Monday, June 23, 2008

A Strange Column from Montgomery Advertiser

Aside from Greg Privett at WHNT in Huntsville and Tommy Stevenson at the Tuscaloosa News, Alabama's mainstream media generally have avoided covering the Bush Justice Department and its apparently political prosecution of former Governor Don Siegelman.

You would think the Montgomery Advertiser would have been all over the story, considering that the action took place in Montgomery and many of the key players still reside in the capital city. But you would be wrong. The Advertiser's coverage would have to improve drastically to reach the level of timid.

But it has reached the level of bizarre, thanks to a recent column by Sebastian Kitchen. I don't know a lot about Kitchen. I believe he used to work for the Mobile Press-Register. It appears that he is a reporter in Montgomery, but his latest effort reads like an op-ed piece.

Kitchen's piece is strange because it only offers up a string of questions without attempting to provide any answers. And answers to some of the questions are readily available.

Glynn Wilson, of Locust Fork News, has a jolly good time at dismantling Kitchen's handiwork. And Wilson is more than happy to provide answers to some of Kitchen's questions.

I find myself being somewhat forgiving of Kitchen, mainly because it appears he is working under weak leadership at the Advertiser. When Wanda Lloyd, an African-American woman, came on board as editor four years ago, it was hailed as a step forward for diversity and news coverage. And Lloyd has an impressive resume.

But I've seen no sign that she is willing to stand up to the mostly white, good old boy power structure that runs Montgomery. Enormous corruption is taking place right under Lloyd's nose, and she has done nothing about it.

I have a hard time blaming Sebastian Kitchen for that.


deepsix said...

It does seeem strange; BUT; when you consider the advertiser knows of a WW2 Vet. picketing the Al. BAR.ASSO.and will NOT send or learn the reason for the PICKETING, It should'nt surprise you at all.The Republican party and "OLD BOY" concept is very much alive , along wih the bigotry at the paper and the BAR, what else can you epect ?

deepsix said...

As mentioned , it is not surpriseing that the typeof ommision has occured there. When the paper "OVERLOOKS" a WW-2 vet. picketing the Al. State Bar; what can you expect. ? The "OLD BOY" and the outright bigotry on the part of the both of them , Dont look for any thing unless it deals with Republicans.Even the COURT SYSTEM is rigged in the " GOOD OLD
BOY" and protect the white race mentality and protection syndrome"