Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nation's No. 1 Legal Blog Shines A Glaring Spotlight On U.S. Judge Bill Pryor's Connections To Gay Porn

The No. 1 legal blog in the country yesterday picked up on our reports about photographs of U.S. Circuit Judge Bill Pryor that appeared in the 1990s at a gay porn Web site.

Above the Law (ATL), founded by Yale Law grad David Lat and based in New York City, helped unmask Pryor with a post titled, "Underneath His Robes: Nude Photos of a Federal Judge?"

ATL's piece didn't do much to advance journalism on the story--in fact, its reporting on the Pryor matter borders on pathetic. But journalism is not ATL's primary purpose. The blog is renowned for its snarky, gossipy take on inside legal news--and its audience of mostly lawyers, judges, legal analysts, and reporters eats it up. The Chicago-based social media/marketing firm Cision ranked Above the Law No. 1 on its 2012 list of the Top 50 Independent Law Blogs in North America.

(Legal Schnauzer ranked No. 37 on that list; best I can tell, we are the only entry not connected to a law firm, university, publishing firm, or interest group.)

Because of ATL's wide reach in legal circles, Bill Pryor must have found the site's coverage particularly painful. Has the Pryor story become the subject of much discussion at law firms, big and small, around the country? Above the Law indicates the answer is yes:

Circles around the water coolers in offices of the federal judiciary are very busy today. It seems that a rumor is circulating about a prominent conservative judge who allegedly posed for nude photographs before heading to law school. The photos, which made their way to, one of the largest gay pornography sites on the worldwide web, depict a handsome young man staring into the camera, expressionless, his genitalia fully exposed.

Before zeroing in on Pryor, ATL notes that he is not the first judge to face scrutiny because of sex-related missteps:

If true, this would not be the first time that a respected jurist has inadvertently revealed what lies underneath their robes. Judge Wade McCree of Michigan bared it all when one of his sext messages was leaked to the public. Madam Justice A. Lori Douglas blushed red as a Canadian maple leaf when nude photographs of Her Honor engaging in bondage acts surfaced online.
On the other hand, if the gossip that is making the rounds is true, it would likely be the first time that a federal judge seated on one of the United States circuit courts has been caught with his pants around his ankles — or in this case, with no pants at all . . .

Who is this pantless judge? That would be Bill Pryor, the conservative boy wonder from Mobile, Alabama, who now makes his home in the Birmingham suburb of Vestavia Hills--and has his federal duty station at the Hugo Black U.S. Courthouse downtown:

The judge implicated in this affair is William Holcombe Pryor Jr. of the Eleventh Circuit, who also serves on the U.S. Sentencing Commission. Though we have no way to confirm if the accusations are true, we can’t help but notice a resemblance between Judge Pryor and the attractive young man in the pictures (meaning that Judge Pryor is quite the judicial superhottie).

David Lat, by the way, is gay, so that explains ATL's funky approach to the Pryor story, describing him as "quite the judicial superhottie." I would beg to differ with that description of Pryor, but then my perspective is quite different from that of David Lat and his staff.

ATL notes that the story originated with Legal Schnauzer (and yours truly, Roger Shuler), even running one of the photos that we unearthed, providing a discreet black screen over Pryor's genital region. ATL repeats Pryor's assertion to us that the photos are not of him, and then invites readers to decide for themselves.

I get a kick out of ATL's off-center take on legal affairs, and its attention to the Pryor story has got to be a major embarrassment to more than just the featured judge--it's a huge black mark on the entire federal judiciary. I was, however, disappointed with--though not surprised by--the poor journalism on display in the ATL story.

Bill Pryor at ATL
In an apparent effort to be "fair and balanced," Above the Law decided it couldn't report about Bill Pryor's history in gay porn without taking a few swipes at me. ATL reporter Staci Zaretsky points to an attack Web site that calls me a "Cyber Bully" and a "Wannabe Journalist"--never mind that I have a degree from what many professionals consider the No. 1 school of journalism in the country, at the University of Missouri; never mind that I have more than 30 years of professional experience in the field.

Zaretsky also claims I might have an "axe to grind" because I've "lost" a couple of lawsuits in the Eleventh Circuit, Pryor's court.

Here is exactly how ATL addressed these issues:

It’s worth noting that Shuler may have an axe to grind against the judiciary. Other posts on his website refer to federal judges as corrupt, and he’s filed and lost lawsuits in Judge Pryor’s court, the Eleventh Circuit (see here and here). There’s a website dedicated to exposing the supposed truth behind some of Shuler’s scurrilous tales, which notes that he has been sued for defamation and accuses him of being a “Wannabe Journalist, Pseudo Court Commentator and Cyber Bully.”

If Zaretsky had bothered to do the slightest bit of legwork--like picking up the phone and calling me, or sending an e-mail--she would have discovered that, in fact, it's not "worth noting" these issues. And here is why:

(1) Zaretsky's notion that I "may have an axe to grind" should be offensive to anyone, of either gender, who has been victimized and chosen to fight back. Let's apply Zaretsky's thinking to one of the ugliest subjects of all--rape. Imagine a victim who fights back against a rapist with everything she's got--and even proceeds to identify him in court, with all of the stress and blow back that often entails. Does that victim have "an axe to grind" with the man who raped her? Is her axe particularly sharp because she had the audacity to unmask him in a public forum?

(2) Zaretsky provides links to documents from two lawsuits that I've "lost" in the Eleventh Circuit. One was a lawsuit my wife and I filed against debt collectors who violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The other was my First Amendment/age discrimination lawsuit against the University of Alabama Board of Trustees and other defendants connected to UAB, where I worked for almost 20 years before being unlawfully terminated because of my reporting on this blog.

(As regular readers know, that last sentence is not a guess on my part; I have tape-recorded statements from UAB human-resources official Anita Bonasera admitting I was targeted because of my work here about the political prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. See video at the end of this post.)

Zaretsky tries to make hay over my characterization of several federal judges as "corrupt." But had she bothered to check the case files and relevant law on the two cases cited, she would have found that the judges on those matters did act in a "corrupt" fashion. U.S. District Judge Abdul Kallon butchered the FDCPA case, and as I've reported in a number of posts, that is a matter of public record--it's not just my opinion. The same applies to U.S. District Judge William Acker Jr. and his hatchet job on my UAB case.

Had Zaretsky researched my blog a little bit, she would have found that I've accurately reported the corrupt actions of federal judges on cases that have nothing to do with me. (In fact, only a small percentage of our posts here are about cases involving my wife or me.) Perhaps the best-known examples involve Judge Mark Fuller (Middle District of Alabama) in the Siegelman case and Judge Henry Wingate (Southern District of Mississippi) in the Paul Minor.

Am I a lone whack job, a "disgruntled litigant," howling at the moon by myself about corrupt federal judges? Not exactly. Scott Horton, a Harper's columnist and Columbia University law professor, has written extensively about the unlawful actions of Fuller and Wingate. (See here and here.) Andrew Kreig, a University of Chicago law graduate who is director of the Washington, D.C.-based Justice-Integrity Project, has written numerous reports about Fuller and other corrupt federal judges. (See here and here.) My reports about the Minor case were cited in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee's 2007 investigation on Bush-era political prosecutions.

(3) Zaretsky's reference to a Web site that claims it's dedicated to "exposing the truth" about my reporting is an example of lazy, shallow journalism, of the lowest order.

A 30-second glance at the Web site in question would have revealed that its author is so "dedicated" that he doesn't reveal his identity. It also would have shown that the site offers not one citation to fact or law that counters any of my reporting. Most importantly, Zaretsky easily could have found out that the site is sponsored by someone connected to Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins, and it started in response to my accurate reporting about Rollins' ties to child abuse, perjury, failure to pay child support, and more. That doesn't even include my reporting about a state investigation in North Carolina based on a citizen's complaint about Rollins' possible child sexual abuse of his stepson--the same stepson who was the complainant when Rollins was convicted for assault.

(4) Finally, Zaretsky claims I have been sued for defamation, without bothering to learn that I haven't been served with any such lawsuit. Given that a court takes jurisdiction only when a defendant has been lawfully served, it's difficult for a complaint to get very far without service--and it's a matter of fact that service has not taken place in the alleged legal action against me.

Did Zaretsky make an effort to research any of that? I guess not, apparently because she was too busy referring to Bill Pryor as a "judicial superhottie."

I give Above the Law high marks for building a substantial audience and bringing attention to the Bill Pryor scandal. As for journalism . . . well, the site's performance is dismal in that regard.

Here is just one example of facts ATL chose to ignore in its hurry to appear "fair and balanced" by attacking the reporter who broke the Bill Pryor story:


ttowntruthseeker said...

The truth will win out in the end!

Anonymous said...

I bet Pryor still is soiling himself over your story. Then this hits yesterday. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Above the Law is a strange Web site. You used the right word--"funky." Makes me laugh, but not sure you really learn much from it.

Anonymous said...

This kind of coverage at such a widely read site is a huge problem for Bill Pryor. And there's not much he can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Billy Pryor has been disrobed to the whole nation.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the gay editor of ATL is rather smitten with the photo of young Bill.

Anonymous said...

ATL might have a huge audience, but the quality of their reporting and writing is not even close to what we see here at LS.

Anonymous said...

Glad you pointed out some of the sorry crap that was in the Above the Law post. Talk about shooting the messenger! Low class on their part.

Anonymous said...

So the Dothan radio station wussed out and pulled the story.

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, I think you can credit that to Dothan native Bill Baxley, who seems to have taken on a major role in trying to protect corrupt Alabama judges.

Anonymous said...

Must say the doctored photo of Pryor is much easier on the eyes. His junk was causing me to have nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Bill Pryor is a "judicial superhottie"? Puh-leeze!

Anonymous said...

Appeal court judges, unlike district judge don't have usually have gavels. It seems that Pryor went out and bought his own personal gavel. He keeps in his lap while sitting on the bench. When engages in "oral" argument, he sometimes holds the "head" of his gavel tightly in his crotch with his left hand and strokes the rigid handle with his "right" hand.

Anonymous said...

Who is McKinney ? At the bottom of therr blog site? I recall is being discussed here. Nice post LS. Staci should feel like a jackass!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Staci from Above the Law should interview Ted Rollins about his sleazy attack Web site. That she referenced that POS was disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Really crappy journalism near the end of the ATL story. Pissed me off!

Anonymous said...

So what exactly is the next step on this?

I would think it is now time for our U.S. Senators and Congressmen to comment on how this affects the State of Alabama.

Also, someone should ask Luther Strange, or his strange, what they think about Judge Pryor's clandestine past.

I can assure you "Big" Luther is praying for Judge Pryor.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

Anonymous said...

If Menendez was overlooked and it made national news, something tells me this sadly will too. When the people wake up and realize this country is being run into the sewer by a bunch of sewer dick pedofiles, deviant homosexuals (im not anti gay, i said deviant) child trafficking psychopaths, its going to hit the fan!

legalschnauzer said...

Sort of pissed me off, too, @11:39--and I expressed that in the post. But all in all, I will take the exposure of Pryor from ATL in exchange for some of the crap they included in that one paragraph.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that no one seems to have noticed--or at least mentioned--that photos of Pryor show he has a mild form of strabismus, which is the big word for being cross eyed. The judge's eyes (it might be one or both or alternating) are misaligned. The young man in the photo also has strabismus. This kind of thing can't be hidden or faked, and it's absolute proof, in my mind, that the young man in the photo is Bill Pryor.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for sharing, @11:47. Sounds like you know a good bit about strabismus. I had noticed the similarity in the eyes, that both had misalignment, and was planning a post on that. But I appreciate your insights and details about strabismus. The condition clearly is apparent in the "young Pryor" photo, and it also is apparent in recent photos of Judge Bill Pryor.

Anonymous said...

Like you, LS, I appreciate the ATL coverage. But Staci Zaretsky needs to be spanked for some of the lowlife garbage she included near the end of her article. Good Lord, that Ted Rollins Web site is a joke, not credited to anyone, an obvious attack site. To give any credence to that site is ridiculous

Anonymous said...

I notice Staci Z couldn't resist a reference to the Jessica Medeiros Garrison lawsuit. You still haven't been served with that?

Anonymous said...

American got to be gay central and the reality is science did it, not nature. Glossy sites and highly well managed on the www 'liberal' are indeed bonded in the circle jerk of 'Geithner' and news that is the best investment of the pedophile cult that rules the globe at this time.

ATL being gay is of course how the deck got stacked. The system of Esquires needs the same system that the government Global Goldman Sacs operates. US belongs to IT, the CYBORG cyber law, and / or call it color of No Constitution in the free zone around America being readied to choke closer and closer into the middle.

Legal Schnauzer: Iconoclast.

Stay bad puppy in the reality of how great the puppy is when digging is what is bad about the loving creature so small.

ATL is the soundbite of the esquires that go to the global government school of cover up the degradation and say its culture.

Cult alright and that means those that protect the levels of this pedophilia are cultists, practitioners of unnatural acts to get what the sickest of our so called society want and get to do it, above the law.

legalschnauzer said...

No, I haven't been served, @11:55. I was away a good bit yesterday, and my wife said some strange dude came knocking on our door a couple of different times, once in morning and once in early evening. She wasn't about to open the door for someone she didn't know. It might have been a process server for Bill Baxley, but the guy never communicated with my wife or left anything with her, and I wasn't home, so I'm not sure what is going on. She thought he might have left something outside, but neither of us could find it. Even if we did find it, that's not service under the law. I know the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure on this subject, and I definitely have not been served, even though someone might be trying. Not certain who this guy was, so I'm guessing a bit here.

Anonymous said...

Any law blog that is run by lawyers is always going to attack a law blog written by a non-lawyer. You are a threat to them, LS, so they had to take their digs. Glad they helped expose Bill Pryor, though.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for that black block over Billy's thingy. I was getting nauseous.

Anonymous said...

Staci Z might be good at snarky stuff, but she needs to leave journalism to professionals.

Anonymous said...

ATL never even attempts to address important issues raised by these photos--like, did Bill Pryor lie to FBI and Congress about embarrassing information in his background?

Anonymous said...

Strabismus, is a disorder in which the two eyes do not line up in the same direction, and therefore do not look at the same object at the same time. The condition is more commonly known as "crossed eyes."


There are no new dis-eases according to nature. The new dis-eases in the human being, the species Homo-sapiens has been manufactured, even 'cross-eyes'.

Vaccinations and other forms of chemical poisoning, controlling the human being has been ongoing since the first plant was noticed to kill 'life'.

In the USA to think the human has not been experimented on is to not think deeply enough about how did this nation become so sick with so much dis-ease and when the beginning it wasn't so.

Smallpox was manufactured and used to kill the Indians.

But, of course, the earlier diseases were because the predatory of our species learned how to prey upon the weaker and poisons are very important. Don't kill the prey, just poison the victim enough. Pryor was probably watched by the eyes that watch the American population, to see how well he could be puppet for the criminally insane that own US.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, are control mechanisms for the owners of such as ATL, or the site would realize how bad off the country really is with the Pryor cross-eyed compromised from ? and then what exactly happened to get such a youngster so messed up about the sexual 'drive'.

Best to not scorn, but indeed pity the LBGT in USA because the brain chemistry as it goes into full blown 'aging' hasn't been seen other than in most that pass aren't balanced immune systems, indeed are seriously severely immune deficient.

Ugly way to live-die, endocrine - central nervous -- immune --- systems not able to support the incredible human miracle form.

Brains can't think when the systems of endocrine [THYROID IMBALANCE] and central nervous [PSYCHOSIS] AND immune [AUTO IMMUNE DEFICIENCY (AIDS)] are controlling the organism which appears not to be a dead robot.

Unknown said...

ABOVE THE LAW enjoys the outing of such as the FBI and US Senate not doing their job?

Good point 12:23PM

Anonymous said...

There is a giggly, school-girl quality to the ATL site that is sort of sickening. It says a lot about our society that ATL is the No. 1 legal blog in the country. In terms of valuable information, it offers almost nothing.

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating information about strabismus, @11:47. I must admit I missed it until you raised the issue here in comments. Young Pryor clearly has an off-center eye, and so does Judge Pryor.

To borrow a phrase often heard here in Alabama . . . bingo!

Raymond said...

I would say you ripped the ATL chick a new one there, LS. She did a little good reporting, but then resorted to cheap shots. Glad you returned fire.

Anonymous said...

The ATL people are typical lawyers. They claim you "lost" two federal lawsuits and never bothered to check whether the cases were decided correctly.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that ATL mainly is interested in its SEO scores and analytics, etc. And they must do a good job with that. But not sure they give a rip about educating the public.

Anonymous said...

Great comment there, @12:24, but comparing school girls to the ATL gigglefest is sort of giving school girls a bad name.

Anonymous said...

ATL is geared for the short attention spans of the modern, digital age. They don't have time to actually report a story accurately and fairly. They just do quick takes that titillate and move on to something else.

Anonymous said...

As one who suffers from strabismus, I know a thing or two about the condition--and I know it's not much fun to have it.

Perhaps most interesting, to me, is that many people have what is called "alternating strabismus." In other words, it's not always the same eye that is off center. It can change from one eye to the other, often depending on what the person is trying to focus on.

That's what I have, and I would bet that's what Bill Pryor has.

Anonymous said...

That phrase "axe to grind" really gets up my craw. If someone punches me in the face, and I punch him back, does that mean I have an "axe to grind" with the guy?

Glad you called them out on this BS. One man's "axe to grind" can be another man's "standing up for himself" against a bully or oppressor.

Anonymous said...

A site run by a Yale Law School graduate should be written with a little more intelligence than what I see at Above the Law.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you didn't appreciate the low blows, LS, but I think the coverage in Above the Law is worth it. Because of that, Bill Pryor pretty much is a laughing stock today before all of his colleagues. This has to burn him, big time.

legalschnauzer said...

I agree @12:51. The ATL coverage was worth it. I wasn't going to let the low blows go unanswered, but I don't mind absorbing them in this instance.

The ATL site is goofy, in many ways, but a ton of powerful, influential, intellgent people read it. This makes the entire federal judiciary look bad before its peers. It's not just about Bill Pryor.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like David Lat is in love with the photo of young Billy Pryor. Kind of icky to me . . . but I guess whatever rocks your boat.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at the New York Web site admitting the nude photo had a "resemblance" to Bill Pryor. Uh . . . maybe that's because it is Bill Pryor.

Anonymous said...

For Bill Pryor to have obtained the position of a lifetime appointed federal judgeship there has to be maintained somewhere a record of him giving under sworn oath, so help him God his official oath to office.

Within the first line of our nation's Constitution is THE word, "UPHOLDING";

according to Webster's New World Dictionary, the definition for "UPHOLDING" when used in this context, "TO GIVE MORAL SUPPORT"; the definition of "MORAL" when used in this context is; "DEALING WITH, OR ABLE TO DISTINGUSH BETWEEN, RIGHT AND WRONG CONDUCT"; and the definition of "CONDUCT" when used in this context is, "THE WAY ONE ACTS; BEHAVIOR."

Point, when appearing before senate judiciary committee Pryor failed in upholding his own personal obligations by avoiding full disclosures, equally complicit senator jeff sessions thru his support and encouragement
of judiciary committee to approve Pryor while himself standing mute, being in conflict with his own sworn under oath to official office.

Withholding evidence? Perjury? Obstruction? Conspiracy, Premeditations? What?????????
A federal judgeship so to speak is Master and Commander, as such with hidden dirty baggage is ripe, for, at any given right day or time to be compromised.

These revelations now surfacing may come to shed light on exactly that, as relates to his history beginning with him as Attorney
General, investigation of Don Seigelman, denial of recount in the 2002 governor's race giving Riley strange overnight win, then providing support to USA Leaura Canary continuing persecution of Seigelman.

If after having achieved the honor of responsibility and recognition
giving under sworn official oath
in the upholding of the United States Constitution, and not abide, why then even appear; as now has all the obvious appearances of exercise in waste of a lot of people's time for Pryor to place hand on the bible to tell the truth.

legalschnauzer said...

You are onto the real story here, @2:13. The big issues is possible perjury/failure to disclose during Pryor's confirmation process.

Anonymous said...

The high credentialed math professor from Russia, who came here during the 'Cold War days' and taught at the Ivy League Universities too, said that during the early 1950s IT began. What is IT? The technology to control humans.

Yes, the Ivy League Universities were a primary target, duh. Get the so called 'rich kids' to be really an MKULTRA and run so called governments. This info is according to the Mathematics Scholar, he who was appalled, after all came to escape USSR and ITS' totalitarian regime.

The regime Hitler was also gay.

The Kissinger/Geithner/Emanuel regime is gay. IT regime operates USA as the corporation, a global NATO dictator. Grow human slaves or call the flesh traded by the Israeli firsters as lower animal forms, no power.

The Israeli firsters put George W. Bush Jr., a Yale Elite - into the President of the U.S. Position of #43, He was truly out of control and so is his family and the Israeli firsters all, Obama.

Countries not into the gay global criminal gender endocrine poisoning are not going along any further with ITS' agenda.

One world government.

The faction of this small coo coo 'tribe' are the controllers of the USA, especially the so called powers that get to do what has been done to the majority of Americans in a system we worship as so called law.

Supposedly Oct. 1, 2013, Government shuts down and the Federal is in big trouble. Obama appointees are safe and Congress, but the rest of Federal recipients of money are rumored to be cut-off and not to be receiving federal money anymore.

Whatever that means, story is on CNN Money. Could be the bubble that's said to be 'lawyer'.

Anonymous said...

The New World Websters, imagine that. By what those terms are defined as, i can see how a criminal judiciary could justify immoral behavor. To distinquish between right and wrong does not imply behaving right instead of wrong.

Anonymous said...

In reviewing list of Alabama's Attorney Generals; present day bad government can be walked back to 1995, jeff sessions, why didn't, after being provided evidence, Leaura Canary investigate sessions and pryor regarding their campaign contributions. Again one is left to wonder about pryor's interest in black-books.

Before this story has run its full course revelations, because of this story, will cause to surface not only unethical sanctions, but to further condone and encourage
their covering up.

Can you imagine; sessions, pryor, king, strange, and riley; I bet Seigelman is doing back flips and cart wheels.

Anonymous said...

You have been Served- Liar

legalschnauzer said...

I know the law, bub. Why don't you try learning the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure. Here it is since you are ignorant:

"(1) INDIVIDUAL. Upon an individual, other than a minor or an incompetent person, by serving the individual or by leaving a copy of the summons and the complaint at the individual's dwelling house or usual place of abode with some person of suitable age and discretion then residing therein or by delivering a copy of the summons and the complaint to an agent authorized by appointment or by
law to receive service of process."

That's plain, simple English. Are you too stupid to comprehend it? Or are you just a lying, cheating thug? Probably, you are both.

Nothing was left at my home, with "a person of suitable age and discretion," as required by law. So I haven't been served, no matter how ignorant and corrupt you might be.

My wife saw some jackass throw a piece of trash in our driveway, which is not service--and it's not even close.

I suppose you are the kind of lying thug who plans to sign an affidavit that you lawfully served someone at my home. Well, you didn't--and if you sign a false affidavit in court, I will see to it that you and your bogus-ass, piece of crap service company go down in flames--along with Bill Baxley and Jessica Medeiros Garrison for filing a baseless piece of crap lawsuit anyway.

Service can only be completed by "leaving papers with a person of suitable age and discretion." Throwing it in the driveway isn't service. I can't wait for you to sign a false affidavit in court because I will make you pay--you can count on it, ass wipe.

Maybe you and Baxley and your sleazy firms will have a good time going down in flames together.

I haven't been served, and the next person who comes on my property acting like a thug might want to be extra careful. My wife and I have been screwed with and cheated by the legal community for 12-plus years, so the next person who thinks they are going to be cute by lying, cheating and abusing process . . . well, they would be wise to think twice.

Have a nice day, POS. And "kiss my ass" while you're at it.


Anonymous said...

LS, has Baxley hired a thug to try to serve you?

legalschnauzer said...

I guess that's what it was. I wasn't home. My wife saw some thug throw a piece of crap in our driveway and leave. She couldn't find it when she went out there, and neither could I when I got home. We haven't seen it, so I don't know for sure what it was.

But as I expected, the jackass is claiming he served me when he didn't even come close to following the law. The guy apparently is planning to sign a false affidavit claiming he served us when he didn't. I hope he does, because I intend to have his job.

Of course, this is exactly the kind of behavior you expect from someone working for a greaseball like Bill Baxley.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that RCN station located in the same place where another one that had been running the Pryor story apparently forced of his station's airing?

Wasn't the RCN station forced to shut down Luther's story something having to do with Baxley?

Pryor's "tricky-dicky" has caused to be opened others can's of worms crossing all levels both party lines.

Where's Dick Tracy for this story? Will Dick Cheney help Alabamians?
Will Dick Durbin rise to speak?

legalschnauzer said...

Memo to Mr. "Process Server"--

Thank you so much for commenting. Thanks to my blog analytics, and your stupidity in commenting, I now have your IP address. I soon intend to have your job. That's a promise.

So again, thanks for participating in our little forum, which yields all kinds of fascinating information that can be used in a court of law.

BTW, you might want to tell your buddy Baxley that my blog analytics also has produced fascinating information about the real reason he evidently filed a bogus civil complaint against me. I have moment-by-moment documentation of the event that got his attention.

I have information to run all of you out of business--and I look forward to doing exactly that. And some of you might wind up in prison before it's all over.

Enjoy that thought. I know I am. Peace, brother.

Anonymous said...

Murph! So what Shu is actually saying; is, that whomever called him a liar, is incorrect, so Shu learned him right.
Ain't that what he's did?
Sure looks like Shu knows ARCP; but Baxley is AG odd man out, yet now Pryor is, as too along with Strange is bringing Baxley into open waters for deep fishing.
Here again matters involving black-books are on ominous horizons.

Anonymous said...

I hate to see people railroaded by corrupt political regimes. Unfortunately in Alabama, there are many of them.

It looks like you have them by the short hairs now. I imagine things will continue to get more and more interesting.

You have done great things with this blog.

If you are a journalist reading this site, have the guts to share this important information with your clients.

Alabama needs some courage among its journalists. I am afraid no one cares anymore. They all just take their little check and stay quiet and do what they are told to write about.

legalschnauzer said...

Isn't it a surprise that Bill Baxley would hire a lying sack of s--t process server, 6:49?

Some piece of human filth scared my wife half to death last night. I wasn't home, and he stood on our front steps for a long time, pounding on the door and talking on his cell phone, then he proceeded to traipse all over our front yard, even going in the backyard, and finally leaving trash in our driveway.

I told my wife after I got home, "You wait and see, this c---s----r will try to file a false affidavit, claiming he served me." Then this commenter comes on here and proves I was exactly right. I'm glad he did it because I now have his IP address, and I'm going after his job and the sorry firm that employs him.

I've been a peaceful guy throughout 12 years of lawyer-induced hell. But it might be time for that to change.

I have no problem with anyone who tries to honestly do his or her job. But Bill Baxley's civil action is bogus from start to finish, filed for a reason that has nothing to do with the torts alleged. Then, Baxley seems to have hired a process server who claims he served me when he didn't.

I get real tired of that kind of dishonesty. If someone has an issue they want to discuss with me, they can contact me in an upfront way, arrange a meeting, and we can try to resolve it. I'm not a hard guy to reach; my life is an open book on this blog. But filing baseless lawsuits and sending lying thugs to our house . . . well, I'm not going to tolerate it.

The next process server, or lawyer, who screws with the Schnauzer household in any way, might find himself being introduced to my close personal friends, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.

Anonymous said...

Legal Schnauzer, the living in State Alabama appears dangerous to your health. I would consider another way, so many appear to have agreed, to not live in the jungle with so many poisonous reptiles.

Whatever so called 'Process Server' decides to hide in bushes and jump out when a human shows to open the home door and go in. Or a so called Process Server who is very good at getting someone served, but indeed the recipient has to be the party served, that receives service.

'You've been served, Liar' appears to be psychotic, but of course.

Remember psychosis once off the path chemistry of 'balanced' becomes deadly. Can't 'reason' and the loss of reason means there is a dangerous animal and not a reasoning human being.

That's our real trouble with the so called JUDICIARY is it has gotten to be no reasoning, only raw dangerous psychosis and this is what's killing America.

Our core of due process law is contaminated and the contamination began a long time ago, however, George W. Bush 'Jr.' and the ilk of Rove-Cheney-KISSINGER, are in control and are totally psychotic out of control and always have been.

You EXPOSED their main squeeze 'man' [Pryor] it appears and the whole faction of dirty human filth: Rollins isn't hidden anymore and neither are the entirety of the criminals. Siegelman may need to get his own press conference to be the band you need behind you now, LS.

Ever since I posted here my Email has been filled with penis enhancement offers and porn BS.

Think they don't know IT controls US and We The People WTP have awakened from our coma.

Remember Michael Hastings because this is the warning signal to all JOURNALISTS that are the promise of America's salvation.

BE PREPARED. Yes, Smith and Wesson and do have Mrs. Schnauzer look into a pearl handled lady's revolver worn in a garter belt.

Go the the shooting range on a regular basis and get a license to pack that is for a PI, too. Get your PI licenses, both Mrs. & U.

Do whatever it takes to become a citizen that has the right, like the guy who shot young Martin in Florida, to protect yourself from the obvious dangerous threatening psychotic 'tribal' GFUYT Automata Automatons.

You've obviously been the real information in the State and the Alabamians awakened aren't going to take it anymore cause they're mad as hell.

Bad for business in the Pedophile Cult - no more free children or free lives for the sacrificial lamb slaughtering.

GREAT WORK MURPH COALITION. Get lots of people together to send in a very powerful letter to the Process Server, Et Al.

Anonymous said...

The cabin boy the cabin boy the dirty little nipper he poked his ass with broken glass and circumcised the skipper.

Obviously the Pryor dude didn't poke his ass with broken glass.

HOPE? Oh yes but, not from the DOPE that is POTUS#44, he's one of the cabin boys that don't poke ass with broken glass, too too sad the USA with all the GWB Franklin Scandal still holding on.

President of Bolivia is suing the America Zionists' occupiers for crimes against humanity.

We can all join in that claim, for sure there's no law in the United States to protect Americans from the skippers in charge of getting their asses poked and don't want to have cabin boys, LS, say no!

Do not resist the evil, say unto your wife and self, there shall be no further stalking, harassment on your blog, and whatever TERRORIST charges can be filed, well the broken glass is handy sometimes, after all!

Anonymous said...

Scnnauzer at 7:21
I don't know if I would be posting threats like that, I know it pisses you off but you need to keep your cool. If you have all you say you have, and I have no doubt you do, you have them by the short hairs. If you start pulling a gun on people after making the threat on your blog things might go bad for you

Anonymous said...

According to the circuit clerk's office the case was filed as having been stamped, served by certified mail, does the circuit clerk have a voice in a change of service, when resulting in these circumstances?

What are the restrictions on a process server; at time of night coming to residence, going out of sight into home's backyard, etc; even "bill collectors" are limited under Alabama law how to contact, and times allowable for contact.

Obviously you've posted before your phone number and address; if there's never been any attempt to avoid being served, ever by Baxley, wouldn't he too be responsible, if the service doesn't have a history of such behavior; or if does, and under circumstances, then why would Baxley go out of his way to further agitate the situation rather than fulfill his notice on face of civil action, served by certified mail.
Would this not likewise be considered a form of reverse harassment?

legalschnauzer said...

I appreciate your sentiments, @7:36. But I stand by what I wrote, and I mean it. I've played by the rules for 12-plus years, only to be cheated over and over.

And now, Bill Baxley, an officer of the court who is sworn to uphold the law, apparently has filed a bogus lawsuit against me that I know, for a fact, has nothing to do with Jessica Garrison and her affair with Luther Strange. Then, Baxley sends a thug to our home to pound on the door, traipse all over our property, throw trash in our driveway, and run off claiming "You've been served--liar."

This guy scared my wife half to death, in the dark, while she was home by herself--and she knows that she and her husband have received numerous death threats. Let me repeat: We receive death threats on a regular basis, and this unknown guy shows up knocking on our door and prancing all over our property, and he wonders why she might have been concerned. He's lucky he survived the other night. The next person who invades our property and acts that way might not survive.

My wife and I are armed--we receive regular death threats, by the way--and I stand by my statement: The next person who thinks he's going to screw with us, after we've been screwed and threatened by the "justice" system for 12 years, had better think twice. The people who caused us to be in this position had better think twice.

Here is the big lesson Mrs. S and I have been taught by postmodern American society: "You absolutely cannot rely on law enforcement or the court system to protect your property rights or your civil rights, or anything else. In other words, the courts just take a giant crap on the Constitution; your guaranteed rights under the law mean nothing. But we do have the sacrosanct Second Amendment, which means anyone in American society can store up all the guns he wants. With a license, you can carry them anywhere you want. If the justice system is going to screw you repeatedly, you always have your right to "Second Amendment remedies."

We actually have politicians suggesting that people resort to "Second Amendment remedies." Well, if that's the case, if that's what our system has sunk to, maybe I need to join the crowd. Why keep pounding my head up against a courthouse wall, filled with corrupt people?

Blog stats tell me that my work is widely read by lawyers, both local ones and those from all over the country. Any lawyer who reads my posts, supported with court documents, knows that my wife and I have been cheated time and again by corrupt judges. And I will name some of them--William Acker, Abdul Kallon, Mike Joiner, Dan Reeves, Hub Harrington, Ron Jackson, and Allwin Horn.

Lawyers are duty-bound to report misconduct of which they become aware to "the proper tribunal." Has one lawyer reported the misconduct they see documented on this blog, proven with court records? Nope.

If the court system is that broken--and I now have Bill Baxley's thug claiming he served me when he threw a piece of trash in our driveway--what is a citizen to do?

I'm not a big fan of guns, but we now have 'em, and we know how to use 'em. And I'm starting to understand their value, in a system where people don't respect those who play by the rules. Maybe they will respect firepower. Maybe they will respect those who have been taught that "Second Amendment Remedies" are the new "American Way."

If those are the "new rules," maybe I will just follow those.

legalschnauzer said...

Another thought 7:36--

In my previous post, I referenced "the people who have caused us to be in this position."

That's quite a list. It includes, front and center, lawyer Bill Swatek with his 30-year history of unethical conduct via the Alabama State Bar and thuggish neighbor Mike McGarity, and his criminal record dating back more than 30 years.

It includes numerous people responsible for my unlawful termination at UAB--Pam Powell, Dale Turnbough, Carol Garrison, Anita Bonasera, Janice Ward, and the entire board of trustees. They've all sat on their hands while my wife and I have suffered. They knowingly lap up bogus court orders from Judge William Acker, and they think they are protected.

It includes numerous people responsible for my wife's unlawful termination at Infinity Insurance--Greg Kees, Tobin Lunsford, Pam Jenkins, and more. My wife's employment case is ongoing at this moment, and every one of these people know that Carol Tovich Shuler was cheated out of her job. But they hire lawyers to lie in court documents and claim the company had legitimate grounds for firing my her.

Here is the kicker, @7:36. UAB has an in-house lawyer named Lisa Huggins who is incompetent, but even she knows Acker violated black-letter law in my case. Is she going to report Acker's misconduct, as she is duty bound under her professional rule? No, of course not. She just sits on her fat ass and takes advantage of court corruption; her UAB colleagues do the same thing.

Infinity has an in-house lawyer named Erin May who knows exactly what happened in my wife's case. And she knows it involves lawyer misconduct. Has Erin May reported it? Of course not.

We've tried every remedy under the sun only to be cheated by corrupt judges and spineless lawyers--time and again. And now, we have Bill Baxley and his corrupt process server assuming they can abuse our legal rights without being held accountable.

Any reasonable American, knowing the depths to which our society has fallen, would say, "Hey, if all of these other remedies fail, maybe I'll try my Second Amendment remedies. I hear those are quite effective."

My wife and I aren't stupid. We can read the messages we've been sent for 12 years. It's an open invitation for us to use "Second Amendment remedies." All I'm saying is this: If we are going to receive such an invitation, maybe we should accept it.

e.a.f. said...

Perhaps ATL's comments regarding you and the your blog, is their version of "fair and balanced" reporting? Who knows, who cares. You write the better blog.

ATL appears to be a gossipy type blog. Of course you caught the story first and did the work. Great journalism!

Yea, ole judge must be having a fun morning when he read all of that. My suggestion to him, resign and find another job, some where far, far, away.

There is nothing wrong about being gay. There is nothing wrong about poising nude, but don't let the pictures get out.

Young people take note. what you do in your youth, may come back to haunt you later in life, especially in this day and age of cell phones with cameras.

it will be interesting to see if any one decides the judge's behaviour is less than judicial.

p.s. It wasn't only a Canadian judge who had pictures. An RCMP officer posed on line in bondage pictures. His employer deemed it o.k. Unfortuntely he was an investigator in "the pickton case". Willy Pickton was arrested for murdering 49 women in B.C. Sometimes what one does in their private life can be said to be viewed as not a good thing in their professional life. They should be assigned other jobs.

Anonymous said...

Are these server's actions protected under any Alabama Title?

Doesn't the Constitution provide within its content, maybe a footnote, right to trial by jury, of one's peers;

Could Bill Pryor be called as a witness, or Troy King, Jeff Sessions; wasn't these tied to plaintiff as mentors? Had it not been for their menting so much, this matter would have never surfaced.

After sitting next to Sessions at the National Prayer, before being the keynote speaker, what does the Doctor Ben Carson think, what about Governor Mike Huckebee, Senator John McCain, and Senator Richard Shelby?

Shelby in photo with Pryor shown as being Pryor's sponcer before Senate Judiciary Hearings, so apparently along with Sessions is now shown and identified Shelby as Pryor's staunch supporter.

There sure is a lot of menting going on, public don't know who's menting who for the tax dollars they're paying for.

e.a.f. said...

In my opinion, exercising 2nd amendment rights, never solved much. O.K. getting rid of an abusive spouse maybe the exception.

I have found the best revenge in life is living well. Pisses them all off no end. It clearly demonstrates their actions have no impact. That drives them crazy.

Eventually people like those who have negatively impact your and Mrs. S's lives, will do themselves in. You just have to wait. What goes around, eventually comes around.

Anonymous said...

MURPH! Strange is on the move, has had 20th circuit judge empanel grand jury for one year to investigate portie potties rented at country crossings. It is already being reported by public his investigators are interviewing individuals at homes wanting to know their involvement with the toilets.

There has got to be some connection somehow linking the concern for the sh--ers here and the di--s there.

Hellooooooo Hollywooddddd
"Stars Fell On Alabama"

Anonymous said...

e.a.f, DAMN! He's not talking about seeking these thugs out to shoot them! He's talking about protecting his family and their home from danger! Roger, please dont listen to e.a.f's psychobabble! We need you alive, healthy and well!

Years back i experienced a similar situation with a bulky process server. The sob knocked so hard on my front door that he cracked the glass. This went on for a week or so. He left a card one day and i called the number on the card. I calmly explained to them that if this person ever stepped foot on my property again that i would empty my glock in his face. I then said, are we understood? The voice shakily said, yes. I then called the Sheriffs office and explainthe situation and what i told this place i would do if that creepy guy showed back up at my home. I told them that if im going to be served, the only person welcome at my home should be from their office.

The creepy process server never came back but about a month later a Sheriff deputy showed up early evening during a heavy rain storm. When i looked at what he handed me i immediately picked up a copy of what he was serving me with from the table and showed him that i had already received a copy. Soaking wet the deputy said, "are you serious". I showed him the copy and he got pissed. He said, "im sorry to have bothered you enjoy the rest of your evening". I told him it was ok and that to enjoy his also and that i was sure i would be seeing him regularly in the future. He said, "i some how doubt that", he was pissed! Ive never seen them back here again.