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Improper Actions Of Prosecutor And District Judge Are Focus Of New Appeal In Don Siegelman Case

Leura Canary
A prosecutor's failure to abide by her recusal violated Don Siegelman's civil rights and should lead to a new trial for the former Alabama governor. In the alternative, a new court filing states, Siegelman's prison sentence should be reduced because it is based in part on charges for which Siegelman was acquitted.

In a brief filed August 26 with the U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Siegelman's lawyers argue that Bush-era U.S. Attorney Leura Canary continued to participate in the case after she had recused. Siegelman's legal team, which now includes former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig, claims this amounts to a violation of Siegelman's constitutional rights and requires a new trial--or at the very least, an evidentiary hearing on Canary's actions.

The brief also argues that U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller unlawfully enhanced Siegelman's sentence by relying on conduct for which a jury found the former governor not guilty. (See full brief at the end of this post.)

In the new appeal, Siegelman does not challenge the jury verdict, although his lawyers make clear he disagrees with it. Rather, he seeks review of issues that go to the heart of the case, focusing on improper actions of the chief prosecutor and the judge. From the brief:

U.S. Attorney Leura Canary's failure to honor her disqualification violated Siegelman's right to a disinterested prosecutor. While Siegelman was being criminally investigated by the U.S. Attorney's Office, Canary's husband was a hired consultant for Siegelman's political opponent; Canary had a direct financial interest in the success of her husband's client and in Siegelman's defeat. . . .
Despite this conflict of interest, evidence shows that Canary's involvement in the case lasted long after her May 2002 disqualification. She communicated with members of the prosecution team, made staffing decisions, and celebrated their success. According to evidence from whistleblower Tamarah Grimes, Canary even wrote press releases related to the case. This level of involvement from a prosecutor with a personal financial stake in seeing Siegelman defeated and convicted was constitutionally unacceptable. 

What are the legal particulars? They can be found in a U.S. Supreme Court case styled Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 78 (1935).  The crux of the matter is this: Federal prosecutors have a duty to serve the public interest, not their own personal or financial interests. From Berger:

The United States Attorney is the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done.

How important is this principle? The nation's highest court held in Young v. United States ex rel. Vuitton et Fils S.A., 481 U.S. 787 (1987) that the failure to ensure a disinterested prosecutor requires automatic reversal of a conviction. From the Siegelman brief:

The right to a disinterested prosecutor is so important—such a “fundamental premise of our society”—that failure to honor the right requires automatic reversal, without requiring the defendant to show that the error caused prejudice. . . .
In this case, Canary was disqualified from participation in the Siegelman case in May 2002, but she continued to communicate with and influence the prosecution team long after that. Given her direct, personal financial interest in prosecuting Siegelman, her continued involvement in the case violated Siegelman’s right to a disinterested prosecutor. At a minimum, Siegelman has established sufficient reason to believe that targeted discovery—which has never been conducted—would develop significant new facts substantiating his claim.

As for trial-court judge Mark Fuller, it's hardly breaking news that he butchered the Siegelman case. His unlawful and improper actions have been well documented here and at a number of other news sites, including Andrew Kreig's Justice-Integrity Project.

Kreig, by the way, devotes considerable space to the Siegelman case in his new book, Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney, And Their Masters, which is about to be released in hardcover. Kreig discussed the book earlier this week on the Garland Robinette Show at WWL radio in New Orleans, and a podcast can be heard here.

Siegelman's latest Eleventh Circuit filing shines new light on Fuller's corrupt handling of the sentencing process:

In calculating Siegelman’s sentence under the Guidelines, Judge Fuller dramatically increased his offense level by relying on conduct unrelated to the offenses for which Siegelman was convicted. Without explanation, Judge Fuller lumped together all the charges against Siegelman—the Scrushy Charges, the Motorcycle Charges, and the RICO Charges—treating them as a single, undifferentiated block. The consequence of this grouping was to dramatically increase Siegelman’s offense level by imposing: (1) a two-level increase for obstruction of justice; (2) an eighteen-level increase based on a $3,740,525 “total benefit” calculation; and (3) a four-level upward departure for systematic and pervasive Government corruption. As a result, a Guidelines range of 51 to 63 months’ imprisonment was suddenly transformed into a range of 151-188 months’ imprisonment.

Translation: Fuller unlawfully increased Siegelman's sentence by a factor of roughly three. How unjust is that? The brief makes it clear:

Grouping all of the conduct together was thus the most significant sentencing decision that Judge Fuller made. Yet he failed to explain or justify the decision in any way. Nor was a justification possible: The conduct underlying the Scrushy Charges, the Motorcycle Charges, and the RICO Charges involved disparate acts and aims, took place at different times over a six-year period, and involved different participants. Much of the conduct that Judge Fuller held Siegelman accountable for was also unknown and unforeseeable to him. Therefore, Judge Fuller erred in calculating Siegelman’s Guideline range by treating everything the government sought to prove at trial as a single, undifferentiated unit.

The relevant law on this issue is found in a case styled United States v. Valarezo-Orobio, 635 F.3d 1261 (11th Cir. 2011). From the brief:

Under the Sentencing Guidelines, a defendant is punished not merely based on the counts of conviction, but on the “relevant conduct” underlying those counts. . . .  Conduct qualifies as “relevant”—and hence punishable—if it is sufficiently related to the offense of conviction; where joint activity is alleged, the conduct must also be “foreseeable” to the defendant.

Siegelman's legal team makes a powerful argument that Fuller simply ignored the principles of federal sentencing:

To determine whether conduct should be grouped together, “a court must look to the similarity, regularity, and temporal proximity between the offense of conviction and the” conduct sought to be grouped. United States v. Maxwell, 34 F.3d 1006, 1011 (11th Cir. 1994). . . . But this Court has admonished sentencing courts not to paint with too broad a brush: "[W]hen illegal conduct does exist in discrete, identifiable units apart from the offense of conviction, the Guidelines anticipate a separate charge for such conduct. . . . " United States v. Blanc, 146 F.3d 847, 853 (11th Cir. 1998) (grouping of frauds together was unwarranted “because the conduct is subject to meaningful subdivision into wholly discrete and identifiable units”).

The trial record is filled with evidence that Fuller could not lawfully take a "kitchen sink" approach to sentencing:

Here, it is clear that the Scrushy Charges can meaningfully be divided from the Motorcycle Charges and the RICO Charges, such that a “separate charge” was proper for each.10 Indeed, they were indicted separately. See Amedeo, 370 F.3d 1305 at 1315-16 (separate indictment shows that the conduct was “sufficiently distinct from the offense of conviction that it warranted a separate charge”). And the fact that the jury could, without any logical inconsistency, acquit Siegelman of the RICO Charges but convict him of the other charges further confirms that they are easily separable.

Siegelman's latest appellate brief provides another ugly chapter in perhaps the most notorious political prosecution in American history. It paints the picture of a prosecutor unlawfully pulling strings from off stage, and a judge acting on his own whims rather than established legal guidelines.


Anonymous said...

There is something fundamentally wrong with our judiciary when this nation can readily justify sending men and women into war zones claiming for reasons to provide others their freedoms and rights, yet here, especially within our own state that many have been, are consciously being denied those same freedoms and rights.
Canary boast in a Montgomery Advertiser article about her family ties to former government officials; such as her uncle, Si Garrett, a notorious Alabama Attorney General having ties to the Phenix City syndicate during time newly elected Albert Patterson murdered.
Canary's uncle, Si, to avoid prosecution being involved in the Patterson murder, left Alabama to go to Texas, checking himself into
an insane asylum.
Maybe Craig can lay foundation based on expanded family tree; that such abuse and misuse of power and authority runs deep in Canary's family's genes. Did her husband know of her family's history, him being so politically connected, neither probably care, because, the circle their friends they run in/with, thinking they're above the law; but whoaaaa, Hasn't President Obama said several times, "that nobody is above the law".

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continued vigilance on the Siegelman case. May the governor soon be freed!

Anonymous said...

Don's children, Dana and Joseph, are doing great work on their father's behalf. They are having a major impact, and I believe in my heart Don will be free sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

The picture says a thousand words about Leura Canary. Look at that smirk on her ugly face.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone on the 11th Circuit capable of applying the law correctly to this case?

Anonymous said...

Don't know what to make of Greg Craig's appearance in this case. Obama has been so worthless on Don's behalf, so is it a good thing to have the Prez's former counsel on the Siegelman team? I honestly don't know.

Spasmoda said...

LS, the law you cite about the importance of a disinterested prosecutor is heavy stuff. Siegelman never did have a disinterested prosecutor. Even after Canary supposedly stepped aside, one of her lackeys took over. An outside prosecutor should have been brought in.

Sharon said...

I hope and pray that smirk will be permanently removed from Leura C's face someday.

Anonymous said...

Powerful words here, and they show how unjust this case has been from the get-go:

"The right to a disinterested prosecutor is so important—such a “fundamental premise of our society”—that failure to honor the right requires automatic reversal, without requiring the defendant to show that the error caused prejudice. . . ."

Anonymous said...

Thanks LS for keeping Mr. Siegelman from being forgotten. Hopefully, he will be released in the near future. And when he does, could he possibly bring a lawsuit against the Canary's and sue them for everything?

legalschnauzer said...

That's a good question, @9:24. Leura Canary probably would be protected by prosecutorial immunity, and Mark Fuller would likely be protected by judicial immunity. But Siegelman could certainly go after Bill Canary in a lawsuit. And God knows how many potential defendants might be unearthed in that--Bob Riley, Rob Riley, Karl Rove, Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon . . . I long have suspected that one reason the 11th Circuit has upheld at least one part of the convictions is to help ensure that Siegelman and Scrushy will not have grounds for civil action.

Anonymous said...

Did the Billy and Leura Canary divorce ever go through?

legalschnauzer said...

I'm not sure, @10:30. If they got divorced, my sources say it probably was done out of state.

Anonymous said...

How did you come up with that photo, LS? Did you look in the dictionary under "slimy, subhuman, reptilian creature"?

Unknown said...

Don Siegelman is how I found the blog Legal Schnauzer.

I believe what Don said over and over again, now, maybe.

He said: "I trust the system".

I agree with his trust in the 'US Constitution" as a 'real system'.

The law is good, to this very day and can't be improved upon.

Chinese came in, Russians, and whatever country could be slid in under the US Constitution's good law got slithered here during the "New World Order Bullshit".

That has been our 'law'. A "NWO".

What that meant was, we went from American 'Patriots' to 'Industrialists' to 'Consumers'. Under consumerism we went as credit scores.

Figure out the system: credit scores meant we had to be a certain 'value' to then have 'value'. How can this system be trusted when a monopoly was seized unlawfully by Louis Brandeis who was NOT a 'lawyer' but he sat on the Supreme Court and his 'hands' unclean as the worst vile "liewyer" to destroy the American System of US Constitution.

The turnaround has happened. With any real HOPE for change, we can count on a number of truly GREAT legal eagles in the land who are sick and tired of the "Jewry Politics" running our country as though it's Old Testament Biblical Ghetto Hell. Bullshit is the system which the Zionist Jews and Political Jewry force onto US by the fraud of digital credit sold as debt with interest to never be repaid in centuries - did we not notice this?

We got digital debt and have to pay usury or we don't have 'life' in the system of credit and ITS' fraudulent money.

Think about this for one nano and then fly free from now on:

When the Federal Reserve System set up the US to be sold ITS' fraudulent 'money', we were then an occupied nation. No nation state is 'sovereign' unless printing 'money sovereignty'. Our US Constitution's good law made certain, but of course, we were a sovereign money nation state. This would have to be, to be free from the monarch and patriarch past 'governing bodies' Call what they were and are - slave traders and therefore Brandeis was a gigantic traitor who has been not only exalted, there is a law school to teach more how to slave trade US 'citizens'.

THAT IS WHAT LANDED DON IN PRISON, the cover-up of 'credit', which he was going to use for the American citizenry and not more of the same old Rover Rover send right over all Americans to the NWO.

I am more than happy to see this post LS, thank you!

The History of US-Israel Relations

Against Our Better Judgment
The hidden history of how the United States was used to create Israel

David in S. Alabama said...

-Canary was still on the job long after Obama became president. Who was looking after her?
When she finally left, she showed up as a lawyer for the Retirement Systems of Alabama. David Bronner generally hire a better class of folks. Who was the king maker in this deal?
-She was replaced by George Beck. He was the lawyer who knowingly allowed Canary's henchmen to grill his client over 70 times until he could get his story right or at least they way they wanted it.
-Did George beck have an improper relationship with Leura Canary. Is it still going on. Who knows maybe they will hire Bill Baxley to sue me an d LS for raising this question?

legalschnauzer said...

Lots of good questions, David. A number of sources have told me that Jeff Sessions played a major role in Leura Canary's ongoing service under President Obama. Working on that story now.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Leura Canary actually has accomplished since starting work at RSA. Would be interesting to see what she could turn up if challenged to show her "work product."

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced someone in the federal court system has taken actions to make sure this case continues to be fixed. The judges on the 11th Circuit, who have denied one appeal after another, are not stupid. They know the law, but they refuse to apply it here because the fix is in. I hope Gov. Siegelman's appeal is successful, but I fear he never will receive justice until something brings change to the federal court system.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't the court already found in Scrushy's appeal that it was A-OK for Canary not to actually abide by her recusal?

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, the court glossed over that issue in the Scrushy appeal, 11:16. Siegelman's lawyers argue, however, that her conflict was more severe in regards to the governor than it was with Mr. Scrushy. They argue that Leura C had political and financial motivations to see Siegelman convicted because of her husband's role as consultant for Bob Riley, Siegelman's political opponent.

Anonymous said...

The Eleventh Circuit judges will do what the Federalist Society wants them to do.

Anonymous said...

Leura Canary decided to be a Muppet Face. She saw how cute it was, when she was younger, to look like a Muppet and entertain with how funny that face is. Cute ran out and now she has a dirty old rotten sock face, like the sock puppets that are old nylons used to make 'em.

Don Siegelman is filing an appeal with the First Jewish 'Black' President's former 'lawyer'.

Gotta say that the fraudster not a lawyer as POTUS#44, does not bring any HOPE for CHANGE other than what we have in the 'reality' of the system no justice until the justices get rid of retiring on the blood of apartheid and genocide global corp USA.

We can cross our pinky fingers and hold our little phalanges together all millions of Americans while we pray for other nations to stop this abomination called 'Democracy Building the American Way'.

Anonymous said...

Hickory Dickory Dock, it was about the midnight hour, when those compared to night crawlers, such as Canary, Franklin, and Feaga, believe they're safe to expose themselves without fear, a light comes on, now not only having to scat, but too needing a hiding place.
Oh! But suddenly appears Judge Fuller's robe, and all is clear. Back in justice's dark, again feeling safe, but what do they hear, the striking of the clock, it was the midnight hour. Striking one, Feaga bolted on the run, striking of two Franklin caught with gum on his shoe, after the striking of three, Canary was found on her knees. Fuller by the striking of four, had had enough, grabbed his robe while at same time running for the door.
The point here is this: if you don't clean your house regularly creepy things will be happening right behind your own back.
"You're Cheating Heart Will Tell On You".

Anonymous said...

I hope the Siegelman family someday gets financial justice out of this. I'm sure criminal justice is No. 1 on the agenda at the moment, but I can only imagine how badly this family has been harmed financially, which might have been the whole point of the prosecution. These appeals must be insanely expensive.

Anonymous said...

No word on whether Langer and Keith went out on a date. But Langer's other extracurricular activities are referenced in current issue of Time, which obtained documents from Tamarah T. Grimes, a legal aide in the U.S. Attorney's office in Alabama:
Grimes' last year also gave DoJ additional e-mails detailing previously undisclosed contacts between prosecutors and members of the Siegelman jury....

"The DoJ conducted its own inquiry into some of Grimes' claims, and wrote a report dismissing them as inconsequential. But the report shows that investigators did not question U.S. marshals or jurors who had allegedly been in touch with the prosecution.
" A key prosecution e-mail describes how jurors repeatedly contacted the government's legal team during the trial to express, among other things, one juror's romantic interest in a member of the prosecution team. 'The jurors kept sending out messages' via U.S. marshals, the e-mail says, identifying a particular juror as 'very interested' in a person who had sat at the prosecution table in court."
Here's how one juror, in a sworn affidavit, describes the jury when it was deadlocked:
"Five for guilty, five for not guilty, and two undecided. The jurors 100% not guilty were [redacted]. Two jurors had hostile words at each other and at this time, the foreman [Hendrix] slipped a note to the judge without our knowledge and told him that we were deadlock.

Anonymous said...

Mark Fuller was the recipient of a multi-million dollar contract from the Bush administration through his interest in a flight training school in Ozark. There is lot of baggage in that man's judicial robes.

Anonymous said...

"The head of the RSA is David G. Bronner—a highly regarded figure in Alabama’s state administration who oversees billions in pension funds. Bronner... published a column on the matter, entitled “Sarcasm: Justice in Bama,” in the August 2007 Advisor. In the piece, he draws a connection between the DeVane case and the fact that Fuller later refused to grant the RSA the ability sue Enron in Alabama state court. He wrote:
I do not like U.S. District Judge Fuller nor does he like me. The RSA had to go through the entire state court system to prevent Judge Fuller’s buddy from ripping off the RSA. Shortly thereafter, Judge Fuller tried to sandbag the RSA by preventing our claim (by doing nothing) against the ultimate crook–Enron! Fortunately, the RSA prevailed on both issues."

Anonymous said...

11:35AM brilliant!

LS, your site has more highly intelligent than most do, and this is I'd state one of the reasons you're noticed on the top 50, as #37? Well deserved is the blog that attracts the curious about real law.

... When the documented proof is released that Obama and Brennan, the latter the point man who oversees operations involving Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan al Saud and Al Qaeda, were personally aware that arms from the caches of the late Muammar Qaddafi of Libya were transferred to Al Qaeda forces in Syria for use in terrorist attacks, there will be demands for impeachment hearings. The arms transfer was directly involved in the Libyan Islamist rebel attack on the CIA annex in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, an event from which Obama has not been able to extricate himself.

Bandar, who has been nicknamed «Bandar Bush» by members of the Bush family because of his close ties to them and «Bandar bin Israel» because of his close links to the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, is the principal player in seeking the overthrow of the Bashar al Assad government in Damascus.

"POTUS" SKUNK "#44", is scared to death right now and should be.

Perhaps his former 'lawyer' saw the writing on every crumbling wall street fraud sold to US, and got on the right side of history, too. Followed your lead LS!

KNOWN FACT: China, Russia and Iran, Syria, Et Al, watch blogs like LS to see how the 'country' is going with respect to THE 'agendas'.

A world order started out, but Putin realized NOPE, and so did China's Xi, see there was not going to be a "Uni-Polar World".

Expected to play the GOP & DEMS until the bloated idiots were fatted to the point of full takeover. So as the 'immigrants' flooded into America to bring all the Middle Class into the cesspool of Old Testament austerity and sequester according to Kissinger and his third generation of Associates, Tim Geither's Treasury and of course the Fed.

Your blog has been far more than just a 'blog'. The nations watching to see whether or not we're intelligent here in USA, see that we can teach the leaders of communism and fascism and whatever ISM is yoking humanity can be learned how to loose here at LS.

Great on Murphy Schnauzer!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Leura Canary's pearls look good with an orange jumpsuit? I believe that's the perfect look for her.

ttowntruthseeker said...

I submitted a link to this blog entry to the Free Don Siegelman Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Alabamians for the first time ever have two first class opportunities to come together supporting both Murph and Don. It does appear, or someone should rise to the occasion with availability to organize bringing together concerned citizens, becoming the conscious for this state.
Equal rights here has been made mockery of to facilitate perfect crimes; encouraged and condoned by:
Bill Pryor sitting on the 11th Circuit as result of recess appointment after rejected via routine senate judiciary process.
Pryor was previously Alabama Attorney General, who sought to investigate Seigelman before handing off to Canary. Pryor succeeded Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, himself an Assistant U.S. Attorney, then U.S. Attorney before state's Attorney General, now Senator who along with Shelby promoted Pryor's appointment to the 11th Circuit.
It must be concluded that the other 11th Circuit Judges are not total idiots; it's more than reasonable to believe these judges would endure forms of downsides if and/or when Seigelman is ordered a new trial. By now Seigelman has so much more to support his case after being a target of/for judicial/prosecutorial bias,
prejudice, and double-standards that when brought before public in federal court that the hue and cry backlash will demand release, and indictments of others engaged in far more worst serious political criminal activities.
How can we, as Alabamians, expect others outside our boundaries to rise up in support, when we don't ourselves; Where Is The Tea Party?
Where Is The ACLU? Where is the American Bar Association? Where Is The State's Democratic Leadership?
Or is it all left to the plebeians, the commoners, the little people, that is to say, should they ever be seen accomplishing a positive, then lookout for all the goody two-shoers coming from shelters to open, only then in support, after risk burdened by the few.


Suggestion: Forward any factual evidences of state/federal criminal activites that could be paralleled to his case not commonly known of to the Murph, for his review.
"Who's Sorry Now?" Ms. "Little" Brenda Lee.

Anonymous said...

In Germany they have toilets that have a shelf and there isn't water. It's to be able to shit and the shelf collects the excrement and then the Germans get to dig through their poop to see how healthy they are and it's in the waste products. A daily practice keeps the German population it's said, able to think more 'clean-clear-whole-firm'.

Thinking is important for those that are in control of the process of thinking about how to operate the government of a super power.

The waste products in the USA, and it appears the SOUTH really took IT in the a$$ over and over it goes again and again.

The waste is digital debt sold to US as Americans who haven't been schooled in how to dig through our own shit.

We have been experimented on and it was called free market consumerism. We were lucky, blessed, we got to get everything as though we were 'special'.

More special, in that we are so filled with dirty poop we can't think to realize what a shitty deal we have gotten for over one hundred years, and counting.

Yes, what a concept, the 'little people' and that appears to be those who aren't receiving the 'New World Order's' ORDERS to destroy their own country from within due to not digging enough in their own nasty waste.

LEGISLATE LAW. This is how the LAW really gets 'ruled'.

Enough 'little people' as you are here, get together MURPHY'S LAW COALITION? and get the enough numbers to get rid of the waste products too long on the shelf.

No life in Twinkies and not in the Twinkies faking leadership in the USA - Don Siegleman case is definitely the CLARION CALL for trumpet blasts to wake the f/ing dead soulless due process law the up up and save the day.

Watch Murphy Schnauzer as natural as the new born day, shit and be proud to get rid of a meal that was nourishment for the system to be working in the order of life is great - and another meal to be excited about. No hidden agendas in waste products in the world of DOG GOD, nature does not sell life, nature is life.

Anonymous said...

what bothers most about the people leaders calling themselves government representative of usa democratic republic deciding majority, is the sex doesn't have any respect for the idea of how a particular man and / or woman should behave as civilized.

men and women do not get to have power and then use this as though the power is the man and / or the woman, the power belongs to the whole people and why individuals get to have power individually but, not dictate to others as though other individual powers don't matter other than to surrender to more predatory acting as though bully defines gov.

Anonymous said...

Most interesting and disturbing. It seems some prosecutors like to play a bait and switch game with their recusals. The same thing happened in the prosecute of Paul Minor and Judges John Whitfield and Judge Wes Teel of Mississippi. The then U.S. Attorney, Dumb, er, I mean Dunn Lampton supposedly recused himself from the case because among other reasons Minor had sued a close Lampton relative. The defense acceptd this announcement by Lampton's Assistant U.S. Attorney made the statementin in court on the record. Later in the case when the issue was again raised to everyone's surprise the U.S. Attorney announced there really was no recusal. The sad part is the trial judge allowed the proseutors to get away with it!

Fast and lose. The ends justify the means.

Robby Scott Hill said...

Interesting, but in GOP-controlled Alabama I might get substituted as fictitious defendant "B" in a future lawsuit should I comment this post or quote any of this post on my blog whether I agree with it or not. It matters not if I completely agree, completely disagree or just dissent in part. Readers must never discuss or have an opinion on any LS post that could possibly challenge the status quo. You are placing sinful ideas in good folk's heads. I will pray for you and hope you repent of your evil ways before it's too late. Republican Jesus would want it that way.
In Alabama, the American Revolution & the Free Speech Movement never happened. Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation have SLAPPed a virtual gag order on your readers. The Gestapo is now in every local brew pub listening for anyone who dares to speak about the contents of this blog. John Baker has risen from the dead. The spirit of he who dares to speak blasphemy against our King & His Nobles shall BURN in hellfire eternal after the fire consumes his sinful body. BURN the witches & warlocks and their dark arts until England is cleansed of the evil.

Anonymous said...

Before now I'd never given any thoughts to Alabama politics so closely tied to U of A Law School Graduates. I realize now more than ever how naïve I've been all these past years unfortunately just thinking "inside the box". Well aware of immediate area official's extreme corruptions surroundings I find myself continuously appalled at what we as Alabamians endorse by doing nothing.
Murph, one individual, burdening the load to get facts out to tax payer/voters, let's be truthful, can only do so much, can bring to bear so much pressure to bring about actual, formal, official, legal, lawful, and legitimate. political change. If what happened to Governor Don Seigelman, when seen a threat to "The Machine", can't happened to the Murph's everyday common folks, well, we really know different.
Somewhere along the way we as everyday those common folks have become to complacent; and "we the people" are not running our government, but rather allowing our government to the people unharnessed.
Every subscriber to Murph should share in a just cause and use whatever his/hers facilities to reach outside our state to get the truths out.
Less fortunate, under guises of concerns are being leeched off of by advocates for corruptions. It's said, well it is like this everywhere; but we don't live everywhere, we live here, Alabama!
Roll Tide, War Eagle, if a third as many going to football games were as interest in the managing of this state; one is left to wonder how much better overall everyone should/could/would be.

We need to remember when we are complaining about politics here, what are we, ourselves doing about changing the problems, Murph, he can just do so much, after all he's getting older!

Anonymous said...


8:35AM incredible post, thank you and Robby Scott Hill, too, the sad proof of how Alabama really is.

America is. The New World Order happened and we didn't realize what it was, until the typical truth in life - experience.

Look at this interesting case in point - where does this put our current POTUS#44?


05 Sep 2013 at 11:21 AM
Bar Exams, California, Immigration

This Guy Might Not Get Admitted To The Bar Over Something He Did When He Was 17 Months Old
By Joe Patrice

Sergio Garcia (not the racist golfer) has lived in California most of his life. He worked his way through law school and then took and passed the California bar exam on the first try.

Yesterday, the California Supreme Court heard argument on whether Garcia could be admitted to practice law.

Sergio Garcia was brought to the United States when he was 17 months old. The California justices must decide whether an undocumented immigrant can be admitted. The State of California says yes. The Obama Administration says no.

JUST THINKING how many problems there are and the tapestry is a woven garment covering US all with the needles threading through this and that, lawyers have become this massive this and that in our tapestry and our needles are stuck in the so called money garment that is absolute fraud - the emperors never wear clothes that are other than 'dress up' play.

MONEY SOVEREIGNTY is the key which unlocks the mysterious door of real true genuine law. Until the simple contract reality is dealt with, the freaks of nature that wallow in money fraud are to continue in destroying the life promised from nature's earth.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

On the morning of his sentencing day, which happened to be the last working day before Christmas, I met with my client to advise him of the Judge's decision. To say the least, he was not happy to hear this news, especially as the songs of various office Christmas parties could be heard around the courthouse. He had convinced himself that he should be home that very day.

He was brought into Judge Hughes' Court that afternoon, manacled as was the usual custom to five other prisoners also being sentenced. When his case was called, a deputy sheriff released his handcuffs and accompanied him to stand in front of the Bench.

As Judge Hughes read his sentence along with a stern lecture on criminal recidivism, my client, who was 6'4" tall and weighed nearly 250 pounds, squirmed angrily. Following sentencing, he was led back to the jury box where the deputy sheriff re-cuffed him to the line of other defendants. I packed my briefcase and was leaving the bar when the first very non-Christmasy outburst occurred just over my shoulder. "Mother-bleeping Judge! You mother-bleeping Judge!" White-faced, I turned to see my client wildly waving his arms and literally bouncing his manacled co-prisoners off furniture and off one another.

Judge Hughes was on his feet pounding the bench and calling for order. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the prosecutor on his knees under counsel's table as items began flying around the courtroom. I attempted to calm my client, pushing at my full extension to the middle of his chest, trying to get him back in his chair. His shouted expletives reverberated again and again throughout the courtroom. Pandemonium had broken out.

US CONSTITUTION didn't pass the Constitutional Muster in the time of Centuries 20 and now 21.

It's law, but needs to be updated to better serve the true purpose of the 'enlightenment'.

Always comes the time when human beings aren't willing to be enslaved anymore - information reaches enough minds to change the collective consciousness that drives the people crazy, almost all almost all the time

Anonymous said...

How many times growing up where we taught how money was the root of all evils; in no way ever contemplating how wide and vast the area same covered. Even as an adult, unless the exception via studies/profession, the average minded thinking Alabamian is at a lost, victimized through own tax dollars to keep pacified, with the support of local/state media ruses
out of fear should they not, lost of advertising, here again Money!!!Years unchecked abyss of 'we the people"[s] government used and abused for others personal greed, ladder climbing, and listing on social registers have been consciously ignored.
Alabama commonly recognized on chart of 50 states as being in bottom has U.S. Senator, Shelby, who is being reported as having more cash in his political war chest than any other member of congress, including new York and California, with exception three of four. Comparison state to state wise, how does Shelby reach such an astounding high millionssssss cash campaign dollars. Also why didn't Canary further investigate Sessions and Pryor involving them and their campaign contributions where provided evidences worthy of pursuing?
But what appears to be being concealed within Canary's U.S. Attorney's offices are the justification Seigelman's charges, when in fact, federal documents reveal that in another case further in scope and depth involving bribery of a federal official, conspiracy, alter, amend, destroy federal records having direct and specific ties to RICO.
Wheeling and dealing without ever any prosecution.......yet Seigelman 180 degrees within short-time later.
Not even Pryor lifted a finger, no wonder corruption is enjoyed in Alabama. There was one media who by obvious mistake got ahold of little part of the story, ran with it, and was immediately approached and reminded of their printing situation. Reading between the lines this editor had to apologize and the rest got buried just as others accumulated had been, as those thereafter did..........
Surely with no disrespect intended! But how many Alabama soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors have been killed; or living with severe lifetime wounds in beliefs they were serving to help provide for others whom they had never known or met before freedoms and rights.
Yet, here, within their own state without anyone caring, live among similar type hypocrites, victimizing and denying equal rights and due process.

"He who conceals a useful truth is equally guilty with the propagator of an injurious falsehood". Augustine.

Anonymous said...

Canada’s Conservative government has repeatedly voiced support for a US-led war on Syria. It has endorsed Washington’s lies about having incontrovertible proof that the Assad regime mounted a chemical weapons attack last month and it has pledged Canada’s support for the US waging war on Syria in defiance of international law.

Anonymous said...










RStevens43 said...

Anonymous, @11:44. very interesting comment about Fuller and Ozark. There is a lot of slimy things that happen here in the Wiregrass. Rove showing up for a fundraiser for Mark Fuller in Enterprise was one of them. Not illegal on its face, but surely troubling to anyone that knows anything about either of them.

Anonymous said...

Holy Terror by HG Wells 1939, of course he said it wasn't meant to be about Adolph Hitler, but it was and what a read now that we had our own "Queer 20 Century Dictator".

History decides and the USA has been taken down folks. I truly HOPE for real the Siegelman case gets to blow wide open the Rove Holy Terror Show with his Christian fraudulent 'leader' GWB, the Holy Terror indeed.

Books are written already. George W Bush with his smug saying about 'history written' and putting up a library as though history is going to go to that place and find truth or even a glimmering of real.

Just as HG Wells wrote the future for the Bush Holy Terror Dynasty, as a work about "Queer Dictators", already there is an important work for the people who are living in earth in the true higher idea of life as a real choice in the Century 21, important facts in the history books: Legal Schnauzer's work in this time.

Rove is as doomed as Fuller and they both know the history has already decided AND LS has been the scribe to make certain the story is correctly told, unlike the criticisms of Jesus' whole story as reflected in the book of HG Wells.

You're in fine company MURPH, big bow wow USA savior.

Anonymous said...

How does Empire USA sound?

Flush and the reason is because the old Threadneedle in London decided to own the world and set up the state of so called 'Israel' and got lots of humans to get so insane in the head by apartheid in the practice of blood ritual that we are doomed in the numbers of completely brain dead heads running earth like it is a toilet.

Anonymous said...

Any individual, classed to be, looked down upon by the political "Machine", and/or the "Machine's" close knitted political cliques' power players, deemed to be a commoner, one of the little people, without rank or station; should they continue to try, alone, to stand, braving to speak out publicly exposing malfeasances betrayals of public's
trust are destined for character assassination, undermining of credibility, challenging of reputation, humiliation, and intimidation designed to silence.
Fortunately within the State of Alabama there does exist less than handful with platforms to broadcast via blogging truths Alabama media refuses to giving public opportunity to interact.
Why not, in advance, select a national media and direct same topic for exposure directing their response to MURPH.
The reason that we'll still next month, next year be blogging same similar grips without ever rising to the occasion to actually cause something to be done may be because of the following excerpt from an out-of-state newspaper reporter's interview with Alabama businessperson; "people here are AFRAID to criticize their local government, it's like they live in FEAR, they may someone mad, or they'll lose their business".
If we, as tax paying citizens, don't grab hold some reality before all passes by and starts today activity engaging and participating in our state government; we're due by definition dictatorship with a lot of czars knocking on our doors.


Anonymous said...

WOW 1:53PM

i concur and see how terror has been and is for a century and more, a well sold and also a carefully designed, drug.

through whatever consumer free market secret weapon to cause the human american to be in a constant state of abject terror, in many varying ptsd forms of mental illnesses and the degenerate human people in usa are scary.

the government that isn't the government in our unafraid real world, is a whole body of almost all drugged in some way of a free choice to buy in a market of carefully chemically produced products of control and then the modicum of behavior appearing a normal choice and rewarded free power in the marketplace to buy whatever the fraud money can.

Anonymous said...

The government became a sovereign in an immunity not transparent to the government.

Government in the US is a democracy or a democratic republic and this defined is due process law decided by the majority of the people in the best interest of all the people.

The split that gets to decide the power in the secret structure is able to control in a form that is totalitarianism.

This can only happen when there is a monopoly in the power to trade and exchange. LABOR is the highest co-creative energy to recognize the value of human genius high productivity.

Shakespeare wrote plays about Queen Elizabeth and funny money, the time hasn't really changed so much .. but,

www internet, however, appears to maybe-perhaps have a power structure that is forming and only to get even greater.

LS understands.

Unknown said...




[1] ANNEMARIE SHILLITO, Head of Global Corporate Responsibility, Cardinal Place, 80 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL; and,
[2] MAXINE SWEET, Vice President, Public Education, North America Experian, 701 Experian Parkway, Allen, Texas 75013; and,


[1] JOHN J. KELLEY III, Esq. Corporate Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, and
[2] DEAN C. ARVIDSON, Esq. Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, 1550 Peachtree Street, N.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30309, (404) 885-8000; and,


[1] SAMUEL A. HAMOOD, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer; and,
[2] GORDON E. SCHAECHTERLE, Chief Accounting Officer (Principal Accounting Officer), 555 West Adams, Chicago, Illinois 60661, 312-985-2000;

NOTICE: PLEASE PRODUCE CREDIT REPORT CONTRACT in full transparency with the/a ‘lender/s’ whom allege to loan [me] credit and then have acted on the alleged claim that the ‘lender of credit’ has been harmed and suffered losses due to my alleged delinquencies and alleged derogatory/ies.

Further, alleged ‘lender losses’ are reported and determine the lowering of my credit score AND therefore, I am harmed in the FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT [FCRA] as well as multiple consumer protection laws. Denial of due process law is in violation of my civil and Constitutional rights’. Copies of consumer credit report/s, were sent to me from the noticed. I am writing this letter to request the OFFICIAL ‘INTERNAL’ [also the/a MORTGAGE’] CREDIT REPORT, that is, the/a certified official document relied upon for the alleged ‘money lenders’ to provide consumer credit ‘debt’.


RE: CREDIT DISCOVERY absent in the courts, in the foreclosure debacle and part of this is due to the CREDIT FRAUD, too.

Please receive this to prove the due process law is being severely violated in full transparency simple contract law, trades-exchanges, complex property as a real value vs. fraud, has to be honored in the full discovery due process law.

Corruption stems from the tap root of where does the ‘money’ and / or the ‘credit’ – get to become a deciding factor in the American consumer’s life value reality/ies?

As is known, usury interest is charged, unfathomable-incalculable betting casino derivatives are attached to credit scores, as well social security numbers plus signatures and ? All ‘profits’ are secret. But, what is known is the foreign investors have been obscenely opulently unjustly enriched at America’s expense for no less than a couple of centuries.


The necessity for a/the Contract between I, NAME HERE, ET AL and the ‘lenders’ of credit and the credit reporting bureaus that produce the score for this ‘money-debt-credit’, is due process law honored.footnote1

NAME HERE ____________________________

DATE _____, 20__.



Credit-Debt is Unconstitutional, but undisclosed as has been for more than a century or two is high treason against our Constitution.

Demand 'Funny Money' stop paying for the bad behavior, take away the credit debt corruption and then see real vs. artificiality .. what is a penis nose to do without the fraud to support bad habits!?

James Greek said...

Anon at 11:44

Are you referring to the Alabama Aviation College?