Tuesday, December 12, 2017

With his evasive non-answers and smarmy, smart-alecky, elitist tone, Doug Jones proves he can embarrass Alabama just as much as Roy Moore

Alabamians go to the polls today to elect a U.S. senator, and throughout the campaign, Democrat Doug Jones has been portrayed as the smart one, with the kind of integrity that would never embarrass us. Given that Republican Roy Moore is a theocrat who twice has been booted from public office -- and has been dogged by allegations that, while serving as a 30-ish district attorney, he pursued a taste for the tender flesh of teen-aged girls -- perhaps that is understandable.

Unfortunately, Jones is an accomplished con artist. He has documented ties to Republican thugs Karl Rove, Jeff Sessions, Bill Pryor, and Rob Riley -- four of the most hideously corrupt figures in postmodern American history. While Jones tends to be viewed as the relative newcomer in the 2017 race, he's been around long enough to deserve the title "swamp creature." He served as U.S. attorney under Bill Clinton in the late 1990s, he ran once before for the U.S. Senate (in 2002) and folded up shop early due to lackluster fundraising.

As both a public official and an officer of the court (while serving as a private attorney), Jones has advanced his career by using taxpayer dollars and taxpayer-funded facilities. Does Jones feel a responsibility to answer questions about his actions in those roles? We have two videos that show the answer is no.

In both videos, Jones dodges tough questions and does it with a tone that can only be described as smarmy, snarky, immature, defensive, insulting, and (perhaps worst of all) elitist. This is a guy who now claims he is a man of the middle class, of the people -- of women, gays, people of color, and others who have faced discrimination. I invite you to listen to both videos -- one at the top of this post, one at the bottom -- and see if those are the words and tone of a man who cares one iota about everyday folks.

I submit that Jones' statements in these videos are every bit as embarrassing as anything Roy Moore ever has said. And you will notice that Doug Jones responds to challenging questions with the mindset of a second grader -- he dishes out insults, but he offers no substantive responses on actions that call his integrity into question.

In fact, there is plenty of evidence -- in the Alabama bingo trial; the Paul Bryant/Alabama Reassurance investigation; the Don Siegelman/Richard Scrushy criminal case; the federal HealthSouth civil case; acts of arson and intimidation against Alabama whistle blower Jill Simpson; career assassinations, unlawful incarcerations, and a wrongful foreclosure and eviction against my wife, Carol, and me -- that Jones has tippy-toed to the edge of criminal activity. A real investigation probably would show that Jones has stepped way over that line.

Let's take a closer look at the two videos:

(1) Rob Riley's ties to Medicare fraud, the investigation of Paul Bryant Jr. and Alabama Reassurance, and snarky comments left at Legal Schnauzer from someone at Haskell Slaughter, Jones' old law firm

a. Asked about the irony of Rob Riley working with Jones on the HealthSouth fraud case, while Riley himself faced documented allegations of health-care fraud related to Performance Group LLC, Jones responded:

It's not my place to comment. You can ask any party [in the HealthSouth case] anything. Based on things I've seen that you've written, I don't think it's worth my time to comment.

b. Asked about an investigation of Paul Bryant Jr. and Alabama Reassurance -- which had been planned after convictions against Philadelphia lawyer and entrepreneur Allen W. Stewart -- but was canceled once Jones became U.S. attorney in the Northern District of Alabama . . . well, Jones really got on a role:

Jones: I'm trying to make sure you understand that I have read your stuff, I have seen your conspiracy theories, and I am not going to answer any of your questions because I don't trust what you will write, period.

Legal Schnauzer (LS): I'm taking it down word for word. . . . I'm asking you, who called off the investigation of Paul Bryant?

Jones: I am not going to respond to any of your questions.

LS: You were a public official then, Doug . . . 
Jones: I am not going to respond to any of your questions. . . . I've seen the garbage you write and the way you spin and the way you slant. It's the most disingenuous stuff I've ever seen. . . . It just doesn't matter to me. You're a nothing to me."

Do Jones' non-answers, and his unmistakable agitated tone, indicate he did, in fact, call off the Bryant investigation, which (according to public documents) involved roughly $15 million of insurance fraud? A reasonable person could reach that conclusion. I certainly have reached that conclusion.

c. Asked about snarky comments left at my blog by someone from his law firm, Haskell Slaughter, Jones responded:

LS: Did you write that?

Jones: Of course not.

LS: What is your IP address, Doug?

Jones: My IP address? I have no clue. I just sit at a computer and type. I don't give you the time of day, Roger. I don't read your blog anymore. I think I've wasted enough time with you. 
Click (Jones hangs up on me.)

(2) The Alabama bingo trial, and Jones' representation of Ronnie Gilley; Paul Bryant Jr. and Alabama Re investigation; Jones' representation of Don Siegelman, in which he charged $300,000 for a criminal defense that was not performed (Jones bailed out before trial because of his own scheduling conflict) -- and there is no indication that Jones repaid a dime.

a. Asked about his representation of Ronnie Gilley in the Alabama bingo trial -- where Jones bailed out and left Gilley with attorney David Harrison, who has a drug-trafficking conviction on his record -- Jones responded:

Jones: I've made it a policy with everybody, not just with you, that it would not be appropriate for me to comment on Mr. Gilley.

LS: Are you aware that his current lawyer, David Harrison, has a conviction for drug trafficking?

Jones: I don't want to comment at all, one way or another.

LS: But are you aware . . .

Jones: I keep trying to explain, and you ought to understand. There are ethical considerations here. It's no reflection on you and some of the things you've written about me.

b. Asked again about cancellation of the planned investigation of Paul Bryant Jr. and Alabama Re, in the wake of the Allen W. Stewart convictions in Philadelphia, Jones responded:

Jones: I'm not going to comment to you. (Keep in mind, this was while Jones held public office, as U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama.)

c. Asked about charging Don Siegelman $300,000 for a criminal defense in which he bailed out before trial -- and apparently did not return one dime of the money -- Jones responded:

Jones: I'm not going to comment one way or another on any of those matters.

LS: You're not going to comment with me on any matters

Jones: Correct

LS: I hope you understand that you were U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, and the investigation of Paul Bryant Jr. involved $15 million in insurance fraud, and it was called off. You were a public official, taking tax-payer dollars, and I'm asking you as a citizen: Did you . . .

Jones: I've got other things to do, and I don't need a speech from you.

LS: It's not a speech, I'm asking you a question.

Jones: You're not going to change my mind.

LS: I'm asking you . . .

Jones: And I'm telling you I'm not going to comment.

LS: You were a public official, and I'm asking you as a citizen . . .

Click (Jones hangs up on me a second time.)

Anyone who thinks Doug Jones will act with integrity -- and be a stand-up guy while not embarrassing Alabama -- does not know the real Doug Jones. These videos represent the unvarnished Doug Jones, in all his "glory." Voters would be wise to give these videos a hard listen before going to the polls today.

For Alabamians, the choice today is between a child molester and a crook. That's really no choice at all.


Anonymous said...

Doug Jones comes across very badly in these videos. Glad you ran them. People need to hear this -- not that Roy Moore is any better.

legalschnauzer said...

@6:19 --

I can't give Roy Moore credit for much, but at least he's never tried to hide the fact he's a fruitcake. Jones, on the other hand, is a con artist -- presenting himself as someone he isn't.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News! U.S. Senate candidate is a suck-up for elites and bad actors! Film at 11!

Anonymous said...

God, Jones is a prick! And he can't keep his cool.

legalschnauzer said...

@6:39 --

In my 35-plus years of professional journalism, I've probably conducted 10,000 to 15,000 interviews. (Just a guess, might be more, doubt it's less.) Doug Jones has to be the biggest asshole I've ever interviewed. Not sure who would be No. 2, but the race isn't even close.

Anonymous said...

That's not the Doug Jones you see on his campaign ads.

Anonymous said...

You pushed him pretty hard on some things, but someone who is thinking about running for U.S. Senate someday should be able to handle himself better than Jones did here.

Anonymous said...

"professional journalism"

Anonymous said...

Dougie seems really sensitive on the Bryant Jr. issue. Sounds like PBJ was looking at 10-15 in the big house if Jones hadn't intervened.

Anonymous said...

Question of the day: Will it be close enough for Rove thugs to steal it for Jones?

Anonymous said...

Most public figures can at least put on a dignified face when being asked tough questions. Jones couldn't even manage to do that. Sounds very thin-skinned to me. Also sounds like he's hiding something. Think I'll stay home.

Anonymous said...

Had you and Jones met before these phone conversations?

legalschnauzer said...

@8:55 --

No, we've still never met in person. These are our only two conversations. There might have been a third one, but I'm not sure. Don't have a record of it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a few trolls are coming after you, which is to be expected. But this actually is a classic example of "professional journalism." You didn't let Jones off easy with his deceptions and insults, and as a result, the public learns a lot about a candidate for an extremely high office. I learned, for example, that Doug Jones is not fit for that office. Unfortunately, neither is Roy Moore.

legalschnauzer said...

@9:21 --

Oh, yes, you always get trolls with posts like this one. It's usually the "attack the messenger crowd," the brain dead types who have nothing else to turn to. Pretty amusing to see them flail away, signifying nothing.

Anonymous said...

That first interview is particularly interesting. Jones' tone seems OK, but then you ask him about Rob Riley's ties to Medicare fraud, and things get chippy in a hurry.

After being asked about Rob Riley, Jones becomes an ass the rest of the way.

I find that curious.

legalschnauzer said...

@9:45 --

Good pick-up. Jones is almost chummy until I ask him about Rob Riley. Then he gets really mean, with nastiness that is almost visceral. BTW, for those who don't remember the Riley Medicare-fraud whistle blower case, here is one of several posts I wrote about it:


Anonymous said...

How can you take $300,000 from someone, not do the work because of your own conflict, and then not return at least a portion of the money? That's the most disturbing thing to me.

Anonymous said...

If anyone not already aware: Luther stood giving on the senate floor his farewell address with his cohort Shelby sitting along his side as Luther sang aloud his attributes for decades of political accomplishments and achievements by both Shelby and Sessions; for all Alabamians, adhering in the upholding of the constitution, protecting all citizens rights under the law, even if it meant going up against their own party members. A MUST READ TRANSCRIPT, FIND A COPY, GET A COPY FOR FUTURE REFERALS--------------In their official capacities acting under color of law, these and their underlings are, have been corrupt; Luther well aware stands before the American people spitting in their faces telling ball faced lies. When a long train of abuses, abuse of power[s] exist, has existed, it is the right of the people to throw off those abuses. Corruption within Alabama government exist, breeds is very simple! We the people rather not get involved, or just talk about it; hoping some other poor bastard will be successful putting their ass on the line that we all can benefit from........get a amen here?

legalschnauzer said...


Anonymous said...

I thought about holding my nose and voting for Jones, but after reading this, I'm staying home -- will not darken the door of a voting booth. If I wanted to send a turd to the Senate, I would snatch one out of the toilet, place it in a baggy, and FedEx it to DC.

Anonymous said...

Most important news report of the day. Reveals Doug Jones to be a phony.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that Jones started laughing when you identified yourself, said he was surprised to hear from you, and then got really ugly when you asked him about Rob Riley.

legalschnauzer said...

@12:54 --

I found that odd, too, and it sounded like an uncomfortable laugh to me. Here's what I think his words and tone are saying: "Hey, Rob and I cheated you out of your job and -- hah, hah -- your call makes me think you are onto us. It wasn't supposed to be that way; you were supposed to be totally in the dark. But your call -- hah, hah -- caught me off guard because it sounds like you aren't in the dark. A guy who knows I cheated him out of his job could be -- hah, hah -- real mad at me and my good buddy, Rob. No telling what a guy like that might do -- hah, hah -- if he gets really, really pissed . . . Let me see if I can insult him enough and maybe that will throw him off the track -- hah, hah."

Still on your trail, Dougie. And yes, I'm really, really pissed. Never know what a guy like that might do. Never know what his wife might do, especially since you helped ensure her arm would be broken into dozens of pieces.

Anonymous said...

Definitely an uncomfortable laugh. Probably suggests Jones had never taken tough questions before from an Alabama journalist.

Anonymous said...

Your questioning of Jones about his IP address suggests that you may not understand how IP addresses work. If you have a network of computers and have a modem connecting you to the internet, all the computers will have an internal IP address and the entire network will have only one public IP address. If you truly tracked the IP used for the comment to the law firm and anybody on that network would have confirmed the comment originated on their network, but wouldn't be able to narrow it down from there. Perhaps if you had the MAC address of the computer, that would show which computer sent the comment, but not which user of the computer. Had Jones gone to a site and provided you with the public IP address, you would have accused him. Had he given the internal network address, I'm sure you would have called him a liar. To me, it seems his best option was just to not talk with you, which is his right.

Note I am not voting in this election simply because it doesn't change anything for me.

legalschnauzer said...

@4:06 --

Thanks for your insights on the IP issue. My question about that wasn't important, and if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have asked it. You are wrong that I would have accused him or called him a liar. As I've said, it's not an important issue, and it just muddied the water on some other questions that were important. You are correct that it's his right not to talk with me -- and he hung up on me twice, not a very smart move for a future political candidate. But it's his right to do that, just as it's my right to ask the questions that I did.

Anonymous said...

I don’t blame him for his comments (or lack thereof) to you in the recording. You have demonstrated that you will twist anything someone says (or doesn’t say) into anything you want to say. And to be clear, I am neither a supporter or fan of Doug Jones or Roy Moore. I voted for neither of them. You are known for hit pieces on anyone who gets into your cross hairs (whether they are public figures or not) so you should not be surprised when anyone tells you to fuck off. He just did so very nicely.

legalschnauzer said...

@11:03 --

Care to cite any examples of me twisting something a person said or didn't say? If you notice, Jones didn't cite any such examples. He couldn't cite a single thing I had written that was twisted or inaccurate. Can you do any better?