Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Corrupt Bushie in Alabama, Part IV

In our previous installment, I challenged U.S. Attorney Alice Martin to explain why she sent my allegations of crimes under 18 U.S. Code 1346 (honest-services mail fraud) to an agency that does not have the jurisdiction to investigate such crimes.

Now, let's watch as Ms. Martin attempts a trick that scoundrels have been trying down through the ages. It's called "change the subject-fast!"


To: Roger Shuler

From: Alice Martin

Sent: July 27, 2007

Dear Mr Shuler:
As a taxpayer you will be pleased that we collect 4 times more than we cost taxpayers in an average year. Your complaint has been forwarded to the appropriate agency, which can and will enlist the FBI's assistance if there is merit to your allegations.

You may contact the Middle District of Alabama to inquire as to what agencies investigated the Siegelman matters.

Alice Martin


Notice several clever tactics Ms. Martin uses here:

* Since she has no valid answer to my main question--why did you send my complaint to the United States Postal Inspection Service?--she decides to tout her office's financial tidiness. (This must have been before she decided to go after Huntsville businessman Alex Latifi on bogus charges, a fiasco that is likely to cost taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars.)

* How about that second sentence? Ms. Martin flat out says she sent my complaint to the correct agency. That tells us Ms. Martin is either the most ignorant prosecutor in the history of the solar system or she is a liar of prodigious abilities. While Ms. Martin evidently is not the brightest star in the prosecutorial galaxy, I think even she knows the U.S. Postal Inspection Service cannot investigate a 1346 case. If I, without the first day of law school, could figure that out, you would think a U.S. attorney could figure it out, too. So that leads me to believe that Ms. Martin is a liar of wondrous talents. And that should be no surprise, since she clearly lied under oath (and got away with it) in an employment lawsuit involving former Assistant U.S. Attorney Deidra Brown Fleming.

* Finally, notice how Ms. Martin is in no hurry to answer the question about the Don Siegelman case. In fact, she decides to punt that one to the Middle District of Alabama, where Leura Canary resides. But we don't need to bother checking with Ms. Canary (as if she would tell the truth!) about whether the U.S. Postal Inspection Service was involved in the Siegelman case. A press release from the Department of Justice already has told us that the postal inspectors had nothing to do with investigating the Siegelman case. That's because, by law, they could not investigate possible violations of 18 U.S. Code 1346.

(To be continued . . . )


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