Sunday, June 29, 2008

Herd Gets Thinned, Lawsuit to Follow

Today's news brings a classic "thinning-the-herd" story, and we suspect an outrageous lawsuit is sure to follow.

Here's the story: A 17-year-old boy decided it would be a good idea to scale two six-foot fences, and pass numerous signs saying the area was off limits and dangerous, in order to retrieve a hat he had lost while riding the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia near Atlanta. In the process of trying to retrieve the hat, the youth was decapitated when a roller coaster car struck him. The teen was identified as Asia Leeshawn Ferguson, of Springfield, South Carolina, who was at the park with his parents on a church trip.

Here is what should happen: Ferguson's parents, after having time to grieve and bury their son, should call a press conference and say something like this: "We are heartbroken at the tragic death of our son, but we want the public to know that no one associated with Six Flags Over Georgia was responsible for this accident. Asia knew better than to scale two fences and enter an area that clearly was marked as dangerous. For reasons we never will understand, he chose to ignore those warnings, and it cost him his life. We hope other parents will take this story and use it to help teach their children about the importance of respecting safety warnings. Our hope and prayer is that Asia's tragic mistake might help other young people to live long, healthy lives. We are deeply grateful to officials at Six Flags, and other members of the public, who assisted us on the day of Asia's death and have comforted us in this time of grief."

If I were head of Six Flags, and Ferguson's parents did this, I would quietly write them a generous check, as a way of saying thank you for taking responsibility and doing the right thing.

Here is what probably will happen: Sometime soon--probably within two months--a lawyer will file a lawsuit on behalf of Ferguson's family, claiming Six Flags and its personnel were negligent. The lawsuit will claim the fences were not high enough, there weren't enough fences, there weren't enough warning signs, etc. Facing the prospect of lengthy and expensive discovery, and fearing possible negative publicity, Six Flags and its insurers will cave in and pay the family tens of thousands--maybe hundreds of thousands--of dollars.

What a country.

This is the kind of case that makes trial lawyers look bad, and since trial lawyers tend to support the Democratic Party, it also can make the Democratic Party look bad. I certainly have no love for the corporate types who run Six Flags. But for the good of our country, I hope trial lawyers show some common sense and stay away from this case.


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. The kid was just killed yesterday and you're already hyperventilating about some phantom, non-existent case run by nefarious Democratic Party -backing trial lawyers. Has somebody been hitting the Oxycontin again?

Anonymous said...

A lawsuit will follow. FACT! They'll come up with something retarded like... the signs should have been in ebonics so the little dumbshit could read and understand it.

Six Flags would do well to settle early with a lifetime supply of free KFC to the grieving family.

Ya know, sometimes breaking the rules gets ya killed. Ever notice they like to jaywalk too. I mean, WTF?

I nominate this tard for the Darwin awards. Except one of the criteria for the award is that they've not yet had the chance to contaminate the gene pool further with their spawn. And we all know, this kid probably gots a couple shortys out there somewhere.

Was anyone ever surprised when they heard his name? I wasn't. In fact, the second they said he was there with a church group... I just "knew".

rt said...

The sad fact is that you are right , the bottom feeders will be all over this!!!

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party doesn't need any help looking bad. Your party supports:

(1)Death over life (Abortion)
(2)Immorality over morality (Homosexuality)
(3)Socialism over Capitalism (Favors Government takeovers of Health Care, Oil, and other Free Enterprise sectors)

Lucky for you, the public only listens to sound bites, and the class warfare rhetoric of the left, instead of doing something to make their own situation better.

But sooner or later, the public will wake up, and there will be another Conservative revolution.

And you are wrong to be me more concerned about law suits than the kid who was killed. He was a young kid, sometimes kids do stupid things. I know when i was young, i certainly did. I pray for his family, that the Lord will give them comfort during this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Wow such hatred and racism. Can we take a moment and just acknowledge that the loss of a young life is tragic without this red state / blue state thing raring it’s head. The kid did something stupid, but most of have done something stupid at least once and were lucky enough to make it through alive.

We are inundated by warning signs for trivial and important things. It's no wonder these dire warnings have lost some of their punch.

Anonymous said...

You said it might take up to two months for the boy's family to get a lawyer and look to file a lawsuit? It took more like two days.


P.S. It would be funny if six flags went as far as placing audio recordings in multiple languages across the perimeter of their fence
because it was ruled that written warnings are insufficient because not everyone can read.

Anonymous said...

Wow are republicans hypocritical. If you revere life so much, stop endorsing guns and hunting. Stop supporting the meat industry. Stop supporting wars and the death penalty. Immorality? How about all of the republican party members with the affairs, soliciting sex in men's rooms, and having a gay prostitute repeatedly visit the White House (George Bush era) disguised as a journalist. Not that being gay is immoral, but that you're a bunch of damned hypocrites. Being gay isn't half as offensive as going on and on about how morally superior you are while you're visiting prostitutes, going to strip clubs, or cheating on your boring wives. Oh, and of course, some of you are low class enough to throw around the word retarded as an adjective. Shows a complete lack of common decency, using someone's condition as an insult. There will be no "conservative revolution" as long as more than half of you are half-witted and easily brainwashed. I've never come across a group more full of themselves with no reason to be. But then the loudmouths that tell you how to think have implanted that attitude, as well.