Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Corrupt Bushie in Alabama, Part V

I was almost finished with U.S. Attorney Alice Martin. But she had touted her office's sterling financial operation in our previous installment, so I thought it was important to point out how she could make her financial picture look even better.

I should note that I made a mistake in the first paragraph of the following e-mail. I hinted that the first Siegelman case, in the Northern District of Alabama, involved honest-services mail fraud. But that was incorrect. That case involved charges of health-care fraud. Honest-services mail fraud did not come into play until the second Siegelman case, in the Middle District of Alabama under Leura Canary:


To: Alice Martin

From: Roger Shuler

Sent: July 29, 2007

Ms. Martin:
Your office attempted to prosecute Mr. Siegelman prior to the prosecution in the middle district. So surely you know what agencies investigated the mail fraud components of that case. Did it involve the U.S. Postal Inspection Service? I don't see how it could have since that agency is not authorized to investigate matters under U.S.Code 1346.

And by the way, are you telling me the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is going to determine if my allegations have merit? An agency that does not have authority to look into 1346 cases is going to determine the merit of a 1346 case?

I'm pleased to hear that your office is run on a financially solid basis. But I would be more pleased if you could explain to me why you forwarded this to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, which according to its own Web site, is not the appropriate agency. Are you telling me the postal Web site is in error?

You will be pleased to know that, from a financial perspective, my case should be a windfall for you, the FBI, and the Department of Justice in general. I've already conducted all of the research, and collected all of the documents, that would be required to gain a conviction. You can ship about four lawyers and some 15-16 judges to federal prison and hit them all with hefty fines--at virtually no cost to you!

So as a taxpayer, that's exactly the case I want to see you pursue. It will make your financial record look even better. Based on my conversations with a number of honest lawyers (yes, there actually area few out there), the wrongdoing I've encountered is commonplace and widespread in your jurisdiction and the middle district. If you could forward this information to Mr. Franklin and Ms. Canary at the middle district, I would be most appreciative.

It might require some investigation to uncover all of the cases where average citizens have been cheated by unethical judges and lawyers. That would involve some expense on your part. But you get one or two corrupt judges squealing on the others, and the whole sleazy mess breaks wide open. And think of all those fines and prison terms! If I'm a prosecutor, I'm licking my chops.

On a financial level alone, this is a great opportunity for the USDOJ. I look forward to hearing soon from the FBI--the appropriate agency--so that you can fulfill your promise to send my information to the appropriate agency.

Roger Shuler


(To be continued . . . )

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