Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Alabama Portrait of Sleaze in the Age of Rove, Part III

What kind of person is Bill Swatek? What kind of lawyer, an "officer of the court," is Bill Swatek?

Swatek's defense in his perjury trial was that he knew nothing about the hidden tape recorder that opposing lawyers discovered while they were trying to conduct a private meeting. Swatek said it was his client's idea to tape record the opposing lawyers. Do the facts support that contention? Here's a clip about just that question:

How does someone get off on a perjury charge when they have that kind of evidence against them? Hey, this was in Alabama state courts. They are corrupt in 2008, and it looks like something fishy was going on in 1981. Here is a summary:

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James Greek said...

bill Swatek told a boldfaced lie! They should have used the transcript as evidence/proof!