreeing with LS? They certainly could be, but I don't really understand why that is assumed to be the case...

LS is correct in that it is not enough for him to just have notice of a suit - he has to be served for the court to have jurisdiction over him. That being said, it is not altogether clear to me that he hasn't been served. From the descriptions he has posted on here, it seems as though service might have been refused. I am not an expert on the matter, and I do not believe that there is a ton of case law in the area, but if LS's wife would not open the door for an announced process server, and LS quickly ran the car into the garage and closed the door so as to avoid the server, that would at least provide arguable basis for deeming service "refused." If that is the case, and an affidavit is submitted to that effect, then under ARCP 4(e), service is complete upon sending the summons via the regular mail, and noting that fact on the record. So I suppose the next question is whether LS has received a copy of the summons via regular mail? And whether LS intends to not answer the complaint and possibly have a default judgment entered against him?

In any case, I am honestly a little confused as to why LS is not chomping at the bit to conduct discovery and bring the proof out into the open...

legalschnauzer said...

I will address a few of the issues you raise, @10:11. No one ever announced himself as a process server. No one ever spoke through the door, or otherwise. to me or my wife. I wasn't hurriedly pulling our car into the garage because I was just getting home and had no idea an alleged process server was anywhere nearby. I never saw the guy, but my wife saw him running down our driveway after my car as it was going in the garage. I never saw him, and he never communicated to me. I have not received anything via regular U.S. mail, and that's because even the other side apparently knows we haven't refused service. You appear to be familiar with Alabama procedure, so you know process has to be left with someone of suitable age and discretion at the usual dwelling. The guy had the usual dwelling, but he made no contact with any person, and we didn't refuse anything. If you are a lawyer, you should be concerned about the possibility that a process server signed a false document in court, committing perjury on Jessica Garrison's behalf.

As for whether I'm chomping at the bit or not, is irrelevant. I have filed lawsuits, and the court has held me to the service standards outlined in the law you cite. The court should hold Jessica Garrison to the same standards. It's her duty to serve me, and it hasn't been done. My guess is that even she knows that.

As to whether that was JMG yesterday (and previous days), I don't know and don't care. I think a commenter initially raised that issue, and after looking at the comments, I think that is a distinct possibility. Whoever it is clearly has a dog in the fight, contrary to his or her words.