Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Theft Against Unlawfully Held Legal Schnauzer Publisher Ignored by Shelby County Jail Officials

This is Carol, Roger's wife. An administrator at the Shelby County Jail has indicated there will be no investigation of a theft against Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler. Shuler has noted at least $99 missing from his inmate account and reported it to jail officials, but has been told that it will not be investigated as a crime.

Shuler received the following message from jail administrator Theresa Smith who oversees inmate accounts. Smith's message read as follows: "It is your responsibility to keep your PIN number secure. We are unable to credit phone time at this facility. Only NCIC can give credits and they will not do so for charges incurred from someone stealing your PIN number. I was informed by Sargent Thompson that your PIN number has already been reset to prevent future unauthorized usage."

Shuler was dumbfounded by Smith's response. "Basically she's blaming me for theft and under that version of the law, no one ever would be held accountable for stealing. I'm going to seek further clarification from jail officials and move forward and quickly, but I'm not going to let this rest. I've had money stolen from me and I intend to have it prosecuted as a crime."

Shuler said he is not certain that the theft was done by an inmate. "If the Shelby County Sheriff's Department is not going to investigate this kind of matter, it makes me think it's possible they're the ones responsible for the theft," Shuler said. "Inmates could possibly steal my PIN number, but people inside the Shelby County Sheriff's Office also have access to it. And the fact they aren't willing to investigate this makes me think they may be responsible. That raises huge questions, federal issues and all sorts of issues about corruption that the public needs to be aware of and I'm making them aware of it."



Unknown said...

2009, The year of what we now are being forced to accept as the "New World Order" [NWO].

I realize the American doesn't want to wake-up, but Roger Shuler is a CLARION CALL, the NWO is in charge, notice?

Roger had best let the theft drop and not have any digits in his digital cache at the JAIL.

The JAIL is going to put lots of Americans there and also suicide as many as can be done, too.


Sue the 'MONEY' which is fraud and then, the fraud at least gets exposed for KILLING as many as can be for the Agenda, that is, 21.



When my son's costs at the INVERNESS JAIL in Oregon were so expensive (intentionally), I could not afford the 5 minutes of time cost at a 20 minute bill, and the time standing in long lines, to be told come back to another visit time, well the DISTRICT ATTORNEY had to visit my son with me while he was on the CLOSED CIRCUIT 'TV' and that was because of BEING CHASED AROUND THE FEDERAL BUILDING, and also ENTRAPMENT VIA THE 'CHIEF JUDGE ANN AIKEN'!



Be a person who has a wife that files the proper papers, Carol - that is YOU.

File in the Top Court - ASK FOR A HEARING, Trade & Exchange Court in Washington D.C.

Who owns the JAIL/S? Sue the owner and the owner is who pays the jail/s to jail those that aren't in the NWO cabal.


e.a.f. is a bullshitter in my read

Anonymous said...

Carol, what is the name of the lawyer representing Roger?

Anonymous said...

Carol, wish I could help more, live on medically disabled retirement, now into my autumn years; sending $20.00 for you to earmark for the reducing of the $99.00 beforehand/now differences,replacement in partial of PIN monies.
You are not alone, you both are in the thoughts and prayers of many, and obviously more gathering
May God bless you both and keep you safe; "God will not give any man ammunition who is not willing to go into battle". Anon

e.a.f. said...

Hi "Coyote Lane", its e.a.f.

don't know why you want to refer to me as a "bullshitter". I simply questioned why the Alabama system didn't provide bail to a non violent person,such as Mr. Shuler,
given that just about anyone can get bail in the U.S.A. if they have enough money.

Now if any of that is "bullshit" so be it. But do explain, not that I'd pay much attention. You would appear to have your own view of things based on what has happened to you and others close to you.

We all have opinions. That is how Mr. Shuler ended up in jail. He published his opinions, based on information he had at hand. It didn't help that people in powerful positions didn't like what he had to write and had the money to instigate court action against him. None of it is fair and it is a clear violation of his First Amendment rights. For Mr. Shuler's case to be successful in court, lawyers will rely on the violation of his First amendment rights. there is no need to muddy the waters with conspiracy theories.

now, Coyote Lane, please try to calm down. We all want the same thing, Mr. Shuler out of jail. yes, I do have to write the various state officials again about this.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. All I want for Christmas is to have Mr. Shuler home safe and sound, writing his blog again.

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 1:17 PM -- Bless you for your kind and generous support, as well as, your encouraging words. We appreciate it very much!

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 12:13 PM -- We are still looking for legal representation at this time. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Carol, have you tried the Southern Poverty Law Center?
Contact Milton McGregor to see if he can help. Remember, Riley was his nemesis.