Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mayor Walt Maddox And The Tuscaloosa City Council Welcome CEO Ted Rollins And His Heavy Baggage

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox
Do the city leaders of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, approve of child abuse, perjury, and deadbeat dads? A reasonable observer could conclude the answer is yes after the City Council recently voted thumbs up on construction of a new student-housing project called The Grove.

Does that name sound familiar? Well, The Grove is the banner under which Charlotte-based Campus Crest Communities builds student-apartment complexes around the country. Ted Rollins, the company's CEO, has all of the ugliness noted above--and then some--in his background.

How do we know? It comes from our research connected to Rollins v. Rollins, a divorce case in Shelby County, Alabama, described here as the worst courtroom cheat job we've encountered.  The final order from Circuit Judge D. Al Crowson was so flagrantly corrupt and one sided that it has left Ted Rollins' children (Sarah and Emma Rollins) and their mother (Birmingham resident Sherry Carroll Rollins) on and off food stamps for several years.

As CEO of a public company that has received more than $800 million in Wall Street support, Ted Rollins owns multiple private jet craft. And yet, he has no problem allowing his own children to go hungry here in Alabama, just a few miles up I-59 from Tuscaloosa.

Rollins once caused his children to be thrown out of their home in Greenville, South Carolina, all because he refused to make court-ordered mortgage payments. He even has a history of using illegal drugs while on a business trip to meet with officials of a public university. Appropriately enough, Ted Rollins got his "Rocky Mountain High" while in Fort Collins, Colorado, to seal a deal for The Grove at Colorado State University.

Parents of University of Alabama students are going to entrust their children to this guy? Mayor Walt Maddox and his political colleagues apparently have no problem with that. And so far, they have not responded to my questions on the subject, avoiding accountability much the way Ted Rollins does when asked about his repeated violations of court orders.

Almost all of the information about Ted Rollins' unsavory history is a matter of public record. But can Maddox and members of the Tuscaloosa City Council be expected to comb through court records every time a developer seeks approval for a construction project?

Well, in this case, they didn't have to. That's because I did the work for them.

On the morning that the city council was to vote on a rezoning request connected to The Grove project, I sent an e-mail to Maddox and then council member Lee Garrison. (In the August 27 municipal elections, Garrison was elected chair of the Tuscaloosa City School Board and officially gave up his council seat.)

I identified myself as a journalist who had reported extensively on an Alabama divorce case involving Ted Rollins. I cited just some of the ugly facts in the CEO's background and provided links to articles and public documents. I asked Maddox and Garrison if they supported such a corporate executive entering the Tuscaloosa business environment, and if so, why.

My query has drawn no response from either Maddox or Garrison. But I do know my e-mail reached its destination. A source tells Legal Schnauzer that Maddox mentioned the e-mail in a pre-council meeting that day and said he would distribute the information to council members.

Did the revelations have any impact? Did Tuscaloosa city leaders take the documented ugliness in Ted Rollins' background seriously? The answer appears to be no, considering that the rezoning request was unanimously approved that night--and the full Campus Crest project was approved at a subsequent council meeting.

Ted Rollins
What are we to take from all of this? Well, we know that Tuscaloosa's city leaders were informed in advance about Ted Rollins' background, which includes a state investigation for alleged child sexual abuse of his stepson. In other words, we know that this CEO has been investigated for the kind of behavior that led to the Jerry Sandusky scandal at State College, PA, and Penn State University. But the leaders in another college town, right here in Alabama, seem utterly unconcerned about that.

What exactly did Mayor Maddox and his council colleagues know before putting out the welcome mat for Ted Rollins and his company? Here is the copy of the e-mail I sent at 11:05 a.m. on August 20:

Mr. Garrison and Mr. Maddox:
I'm a journalist in Birmingham and write on justice issues at Legal Schnauzer.
I understand the Tuscaloosa City Council is about to consider issues related to The Grove, a planned student-housing development that is to be built by Campus Crest Communities of Charlotte, NC.
Campus Crest CEO Ted Rollins has extensive ties to Alabama and our court system, and I have reported on him in a lengthy series of posts. My reporting, supported by public documents and witness statements, shows the following:
* Mr. Rollins has been convicted of assaulting his 16-year-old stepson in North Carolina.
* The assault constituted an act of child abuse under North Carolina law.
* Mr. Rollins was investigated for child sexual abuse of the same stepson, based on the complaint of an anonymous concerned citizen.
* Mr. Rollins perjured himself in a divorce action that unlawfully was conducted in Shelby County Circuit Court, greatly reducing his child-support payments.
* Mr. Rollins failed to pay court-ordered child support for almost three years in South Carolina, resulting in a bench warrant for his arrest.
Do the two of you support the arrival of such a "family friendly" company and its CEO in Tuscaloosa? If so, why?
I would appreciate your response to these questions, plus any other comments you care to make, for publication at Legal Schnauzer.

Roger Shuler 
(205) 991-7438

Lee Garrison no longer serves on the City Council, but we will give Mayor Maddox another opportunity to address these issues. Will he remain in hiding, much the way Ted Rollins does when confronted with tough questions? We soon will find out.


Anonymous said...

Oh goody, more on Ted Rollins. Was afraid you were going to ease up on him. Can't wait to read this.

Anonymous said...

You've written about a lot of slimeballs, LS, but Ted Rollins is No. 1 in my book. I wouldn't let my pet rock live at one of his apartments, much less my child.

James Greek said...

Given Lee Garrison's personal life, I would not be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Walt Maddox has his eye on higher office--as in governor--and I wonder if the Rollins family offered to throw a little cash his way when the time is ripe.

Anonymous said...

LS, your email didn't even address the shoddy construction at The Grove complexes. Ask the students at Univ. of Maine about that. Or better yet, ask the students at Denton, TX who fell when a balcony collapsed--that is, if they are out of ICU and can still speak.

Anonymous said...

I generally have a positive view of Walt Maddox's performance as mayor. But this makes me wonder if he's nothing but a puppet for the Chamber of Commerce, especially in light of the Chamber's recent attempts to buy the school board and city council.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, @8:57, you could ask the girl who got shot at The Grove in Clarksville, Tenn. (Austin Peay) . . . oh wait, she died.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Tuscaloosa council approve this in a unanimous vote? There wasn't one word of dissent?

legalschnauzer said...

I believe that's correct, @9:37.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ted Rollins promised to give Lee Garrison a lifetime supply of penis noses.

ttowntruthseeker said...

The City of Tuscaloosa will deal with the Devil, unless there's a sufficient public outcry. A reporter with The Tuscaloosa News who was provided information about Rollins by a member of the Planning Commission told me that he'd investigated the charges against Rollins and found them unsubstantial. At the Planning Commission a stack of information was provided to the members. They voted against recommending the project. At the City Council meeting a citizen commented that he regretted that the newspaper had not shared the information on Rollins so that the citizens of Tuscaloosa would've been able to evaluate the allegations against Rollins.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm sure there is no bribery or other improper incentives in a deal like this. Nothing to see here, move along.

legalschnauzer said...


Thanks for the comment and your insights.

I should point out that these are not mere "allegations" regarding Ted Rollins. They are a matter of public record, and I've provided documents in my posts. If the people of Tuscaloosa choose to ignore the information, that's up to them. But we are dealing with facts here, not allegations.

The only murky details involve the investigation for child sexual abuse--and that's because state law in North Carolina seals records on such investigation. But I've quoted Sherry Rollins at length about the investigation, including the discovery of dozens of feces-soiled towels by a maid at the Rollins home.

Here is URL to just one of many posts on that subject:

Anonymous said...

Would the City of Tuscaloosa hire an applicant who had a conviction for assault on his record? I bet they would not.

Why then, did the council unanimously vote for Ted Rollins? Makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, @9:57. My research indicates Tuscaloosa conducts background checks on job applicants. What are they looking for? Probably criminal records.

Could Ted Rollins pass a background check if he applied to be a janitor in Tuscaloosa? No way, if the check was professionally done.

ttowntruthseeker said...

The people of Tuscaloosa did not choose to ignore the information on Rollins. They were denied access to it by the local paper.

legalschnauzer said...

Thanks for correcting me, T-town. Yes, this information was hidden from citizens. Someone really should grill the Tuscaloosa News about this. What is the reporter's name, Jason Morton? He did a pathetic job of covering a story that was spoonfed to him. The problem, of course, might his editors. Even if he had reported on it, higher ups might have nixed it.

My guess is that Morton knew real reporting on Ted Rollins wouldn't make it past the editors, so he didn't bother to look at it.

Anonymous said...

I've always seen Walt Maddox as an upfront guy. Surprised he played duck and cover on this. Must be big money involved.

Anonymous said...

So, Ted Rollins doesn't pay court-ordered child support? Does that mean it's OK if his tenants don't pay their rent?

I think I'll take that deal. Where is a lease I can sign?

Anonymous said...

Sherry Rollins should contact Tuscaloosa City Hall and ask for time to speak at the next council meeting. Perhaps she could shine light on the real Ted Rollins.

Anonymous said...

LS, I seem to recall that you reported once about Sherry Rollins' visit to a psychologist at Duke University during the investigation of her husband for child sexual abuse. She told him about a maid discovering dozens of feces-soiled towels, hidden in a closet. The psychologist recommended that she read a book called "The Homosexual Matrix."

Do I have that right? If so, it's mind-boggling. A shrink at Duke clearly saw signs of child sexual abuse, but apparently chose not to report it to authorities. Instead, he wanted the mother to read a book.

Good God in heaven!

legalschnauzer said...

Your memory is on target, 10:24. I reported on that episode at the URL below:

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Orkin gets the pest-control contracts for The Grove around the country. And then maybe Orkin gets the contracts for the universities themselves? Could be a sweet deal.

Anonymous said...

Looks like ole Walt decided this would be a good time to stick his head in the sand.

TLR said...

Isn't it odd that Lee Garrison approved a project led by a child abuser, at the same time he was running for chair of the school board?

Shouldn't the citizens of Tuscaloosa be made aware that the new chair of the school board openly supported a CEO who has been convicted of assaulting a child?

Anonymous said...

As I have said before murder, child molestation, theft, rape, ANYTHING would be overlooked at Tuscaloosa in the name of football.. NOTHING will ever be done to the city or Teddybear because of FOOTBALL. That is their god and they are willing to overlook any crime in order to continue to be number one in FOOTBALL.. They would even get Sandusky out of prison to coach if they needed to.. And overlook his sins. That is the most important thing to Tuscaloosa. Football. AND if you listen to the news they are more on it for crime than B'ham or any other city in Alabama. I do not go down there. I am afraid.

legalschnauzer said...

Speaking of football, @10:51, a big story broke yesterday at Yahoo! Sports about possible improper benefits to former Alabama football players. The brewing scandal involves several SEC schools, but much of the alleged activity took place in Tuscaloosa.

The earth might be shaking under Nick Saban's empire:

Anonymous said...

Ted Rollins sounds like the "Jerry Sandusky of CEOs." Great idea for Tuscaloosa to bring him on board. Look what Sandusky has done for State College, PA.

Anonymous said...

If Ted Rollins did sexually abuse his stepson, that activity probably hasn't stopped, and it probably wasn't limited to the stepson. Behavioral scientists know this kind of conduct, once it starts, generally does not go away. Other victims almost certainly are out there.

Unknown said...


The contract of credit has to be transparent and it isn't.

Further to pay for scores to be provided is to really break the law.

The first law violated is the credit sold as debt AND yet the PEOPLE are under the false sale that it's money.

Watch Rollins loose once the credit isn't provided to him anymore because the stolen REAL from the Alabama people has to be given back from the Zionist Cabal that has occupied US far too long.

Send in the Credit Demand Notice, Certify the mailing, as many as can demands the accounting.

NOTICE the top lawbreakers because it's how they keep breaking the laws, and when the 21 day turns, FILE the COALITIONS' DEFAULT ORDER and remember 95 million electronic digital units isn't money and it won't ever heal the wounds.

At least Rollins and Garrison and Strange can't get the credit once the credit goes to where the credit belongs in reality.

Anonymous said...

A visibly agitated John McCain was roused from bed early this morning in an FBI raid. Senator McCain, who makes his Washington home in a tony section of Georgetown, could be seen arguing with the agents as he stood on the pavement in slippers, crew shirt and lavender Senate boxers.

Anonymous said...

The Fed’s “quantitative easing policy,” combined with government bank bailouts, has meant that trillions of dollars have been turned over to the wealthy, the very same social layer that was responsible for the crisis. As a result, new speculative bubbles have been inflated, while the bad debts of the financial aristocracy have been transferred to central banks and government balance sheets.

At the same time, wages and social programs are under relentless assault. The government has done nothing to address mass joblessness. While the nominal unemployment rate fell earlier this month to 7.3 percent, this was due almost entirely to the departure of hundreds of thousands of people from the labor force. With millions of people unable to find work, the labor force participation rate has dropped to its lowest level in 35 years (see “Labor force participation rate falls to lowest level since 1978”).

Anonymous said...

One such entity is EverBank which is a small thinly capitalized entity. The gimmick worked. Using the balance sheet of EverBank instead of Bank of America, the fine was probably one tenth or less than the the fine that would have been levied upon Bank of America. EverBank is getting paid to be thrown under the bus. The OCC used the EverBank Balance Sheet as a measuring stick and figured that $37 million fine for wrongful foreclosure processing was enough. If they had looked behind the curtain, which they most certainly had the knowledge about, they would have been fining Bank of America for the wrongful, illegal and immoral foreclosures.

Anonymous said...


September 10-11, 2013 -- CIA-Bohemian Grove ties confirmed (in: GENERAL ARCHIVES September 2013)
Sep 10, 2013
CIA directors attended Bohemian Grove conclaves in 1981 and 1988.


Anonymous said...

Does the city do background checks on developers who want to build in the city? If not, why not?

If I applied to be a cook at a Tuscaloosa city facility, including a school, I bet I would be subjected to a criminal background check.

Why doesn't the same apply to Ted Rollins?

Unknown said...


Lose the word lose is to not win.

People who lose are the people who do not get what the credit debt is and here we are, 2013.

People who also lose are those that get the contract problem at the tap root and can't teach the people who don't get the problem of contract simplicity.

I really can't grasp a nation that I live in not getting the credit piece so we can live in peace.

That is my biggest disappointment - USA don't want to, or so it appears, the people in our majority do not want to do the task to get our credit mess fixed so we can be a true modern nation in democracy.

Credit reporting bureaus and the Fed decide how our money is and we know the people that these evildoers pay, Rollins, Rove, and any criminal that is willing to take the American public into a place where poor is acceptable as a blogger, but don't ask to see Roger in the NYT, and that is the crime of our time.

Anonymous said...

In 1950, attracted by “an excellent group of research scholars,” Pierce joined the Math Department at Syracuse University. But the City of Syracuse “was then a hotbed of anti-Communist activity,” he told me, “and the University was under considerable pressure to do something about ‘them reds on the faculty’ – especially the Jewish reds in the Math Department.”

... Even prior to MKULTRA, considerable research had been done by the government on amnesia, hypnotic couriers and efforts to create a Manchurian Candidate – a label commonly used after the release of a 1963 conspiracy thriller with that title. The CIA’s goal was to develop “brainwashing” techniques and program subjects with a hypnotically implanted trigger, thus turning them into secret agents who wouldn’t remember what they had done. In scientific terms, the objective was to deliberately and experimentally create dissociative identity disorders, with associated amnesia barriers, and use this technique in both simulated and actual covert operations.

... To keep the loop small and secure, “certain cleared and witting individuals in the Bureau of Narcotics” provided various drugs for testing on those “deemed desirable and feasible.” Some of the most “feasible” subjects were informers and criminals. But as the report added, “the effectiveness of the substances on individuals at all social levels, high and low, native American and foreign, is of great significance and testing has been performed on a variety of individuals within these categories.” After several tests the “subject has become ill for hours or days, including hospitalization in at least one case.”

MKULTRA is certainly in Alabama and the south everywhere.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:24 A.M..
Thanks, probably would have never been privy to this information had not been for your contribution via Murph.
I've always strived to look beyond the obvious when involving McCain's politics, giving him benefits of doubts; any man, when offered opportunity to be released from Vietnam prison, choosing not to do so is one of character and valor.
Now! "Where there is smoke, there is fire."
But, how did whomever get this photo and news story public so quick; was media pre-alerted of USDOJ sending FBI early morning raid to residence?
There are those of us continuing to make efforts, find ways to make available judicial avenues for Seigelman's release, and/or new trial result of selective prosecution[s]; I stick with McCain, a Vietnam veteran, POW, even though a Republican until evidences PROVES him factually guilty of a commonly known of crime. Not some off-the-wall never before heard of U.S.C. Title violation.
Go Navy, "Remember The Arizona".

Coming soon, Murph's LITTLE PEOPLE Mavericks.

Anonymous said...

Below is a video from last year’s series that focuses more on legal and historical scholars of money. It is not only quite interesting but I think is representative of the kind of issues that will be discussed Thursday (Desan was a speaker at that event as well)

Anonymous said...

Someone should have ended Ted long ago! It really doesnt get worse than this vile creature. Im starting to think he's protected because of his sexual appetite for children. When one understands the sick involvement in child sex trafficking that those protecting him are involved in, one would have to conclude that child sex trafficking is the common bond. It cant be a coincidence that Rollins resides in the cities known for being child sex trafficking meccas in Ga and NC.

Bohemian Grove is an example of where they congregate. Id bet Ted has visited there and enjoyed himself so much that he named his student (child) housing project after The Grove! Ive been saying that for years!

Anonymous said...

@10:12 on 09/12
Tis right for you believing your saying to cause expedited bodily urinary releases when exposing political corrupt homosapiens, thank-you; I do feel better....

Luther has got far more serious situations on his plate than the root of all evils. Ghost of attorney general's past, walking more loudly the halls within the attorney general's office, the governor's office, and the state
house that soon can no longer be kept covered-up; cloaked from the LITTLE PEOPLE, their tax dollars used/abused to finance their complicities. Wasn't there a magazine article where there was a reference by same individual where she referred to AG Bill Pryor, as well as AG Jeff Sessions.

What goes around, comes around; but at a cost to the LITTLE PEOPLE. The LITTLE PEOPLE needed, where was that darn dog anyway, oh, Murph, he was just a puppy; hadn't felt the stings of injustices yet.

Jerry Clower once said about a man up in a tree unexpectedly surrounded by possums running all over him and up his pants' legs to the point he couldn't stand it any longer; he hollered out loud to man below, Johnnnn, shoot em, his reply, but I might hit you; Johnnn the man in the tree responded, Johnnn, well just shoot up here amongst them; and John did.
Moral of story, the LITTLE PEOPLE are going to have to continue trying to make all others aware via exposures via Murph to get the rats cleared out of the people's house[s].

"OH, Oh Yes; I'm The Great Pretender, Pretending That I'm Doing Well; I Pretend To Be What I'm Not You See...." Platters.

Anonymous said...

HOPEFULLY Sherry Rollins gets a settlement before the devil in the details files for BK

Anonymous said...

12:58, you have McCain ALL wrong! As a former fool who voted for the....him, i laughed when i heard about his wake up call. He's a traitor and sociopath who hides it behind his decorated past. Fonda must have had an effect on him in Hanoi.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We should all pool money for a once a month sunday newspaper add featuring LS! And offer more than the page costs. Call it a contribution. See if they will run it! Money talks!

Anonymous said...

I know that Ted Rollins is one of your pet issues, but what exactly is Tuscaloosa supposed to fear from allowing his company to develop a property? Approving the project isn't a referendum on Rollins' personal life; it's a business decision. Similarly, statements like "[p]arents of University of Alabama students are going to entrust their children to this guy?" are a bit unrealistic in context. How precisely are parents "entrust[ing] their children" to Ted Rollins? He's not babysitting them, he's an executive of a company building student housing.

legalschnauzer said...

You seriously have to ask these questions, you can't figure these things out for yourself?

Here is the best response I can give you that might reach what appears to be a feeble brain: If UA hired Jerry Sandusky as its next football coach, that would be OK with you because it's a "business decision," right? After all, Sandusky wouldn't be acting as a babysitter for student-athletes, he would be their coach, right? Nothing in Sandusky's background should matter to UA supporters, other than the fact he's been a successful coach at Penn State, right? If Jerry Sandusky is released from prison in 5-6 years, and the UA head coaching job is open, you would support his candidacy because we don't want "a referendum on Sandusky's personal life."

Is this the world you live in? Are you really this dense, and do you expect to be taken seriously by asking inane questions like this?

You are so desperate to muddy the waters here that you actually are taking up for a child abuser, a perjurer, and a deadbeat dad? You must be proud of yourself. What a class act!

Your comment didn't deserve a response, but it got one. Future comments of this nature are hitting the trash can, pronto.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:54 P.M.
Thank-you for your information. I'm going to watch FOX Cable News, he'd a regular on those programs and see if in fact FOX IS REPORTING FAIR AND BALANCE. If McCain's story doesn't come up within this day's broadcasting; it's more than reasonable to wonder why. To help satisfy my curiosity; would you please expand on previous blog, I too voted for him!
Murph's Mavericks are coming. Well, Shu too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, tough guy. Someone challenges you and you respond like that?

I shouldn't need to point all of the ways that hiring a company to construct student housing is different from hiring a football coach, but I guess I do.

1. Hiring Sandusky as a football coach would put him in a position in which he has frequent and special access to potential victims, access granted by the nature of his position. Hiring Campus Crest doesn't provide Rollins access to any potential victims, even assuming that all of the negative things you've reported about him are true.

2. Jerry Sandusky is a human being. Campus Crest is a corporation. A human being can commit the types of crimes that you're trying to implicate Rollins in (and that Sandusky committed). As a corporation, Campus Crest cannot commit those crimes.

3. When hiring a human being, you can easily assess the moral character of that human being. A corporation has no moral character; it is composed of shareholders and acts through officers. Campus Crest is legally--and morally--distinct from Ted Rollins.

Amazing that you'll publish nutjob conspiracy theorists with no comment whatsoever (except occasional praise), but when someone raises legitimate challenges to your reporting you go ballistic.

legalschnauzer said...

Once again, you prove yourself to be a joke. And anyone who questions your intelligence is going "ballistic." Geez.

A few points that should be obvious:

* You think someone has to be physically present to victimize others? Ask those who were victimized by Bernie Madoff.

* You think physical assaults are the only way Ted Rollins, as CEO, can create victims. Ask the parents of the young woman who was murdered at one of his facilities in TN, due in part to zero security. Ask the victims who wound up in ICU at Denton, TX, after a balcony collapsed.

* A student residing at The Grove can't be victimized by the corporation that runs the place? You are serious about this? A landlord can't bring a bogus claim against a tenant and abuse said tenant in a court of law, especially when the CEO has a lengthy record of lawsuit abuse?

* A corporation and its leaders can't commit crimes? Remember Enron, remember Tyco, remember WorldCom . . . ?

* I know it's asking a lot to suggest you actually read this blog before commenting here, but you might try that sometime. If you did, you would know that Ted Rollins hasn't been "implicated" in these crimes and misdeeds. He was convicted of assaulting a 16-year-old boy. He had an arrest warrant for three years for failure to pay child support. The documentation on this and more has been presented multiple times on this blog. I know you are far too busy to actually read this material, but if that's the case, maybe you shouldn't try commenting on something about which you are ignorant.

* Your item No. 3 is so nutty I don't know where to begin. You are saying prosecutors treated Ken Lay as separate and distinct from Enron, the corporation? You are saying Ken Lay wasn't implicated at all in the Enron case? Why then, was Lay convicted, with a possible sentence of 20 to 30 years? That happened because Enron was legally and morally distinct from Ken Lay?

Do even read what you write?

Why don't you call Sherry Rollins, right here in Birmingham, and see if she thinks she and her daughters have been victimized by Ted Rollins from a distance. Sherry Rollins actually has spent a few nights at one location of The Grove. Ask about her impressions.

I know that takes effort, and you apparently are lazy, but see what you might learn if you apply yourself.

legalschnauzer said...

Message to @9:07--

If your feelings are too tender to handle discussion here, I suggest you go somewhere else. Respect is something to be earned, not automatically granted. You haven't earned mine, and I suspect you haven't earned the respect of our readers. You flatter yourself when you claim you "challenge" my views. It takes intellectual honesty to successfully challenge anyone's views. You seriously are lacking in that capacity, and you haven't come close to challenging anything here.

legalschnauzer said...

All together now . . . let's stomp our feet and pitch a hissy.

Call me on the phone if you have something you want to discuss.

I'm in the book . . . 991-7438.

Anonymous said...

Always afraid to actually talk with me. It never fails.

I can spot a coward and a phony from quite a distance. Battling the legal "profession" for 12-plus years gives you a lot of practice.

Sorry to unmask you and send you away mad. But you aren't hard to read. Very easy, in fact. Better luck next time.

legalschnauzer said...

Message to readers:

Since we've had a lot of discussion here about "the real" Ted Rollins, I thought some of you might be interested in an e-mail I received a few months back from Sherry Rollins. In it she admits that Mr. Rollins, with assistance from her son Zac Parrish, forced her to sign a false affidavit.

Here is a portion of the e-mail, dated Dec. 5, 2012. Gives you an idea of the kind of mindset tenants might be dealing with at The Grove in Tuscaloosa . . .

From: Sherry carroll-rollins


To: me

When I was asked to sign that document; Ted was threatening to move us out of the house; the gas was off, and the water was getting turned off....I was told by the attorney that nothing would come of it; but it would make them less angry with me. So apparently they have had someone set up a webpage with it...which is distressing to you and to me; makes me look like a lunatic for signing it; but you of all people know how they can manipulate me.

Anonymous said...

LS, Sherry Rollins seems to be saying that Ted Rollins forced her to sign a false affidavit, and a lawyer participated in the scheme. If so, I would say Mr. Rollins and the lawyer engaged in a criminal act, one that, at the very least, should result in the lawyer's disbarment.

legalschnauzer said...

I would say that you are right, @9:12.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't any of the material on this site make the news? Big Luther's girlfriend is news, folks. Is still in the business of political reporting?

legalschnauzer said...

My two cents: Bham News went out of the business of honest political reporting a long time ago. They now are an arm of the GOP faction that includes Riley Inc., Luther Strange, Bradley Arant, etc.

Anonymous said...

... Amazing .. when someone raises legitimate challenges to your reporting you go ballistic ....


The number of unemployed in the USA and the same old program to pay the poor degenerate smarmy toxic blubbering piles of protoplasm to make statements about what coo coo really is.

You evidently aren't allowed to be in charge of your blog, and your reporting isn't allowed to be what you have chosen to be the best service to the public - information which the people can pick and choose from to get the idea of curious sparked.

Not your job, LS, to let the nucking futters censor, as you have proven.

Devious ballistic slithers in and then another and another and unfortunately it won't end till the digit dust does that pays the criminally insane to destroy the USA.

Culprits? CIA-NSA-DHS read every word and analyze, too.

Then, with carefully chosen words of scholarly seeming debate, the deep probe of the psychological soundbites to then prove what a twat the twitter truly is.

Good work LS you got the real dark insects crawling out of the tombs of zombie dead.

Hungry for your verve, watch every nano of your unseen seen.

And know the troll here has been identified, all of em.