Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shelby County Sheriff's Officials Refuse to Investigate Theft from Legal Schnauzer's Inmate Account

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Shelby County Sheriff's officials investigated cases of inmate theft as recently as Oct. 28 according to an inmate statement. An inmate was on lockup from Oct. 15 to Oct. 28 according to a statement to Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler and said that he saw at least three inmates at that time in lockup for stealing PIN numbers.

"I did not get to the jail until Oct. 23," Shuler said. "And this new information indicates the Shelby County Jail has changed it's policy probably since I've been here and perhaps just for me. This is extremely disturbing information and indicates that perhaps officials in the Shelby County Jail or Sheriff's Office are involved in stealing from me. I've had $99 stolen from my inmate account and I've had no indication that any investigation is going to be done on it."

Shuler noted that the 14th Amendment right to equal protection under the law applies to inmates and all citizens and he has not forfeited them since his arrest in the wake of a lawsuit by Republican political figure, Rob Riley. "If the Shelby County Sheriff's Office is not going to investigate this, we're going to have to take it to a higher authority. Any misconduct involving phone lines is usually a federal matter anyway," Shuler said. "I hope the public knows the kind of damages I'm suffering having been in this jail unlawfully now for two months. I've witnessed an inmate suicide. I've witnessed another inmate who was apprehended for having a shank which is an item designed to stab people. And now I've been the victim of a theft and the authorities are doing nothing about it."



e.a.f. said...

someone who was a computer expert might be able to find out who and how this was done. Some one is walking around with Mr. Shuler's money.

If there is a pattern of theft from prisoner accounts, it might be considered the actions of a "criminal organization". From what I know of American Law, that may qualify as a RICO violation. that would make it the responsibility of the F.B.I. Perhaps an ad in some of the local papers asking for people to come forward, who have had money stolen from their accounts while in the Shelby county prison might be in order. if there are a number of cases, they it may constitute a criminal enterprise, small, but still, a criminal enterprise.

A crime is crime. If the police refuse to investigate I'd suggest it is dereliction of duty. Is it possible to file a complaint against the Sheriff for this?

My regards to Mr. Shuler. To Carole, thank you for updating the blog. Your work is appreciated by the readers, certainly by this one.

Redeye said...

"“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny." Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter from the Birmingham jail

Anonymous said...

Carol, contact the NATIONAL SHERIFF'S ASSOCIATION, I believe they are listed in Virginia; and I'm confidant there is someone who will take your call, and who will work with you.

Of course there is always the Alabama Sheriff's Association, may get movement, rather than national blogging attentions for unaccountable inmate's funds/pin #s.

The former Riley administration is the gift that just keeps on giving. Siegelman, like Roger will be vindicated; HISTORIANS will not be kind to those having built their legacy on the backs and shoulders of the poor and minorities, burdening the poor and minorities with unknown of cost and financial waste of their tax COFFERS; HOW SAD, the little people ARE without one advocate in this state willing to stand with those looked down upon
thought of as commoners; in defense of their equal rights, protections, and due processes.

"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead." Admiral Farragut

"Dad, are political plums raised from seed?" "No, my boy--by expert grafting."

Anonymous said...

This is such an injustice. Mr. Schuler is a righteous man. I am very disheartened to hear of what has happened to him and I hope that he is released as soon as possible.

I am going to try my best to get this story out to as many people as I can because without even reading the older posts, I know this is against every right we have in this country.

I was ordered into Alabama for a divorce but I was too afraid to enter the state (I was ordered from over 7,000 miles away) because I had been accused of bad faith litigation and feared that I would be detained or held in contempt of court.

Has a Writ of Habeus Corpus been filed? I would like to send Mr. Schuler mail if there is a physical address for him and try to help in any capacity. Stay strong

Anonymous said...

As I understand matters, Mr. Shuler is being held on civil contempt charges, essentially because he is keeping this website up and running (which continues to publish the enjoined materials).

While I understand Mr. Shuler's outrage at an order which on its face appears constitutionally suspect....wouldn't the prudent thing at this point be to take down the website, comply with the injunction, get out of jail, and then proceed with an appeal to get the injunction overturned?

In short -- why not get out of jail, and then litigate, rather than try to litigate while in chains?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 4:07 AM -- Please send me an email to and I will be happy to provide you with my husband's mailing address and the pertinent rules re: inmate jail. Thank you!

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 2:29 PM -- That is a definite option to consider. Good point.

Wayne said...

Since lst Amendment rights are being discussed all over the news, I would agree with Anon 2:29. The article regarding Rob Riley is already all over the internet. Roger can only take care of his own. Roger should take it down, get out of jail and then proceed from there.

Unknown said...

This judge has ruled on the Fourth Amendment.

Roger has many rights' that have been violated, claim them all.

Write a letter to the Chief Judge, at the USDC where Leon is, and copy all the Chief Justices in every USDC, and the reality is, Roger needs to get out of there and then litigate.

In that place is just way too dangerous and that is just the worst truth we must all face, this isn't the 'America' we grew up in.

That is, those of us that were born before the mid to late 1980s.

Technology has changed the game and the freaked out are those who were so called 'government'.

The IT was bigger than them and Roger is one of the greatest in proving the IT has changed all the rules. He got put into the same category as Barrett Brown, who is ? Can't find him, last time he was heard of he was incarcerated too. Did far worse than Roger, he exposed Bank of America, Wells Fargo and all the Congress - Liberman, Feinstein Et Al - that are the IT Secrecy Nazis.

Gulags are what we have and face this fact, work within the horror, see GITMO and be very afraid.

Get the website down, comply, get Roger out, and then study those that have also been 'taken down'.

Best PP Et Al

Unknown said...

Here is the companion to the pdf of Judge Leon.

FOURTH AMENDMENT. Violated big time, and study also,

ALL AMENDMENTS - CLAIM EVERY 'CONSTITUTIONAL' 'FACT' the USDC where Leon is, says clearly that is where the US Constitutional Law is heard.

Follow the caption pleading, and give the best shot at filing, against the GOV ENTITY that runs the JAIL.

e.a.f. said...

for some people taking the website down will be admitting the "dark side has won". There is no guarantee he will be released from jail, even if the website is taken down. Legal Schnauzer is a "political prisoner". They are simply kept in jail.

By taking down the website, legal Schnauzer's "enemies" will have won. This is what they want. They don't want anyone to publish what they are all about. Crime is best hidden. The Mafia didn't have a code of silence for nothing.

If Mr. Shuler has made his decision, then we ought to support him in it. This maybe what he feels he must do.

My advise to others who are going to establish a blog which may attract attention, such as Mr. Shuler's has, establish the blog outside of the U.S.A. there isn't much freedom of speech in your country, so go somewhere they can't touch you.

In Canada we have a blogger, warren Kinsella. thinking he might be arrested, he created 5 "mirror blogs' outside of Canada. The law doesn't apply to the "mirror blogs".

Thank you to other posters regarding people who can be written about this.

if someone has the governor's email address I'd appreciate it being posted.

Thank you to Carol and Roger for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

very dirty in southern USA, really deeply bitter about the 'Civil War',

Roger is a Yankee and that isn't a good 'label' to be wearing in Southern US, especially Big Alabama!

Georgia, and wherever the RED STATES are RED, means what the color states, to be using terms to get the attention of what to do.

Can't figure out what, not without top lawyers that can drag the 'government' into the U.S. Constitution on every Article being violated.

And, more than likely it is going to take a very top attorney at law.

Get the site down and then see whether or not the letters you write are answered, best of all the power in 'prayer' as well as fingers with blisters from writing petitions THAT YOU CAN PUT ON ANOTHER 'SITE', and so on.

Cats you have are named a blog?

Anonymous said...

Carol, Do you know, have any idea who are those on 12/29/13 @ 2:29 pm and on 12/21/13 @ 6:03 am suggesting Roger after all this [his/your] dedicated time to these issues now fold his tent and go home?
Whatever your decisions, are your businesses, in my opinion, and being supported in what you are doing is not the same as advising you to engage, or not to do, or discontinue to do so. Just as it would have been improper to encourage such an upstart originally.

It too is neither a full drawn conclusion that "Roger" would have the public platform that he has access to now, not as a result of his own doing. Likewise the internet does not provide a daily continuation updating "Roger's" story; even more complexing the obvious, that none of the state's mainstream media has moved on the story.

Roger didn't go looking for it, but now provided it, the legal platform from a county jail under such peculiar circumstances, especially when involving this judge's tactics is liken to the old movie marques flashing neon lights advertising coming attractions in addition to what's currently playing..........

Whomever wrote these two suggesting blogs apparently haven't walked in "Roger's" [your]shoes; nevertheless it is my opinion that such weighty decision discussions and makings should be reserved for victims; for you see all of what's been happening, going to be in the future happening results from "Roger's" taking a stand to get the word out about individual's denials of equal rights/freedoms, his own denial freedom of speech especially!

Whatever Roger's and your choices are as how to expedite his jailing no doubt will be honored by all those having supported you since first day the jail door locked behind you, even more so since the years before.

Contact the [AOC}, the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts located in Montgomery:

Too, file a complaint with the Alabama Judiciary Commission about judge's violations of courtroom's procedural/canons processes:

Contact the Alabama Bar Association in Montgomery to file a complaint against opposing attorney, abuse of sworn unto official judicial oath:

Contact Shelby County Commissioners requesting names of accounting firms; for the purpose of inquiring about who handling the day in day out bookkeeping/journals involving sheriff's department cash/inventories; receipts/disbursements. Who is it that has specific care, custody, and control over all accounting of county inmates' funds/pin #s etc............

These two suggestions may have been born out of deep concerns getting even more burdensome the closer January nears for Roger's public trial date; the sixth amendment guarantees all, THE RIGHT TO A SPEEDY TRIAL, BEFORE A JURY OF THEIR PEERS.

"Master: George, when you wait on the table tonight for my guests, please don't spill anything." "Servant: Don't you worry, sir; I never talk much."

Anonymous said...

Ms. Shuler, I respectfully have to disagree with other contributing bloggers who suggest taking down your blog, and fighting "the system's machine" from outside the jail, at least for the present, until Roger's publicly required of court appearance soon arrives.

Obviously there has not been any rush by advocates to be by his side all during these past weeks, more interested in rights violations, him being victim of being singled out for retaliation; too deemed suspect and questionable by law enforcement and officers of the court so as to undermine his credibility.

Unbelievable, yes, for anyone not having felt the deep stings of Alabama's injustices and miscarriages of justices to conclude otherwise after having witnessed blogs surfacing tied to Roger's jailing and the restlessness within contaminated, corrupt, government.

Such a gravitating decision before you, with such little time remaining before appearing before the public should be reserved to you and Roger alone without influence; I emphasize that had not these suggestions been presented I would not have even thought about it; and I do apologize for giving my opposing opinion, but I thought one did need to be given, since as of this blog's time there has not been anyone else doing so.....

If you ever prepare a roster for individual's names and their offerings of contributions in various ways/means, of course confidentially; please, I want to know; those wanting to do more needs to know status of what's needed to carry the fight to the "bad guys". This is not some school recess fist fight, they won't forget, assuredly not until they can take comfort in knowing that you got your ass beat; so much for your rights, screw you and them! End of story!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing strikes me as a color of law violation.

I highly doubt it is the affair they want you to keep quiet about.

Unknown said...

Wrong concepts, regarding Roger folding tent, etc.

Bad propaganda BUT at long last some comments got fired into the blog and that's what the whole IDEA is about, brushing up against the REALITY.

Reality may be Roger's best interest is to do what he is told, get another blog going at the time of the First Amendment litigation is ongoing, and play the game of chess to win, not in jail though.

Can't, cannot really fight where Roger is. Not the same as being out of jail, come on.

So those that think Roger's only choice is to be confusing Mrs. Schnauzer, then the typical crossroads always is.

Mrs. Schnauzer Carole Shuler has the problem to solve ultimately.

Her decisions are best made with an audience that not only supports her, but files a PETITION too. Get the PETITION to get Roger out of jail, and the WRITS of 'Extraordinary' Demands can work?

Anonymous said...

Coyote Lane 12-22-13 @ 6:37 pm
I hasten to apologize for my lacking communication skills 12-21-13 @ 2:28 pm "folding tent" etc.
Roger I believe has committed himself to required jailed and appear before the judge publicly for the record; therefore a matter of permanent record. While true several days away, but not as long as has been, therefore this is my point, that these days and nights in jail not have been in vein; all of what you suggest Coyote surely sounds equitable for Roger to pursue in the aftermath of his public trial.

There isn't any news in his quitting now, my opinion. It would only go to undermine his determination, seen by those others as being weak after drawn out in the course of any events.
Does anyone honestly believe "the political machine" is going to just let Roger say OK I'll take it down and that will be the end to it, really? He has a platform that once lost won't be available again, as easy as this.......

I trust this should suffice, respond please....

e.a.f. said...

it is up to Mr. and Mrs. Shuler to make any decisions regarding this blog. We can only support them in whatever decision they make.

As to the rest of us, the commenters, we can support the Shulers by donating to their PayPal account, if we can afford it. To others my suggestion would be write to every politician, state and or federal who may be in a decision making position. Writing letters to editors of your local and national paper also helps. You may not get responses from the politicians, but you can bet they know people are concerned.

When those complaining about the problem become a bigger problem than the original problem, you will get what you want, which in this case will be getting Mr. Shuler out from under these charges.

I've written all the commanding officers of the Shelby County Sheriff's dept. registering my displeasure regarding Mr. Shuler's arrest and the missing money and their failure to investigate. if there is no reply, and I don't believe there will be one, I'll move on to the next stage, well up the food chain.

At one time politicians paid attention to written letters because they knew for every letter they received on a topic, there were about another thousand who felt the same way. Now given we have e-mail, that figure may have been downgraded, but yet, it does have an impact.

For those living in the area, just showing up at the jail with protest signs and issuing a press release gets coverage and doesn't make anyone happy, well except the supporters of the Shulers. If politicans are going to be present somewhere, go and ask them why are they doing this to Mr. Shuler and why are the violating his first amendment rights? Asking questions in public is not against the law and there is nothing worse from a politician's perspective than having their public photo op stolen from them by someone else.

Thank you to Anonymous who suggested writing THE national Sherifgf's Association. Not only can Mrs. Shuler write them but all could write to express their concerns. The more letters organizations such as this receive, the more likely someone will pay attention.

Back in the day, and I do mean the day, there was a book called, The Shit Disturbers Hand Book. it was great. Gave all sorts of helpful hints on how to try to change things.

Merry Christmas everyone!