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With Ties To Gay Pornography In His Background, Bill Pryor Thrives In South's Toxic Political Culture

An edited version
of Bill Pryor, from
A gay pornography scandal involving U.S. Circuit Judge Bill Pryor likely is a byproduct of an Alabama political system that tends to reward candidates who tout "family values" on the stump while leading private lives marked by sexual impropriety.

That is the take of Andrew Kreig, director of the Washington, D.C.-based Justice Integrity Project. Kreig, a journalist with a law degree from the University of Chicago, is the author of Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney, and their Masters, which is being released in hardcover this month.

We broke the Pryor story one week ago here at Legal Schnauzer, and since then, it has been featured in a wide variety of press outlets--from those focusing on dishy legal news (Above the Law), to one connected to Fox News (Alan Colmes' Liberaland), to one focused on style and culture (NewNowNext).

I discussed the controversy yesterday on Justice With A Snap! a Miami-based radio show hosted by former Florida judge David Young. The first openly gay judge on TV, Young left the bench in 2007 to star in the Emmy-nominated Judge David Young program, a nationally syndicated court show. Like most of the others who have examined the gay-porn story, Young spent a lot of time on the two-faced nature of Pryor's actions.

Political hypocrisy, of course, is not limited to Alabama or even the South. But Kreig suggests our culture generates an overabundance of public figures who say one thing, but do something else. From Kreig's September 23 piece, titled "Famed Conservative Federal Judge Accused of Posing Nude as a Young Man."

Illicit sex, which is widespread among the powerful and their ambitious acolytes in Washington as elsewhere, appears to have been especially pervasive among Alabama leaders, who have typically kept up appearances by being married.
Those in both political parties were involved. But this column focuses upon those who especially touted their family values on their way to political victory, not upon the vanquished.
Why is this is relevant to politics and courts? Because the degree of hypocrisy and conniving required to sustain a promiscuous lifestyle at the same time as a virtuous public image is precisely the brazen skill-set that enables success in fund-raising, gerrymandering, voting machine rigging, and trumped-up criminal charges against political opponents.
Even those committed to Republican victories are sometimes repulsed by the methods and life-styles of major practitioners of the dark political arts. Yet these kinds of stories are extremely difficult to bring to public attention, important though they might be to the average voter operating on conventional wisdom.

How creepy can the sexual shenanigans get in the political underworld? Consider this tale from Kreig:

I am among the DC-based reporters who have been approached by a longtime conservative journalist who had researched the ascendancy of gays and bisexuals in the national party leadership -- and was frustrated because his major outlet, a well-known conservative newspaper, would not print it. Among the veteran reporter's findings, never published, that was the existence of a so-called "Hairy Bear Club" purportedly involving well-known conservatives who liked hairy men. Those involved were said to have given themselves a nickname with confidence that such secrets remain hidden forever from their base of family values voters.

Compared to that, the Bill Pryor gay-porn scandal seems almost quaint. But Kreig says it has serious implications, beyond the titillation factor. For one thing, Kreig says word of Pryor's ties to gay porn are not new:

The public risks blackmail or other undue pressure on officials who may be compromised by hidden scandals. Reports have circulated for years in elite Alabama legal circles that Pryor was compromised by "badpuppy.com" photos held by well-connected Republicans with interests before the courts. I received a copies of several such photos -- purportedly of Pryor -- more than two years ago from a reliable source.

Pryor has denied, both to me and in an official statement to Kreig, that the young man in the photo is him. The judge, however, has refused to grant interviews on the subject, and Kreig reaches this conclusion: "My opinion is that the photo is Pryor, more likely than not, despite his denial."

Kreig counters Pryor's claim that the gay-porn story originated with a "widely discredited blogger"--and that, of course, would be me. From Kreig's piece:

[Shuler's] columns allege serious legal, financial and other wrongdoing in Deep South courts. With the collapse of the traditional newspaper industry, his research is often the last hope of those who believe they cannot find justice in the courts. A typical recent column was headlined, Cases Of "Ken Nowlin And Penni Tingle In Mississippi Raise Red Flags About Criminal Defense Lawyers."
Many of his columns are republished on websites for more national audiences than his Legal Schnauzer site. The site is named after the couple's late pet, Murphy, a breed known for its digging prowess. . . .
Cision, a Chicago-based social media/marketing firm, compiled an annual ranking of "The Top 50 Independent Law Blogs in North America." It listed Legal Schnauzer at No. 37, with few of the others undertaken by a lone writer without corporate or non-profit group support.
Several of his recent investigative crusades have probed disgraceful financial and sexual by central figures in Alabama's power structure. These include many columns reporting that married officials were having affairs that indicated financial or other skulduggery hurting taxpayers.

Pryor, in labeling me a "widely discredited blogger," is both wildly inaccurate and arrogant. The term seems designed, in part, to heap disdain on the numerous victims of judicial abuse I've covered in these pages. Kreig picks up on that theme:

I am not in a position to retrace and affirm all of Shuler's reporting on these and hundreds of other blogs. But I have worked with him on a number of sensitive columns for more than four years in which our reporting overlapped on at least two dozen published columns, including those involving Siegelman, witnesses in that case, and Karl Rove. In my opinion, Roger Shuler is an exceptionally capable, courageous, and public-spirited reporter.
For many litigants in Alabama especially, he is one of their last hopes for justice if they encounter an overzealous or other unjust prosecutor or judge.

It's heartening to read such words from a journalism peer, of course, but Kreig goes "outside the lines" to show how the Pryor story fits into Alabama's dysfunctional legal/political environment. We have entered an age of one-party rule, and that helped set the stage for gross injustice, perhaps best represented in the political prosecution of former Governor Don Siegelman. Kreig shows that conservatives, who have come to dominate in Alabama and other Southern states, are not two-faced just about sexual matters. It can extend to the courtroom, as Don Siegelman and his supporters discovered in the critical year of 2006:

At the Justice Department in Washington, the stage was being set for the era of "loyal Bushie" prosecutors who could retain their jobs by bringing politically oriented criminal prosecutions, we now know from reports about the scandal.
The real motivation for this was money, my research has indicated. Behind a veneer of rhetoric about good government, the goal is taxpayer-paid government contracts awarded on a political basis and business deals with foreign potentates. The well-connected could enjoy fabulous success. Token opposition leaders among Democrats could enjoy more modest prosperity so long as they muted criticism of the power structure.

Even with a black Democrat in the White House since January 2009, white Republicans have trampled basic constitutional rights in Alabama, Mississippi, and other deep red states:

President Obama has catered for the most part to the state's powerful Republican senators, Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby, by making timid presidential appointments. Among the most shameful was Obama's choice of George Beck . . . , defense attorney for Siegelman's main accuser Nick Bailey, to continue the Siegelman cover-up in effect as Canary's successor as U.S. Attorney.
Why? In my view, the president and his top team, including Attorney General Eric Holder, have many dirty, dark secrets of their own that are well-known to Republican power-brokers like Rove but almost entirely unknown to the general public. The leverage keeps national leaders in line -- or in "puppet" status as I describe it -- while the gravy train rolls ahead for insiders.

Such an environment helped produce Bill Pryor as a justice on the U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, even though he had no previous judicial experience. That, Kreig says, is one reason the gay-porn photos at badpuppy.com matter:

The controversy regarding Pryor and the photo is far more important than passing embarrassment to either the judge or the reporter, if proven wrong. Shuler purports to use this matter as a window into a sinister world of judges who lie in an unaccountable manner that ultimately hurts the general public.
In a largely independent manner, that's a similar conclusion I have reached in my new book, Presidential Puppetry, as have many others in Alabama and elsewhere horrified by corruption in the legal and political systems. The stakes are high enough so that I suggest learning the truth about the "badpuppy" photos is worth the effort.

In his official statement, Pryor pointed to an FBI background check as evidence that his personal history includes nothing unsavory. But Kreig has followed the Senate confirmation process closely and found investigative standards to be lax:

In view of that rubber-stamp process, I suggest that Pryor would have more credibility if he would release his confirmation records to clear the air on the quality of the FBI/Senate investigation. Shuler has already asked for these documents, and reports that the judge has refused to supply them. They are public for the most part anyway.
Beyond that, Pryor could always sue Shuler and let the public learn the truth via discovery and courtroom verdict. That assumes, of course, that legal procedures fairly result in truth and justice. But there's always hope.


Anonymous said...

Confirmation records will come out. How in the world could a federal judge suppress such documents? Looks like judge pryor used piss poor judgement in the way he has handled this scandal. I guess he is taking advice from Jessica, his sophomore, and Luther's lil something something on the side. Pryor has overcome a lot in life...growing up in Mobile, the University of Louisiana, cross-eyedness, an utter lack of bench experience. The fact that he is a closet gay federal judge with a small penis who made it onto badpuppy.com, proves he is still overcoming his shortcomings. Maybe there is hope for him yet. Oh, and any "mainstream" journalist who reads this update will have to realize that this is a real story...one with legs...and it ain't close to being over by a long shot.
Good luck Bill. The way I see it you will need it. The ultra-right homo haters and the gays want your appointment. Also, I'm sure Obama is licking his chops at nominating an out-of-the-closet judge to replace Pryor. You can't make this stuff up. Where is Geraldo when you need him? Keep up the great work, Murph! You are the baddest man in the valley--by far! And it ain't even close. Godspeed.

Unknown said...

As it is, closer to a badger in a hole, the more dangerous.

LS, you got that Murphy Dawg into the hole with the badger family.

Wait the bad out, Hero Dawgs always do, and the turn always comes for the good to grace the world again.

Andrew Kreig, a challenge for all the lawyers in the USA:

Oregon has a club-faction, as can be well imagined in BLUE 70% 'Agenda 21, Green, LGBT CENTRAL with the invite for all TEEN CONFUSED to come get Transgendered via government funding' ...

A book was written by FRITZ KRAEMER, ON EXCELLENCE, it is the CODE we are LIVING under-in, now with our full blown MILITARY INDUSTRIAL agenda, global BUT definitely here at home the protected are the LGBT CULT that was in gender bending to bring on the mass degradation ....

.. Whew, long intro to the ? ...

1. How about ALL USA ATTORNEYS AT LAW file in the courts the/a DEMAND for the CREDIT to be fully exposed.

This is the real deal to get into the closet with - how did we get to purchase credit that is debt and sold with interest into perpetuity TO never be repaid (the so called 'debt') AND adding tons of stupid to dumber than boxes of rocks, DERIVATIVES and other shadow government 'money' gets to enrich the mafia global known with so many names.

2. For this time, the Fed, Federal Reserve System appears to be the greatest closet cover up ever. AND practitioners of the dark 'art' metzitzah b'peh!

Without the Fed's credit-debt the degenerates have nothing but dirty robes to hide the human filth.

3. How much to bet the Fed is THE most vile practitioner of the gender bending dark art that has gotten the money and the endocrine both to be gigantic fraudulent destruction weapons of the obvious failed USA nation state.


Credit debt undisclosed isn't sovereign money by any stretch of an unhealthy or healthy curiosity and there is a Constitutional LAW which protects Americans, just as there are the Bill of Rights' that got used in the spatula cult for the younger generation to forget how to say NO, no thanks to be nothing but a night deposit for some freak of nature.

Freaks got manufactured to cover up the true crime.

How convenient to make a cult of weaker in the minds' bundle together as endocrine systems appearing to be our rights' of diversity.

MONEY DIVERSITY LAWYERS. Get this as a gigantic collective and we can truly see the degenerates pile into the darkness as blubbering poor bent sexual tools for a very dangerous and dark UNfine art.

Thank you Andrew Kreig for keeping one of America's best journalists safe, Legal Schnauzer.

As you know Andrew, the US isn't exactly THE democratic power that the people thought, and DC JUSTICE INTEGRITY PROJECT may be the true rebirth of the people to continue awakening to the serious problem of Rome's Circuses.

MONEY was also a commodity from the time of CRASSUS who was the soldier that had more slaves and other FIRE BRIGADE (9-1-1) on purpose well-planned events, to keep his growing degeneration expanding. Luckily Syria sent him home with melted gold in his mouth and head detached from body.

ROME didn't get to be other than this GOLDEN ARMY just ask Fritz Kraemer and the Fed's digital dust alchemy from Crassus' style.

Anonymous said...



ttowntruthseeker said...

Did Billy shave his Bushie?

Anonymous said...

I am blown away by this website. I have long wondered why Alabama is such a fucked up place. There is a guy that posts on al.com news stories that calls himself "Wowlin Wolf." He posted a lot of stuff that I thought was outlandish, and could never be true. What is scary is a lot of the stuff he said has been backed up on this site. I now realize Alabama is probably the most corrupt state. If all this stuff is really true. I do think the judge pics are real. It really looks like him. And I think he would have arrested Legal Schnauzer if not. Good job. Keep up the work. Will be donating soon.

Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff from Andrew Kreig. Looking forward to buying his book in hardcover. We desperately need this kind of reporting and analysis in 2013.

legalschnauzer said...
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legalschnauzer said...

I find it interesting, @5:36, that you raise the issue of Pryor having strabismus (crossed eyes). Not many people have noticed that, but the young man in the photo has strabismus, and it is quite apparent in adult photos that Pryor has it, too. I trust my sources on this story--and they are all connected to law enforcement, and all said an investigation showed the young man was Bill Pryor, the current U.S. judge--but strabismus is a pretty strong identification factor here.

Anonymous said...

Officially/unofficially Pryor's ties with badpuppy.com; potential blackmail issues existing from 1997will become least of his concerns; when wanting to know; who has the black books, where are the black books located, where are the black books kept? One of those privy to Pryor regarding his overt interest is named within Pryor's transcript's content; and at the time it wasn't about pricks and dicks!

Your story is similar to a prairie schooner's wheel's spokes; the rear had 14 spokes, the front had 12 spokes; in between is the number 13.

It would appear out of the 13, you have, in my opinion, began bringing to surface some more or less 5 since Folsom investigation stopped, Siegelman {D} won,James {R} lost governor.

Isn't Steve Windom a Republican? At the time Siegelman was Lieutenant Governor. Maybe thinking Folsom one to beat prompted Session's non-existence investigation; could it be that was the deal... Folsom not to run; start investigating Siegelman upon James' appointment of Pryor to replace Sessions as AG in 1997
to use against Siegelman's run for governor 1998.

But in the interim, Pryor was confronted with a double whammy had to be covered up, baddoggy.com photos for sure was bad enough; but the other, like baddoggy.com,
is now rising, riding on coat tails.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy pays off for politicians in the South. That seems to be the gist of things.

Anonymous said...

Awesome column by Mr. Kreig. I strongly encourage everyone to click on the link to Justice-Integrity Project and read the whole piece. Lots of strong analysis on the Siegelman case, Rove, Canary, etc.--how it all ties together with Pryor.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely believe what Mr. Kreig states in his column about President Obama. I strongly believe Rove and the Republicans have dirt on Obama and/or Holder that keeps the admin. from addressing Bush-era corruption. Don't know if it's sexual, financial or "other," but someone has dirt on the Prez, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Bill Pryor keeps saying "that's not me in the photo." Well, judge, you know what they say about evidence. Turn over photos of yourself from the college years and prove it. If Mr. Pryor wants this issue to go away, that would be the best way to do it.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say one word to you . . . just one word.

Are you listening?


Anonymous said...

Andrew Kreig rocks!

Anonymous said...

I guess the message is "Southerners are suckers." Sad to say, that's probably right.

Anonymous said...

One of the great comments of all time, @5:36. I read it early this a.m., and I still LOL every time I go back to read it.

Anonymous said...

Awesome reference to "The Graduate," @9:15. One of my all-time favorite movies.

Anonymous said...

I find the strabismus angle on this fascinating. I have a family member who has struggled with it all of his life. It's a very difficult condition, emotionally. And it can be tough, physically. A close view of the two photos show that both young Pryor and adult Pryor have strabismus. No doubt in my mind about that.

Anonymous said...

As bad as the political culture is in the South, We are not alone. I suspect the culture in places like Kansas, Oklahoma and Montana isn't much better.

Anonymous said...

We can thank Jerry Falwell for this. He's the one who started the push to tie religion to right-wing politics. Many Republicans embraced this, but many of them aren't people of serious faith, as their private lives show.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if fighting strabismus warped Bill Pryor emotionally. Kids with strabismus often are the targets of teasing and bullying. Did an experience like that help turn Bill Pryor into a vicious little prick?

Anonymous said...

John Kohn Kerry was a YOUNG REPUBLICAN and SKULL & BONES 'MAN' at "YALE".

IVY LEAGUES were the first to be in the MKULTRA program.

Not difficult to see the Kohn Kerry connection in how this game rigged USA has been.

Lots of bent with beards to fool the people into thinking that the natural isn't artificial.

PRYOR is one of so many and the real scary closet to yet be opened for US to know the whole sordid dirty low down,

TRANSGENDERS are underneath many of the robes, and this is what we must face sooner or later and what an ugly 'tunnel shot!'

Anonymous said...

The doo doo is stacking up around Billy's ankles. You can fool the people for a while, Billy, but not forever.

Anonymous said...

No sovereign nation behaves as though a cesspool of degenerates.

It is the problem of every American to get, sovereign.

The courts stole from US the right to be able to talk.

We can't talk because we are told we're not sovereign.

Simply, we have to get the spark to learn how to speak the language of our 'law' brainwashed into 'Orwellian'.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:51 AM, Expanding further on Sessions/Pryor's need to have publicly and expensively launched investigation into Jim Folsom's business affairs labeled corruption then quietly dropping Sessions becoming Senator 1996, James appointing Pryor AG 1997 starting almost immediately an investigation into Siegelman's history. James' beliefs could have outed Siegelman, thus having governor, lt. governor, and a.g.; all republicans in offices, or something like that...

But with Pryor as state's Attorney General, according to the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission
when involving allegations of "elections crimes" it is encumbered upon his office to resolve complaint and prosecute, period! Several are the specific violations addressed regarding the final count totals, final inspections totals, and final delivery totals among the many which appears was applicable involving Siegelman's denial of being elected governor in 2002;

due in part result of Pryor's patterns' and practices' bias'. But at that particular time, with whom drum's beat was he in lockstep march with designed to persecute Siegelman?

Was it going be same as had been with AG appointment, with federal judge appointment?

Was that part of Karl-oska Rove-oloski's promise if Pryor does as he's told?

And finally what about Folsom's criminal corruption case that had originated with Alabama Attorney General Jeff Sessions and U.S. Attorney Redding Pitt; point is, why did they drop all charges and not pursue prosecuting Folsom for corruption when upon Siegelman having served one term, seeking re-election same happened to him, and they, this time Pryor, then U,S. Attorneys Canary/Franklin, stayed on Siegelman until they convicted him; like a gnat on flypaper.

This may very well be some additional mischief that Pryor was telling the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Committee examples about.

But they, Sessions, Pryor, King, Riley, and Strange, and now Baxley have to be concerned when their ultimate shoe will come about; but beforehand Pryor will cause to have other's shoes dropping already.

Who and when said, and why the occasion: "Executive privilege, poppycock; they're not noblemen or knights, if they don't appear I'll have them locked up".

Anonymous said...

Memo to Andrew Kreig:

Your information about the "Hairy Bear Club" has officially caused me to lose my lunch.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Mr. Kreig's reference to the "brazen skill set" that allows one to be a lying and conniving slime ball on the one hand and a successful politician on the other. Very well put.

Anonymous said...

From U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing's Transcript; For Approval Of Nomination Bill Pryor To 11th Federal Circuit.

To Senator Jeff Sessions
Re: Bill Pryor 11th Circuit

via fax 202-224-3149
First Class-Jeff Sessions

From Bill Baxley

"As a lawyer with a diverse practice in Alabama--I have a better basis than most for gauging his character, fitness, and ability.

He courageously takes positions dedicated by his conscious and does so based upon a truly intellectual sense of right and wrong.

He has never, to my knowledge, bowed to any pressure from constitutes or special interest groups. In every difficult decision he has made, his actions were supported by his interpretation of the law, without race, gender, age, potential power, wealth, community standing, or any other competing interest affecting his judgment.

This is a rare accomplishment, and the core reason for this, my highest and best recommendation. Impeccable, Integrity, these qualities in abundance".

Baxley, Sessions, and Pryor, all three knew better, yet arrogantly submitted for the record before senate judiciary; that's representative of we don't give a
sh-- if it's not the truths type
brazen attitudes.

Oh Ohhh Oh Yes, I'm {was} the great pretender;

Buttt it'sss {wasn't} onlyyy make believeee;

Suspicious, suspicious mindsss;

You had your way, now you must pay, who's sorry now;

I go out walking after midnight;

Raindrops are falling on my head;

People see {saw} us {me} everywhere;

I fought the law, and the law won;

It's a rainy night in Georgia;

e.a.f. said...

Absolutely an amazing column. It is truly time for those of us in North America to wake up to what is happening.

What makes this reading so interesting is the linkages that become apparent.

Looking forward to purchasing the book.

Anonymous said...

warm moist ready made breeding spot for many procreated thoughts, ideas, ideologies and some sane moments?

southern comfort nights filling skies fire flies shadow flights, spinning - weaving, webs woven,

deceit amongst the brainless impulse driven for short moments seeming job done !?

the scientists in our future are certainly secure in jobs figuring out the project usa!

Anonymous said...

"Now what we have heara, is a failure to communicate".

MURPH! Baxley having been an elected official, namely an Attorney General, wouldn't his official office's records/files be public information, same as Pryor's?

Available to public, why not you; if not, why not discoverable in court of law, he he he he.....

Well, going un-noticed, un-reported another shoe did drop today because of Pryor; no, not one being household common knowledge, nevertheless another building block falls into place.

Recently blogged here, paraphrasing, we the people have the rights to shrug of bad government for a new government when the people have endured a train of abuses.

Fox News Strategist said Monday evening; that the public's low opinions of government has reached such a never before known of low, that it appears ripe for the people to re-take over their government; they're disgusted.