Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Does The Curious Timing Of Lawsuit Threats Say About Motives Of Jessica Garrison, Bill Baxley?

Jessica Medeiros Garrison
We've established that the first of my two communications with Jessica Medeiros Garrison came on July 12, when I sent her an e-mail requesting an interview about her relationship with Attorney General Luther Strange. I gave Garrison more than four days to respond, and I never heard from her, so my first report on her extramarital affair with Strange was published on July 17. 

From that date until August 13, I published six posts about the affair, and I never heard from Garrison or her attorney, Bill Baxley.

My second e-mail to Jessica Garrison was sent at 1:50 p.m. on August 14 and included questions about two issues that have little, if anything, to do with Luther Strange. One issue was her purchase of a house that was appraised for almost $440,000 in the Crestline section of Mountain Brook. The other involved her business relationship with a man named Erik Davis Harp, who was indicted in 2009 as one of two kingpins in an illegal gambling ring based in Panama. According to published reports, leaders of the ring had ties to the Gambino and Genovese crimes families.

Here are the full contents of my second e-mail to Jessica Garrison:

Ms. Garrison:
I am a journalist in Birmingham, reporting on justice/legal issues at a number of Web sites, including the blog Legal Schnauzer. I have been reporting about your relationship with Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange and would like to ask you a few questions for upcoming related articles:
(1) A document from your custody case, dated 5/23/12, states that you had a new address of 119 Main Street, Mountain Brook. Another public document shows that the property was sold at "public outcry" on two different dates, 6/12/12 and 7/20/12.
A. How could you have this new address in May when the property wasn't sold to you at public auction until June and July?
B. Was there really a public auction, where the property was available for open bids, or was the house somehow cherry picked for you? If so, who assisted in this matter, and why?
(2) Public records indicate you've had a business relationship with a man named Erik Davis Harp, formerly of Tuscaloosa. Published reports show that Mr. Harp was indicted for helping to run an illegal offshore gambling operation, based in Panama. Published reports further state that the operation had connections to the Gambino and Genovese crime families.
A. What was the nature of your business relationship with Mr. Harp? Is that relationship ongoing?
B. Given your public statements against gambling, and considering Luther Strange's strong opposition to gambling, how could you be connected to a gambling king pin with ties to major criminal factions?
I ask that you respond to this request by 5 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 16.

Thank you,

Roger Shuler
(205) 991-7438

Once again, I gave Garrison ample time--more than two full days--to respond. Once again, she failed to respond. But this time, I did hear from her lawyer, Bill Baxley, alleging that my reporting was false and defamatory and that I was engaging in criminal conduct (harassing communications) against his client. 

Let's briefly review what we know at this point: I published six posts about the Jessica Garrison/Luther Strange affair, over a period of one month, and I never heard a word of complaint from Ms. Garrison. I sent her an e-mail on August 14, focusing on two subjects: (1) Her purchase of a pricey house in Mountain Brook; (2) Her business relationship with a man who had been indicted in an international gambling probe.

Two days later, Bill Baxley dashes off a letter to me, threatening a lawsuit. Baxley's letter claims my reports about the Garrison/Strange affair are false and defamatory, and he demands a retraction.

The timing of all this, however, suggests Jessica Garrison's real concern is about something else altogether. And we see evidence that Bill Baxley shares that unspoken concern.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

You may have found a smoking gun here.

Anonymous said...;0x89Ix4z5VG@&-=M]m


The information below is for non-commercial use by visitors to this Web site.

Name: Mrs. Jessica Lynn Medeiros Garrison
Firm: Balch & Bingham, LLP
Address: PO Box 306

Birmingham, AL 35201-0306
Phone: (205) 226-3429
Fax: (205) 488-5669
Date Admitted: April 27, 2001
Law School: Alabama, University of

Legal Schnauzer, the BAR has a form for complaining about lawyers in Alabama?

Have you interviewed those that supposedly operate the BAR about this matter, yet?

The lady in white oh so perfectly fashionably southern gal whitey skin and dress to match. Big belt buckle to be also noticed for Big Belt Buckle Tribe and legal tribe too, to noticeably be noticed.

You've been noticed LS!

Use your nose to smell the stink.

Oh you do!

Notice the BAR says non-commercial use. Don't sell the info provided here to the public. The BAR sees visitors to the website as able to be there at the BAR site, but the public or visitor isn't part of that very apartheid pyramid level guild of mostly liars, cheaters, thieves, murderers, psychopaths, sociopaths, pedophiles and name a criminal behavior the so called profession of law does not attract.

Religion is the other guild that has the other faction power heads of state and you have so much material to work with.

Government, lawyers, governors, attorneys general, et al.

Where did the mob get started here in USA ...

Me thinks you think like a prosecuting attorney, too. Excellent and brilliant and very fortunate for Alabama.

Anonymous said...

“The WTO was not created as some dark cabal of multinationals secretly cooking plots against the people... We don’t have cigar-smoking, rich, crazy bankers negotiating.”

Then I showed him the memo.

It begins with Larry Summers’ flunky, Timothy Geithner, reminding his boss to call the Bank bigshots to order their lobbyist armies to march:

“As we enter the end-game of the WTO financial services negotiations, I believe it would be a good idea for you to touch base with the CEOs…”

End-Game, you LS indeed have investigated this and the State of Alabama can't possibly be connected to the top criminals in the land, Tim Geithner protege of Henry Kissinger.

Do these people all behave as though they're 'chosen'.

Looks like Alabama is the model that has been well planned.

Of course this is America?

Greg Palast investigative reporter got the End-Game Memo, and he has been no doubt unpopular in a few circles too - just like you.

Must be careful about the packs of wild dogs and feral cats. Also watch the toxic-shocked-ego-humans.

m.p. said...

Lord have mercy...always trying to make something "curious". Once you have convinced yourself of a conspiracy you can not look at things except with that presumption. It seems to me that the timing makes sense. You started posting about her and less than a month later her lawyer begins contacting you. What's odd about that?

Believe it or not, I bet that Ms. Garrison is like most normal people and did not/would not know what to do when some random blogger starts posting anonymous rumors that she had an affair with her boss. Most likely, she hoped that you would just "go away" on your own. Instead you kept posting, and by sending her the second email, made it clear you were not going to leave her alone. You got a letter from her attorney two days later. Sounds about right to me - no wizard behind the curtain, no "curious" timing.

Unknown said...

The Federal Reserve 'Bank' in Boston put out a comic book, one in the 1980s and then a redo of the bad work in 2007.

Unbelievable programming by a Central Bank about COLOR.

[homosexuality explosion?!]

Kuhns or the Loebs went from the South to New York. The family had failed in business so hung out a shingle in the south as a lawyer, before hanging out the barrister shingle in the big city. First big depression the Kuhns Loebs were part of, they benefited but of course.

Banking and banking law. The business of fraudulent selling of 'money'.

google images Metzitzah b'peh and there are more books and other highly insightful knowledge about how we can heal our society.

Legal Schnauzer took us through the spatula visual and other soiled thoughts of towels which still remain in my memory bank and I've a very visual brain.

We can embrace reality wholly or we can continue to be in a cesspool sold as the Ritz.

Garrison and her ilk are sick. They should all be retired and put into healing centers to be in a long recovery program, just like the politics of Jewry Zionist Kuhn Loeb tribe with far too many represented in every nook and cranny of what we call upper government paying lower gov.

Corrupt from the top to the bottom.

We need to revisit 9-1-1, and the ADL's First Amendment gag on US since Little Mary Phagan was murdered there in Alabama by Leo Frank the stink.

Thank you LS for your genius, proves the true American spirit is the backbone in entrepreneur.

Or say the proletariat [worker, commoner] is the power of the people from the beginning of time as history does tell.

Karl Marx wrote always about the proletariat and how the worker should not be subservient to the 'Vanguard'. Hmmm you have also written about the Vanguard. Called them the Slobs in Vienna, Freud did. In US the Blob is how Jeff Connaughton says these criminals refer to themselves. His book is 'The Payoff, Why Wall Street Always Wins'.

The Jewry Politics Old Testament Biblical is so toxic shame patriarchy heinously cruel and the court system is this model. Then brainwash the population like Garrison and others and we have a long road to get back home into a liveable reality. Israel has been the only 'state' to cui buono in the Holy War On Terror To Never End In Our Lifetimes. In a word, huh?

The real truth here at LS, gets we the humans to begin connecting again in the honesty of enlightened reasoning.

Goya did a wonderful etching about the 'Reason Escaping'.

Far more than just a worker, a spiritual healer may be a profession that can never be actually defined, well we can watch the truth let go here say bark and howl, Saint Murph.

Anonymous said...

The Truth Is Like A Lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose it will defend itself. St. Augustine.

Re: antisemitic discussion a most important American society yoke.

Antisemitism is key to why America is in an apartheid, and in fact reality is, genocide also defines US in Agenda 21.

Look at the freaks of nature in charge calling themselves our government - Jessica Garrison and all the 'people' she claims as 'family, friends, colleagues, working relationships and clandestine ones too'.

The Federal Reserve System became a very powerful force in the US, it began when the Anglo-Saxons from the Banks of Europe came and the invasions began, very early.

We are occupied by criminals and the criminals hire criminals and force the people to be slaves to a criminal system.

Through the criminal Fed's fraudulent money system which is indeed the so called courts; and, that was what September 11, 2001, was also predominantly about.

It is our 'money'. Money isn't but, digits. But, we're forced in a criminal RICO monopoly to BUY our money! We buy credit and pay compound usury interest which is debt slavery and in violation of so many laws. Life should not be an exorbitant cost for some and then for the Garrison gang the homes are part of the bonus program?!

Anonymous said...

This tells me that Baxley and Garrison have improper motives, the kind that probably could get them disbarred if we had a real legal watchdog organization.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this is a smoking gun, @6:22. No doubt Mr. Baxley and Ms. Garrison didn't want the public to know about this.

Anonymous said...

I've suspected for several days that you are brain dead, m.p. Now, you have provided proof. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that "m.p." stands for Marie Prat, the Associated Press reporter who carried on an extramarital affair with Bill Baxley many years ago--and then became his wife? If so, no wonder "m.p." is uncomfortable with the LS reporting on Jessica/Luther affair.

Anonymous said...

Lord Have Mercy.

Did you notice her former partner's penis nose? Should the Lord have mercy on his shameful behavior for children to witness?

Did you notice the Strange way our so called government behaves, getting houses in this time of foreclosure fraud, lots of those that are connected to the mob do.

Maybe the Lord should have Mercy on you not being curious enough and learning the blog is our only source of mercy from the Lord in the century we're experiencing right now.

The mob robbed US and the robed tyrants that gavel crimes galore are in bed with the so called government robber baron racketeers, Lord Have Mercy!

Investigating journalists are killed in times of Hitler, Stalin and these too, and the not curious like you, are hysterical about the Lord's Mercy while children are being raped and only the Legal Schnauzer has the curiosity and the courage to get real prayers answered. Letting the Lord's Mercy loose for all to pray like the Angels for curiosity to get as meaningful as digital dust that Jessica and the gang of so called government worships too much.

Lord save US from ignorance and the unimaginative, save us from the easily programmed and fooled therefore, and Lord please forgive the, and save us from the, more special (blubbering protoplasm) needing to be more better than the ordinary people who are the meek - this is the merciful prayer for USA, Oh Dear Lord God Almighty.

Anonymous said...

Seems pretty clear to me: JMG's legal threats aren't about your reporting on her affair with Big Luther. They are about your research on her house deal and/or her ties to gambling big wheel Erik Davis Harp.

Not real complicated, although it's apparently too complicated for "m.p."

ttowntruthseeker said...

Gambling...I declare, what will come next? I feel I shall swoon...

Anonymous said...

LS, you really need to ban m.p. I've got stumps in my front yard that are smarter than this person. To borrow m.p.'s phrase . . . "Lord have mercy," how dense!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that JMG's ties to a gambling kingpin are her main concern. And who knows, Baxley also is rather famed for his exploits in Vegas. Maybe the Erik Davis Harp story makes him nervous, too, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I hear the chances of finding Jessica Garrison actually working at Balch Bingham are slim and none.

Oops, I guess that is going to get me sued by Bill Baxley.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your second e-mail touched a nerve with young Jessica. I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at m.p.'s notions about Jessica's innocence regarding matters of the media. Last time I checked, Jessica has been a lawyer with at least two major firms, she is an official with RAGA, and was campaign manager for a statewide political campaign. She has stated publicly that her goal is to reach the White House.

Jessica G is not a babe in the woods. She should know how to deal with the press, and she should have known Legal Schnauzer was not "some random blogger." A simple Google search would have told her that.

Our friend m.p. apparently thinks Jessica G is as dense as m.p. is. I doubt that. Jessica G knew LS was reporting on serious matters and was likely to ask questions for which she did not have answers.

Truthseeker said...

I think that the Panama gambling guys have paid certain lawmakers in this town, Birmingham, Al, where almost anyone can be bought. The reason for giving them money? Of course to keep legalized gambling and bingo out of the hands of the moneyed people who play poker, bets etc. with the Panama gambling ring.
So would we assume, could we assume that Jessica Garrison and her ex husband as well as Luther Strange et al have taken money from Erik Harp who has strong ties to the moneyed in Jasper and Bham and Mtn. Brook as his father was a famous doctor here in Jasper before he retired to Panama City Florida....Wonder if the gambling set up was called Panama simply after Panama City, florida? So, in other words, shoot a few million our way guys and we will keep your fine alabama patrons coming at ya...was that the way it worked Jessica?

legalschnauzer said...


You raise some profound points. Keep in mind that Erik Harp's little gambling operation generated $20 million A MONTH. Imagine if just a little of that found it's way back to Alabama for nefarious purposes, such as attacking legalized gambling and bingo in our state--buying off Luther, Bob Riley, Mike Hubbard, and God knows who else.

I had not considered these possibilities, so thanks for raising them here.

I have heard, from a trusted source, that my reporting on Mr. Harp was likely to make Paul Bryant Jr. quite displeased. Not sure why. Perhaps Bryant has ties to Mr. Harp and his offshore operation?

If that's the case, it would mean the head of the UA Board of Trustees has ties to the Gambino and Genovese crime families. That makes The Machine seem minor league in comparison. No wonder the campus mafia controls Tuscaloosa. Maybe the Mob itself controls the university, or at least its No. 1 trustee.

My source referred to this as "the PACE story," but I'm not sure why. I believe my source is concerned about safety issues and didn't want to go into it. In fact, my source said I might need to invest in a "bullet-proof vest" if I pursue the Harp story.

Anyone know what PACE might mean in relation to the Erik Harp gambling story?

David in S. Alabama said...

Ole Bill Baxley went to Law school back in the 60s (many bottles of Jack Daniels go) and may have not read the following section of the de of Alabama. Funny how it doesn't mention emails.

Section 13A-11-8(b)(1) HARASSING COMMUNICATIONS. A person commits the crime of harassing communications if, with intent to harass or alarm another person, he or she does any of the following:
a. Communicates with a person, anonymously or otherwise, by telephone, telegraph, mail, or any other form of written or electronic communication, in a manner likely to harass or cause alarm.
b. Makes a telephone call, whether or not a conversation ensues, with no purpose of legitimate communication.
c. Telephones another person and addresses to or about such other person any lewd or obscene words or language.
Nothing in this section shall apply to legitimate business telephone communications.

Anonymous said...

LS, you really got a warning about the need for a bullet-proof vest if you reported on the Erik Harp story?

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, I'm not joking about that--and I don't think my source was joking either. This came from a friend, someone for whom I have a lot of respect, very knowledgeable. This came before any of my posts appeared about Erik Davis Harp.

ttowntruthseeker said...

Truthseeker, that was darn interesting. A friend of mine had a father who was the head bookie in Bessemer. He used the one of the Pizitz family homes for his second wedding.

Anonymous said...

God, if Erik Harp has ties to Jasper, that makes this story even more interesting. Jasper is one of the sleaziest hellholes on earth. Anyone remember the Carrie Lawson murder? Anyone know about the dirty Drummond family?

Anyone hear about what happened to lawyer Garve Ivy recently because he apparently displeased someone? I hear someone used ole Garve's rectal cavity for a most unpleasant purpose--one for which it definitely was not designed. Ole Garve will be feeling the after effects for quite some time.

That's classic Jasper, AL

Anonymous said...

Spot on legal analysis, David in S. Alabama. No way that an email could be a form of written or electronic communication, right? Whatever your thoughts about whether LS was harassing Garrison, a person can definitely harass another person through email.

legalschnauzer said...

For the record, I agree with @10:31 on this. I feel certain the term "electronic communication" includes e-mail. Baxley is wildly off track not because I communicated via e-mail but because I clearly had no intent to harass or alarm JMG, and my request was a legitimate business communications. Baxley isn't stupid enough to actually believe this even approaches harassing communications.

Anonymous said...

Let's cut to the chase: Bill Baxley is a sack of feces, and he has been for decades. Jessica Garrison makes herself look like a joke by hiring this guy. If you have a serious legal case, you don't hire a proven drunk and cheat to bring it. Jessica would be wise to ask the court to dismiss her lawsuit and let it die the slow death it deserves.

Anonymous said...

MP??? Maybe stands for Miss Priss? I think i like the anon commenter's theory on Marie Pratt too though.

Anonymous said...

Ive been wondering when the AL political mafioso connection would come out. Been hearing about this for years. And the circles its talked about in are slow to reveal it, politically thick and intimidated by it. I think you have stumbled on the big one here LS and your source wouldnt warn you for no reason. Ive been hearing for years that political and financial interests in Alabama are run by la cosa nostra. Just never thought little innocent one clad in white would bring it to the attention of the public. You cant have an interest in gambling (as with all other criminal activity i.e.; porn, calling cards, child trafficking, drugs, vending machines but especially gambling) with being connected with the wise guys!

Anonymous said...

LS, you need to write a post about the "bullet-proof vest" warning you received. That needs to see the light of day. You say this came from a friend, and the friend, in your view, was not joking? That makes it even more important to report about this.

legalschnauzer said...

I need to double-check my notes on this, but I believe my source was quoting a lawyer about the "bullet-proof vest." I had told the source about my plans to write about Erik Davis Harp and his ties to Jessica and Lee Garrison, and I believe the source ran that by a lawyer in Montgomery. The lawyer's response, as I understand it, was along the lines of, "Well, he's going to need a bullet-proof vest."

It was the lawyer, I believe, who referred to the whole offshore-gambling story as PACE, and made a reference that it involved Paul Bryant Jr.

I still don't know what PACE means.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Nick Saban's Crimson Tide football empire is fueled by proceeds from offshore betting?

Maybe PACE stands for Panama Alabama Crimson Empire (PACE).

legalschnauzer said...

I wouldn't rule that out, @11:31.

Anonymous said...

As previous commenters have illuded to, JMG wasnot wise to hire Baxley. Maybe he was recommended. If so someone definitely played a trick on her. Id guess it was to draw attention away from what you are reporting on. Imagine that? Philanderers running in the same circles. If so its worked some what seeing as the center of interest is now placed on Baxley and Jessica's character lately more than the real visceral subject matter she's leading us to. Keep sniffing Schauzer and stay safe. Little Jessica is meaningless in the broader scheme and she knows it. If she cant get better than Baxley then she's s.o.l. Looks like someone just got tired of her whining.

Anonymous said...

You keep referring to "lawsuit threats," but this is more than a threat, right? You've actually been sued.

Anonymous said...

For a moment if all these blog's energies were to be united as one voice promoting "Incorruptible Alabama" via Murph the qualified national recognition and power deserving to be heard in an official forum.

For an example, what if, when those fighting for independence from England to establish this our nation; all soldiers individually had been running around picking and choosing who and when to fight in what battles, or himself alone would they have succeeded in obtaining the Declaration of Independence?

Obviously not! Because the British were regimented and organized, even banded together it was challenging for the Americans, but quest for equality, rights, and freedoms prevailed; outlined within framework of nation's Constitution, there has not been any media mentioning of the Constitution being ridden of, amended to encourage violations of same by those charged with the trust of protecting and defending the people's house[s].

Someone this, someone that, has anyone ever took time to research beyond "kiss my ass" Baxley's HISTORY other than for drinking, gambling.

Start with, when he was first appointed as a Alabama DA, not elected, also as the youngest
District Attorney ever. Follow his career time line from Law School
graduation 1964 forward.

Why Alabama politicians don't fear exposure, the "Machine" without being greased, the powerful brought down; because THE LITTLE PEOPLE first, have never had finances to take them to court, organized to do so, factually not organized to do anything except not vote, when could, to remove the corruptors and crooks out of office.

Why is it so difficult for Alabamians not to rise above being taken advantage of by those who seek to prey upon them?

Somewhere along the way I believe it was heard being said, "that it's better to have tried and failed, than to have not tried at all". Give'em hell and high water,

legalschnauzer said...

Well, I haven't been served, @1:30, so I don't know if I've been sued or not. At this moment, it's still a threat, as far as I'm concerned.

If you read Rules 3 and 4 of the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure, a "civil action is commenced" when a complaint is filed with the court. Has that happened in this instance? I don't know. But my understanding is that the filing of a complaint does not mean a lawsuit has commenced. It essentially gets things rolling with the clerk's office.

For the court to have jurisdiction and move forward, defendants must be served. I assume that will happen at some point--if, in fact, Ms. Garrison has filed a complaint and intends to pursue it. But it hasn't happened yet, and I can report that with certainty. Either way, I'm not worried about it.

I haven't seen any complaint, but I have seen powerful evidence that it is bogus, filed for improper reasons that could lead to serious professional problems for Ms. Garrison and her attorney.

I would say they are treading on thin ice--and they are pretty stupid if they don't know that.

Anonymous said...

No one has commented on this yet, but I'm intrigued by the fact that Jessica G apparently knew she had the foreclosed house in Crestline before the sale even was conducted.

Did I read that correctly? I hope you will be reporting further on this. It makes me wonder if some sort of foreclosure fraud, mortgage fraud or other real-estate scam was involved in this, to give Jessica a residence that supposedly is within 60 miles of Tuscaloosa.

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, I will be reporting much more on that subject.

Anonymous said...


Is the compliant hyperlinked in this article not proof that Ms. Garrison has filed a lawsuit?

Or is this some sort of scare tactic?

legalschnauzer said...

Here is some breaking news for you, @1:54:

(a) I read the Alabama Political Reporter only sporadically and have not seen the article you reference.

(b) People are not served with a civil complaint, launching a lawsuit, because someone writes an article with a link in the Alabama Political Reporter.

(c) The Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure set out the guidelines for proper service. If I'm a defendant in such a case, I haven't been served, so the court has no jurisdiction over me at this moment.

(d) Bill Baxley and Jessica Garrison both have law degrees, so I assume they know how to complete process. Perhaps they have done it with any other defendants. But they haven't done it with me. As to why, you would have to ask them. Is all of this meant to be a scare tactic? You would have to direct that question to them, also.

If scaring me was their goal, it isn't working.

Bottom line: If Jessica Garrison was stupid enough to file a civil action against me, I probably will be served with it at some point--and that's okey dokey with me. In fact, I kind of look forward to it.

But until that happens, any filing is just a document in the clerk's office.

Anonymous said...

Here is the document I was referring to below. Filed in Jefferson County Court.

legalschnauzer said...

You can send me 887 links, @2:08, but you still don't seem to get it. I'm not denying that Jessica Garrison has filed some sort of complaint in the Jefferson County clerk's office, and maybe someone at APR has run it and linked to it. I haven't seen it, so I can't say one way or another.

But for a lawsuit to take flight and actually mean something within a court's jurisdiction, the defendants have to be served. That's the responsibility of the complainant and her attorney.

If I'm a defendant, I haven't been served--as of this moment. That's all I'm trying to tell you.

I might be served tomorrow, the next day, or 10 weeks from now--I don't know. But it hasn't happened yet, no matter how many links you send me.

Anonymous said...

You may not have been served, but the suit has still been filed and you've still been named as a defendant. Until you ARE served you're not required to answer the complaint, but you're still a defendant. Lack of service is a reason for dismissing a lawsuit against a defendant, but pretending that you haven't been sued just because you haven't been served is yet another misreading of the law. I think it's odd that you'll report anonymously-sourced accusations of extramarital affairs as fact, but decline to do so with respect to verifiably filed lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this helps, LS, but I did a Google search on "PACE and Alabama" and came up with this article about something called Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). Looks like it has something to do with Medicare or Medicaid.

Don't know how this could relate to a gambling ring in Panama, but thought I would share . . .

"Mercy LIFE is a PACE program, Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. It is a unique program providing a full spectrum of health care services, from primary to acute to long-term care for frail elderly individuals who are certified to require nursing home care. PACE programs are centered on the belief that it is better for the well-being of seniors with chronic care needs and their families to be served in the community whenever possible."

Anonymous said...

The PACE Award is an annual award from Automotive News to celebrate breakthrough technology features produced by automotive suppliers.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for sharing about PACE medical program, @2:41. Who knows, you might be onto something. Erik Harp's late father, Richard Davis Harp, was a doctor in Jasper. Don't know how that might tie into Panama gaming, but Harp family does have strong ties to medical field.

Anonymous said...

PACE may stand for "Packets of Accelerated Christian Education," a series of workbooks on which the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum is based.

legalschnauzer said...

You know, @2:32, I've tried being patient with you, and I've treated you with more kindness than you deserve. But I will be blunt now: You are dumb as dirt.

Try reading the following from one of many online legal dictionaries:

"Process is the general term for the legal document by which a lawsuit is started and the court asserts its jurisdiction over the parties and the controversy. In modern U.S. law, process is usually a summons. A summons is a paper that tells a defendant that he is being sued in a specific court that the plaintiff believes has jurisdiction."

A lawsuit starts with the service of process, in the form of a summons. It's a fact that hasn't happened with me, so there is no lawsuit. Maybe Jessica Garrison has filed a document with the clerk's office, and maybe she's shelled out money for a filing fee, and maybe she's shelled out more money to hire Bill Baxley . . . but until I have been lawfully served with a summons, there's no lawsuit. So I'm not pretending anything, contrary to your smart-alecky comment.

There could be 50 complaints against me at the Jefferson County Courthouse, but until I'm served with them, the court has no jurisdiction over me or the complainants--and that means nothing much has happened.

That's the law, although I'm sure you will make an effort to claim the law says something that it doesn't say.

Don't know why you persist on visiting this blog because you are seem incapable of grasping the matters presented here. Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough already?

No wonder you hide behind "anonymous." I would too if I were as dense as you are.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are new to this blog, @2:32, but LS has reported on numerous verifiable lawsuits where the parties have been served, and the case actually has begun.

Your statements about LS's reporting being "odd"--especially when you took him to task earlier over use of the word "curious"--makes you come across as both a twit and a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Legal, I think you have me confused with @2:32. I post @1:54 and @2:08 but @2:32 was not me. I only posted @1:54 and @2:08 only because after reading your earlier comments about not seeing the complaint I was not sure if you had seen the report. I was not trying to make any point other than providing you with a link to the compliant that I thought you may be interested in. You seem to take offense at my posting for that I am sorry. But no offense was intended. And I am not dumb as dirt.

Anonymous said...

After reading the above link LS, it made what youve been reporting seem definitly true! Why else would someone hire such a thin skinned young person to run their campaign? She's obviously not bright.

Whats so ridiculous about this situation is that you were not the only journalist to write about this subject. Why are those others not named too? Didnt someone from Mongomery newspaper write about it? Its not making them look good that Ricky Stokes was reporting on it and then seems to have been scared away and THEN turned on you! This affair between Strange and Garrison was obviously no secret prior to your reporting. People obviously knew about it for a while and as with many in politics, they got away with it for some time. This could be their way of trying to continue getting away with an affair by railroading you.

Ive heard people that would know whether its true or not say its true! This lawsuit, if it progresses is going to make Luther lose a lot of votes! True or not, it make all of them look pathetic. Its clear that they do not respect our Constitution. An Attorney General going after a journalist or rather letting his "head aide" do so, is only making himself look guilty more so! An innocent person would not use the corrupt system that they are or in the past have been involved in corrupting, to violate our Constitution for which they took an oath to uphold. They are opening a can of worms at a time when a conservative voting base in AL is already fed up with them anyway! Ive been a conservative my entire life and i dont know many who are still standing behind the Republican Neocons of AL. This will make it worse for them. After reading that joke of a case filing, Luther lost any chance of me voting for him and i plan to share share this with MANY people in several areas throughout AL. If Luther was smart, he would stop letting Ms Garrison destroy his career! She seems like a loose cannon that needs her barrel plugged!

legalschnauzer said...

I apologize for getting you confused with someone else, @3:31. It's often hard to tell who is who among multiple "anonymous" tags. I have no problem with you sending the link, but as a possible defendant in a case, I'm not interested in "reading about it in the newspaper." I want to read about it when, and if, I'm served. Until that happens, it's really a non-factor for me.

The way you might report a story as a third party is one thing. The way you report when you might be a party is another. That's why I emphasize the importance of being served with process, according to the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure.

Again, sorry for any confusion, and my "dumb as dirt" reference was not directed at you.

Anonymous said...

Employment requiring moving, or just wanting to re-locate to another state.
If your politically manufactured position duties expect ladder climbing, look no further, or just seeking to hob-knob with politically connected, and/or financially influential community/state leaders, here again, look no further! You are home, welcome to Hypocrisy.
Yes, Hypocrisy, Alabama has it all, our elected/employed officials don't take a backseat to any other city/state's officials.
They take pride in their corruptions; boasting, standing toe to toe with anyone anywhere when it comes to betraying their public's trust.
Having built long standing reputations for going out of their ways to cheat, compromise, undermine, corrupt Alabamian's government. Without missing a stride with a snap of a finger involving any political cover-up an organized cloaking under the guises and ruse of babbling double talking to avoid the LITTLE PEOPLE of the truths. If after reviewing this short message, for additional information how you can become a part of the "screw'em" [little people] society; turn to full detailed page which should answer most, if any, anxiously anticipated lingering thoughts
about moving here.
For Executive corruptions contact Governor Bentley, predecessor of Bob Riley,
For Legislative Corruptions contact Representative Mike Hubbard,
and for Criminal Corruptions contact Attorney General Luther Strange.
Look to see you soon, bring your cash, bonds, securities, golf clubs, evening clothes, all that stuff for politically socializing to get your foot in the door.
If, by chance, you should not be treated with respect and courtesy, due all, do not hesitate to immediately contact a local dog. Although he is commonly known as
one of the "LITTLE PEOPLE" he is tireless in assisting others in need.
Murph's Mavericks.

Anonymous said...

If ever in court, sitting at the defendant table, and when the judge hits his gavel,
lurch backwards with head extended from neck eyes closed as if you had just been shot. This joke would make for immediate court recess.

David in S. Alabama said...

Let me get the story straight on has happened so far. Luther Strange hires hot young lawyer named Jessica Garrison to run his campaign for Attorney General. The Legal Schnauzer writes in his blog about amorous affair between Big Luther and Jessica. She then hires former Attorney General Bill Baxley to write letters to the Legal Schnauzer for libel and harassing communications. Baxley files suit in Jefferson County but can't seem to get his head out of bottle of Jack Daniel long enough to serve the suit on the Legal Schnauzer. Baxley, while serving as Attorney General some two decades earlier, had been caught having amorous affair with hot young AP Reporter named Marie Pratt. Birmingham News writes story with photo of them in front of an apartment building in Montgomery early one morning with Marie Pratt ending an embrace with Baxley and being chauffered away by Alabama State Trooper. Neither Baxley or Marie Pratt never even think of threatening to sue the Birmingham News for libel or harassment. More recently Attorney General Luther Strange's staff obtained indictment against former Senator Lowell Barron and the woman who ran his campaign because he gave her a $55,00 bonus and a car with leftover campaign. Big Luther gave Jessica goodies during and after his campaign plus a house in Mountain Brook. But nobody seeks and indictment against them for doing the same thing that Lowell Barron did. Strange!

Anonymous said...

"... They are opening a can of worms at a time when a conservative voting base in AL is already fed up with them anyway! Ive been a conservative my entire life and i dont know many who are still standing behind the Republican Neocons of AL ...."

A MOST HIGHLY INTELLIGENT COMMENT, thanks mucho for deep trust rising tide again in the southern spirit.

Garrison and the ilk that have usurped the Gov AL are those poor humans that got so screwed in the thinking stuff they would not know what to do with real law.

First real law wouldn't allow this ilk to be in charge of the law, the law belongs to the LITTLE PEOPLE who happen to be all the people all the time.

The Fed pays its criminals to be the most degenerate human beings because the toxic shame then beats their egos into acting like low down puss.


That pesky U.S. Constitution.

And, yes, anons of an army of one? The US Constitution Goddamn Piece of PAPER was used as toilet wipe and, to get the basics back since this shit has been going on for as long as the corruption has been in the USA, AL happening to be not anyplace any human would move to when knowing how reality isn't but a nightmare in every facet of the ilk's stink.

ODD: trouble posting

Unknown said...

Dressed like a mom and angelic from head to foot.

Sweetness personified and the trust which is the sold commodity in all the trades and exchanges, oozing from every pore, Jessica the scholar of the law, southern and republican how much better can the brand be. The secret market needs the most perfect look sold as belle of the ball.

... THE MASTER STRIKES AGAIN… this time tripping up Jewry’s plans to use a bombed-out Syria as a half-way house on their way to blow up Iran.

... While AIPAC led the charge along with fat cat Sheldon Adelson and countless other Jewish organizations to use the US Military to do their dirty work on the sovereign nation of Syria, it was Russia who took the high ground to stop the Jewish rampage.

WHO is Sheldon Adelson? He is the most wealthy man it's said, globally. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he is the old kingpin of gambling USA. LORD have mercy about which criminal runs the American BINGO failure, but certain Sheldon won't lose because he has the China Sands in mainland China so lots of gamblers there to then reinvest in the southern 'leaders'.

THE outrageous dress up criminals make our world their gambling casinos and when they get caught the self righteous sanctimonious hypocrites yowl as though the foul isn't theirs' to be held accountable for.

Grown up Alabama is the world wide webs' gift to the rag tag brand of secret criminal RICO paid from the US LITTLE PEOPLES' pockets and that isn't legal either, just as not noticing the party properly, due process law.

Anonymous said...

Can we please have fewer totally off-topic comments about Jewish conspiracies? The idea that there's a worldwide Jewish conspiracy is as insane as it is offensive, and I'm not sure why LS publishes comments alleging one if he wants to retain his credibility.

Anonymous said...

True, a lot of life time tax payer Republicans have lost confidence and trust in the Alabama Republicans' political party line style of managing their government, and the Declaration of Independence addresses this specific loss of respect by the people, that they should throw off such a government, as a last resort.
Therefore, Murph is probably thinking it's about time us Little People got off our asses and found a strong independent candidate[s]. Why, because regardless the dissatisfaction among the Republicans, many are never going Democrat, therefore giving them an alternative will bring more votes, supposedly, from dissatisfied Alabama Republican Party; but should such a thing happen, the needs for qualified voting places/poll watchers, close of
voting, and final recounting high school math students; last time the adults seemed to be flawed.
Imagine an independent winning a high ranking elected position may cause a run of the board, kicking all of the Republicans out; old Jefferson Davis would sit up and say "Dixie", you LITTLE PEOPLE, and that darn dog too, and his Mavericks.

counting, double checking

Anonymous said...

Why did Garrison not name Bob Marting of tge Montgomery Independent? He reported the same things you did! He even went so far as to report in the Atmore News online that Big Luther may be resigning soon and it looks like he was referring to the cause being the Garrison scandal!

I think its because if they name Martin, word will travel further and faster than just by naming you! Its looking like Baxley really must be a drunk and Garrison is just a narcissistic dumbass!

Unknown said...

Can we please have fewer totally off-topic comments about Jewish conspiracies? The idea that there's a worldwide Jewish conspiracy is as insane as it is offensive, and I'm not sure why LS publishes comments alleging one if he wants to retain his credibility.


You are very good anon 8:52PM.

Tell you what, since LS appears to notice his stats do interesting peaks when the valley girls mostly from Holly Wood, come to say please do not talk about that world Jewry Political Agenda under so many umbrellas.

Name your name anon, do that and then we can discuss the Jewish Agenda Global called the Zionist Congress, 1897, or thereabouts, that set up the United Nations after a fashion and of course there is the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and anyone can GOOGLE whatever is needed to get the information you are 24Carate covering up.

We are on a credit system and all the readers at LEGAL SCHNAUZER have to simply do, is write to these creditors whom are interesting bedfellows it appears, with the Federal Reserve System.

OOOPS THE Fed, owns the Garrisons and the Penis nose hosers and furthermore you are more than likely owned by the owners of digital credit that enslave Americans like Strange and his main squeeze and then the secret government makes certain whatever they've done is DHS chipped someway or another and then look how all the coo coo gov behave.

Blackmail that's what Jimmy Carter and the few told Russia, the USA is under blackmail and guess whom is the hostage taker?

Jewry Politics is why Garrison and Strange behave badly and give the American government a very bad name, it is the Agenda of Ghetto Hell and I HOPE your post gets people to really read now, GILAD ATZMON'S THE WANDERING WHO, and see YOAV SHAMIR'S ON DEFAMATION.

After all without the real knowledge of how we got to where Gov USA got to be a blackmailed body of nucking futters, and who pays the BAR licensed Fed's criminal Roaches In Robes?

The artist on this subject has been very busy, (Roaches In Robes), however there are drafts of what the insects look like, whom make the US CONSPIRACY bug infested UN reality.

Read the book The Wandering Who, Anon and see the film On Defamation and then you can post another post about what reality is, in the USA, GOV - Jewry Politics.

I'm agreeing with LS, got to keep saying the truth so we can get ourselves into the modern idea of what real due process law is.

Yes the local politicians are Rove wannabes and Rove is the turdblossom every little stupid dictator waits for to do their dumbass behavior paid for by the owners' of the Fed who are Jewry Political Zionist Trillionaires because they fool almost all the people almost all the time.


TRIGGER POINTS. What happens when either of these words get used and or said? Immediate shut down in the USA. Think programming.

Those two words are the catalyst for the most important real truths in USA: September 11, 2001, and the occupation of Zionist USA via the pretend 'Chosen' bullshit agenda called Jewry Politics.

Read the book, watch the film, get curious enough to change the ideology that conspiracy isn't real and antisemitism is how the word defines Jewry politics in the totalitarian of words.

Also, PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION, but be ready to be depressed and when you look at the USA, weep for what should have been could have the Americans understood the words conspiracy and antisemitism.

Should not be so transparent anon8:52PM

Unknown said...

And yes of course the whole cart of fruits are decaying stink.


That is what the occupiers of the USA are [Jewry Politics aka Zionist Multi-Trillionaires], they are offshoots of the Hitler agenda of totalitarianism and this isn't a conspiracy nor antisemitism, but it sure does STINK.

And we should all be on point and the topic is what it is unfortunately in every cracked place USA calls GOV:

STINK. This Alabama cesspool of degenerates stinks and the programming Holly Wood Jewry Politics is responsible.

Time for Change since stink has been too long smelling of conspiracies since 9-1-1, but really since 1800s and before the antisemitism word was Orwellian.

Anonymous said...

There's a terrible saying about the south and it goes like this:

Don't wanna think move south.

That lie stinks cause the truth told is Legal Schnauzer not only thinks like all the greats of USA, Mark Twain being one that immediately comes to mind because of the higher intelligent and love of dogs ..

LS also can read, write and Lord Have Mercy he discovers what conspiracies are and uncovers the whole of why a conspiracy is supposed to arouse those who want to think, read, write and definitely love the idea of liberty and of course then, the truth about justice in due process law. That means no word gets other than thoroughly investigated as to what the word says for the human to understand as a being with a brain.

It's what law is, the word army game said by some and by the scholar the word dissection to see what we are doing with our action in the idea of word is a common choice of higher intelligence.

Ideologies are words used as an Orwellian tool.

Ideologies are running earth into the idea of begone.

Why are the words of justice not righting the wrongs to the U.S. Constitution via wordsmith BARs?

That is a conspiracy theory question by the way.

Anonymous said...

Write the right words people
type printed words right almighty alright, speak
words right don't wobble

stumble, fall, trip wires words
all right left hand writes words, too
and also easily types right

words thinking mostly isn't
only right in the head left, balancing
sight might make right words

taking talking heads zombie bodies
stalking nights in flight people can, decide
word armies right wrongs singing

songs words break inside egos
spirits souls toxic shock awe ritualistic, deaths
fulfilling quotas growing procreated protoplasms

separated birth womb tomb verve
life promises no guarantees ass up, elbows
down leaping empty handed void

into crying out loud knees
not enough bowed head circle human, framed
artistry surrendering letting go words

blessings world recipients all words
all ways always make communication cooperate, not
totalitarian word snuffing silent diversity

What is the word definition, money, in reality? World War Z!

111213? ISRAEL FALSE FLAG or did Putin see IT coming and realize IT has to be stopped before IT goes further than IT already has ...

IT? Zionists for lack of better word at this time.


Anonymous said...

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is almost universally recognized a hoax and was cited with approval by (among others) Adolf Hitler.

LS, what is your position on the comments section of your blog being used to spread antisemitic smears? Do you agree that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a reliable source for the existence of a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world? Do you think that such a conspiracy exists?

legalschnauzer said...

I'm fine with readers who use the comment section here to voice opinions about matters of public interest, especially if they have some tie to our general subject matter. Many people of good will debate whether U.S. support of Israel is an overall plus, and quite a few feel our justice system tilts in favor of those who support Israel. Certain commenters here are not alone in having those concerns. They are out there in society at large. That doesn't mean I agree with them, but I have no problem with those who express those views here.

Segments of certain comments here get a little far afield. But other segments in the same comments touch on matters at hand. I can't edit comments--and I don't want to edit comments--so I tend to favor letting the whole thing go, allowing readers to make up their own minds about these issues.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's anything antisemitic about debate over Israel's role in American politics. It's something that's certainly of public concern and there is a vibrant, healthy, and nonbigoted debate over whether and at what point the interests of Israel and America diverge. But that's a far cry from saying that a Jewish cabal controls the world, which is what the commenters are stating. That is the apotheosis of antisemitism, and you're giving it a veneer of legitimacy by categorizing it as just a debate over the role of Israel in America. This is especially true when the commenters make no effort to distinguish between Israel and the Jewish people.

legalschnauzer said...

You asked me a question, and I gave you an answer. If someone comments here about a Jewish cabal, I think reasonable people can see that I don't necessarily agree with that. The truth is, I haven't studied the matter, so I don't know one way or another. But I'm not going to micromanage comments and throw out their entire contents over elements that some might find offensive.

I'm not going to publish a comment that clearly is racist, but I'm not aware of any published comment here that goes into that territory. My feeling is that certain commenters here are critical of actions related to those who support Israel. That might be controversial, but I don't see it as racist or improper.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now this really should piss everyone off!

Back in 2011 Luther the Lover testified before Congress that there were NO reported victims of mortgage lending fraud! Wtf right???

Later, luther jumps on the 25 bil federal mortgage fraud settlement. Alabama was awarded 21.9 - 25 million. Small potatoes considering how screwed over so many in AL were and continue to be! Strange then keeps 19 million of that amount for operations in the AG of and stateside offices! Only 4 mil of the settlement went to victims so it is reported! If that is even true! The number of victims Strange mentioned was disgustingly under told!

Now considering that Strange graced us with his presence from BABC, who assisted Regions in screwing over SO many here in AL and elsewhere, i find it hard to believe that back in 2011 Strange had heard of no such fraud reported in AL! Was not Jessica's Crestline home purchased (for NOTHING) before that?

LS have you reported on this and i just missed it because I'm sure i 'd remember! And Jessica, thank you for your lack of lady like and professional self control. I probably would not have come across this and other important info had you exercised such adult like behavior.

I am completely repulsed by this and the many other things i know about their crooked dealings. LS, if this crazy b-tch keeps coming after you, i have more to share about AG office and fraud! It would shine an even brighter light on JMG, Strange and OAG!

Luther, do all of AL a favor and resign! You are by far the worst yet and considering past AG's that is pretty bad!

legalschnauzer said...

No, I haven't reported on Luther Strange and the mortgage fraud issues. Need to look at that, and thanks for bringing to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon. This is the "can of worms" anon. I like to to think though that these pieces of trash are the "little people". They were before they hijacked our state and they will be again!

Unknown said...

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is almost universally recognized a hoax and was cited with approval by (among others) Adolf Hitler.

LS, what is your position on the comments section of your blog being used to spread antisemitic smears? Do you agree that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a reliable source for the existence of a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world? Do you think that such a conspiracy exists?


No discourse except what is allowed and where did this militant stand arrive from?

The question is not a Jewish Cabal running the world. No, the Jews have been more than all, used.

It is sad the Jewish people were sold that they were the ultimate in 'culture' when this could not be further from the truth when studying how Metzitzah b'peh was not anymore, but the Zionists that were and are paedophiles resurrected the religious hoax to yolk the jews tell them they were more chosen and presto the state of Israel got to be and now the state of Israel gets to have whatever and America pays.

America pays the Israel state to exist and as Gilad Atzmon says they have the Rothschilds' money because that's actually owners of London and Israel.

Jewry Political simply means those that buy into the stupid ideology that religion is real, start with this and then add all the jews that like to get more money than earth could ever really be able to provide in the gold standard hoax, and the 'professions' of governments at the highest levels, banking and of course the MORTGAGE FRAUD. Now how did this get a pass in Alabama? Federal Reserve System is truly Jewry Zionist Political and owned by the most vile in the world. Pretend Jews but, use this to get the holocaust money for a long time.

Come on the Protocols of Zion were acted on by famous actors in Egypt where it was absolutely against the law to speak of that there, just as here. When the Egyptians saw in the Shakespeare play as true actors on the script, well the Protocols they noticed were indeed a living Ghetto Hell here just like it was supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

The court file shows that they are attempting to serve you by certified mail at an address on Logan Drive and that you have received the green card. You're not avoiding going to the post office to pick it up are you?

legalschnauzer said...

If there has been a green card sent to me, I haven't seen it. If they can't figure out how to serve process on somebody, that's their problem, not mine.

And by the way, if you are so interested as to look up the case, file, why don't you identify yourself? You sound like someone who has a horse in the race, but who doesn't have the courage or the honesty to identify yourself.

You're not avoiding giving us your identity so you can try to pull a legal scam, are you?

Anonymous said...

4:13, you are a scared moron and you should be. See when you have been f'd with and railroaded like LS has, you become desensitized to the stupid sh-t you spew. Even at the thought/ reality of a lawsuit. I can promise you this, whoever read that hillarious motion you filed will laugh their asses off at you. And it will be deserved. I dont think their is a bigger moron in AL politics!

e.a.f. said...

The God Father made a lot of money as a book and movie. Perhaps, all these blog articles could form anther block buster.

The anti jewish comments are some one's opinions. However, they are not grounded in fact. yes the U.S.A. supports Israel and Russia and china support Syria. England and FRance have supported other countries. It doesn't mean the world is controlled by Zionists and/or Jews. The collective financial worth of the Jews of the world does not out weigh the collective financial worth of the Arabs, China, Japan, Iran, Russia and on it goes.

To suggest the state of Israel/Zionists/Jews controls the U.S.A. is just funny. The U.S.A. is controlled by corporate elites and most of them are WASPS.

The U.S.A. supports Israel because it serves its purposes to have at least one "friend" in the middle east. Of course there is a voting block to consider but it has more to do with collective guilt because of the holocust than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Eaf and anon claiming the jewish comments are antisemitic are wrong. By your guidelines, even talking about Jews period is antisemitic. That has and always will sound crazy. Eaf, a lot of what Coyote was talking about, wasnt just opinion, its fact! Thats not to say im in agreement on some of the opinion part of the comment. And another thing you are not correct on Eaf, the majority of corp amer are not wasps. You might be suprised to find out how many people in this country are jewish, maybe not practicing.

Anonymous said...

So did the mob take over Alabama when Republicans moved so fiercely to take control of the South in the 1990's? Or was it when Jack Abramoff deceived and robbed some Southern Native Americans and was caught up in the Sun Cruz gambling fiasco to get money to get Republicans elected? Or did Billy Canary bring the mob along - down from Washington DC and Long Island, when he took control of Alabama "business" or was it when he and "his girls" took control of the US Attorney's office? WHEN......... did the mob take control of Alabama?