Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Alice and Me, Part II

I didn't expect to receive a response to my letter to Alice Martin. But what do you know, the Queen got back to me.

Here is her reply. Note the snarky, dismissive tone in the second paragraph. Also note the promise the Queen makes in the last sentence. Will she keep that promise? Stay tuned.


U.S. Department of Justice
Alice H. Martin
United States Attorney
Northern District of Alabama
1801 Fourth Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203-2101


January 22, 2007

Mr. Roger Shuler
5204 Logan Drive
Birmingham, Alabama

Re: Letter dated 1/14/07

Dear Mr. Shuler:
This will confirm that I received your letter dated January 14, 2007, in which you allege that members of the Alabama State Bar and members of the judiary (sic) are responsible for committing mail and/or wire fraud. You reference that you have contacted the FBI but heard nothing. Please be advised that we open cases based on referrals from our investigative partners, such as the FBI.

Your letter does not state what illegal actions you believe were taken by these individuals. If you wish to send this office a letter setting forth, in focused detail your allegations, rather than citations to the caselaw which we are very familiar with already, we will seek to make an appropriate referral to an investigative agency.

Sincerely yours,

Alice H. Martin
U.S. Attorney


Anonymous said...

Having read your letter and hers. I find her response appropriate. She has offered to listen to the details of your case. So give it to her instead of the cut & paste legal citations that you have presented her. You said it yourself, you are not a lawyer. Give her the facts. I am sure you are not the only partisan (dem or pub)to write to the general with wild accusations.

legalschnauzer said...

The story is just getting started. Encourage you to keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. In your letter, you only listed that you knew a little law, but you had no substantive issued in which she could sink her teeth into.

Rewrite the letter with real facts and make sure you mention Karl Rove.