Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ashley Madison customers revealed: David Armistead, with executive job at TekLinks and studies at London School of Economics, appears at notorious Web site

David Armistead
The director of enterprise sales at TekLinks in Birmingham appears as a paying customer at the Ashley Madison extramarital-affairs Web site. And he has a familiar name to those who follow Alabama politics.

David Armistead earned his bachelor's degree at Millsaps College in Mississippi before continuing his studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Armistead comes from a political background. He is a Facebook friend with Bill Armistead, former chair of the Alabama Republican Party and current campaign manager for U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.

The two Armisteads appear to be related, but the exact connection is not clear. David Armistead originally is from Tupelo, Mississipi, while Bill Armistead lives in Columbiana, Alabama, home of the hideously corrupt Shelby County Courthouse and Sheriff's Office. For good measure, Columbiana also produced ousted and corrupt Alabama Gov. Robert "Luv Guv" Bentley.

David Armistead was featured in a recent b-metro article about millennials in the workplace. From the article:

David Armistead is a Gen-Xer who is now director of enterprise sales at TekLinks, a national tech company specializing in cloud services, managed services, and value-added resale. Armistead remembers what it was like to be the new guy on the block—and it wasn’t all that different. “Our generation heard some of the same things,” he says. “People said we weren’t as hard working and all that. I think every generation talks that way about the one that comes after.”

If they behave and work differently, Armistead adds, it’s because Millennials are a product of their environment, specifically the tech and social media environment. They just happen to be a little better at keeping up.

“We could try to stay stuck in the old way of doing business, but we would be the ones left behind,” says Armistead. “So it’s not necessarily the Millennials who are the ones changing the workplace, or that we’re having to cater to their needs. The way Millennials approach work is a reflection of how our lives are different today.”

Armistead was married to Laura Roy Armistead, they had four children together, and they bought a $425,000 house in Homewood in 2015. They now are divorced. Is that because Ashley Madison became part of Mr. Armistead's "social media environment"?

We're not sure. We sought comment from David Armistead for this post, but he has not responded to our queries.


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