Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alice Martin Receives Much-Deserved Scrutiny

Alice Martin, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, is used to targeting "crooks" and putting them on the hot seat.

But these days, Martin herself is on the hot seat. And more and more, the question is being raised: Is north Alabama's chief federal prosecutor a crook?

Television station WHNT in Huntsville is staying on top of the story, covering yesterday's hearing before U.S. Judge Inge Johnson. The closed hearing was to focus on Martin's behavior in prosecuting Huntsville businessman Alex Latifi.

It appears that Latifi will receive some $360,000 to compensate him for the expenses he incurred in defending a case that evidently was not grounded in fact or law.

Specifics about what, if any, disciplinary action might be taken against Martin are still to be learned. But WHNT reporter Greg Privett does a solid job of laying out the details behind Latifi's highly questionable prosecution.

You can check out Privett's piece by clicking here and going to the video titled "Where's the Justice: Bad Prosecution?"

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