Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Malice of Alice: In Her Own Words

Now it's time for the good stuff--The Queen and The Schnauzer, one on one, in an e-mail tug of war.

Before we get into the first e-mail, let's keep a few points in mind:

* It had been more than five weeks since my second snail-mail letter (dated June 14, 2007) to the Queen. Don't know why, but I was getting the distinct impression the Queen was blowing me off. But if you've ever seen a schnauzer tugging on someone's pants leg, you know we can be feisty little devils. So I took a wild guess at the Queen's e-mail address and fired off a missive to her.

* For background purposes, here is an account of what led up to our e-mail version of High Noon.

* Recall that in my second snail-mail letter to the Queen, I made it abundantly clear that one of the primary evildoers in my case was an Alabama attorney named William E. Swatek. Also recall this little nugget: When Queen Alice Martin ran for a seat on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals in 2000, her campaign manager was Bill Swatek's son, Dax Swatek. I don't have a copy of whatever ethics guide there is for prosecutors, but I don't think you would need a J.D. from Harvard Law to realize pretty quickly that Queen Alice had an Alaska-sized conflict of interest here. I would think she was obligated to inform me of that conflict and to refer the case to a prosecutor who did not have a conflict. Did Queen Alice do that? Let's take a look . . .


To: Alice Martin []

From: Roger Shuler []

Sent: Monday, July 23, 2007

Ms. Martin:
On January 22, 2007, you sent me a letter asking for detailed allegations of mail and/or wire fraud committed by members of the Alabama State Bar and members of the Alabama Judiciary.

In your letter, you stated that if I sent you a letter providing focused details of illegal actions, you would seek to make an appropriate referral to an investigative agency.

I sent you such a letter, as requested, on June 14, 2007. But I have heard nothing in reply. Could I get an update on the status of my report? If it has been referred to an investigative agency, can I get the name of the person in charge of the case? I very much would like to assist in seeing to it that justice is done in this matter.

Thank you,

Roger Shuler

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