Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Ashley Madison customers revealed: Johnny Aycock, long-time chief executive of West Alabama Chamber of Commerce, appears at extramarital-affairs Web site

Johnnie Aycock
The retired CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama appears as a paying customer at the Ashley Madison extramarital-affairs Web site, according to publicly available documents.

Johnnie R. Aycock spent almost 28 years with the chamber, before retiring in 2010. He now is special project assistant to the president at the University of West Alabama, plus he is owner and principal at Strategic Management Associates LLC.

Aycock has deep ties in the Tuscaloosa area. From an article about his retirement at The Tuscaloosa News:

Aycock became the chamber’s president in 1983 and oversaw its growth into an organization with more than 1,000 members.

“We are extremely proud of the work and devotion Johnnie has given to the chamber and the community for almost 27 years,” said Claude Edwards, chairman of the chamber’s board. “He has done an outstanding job ... and we are appreciative that he is allowing us to have a transition” period by staying on until March.

Aycock generally seems to have received high marks for his work at the chamber:

Dara Longgrear, executive director of the Tuscaloosa Industrial Development Authority and an ex-officio member of the chamber board, said Aycock devoted most of his professional career to the chamber and served it well.

“He has been very successful and has put the chamber and the community in a position to continue to move forward,” Longgrear said.

Aycock has been active in pushing for charter schools in west Alabama and recently appeared before the Alabama Public Charter School Commission on behalf of UWA's planned University Charter School:
UWA's Johnnie Aycock told the Commission that Alabama's Congressional delegation has been watching from Washington, D.C., and fully supports their efforts. "[U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos] actually knows about us," Aycock said, adding they hope to create a model for other rural areas to use. . . .

Aycock has worked in economic development in the past and said offering quality schooling is important to economic development in the region.

After the vote, Aycock said, "This is life-changing for the people of Sumter County."

Why, and how, did Johnnie Aycock, who appears to be a staunch conservative, become involved with Ashley Madison? When we asked Mr. Aycock for comment, he said he had been divorced and not married for nine years and that he never used Ashley Madison, even though he did sign up for it.


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