Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Could Gay Pornography Photos From College Days Lead To Indictment For Federal Judge Bill Pryor?

A scandal about gay-porn photos of U.S. Circuit Judge Bill Pryor could lead to the judge's indictment if it is proven that he falsified background documents during is Congressional confirmation, a prominent legal blog reports.

South Florida Lawyers (SFL), which is an ABA Journal Top 100 law blog, makes that assessment in an article that was posted Monday. We broke the Pryor story last Tuesday here at Legal Schnauzer, and it has been picked up by an array of Web sites that focus on everything from law to politics to gay rights to style/culture. The story has brought national attention to, the Cocoa, Florida-based Web site where the Pryor photos appeared in 1997.

Judge Pryor surely will be comforted to learn that he now is featured at Gay Porn Times, in a post titled "Antigay Federal Judge in a Nudie-Cutie Scandal?"

The judge's discomfort might take a different turn down the line. Drawing on an article from ("Homophobic Federal Judge's Gay Porn Past Exposed?), SFL writes:

The Alabama Bureau of Investigations (ABI) is looking into images that appeared on then-popular gay porn site in the '90s. Reportedly working on a few tips, the ABI is concerned that the full-frontal images feature federal circuit Judge Bill Pryor. If the ABI confirms that the images are in fact those of the conservative Bush-appointee, there is a chance Pryor could be indicted for falsifying his background during his Congressional confirmation hearings. According to LegalSchnauzer, Congress commonly asks federal judicial appointees about "potentially embarrassing or compromising information in their backgrounds." Sources indicate that Pryor was aware the pics were public on the gay site (which was dubbed the "Wal Mart of gay porn") in 1997, a few years ahead of his appointment.

SFL apparently is written by one or more gay lawyers, and the Pryor photos are not breaking news to them:

Funny thing, aficionado of the male form that I am I remember seeing these pics when they first came out. They were featured quite prominently in Bad Puppy's promotions. Judge Pryor is denying that these are actual pictures of him and while they seem to be the same guy I wasn't there so I couldn't tell you for sure.

SFL touts itself as "a law blog done with jealousy, love, snark, humor and civility." That slightly campy approach is apparent in the introduction to the blog's Pryor story:

Here's a little story that peaked my interest over the weekend, and I do mean peaked. It's the story of a struggling, broke college student trying to deal with the high cost of tuition, books, and housing expenses by earning a little honest money on the side. What the heck is wrong with that? Nothing if you ask me. But this youthful indiscretion is raising eyebrows, not so much for the "act" but for who this young man grew up to be.

The young man, of course, grew up to be a federal judge, one with strongly anti-gay views. That's where the SFL post turns serious:

But what I find striking about this story is that the scandal over the Judge's morality is centered around his possible youthful modeling career and not the bigoted, hateful positions and actions that he's taken as an adult "member"of the judiciary. I couldn't care less who he showed his body to. What I care about is that he would deny people like me equal protection under the law.
That's immoral.
Everybody deserves to be treated equally; gays, lesbians, bisexuals, the transgendered and judges who exposed their private parts for fast cash! For not understanding that simple fact, Judge Pryor you are one bad, bad puppy.


Anonymous said...

Now the media gets to the point of what should be happening.

Frankenstein, er Feinstein wants all journalists' licensed.

Wonder why this would be, just like the Liewyers and BARS?

Har Har USA Globalism the media at Legal Schnauzer didn't need the initiative to be an internationalist, the great is always at the top where there's lots of room especially here in the Big AL!

DIG like a true Legal Eagle that uses the acronym GOD backwards and what do we get?

21 Century welcomes US into the future where transparency can't be taken back to the puppy days when hiding the messy papers was far more 'easy'.

LS, OK, you're the best!

Unknown said...

The real tragedy is the people in the USA and globally due to George Soros and "Open Society", there is an epidemic of endocrine toxicity.

Families are ruined as though this behavior is somehow a 'choice' --free-- !? Will of Spirit consulted?

PLEASE, shrunken heads are proof cannibals love to do terrible harm to their own species and call it a ritual for worship as though holy.

So many Federal Judges have been compromised and it was a very intentional and direct hit. Russia stopped the weapon of societal mass destruction with a law - NO propaganda for being a sexual this or that until after, I believe, 2019.

Pryor would be smart to study what happened to him, and get the courage of Sherry Rollins' to take the whole truth and make the reality a healing and stop hurting fellow Americans because his brain and mind are owned by the criminals that use endocrine and central nervous system manufacturing of robots called MKUltra, he is one and can be deprogrammed - I hope someone tells him so his family can also be healed of this terrible crime.

America is blessed to have Legal Schnauzer for exposing the deepest wound that was an intentional - family destroyed and call the degradation a modern progressive.

Covering up the diversity to be able to survive in exchanging what is a need or necessity on earth is the LBGT agenda. It is all agendas in the world and so many can't be counted. But, it's cover up the fact that units of electronic digits feed, clothe, and abundantly give all our needs and necessities a banquet.

Pryor got 'taken' after a fashion, or he would have from the womb been the so called 'homosexual'.

Not too many are born in a natural state of the gene boy in girl more abundant and/or girl-boy.

Epidemics are to cause an epidemic of society hysteria and this is absolutely as old as dirt.

LS dig you MURPH SPIRIT of indefatigable never ending joy --- so much dirt and so little time!

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time seeing Bill Pryor getting indicted. But the thought does make me smile.

Anonymous said...

A gay law blog? Gotta love it! Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Bill Pryor made the front page at "Gay Porn Times." That's classic. I think the story is in the "hard news" section.

(Although in Bill's case, it maybe should be in the "sorta soft" section.)

Anonymous said...

These lawyers are in Florida, which is part of the 11th Circuit. Probably not real welcome news for Bill Pryor.

Anonymous said...

There's a Gay Porn Times? Who knew?

legalschnauzer said...

The masthead says it's been around since 1998. That's some serious longevity on the Web.

Anonymous said...

So the lawyers down in south Florida saw the Bill Pryor photos years ago, and they were part of badpuppy's promotions? Ain't that interesting?

e.a.f. said...

New Look, Same Great News. The new look is good. I'm enjoying it.

Bill Pryor's ruling from the bench are, as you say,much more important, than where his pictures turned up/down.

When people are forced to keep "secrets" and not able to be truthful about themselves, that is when the harm can be done. he lied, about his past, which is an indication he should not have been appointed a federal ciruit judge. His sexuality is no one's business, unless someone is using it to black mail decisions out of him. Then we all have a problem.

All of this has once again demonstrated Legal S. is a great blog which reports news which is important to all citizens,.

Anonymous said...

LS, I am more dumbfounded every time I visit your site. Donation coming shortly. You deserve it because you are our voice that speaks for us.

Now, down to business: I researched your boy, Luther Strange, the AL Attorney General. About a year or so ago he appointed Matt Hart as a special prosecutor to fight public corruption.

Now that Big Luther is compromised, who is Matt Hart's boss?

Would judge Pryor be his boss? How does all this shit work?

If Luther resigns, who is looking out after the hen house?

Keep up the great work. My God you are ballsy.

legalschnauzer said...

All good questions, @1:50. If Luther goes, I suppose an interim AG would be appointed to become Matt Hart's boss, at least officially. But who knows how much sway corrupt judges like Bill Pryor (on federal level) and Scott Vowell (on state level) have in all sorts of matters, including matters not remotely in their jurisdictions. "Men" like Pryor and Vowell are cancers on our body politic. Citizens need to make sure these "men" are excised and vaporized.

Anonymous said...

Three thought:
1. The outing of Bill Pryor's pornographic past gives new meaning to homo erectus.
2. Heres hoping there are no nude photos of Karl Rove lurking on the web. There is enough visual pollution already.
3. Maybe the real reason behind Luther's reported resignation is that he going back into private practice because he is going to defend the unnamed Birmingham insurance executive so he can afford the alimony he will soon be paying his even sooner-to-be-ex-wife.

legalschnauzer said...

Just to set the record straight, the executive is with an investment firm, not an insurance firm.

ttowntruthseeker said...

The folks at the Facebook page Free Don Siegelman seem to appreciate your blogs on Pryor when I post them there.

Robby Scott Hill said...

"Pomosexuality refers to a non-orientation in which people disregard sexual labels altogether. In the world of pomosexuality, the superficial orientation identifications (a.k.a. gay, straight, etc.) are insignificant and not what people should accord to.

Stems from postmodern sexuality.
"Gay/Straight Alliances were the first step toward unification, but they weren't enough. What if neither gays nor straights existed, and were all simply called people? With pomosexuality, there is less reason for division in the world."