Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Donald Trump develops a "Roy Moore Problem" as outtakes from "The Apprentice" reportedly show him speaking approvingly about sex with underage girls

Donald Trump on "The Apprentice"
Roy Moore went down in yesterday's Alabama special election for the U.S. Senate, largely because of lower-than-expected turnout in his rural strongholds -- and that likely was driven by allegations during the campaign that Moore had, as a 30-ish district attorney, dated teen-aged girls.

Now, another GOP politician might be developing a "Roy Moore Problem." And his name is Donald Trump.

Outtakes from The Apprentice include scenes of Donald Trump speaking approvingly about sex with underage girls, according to a report from a D.C.-based investigative journalist.

Officials at NBC have taken steps to make sure the outtakes remain out of public view, reports Wayne Madsen. From a recent article at The Wayne Madsen Report (WMR):

There are reports from media insiders that Donald Trump made favorable comments about sex with underage girls during several taping sessions of “The Apprentice” reality television show during its 11-season run. These comments are in addition to previously reported remarks by Trump that were racist, anti-Semitic, and misogynistic in nature.

The video outtakes of Trump are said to be secured in a vault at NBC Studios in Universal City, California. However, there are reports that the tapes were moved from NBC Universal to a more secure vault at MGM Studios.

Mark Burnett, producer of The Apprentice and Survivor, reportedly is behind efforts to keep the outtakes under cover. From WMR:

Although NBC broadcast “The Apprentice,” MGM originally claimed ownership of the series and “Apprentice” producer, Mark Burnett, has refused to release the tapes, claiming that they are his intellectual property. Burnett also produced another reality TV show, “Survivor.” In addition, Trump reportedly made lewd comments in the dressing room of the Miss Teen USA pageant, which was, along with the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants, owned by Donald Trump. The tapes from all the pageants were bought, along with the Miss Universe Organization, by WME-IMG, whose co-chief executive officer is Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel, the brother of Chicago’s Democratic mayor Rahm Emanuel. Ari Emanuel has refused to release any outtakes or other recorded material from Trump’s appearances in the dressing rooms of all three pageants, including Miss Teen USA, where Trump barged in where girls between the ages of 15 and 17 were dressing and undressing.

According to an entertainment-industry journalist, the Trump scenes have connections to the recent Matt Lauer scandal at NBC. And the journalist describes Trump's comments as worse than revelations about Alabama's Roy Moore:

Many of the contestants and staff for “The Apprentice” and the three pageants under the Miss Universe corporate umbrella were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. NBC reportedly was reluctant to take initial action against former “Today” co-host Matt Lauer, fired for several cases of sexual harassment of female employees of NBC, because it feared that any focus on sexual impropriety by the network would potentially raise issues with Trump and “The Apprentice.” One prominent journalist who has covered the entertainment industry for several decades recently said that NBC and MGM have no right to withhold the outtakes of Trump’s comments on the set of “The Apprentice,” suggesting there is much more to the Trump story and that it involved covering up Lauer’s indiscretions. The journalist also stated that Trump’s comments on the “Apprentice” outtakes, which include B-roll with audio, are worse than the more recent revelations about Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore’s stalking of underage girls in Alabama while he was a county district attorney in his early 30s.

There is little doubt that Trump has been a predator of underage girls over at least the past thirty years.

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