Monday, June 9, 2008

The Malice of Alice, Part II

When I hit send on my July 23 e-mail to Alice Martin, I figured that was the last I would ever hear of it.

Actually, I figured I would get one of those "not received" messages in my in-box because I had no idea if I had the correct e-mail address or not.

When a "not received" message did not appear within three or four minutes, I figured, "Hmm, maybe I did have the right address." Still, I never dreamed that Queen Alice Martin Her Ownself (QAMHO) would respond.

When I checked my in-box three days later and saw a reply from "Alice," I thought, "Did someone sign me up for the Alice Cooper Fan Club?"

Upon seeing that it was QAMHO, and not one of my favorite '70s theatrical rockers, I almost fell off my chair. If I'd had a mouthful of Slurpee, I would have spewed it across the room.

Here is the Queen's reply:


From: Alice Martin:

To: Roger Shuler

Sent: July 25, 2007

Dear Mr. Shuler:
Your letter of June 14th was referred to Postal Inspector Supervisor John Koperniak for review on July 5. His contact information is:

Mr. John Koperniak
Postal Inspector/Domicile Coordinator
U. S. Postal Inspection Service
P. O. Box 2767
Birmingham, AL 35202-2767

Alice Martin

(To be continued)

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