Thursday, June 12, 2008

GOP Targets Artur Davis

The National Republican Party is taking potshots at U.S. Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL). Gee, I wonder if that is payback for the leading role Davis has played in examining possible political prosecutions by the Bush Justice Department?

What are GOPers using to go after Davis? A story that didn't have much in the way of legs when it broke 10 months ago. And it appears to have even weaker legs now.

The Hill newspaper in Washington, D.C., reported Tuesday that Davis pursued earmarks for Shelton State Community College while the school was lending him an employee--Gina Bailey McKell--and paying her $76,000 salary.

The National Republican Congressional Committee went into a fit of glee, promoting the story as "Democratic Dirty Laundry" and suggesting the "questionable" employee loan had been paid off with "pork."

Even The Birmingham News, our very own GOP mouthpiece, doesn't seem to think much of the story. Here's a key paragraph from reporter Mary Orndorff's story:

Davis requested special federal money for the Tuscaloosa school several years in a row -- before the loaned employee arrived in his office, while she was there, and after she left -- according to records provided by his office. "She had no role in the appropriations process," Davis said.

Our friends at Left in Alabama have an insightful post on the Davis story here.

Remember when Davis praised Alabama Republican Governor Bob Riley several months back at a speech in Birmingham? Don't think the congressman will be making that mistake again.

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