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Roy Moore supporters scuttled Bill Pryor's chances for SCOTUS seat, but new report doesn't tell full story about Pryor's ties to badpuppy.com and gay porn

Bill Pryor No. 1
Roy Moore supporters helped stick a fork in Bill Pryor's chances for a U.S. Supreme Court seat earlier this year by arguing Pryor too often sided with gay interests, according to a report at a conservative news/propaganda site. A prominent Alabama whistle blower and opposition researcher suggests the site, Yellowhammer News (YH), isn't telling the whole story.

Quin Hilyer, author of the YH article, takes Democrat Doug Jones to task for a recent ad hinting that Moore, while chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, went easy on child sexual abusers because -- as reported in a string of investigative articles connected to the Moore v. Jones U.S. Senate special election (set for Dec. 12) -- Moore himself is a child sexual abuser.

Hilyer decries Jones' attack on Roy Moore, just as he finds Moore's earlier attack on Bill Pryor to be unseemly. But Hilyer does not complete the circle with the Pryor story and essentially sets up a false equivalency. Siegelman-case whistle blower Jill Simpson, in a post at her Facebook page, is more than happy to complete the circle that allegedly torpedoed Pryor's SCOTUS hopes.

In so doing, she raises the likelihood that -- regardless of what Roy Moore supporters might have done -- the genesis of the Pryor implosion rests with our reporting at Legal Schnauzer on the judge's ties to 1990's gay pornography. In fact, Simpson adds some fascinating history about the Pryor gay-porn photos, which are connected to a couple of Montgomery lawyers -- one on the right and one on the left.

Bill Pryor No. 2
As a right-wing "think tank" type, Hilyer assiduously eschews any reference to Pryor's nude photos that appeared at badpuppy.com. (Hilyer also fails to reference Pryor's exceptionally close relationship with Trump AG Jeff Sessions, which involved the "evil elf" making frequent late-night visits -- caught on surveillance -- to Pryor's Montgomery apartment.) Here is how Hilyer explains his distaste for the Doug Jones ads about Roy Moore:

Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones’ latest ad highlights three Alabama Supreme Court cases in which then-Chief Justice Moore “sided” with defendants accused of sexual crimes involving minors. The obvious implication is that Moore sympathizes with such sexual abusers because he is one.

Hilyer then decries the hatchet job Moore supporters supposedly executed on Pryor, when Donald Trump was considering the Alabamian for a seat on the nation's highest court:

Moore’s associates bizarrely accused Pryor of being “a strong ally of the homosexual lobby” merely because Pryor’s decisions (or dissents) in three cases happened to reach “results” favored by homosexual parties to the case. I joined some conservative legal luminaries in explaining how viciously unfair the accusation was, because in all three cases Pryor’s legal reasoning was plain for all to see, and it hewed closely to the actual facts at hand and the specific procedural issues involved.

Hilyer posits that Moore associates attacked Pryor on "intellectual" and "legal reasoning" grounds. But look what Hilyer conveniently left out. In the Jones-Moore scenario, Hilyer claimed "the obvious implication is that Moore sympathizes with such sexual abusers because he is one." The implication in the Moore-Pryor scenario would be of a parallel nature: That Pryor sympathizes with gay interests because he is gay. More specifically, as our Legal Schnauzer reporting has shown, Pryor is ardently homophobic in his public statements while being a married, closeted gay in his private life.

Bill Pryor No. 3
Quin Hilyer might not want to complete the circle on the Bill Pryor story, but Jill Simpson is more than happy to do it. She is quick to say that she was not aware Roy Moore supporters had anything to do with Pryor finishing a distant third, with Neil Gorsuch of Colorado taking top honors, in the SCOTUS sweepstakes -- although she gives Team Moore props if they were able to pull that off.

Simpson, however, does not seem to buy the notion that the Moore crowd attacked Pryor only on a "legal debate" basis. She suggests any such attack almost certainly included an emphasis on Pryor's ties to gay porn -- he sympathizes with gays because he is a closeted gay -- and that comes back to our reporting. We have published four nude photographs of Pryor that were taken during his college days at Northeast Louisiana in the 1980s and found their way to badpuppy.com as the digital era exploded in the 1990s, shortly after Pryor became Alabama attorney general.

Here is Simpson's take on Hilyer's article and the information he leaves out:

I had no idea it was Roy Moore's group who destroyed Pryor's chance of getting on the Supreme Court,  but cheers to Roy on that one. We progressives also fought against Pryor getting on the bench, for political prosecution matters against Don Siegelman and other progressives. Pryor might claim to be a terrific good Catholic, who believes in religious freedom, but I recently saw the clip of him basically asking Roy to denounce God, and Roy refusing, which cost him his bench seat. That is not a good Catholic to put on the Supreme Court. After watching, I realized Pryor is more creepy than I thought.

Simpson also reveals the Pryor gay-porn photos have revolved for years around two Montgomery attorneys -- Tommy Gallion (a conservative) and Priscilla Duncan (a liberal):

I find it amusing that Roy Moore's bunch was unhappy with Pryor since he is so gay friendly in cases to the LBGTQ community. Years ago, trying to show what a hypocrite Pryor was -- talking all his religious-right BS -- a bunch of his Bad Puppy pictures fell in my lap as Priscilla [Duncan], my lawyer at that time, had a stash that included the magazine her husband had obtained to help back Pryor off Siegelman.

Bill Pryor No. 4
Then I got to see Tommy Gallion's set after I introduced Priscilla to [investigative journalist] Wayne Madsen, and some [of the photos] appeared [at Madsen's site]. Poor Gallion thought he owned the one set, only to be surprised that Priscilla had a pretty good collection as well.
Priscilla and Gallion both were pretty good oppo folks for their respective parties, and I got caught in the middle, as I at times, was represented by both before my testimony in DC.
Simpson then gives Gallion credit for having the better collection of Pryor porn:

I must admit Gallion's collection was far better than Prscilla's collection, and the drum major outfit -- with the cape and Pryor naked -- is something I will never forget seeing in my entire life. 
So hats off to Roy if he knocked out Pryor from going on the Supreme Court bench. After seeing the photos that I believe are Pryor naked in the drum major cape, I have often wondered what he wears under his 11th Circuit robe -- and does he on occasion surprise folks with what is lurking under it, like he did with his drum major cape in the picture I saw? 
I know it is naughty to ponder, but once you see the Gallion collection, you never forget that cape outfit. Roy Mooe did a public service if he got Pryor off the Supreme Court because Pryor is 100 percent eaten up by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which favors the 1 percent of richest Americans. They harm all of us when they own court members and, the chamber is where Pryor's loyalty lies.

Bottom line: Roy Moore's supporters might have caused Bill Pryor's SCOTUS dreams to fly off the tracks, but they almost certainly could not have done it without a major boost from our reporting at Legal Schnauzer.

This scenario, by the way, is worth considering: What if Moore representatives went to, say, Jeff Sessions earlier this year and said, in so many words: "We are about to blow the rails off the underground gay train you and Pryor have been riding for years -- unless you make sure his SCOTUS nomination gets derailed?" And what if Sessions, Pryor, and Bob and Rob Riley now are firing back by supporting Doug Jones and helping to unearth tales of Moore's taste for the tender flesh of teen-aged girls?

That would fit. As we've reported here, with assistance from Jill Simpson, Jones is firmly ensconced in the GOP Sessions/Pryor/Riley camp. And this would be exactly the kind of bare-knuckles, back-street brawling that has caused Alabama to become perhaps the country's No. 1 political sewer.

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