Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Roger Shuler Named Only Journalist Behind Bars in U.S. by the Committee to Protect Journalists

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler has made the list of jailed journalists this Christmas. This list is compiled by the Committee to Protect Journalists each December. According to the CPJ's article, "CPJ’s list is a snapshot of those incarcerated at 12:01 a.m. on December 1, 2013. It does not include the many journalists imprisoned and released throughout the year; accounts of those cases can be found at www.cpj.org. Journalists remain on CPJ’s list until the organization determines with reasonable certainty that they have been released or have died in custody."

In a census that is normally about jailed journalists in oppressive countries such as Turkey, Iran, China and Vietnam, the unlawful detention of Roger Shuler in the United States is truly mindblowing and shows just have far we have sunk as a nation. Shuler has made the list as an American journalist having been imprisoned for speaking out about corruption in America and Alabama at the highest levels. All because he exercised his free speech rights in America against the Riley and Rove Dynasty in Alabama. This is worldwide news because it is very uncommon for an American to make this list. 

According to a CPJ special report by Elana Beiser, "Turkey, Iran, and China accounted for more than half of all journalists imprisoned around the world in 2013, the Committee to Protect Journalists has found. In its annual census, CPJ identified 211 journalists jailed for their work, the second worst year on record after 2012, when 232 journalists were behind bars."

Ms. Breiser writes about Legal Schnauzer Roger Shuler:
"The single journalist behind bars in the Americas was in the United States. Roger Shuler, an independent blogger specializing in allegations of corruption and scandal in Republican circles in Alabama, was being held on contempt of court for refusing to comply with an injunction regarding content ruled defamatory. In recent years, journalist jailings in the Americas have become increasingly rare, with one Cuban documented in prison in 2012 and none throughout the region in 2011."
Roger Shuler made a statement in response to being on the CPJ's 2013 list of jailed journalists around the world. It is as follows:
"This recent report from the Committee to Protect Journalists is the most damning information yet about Alabama Republican political figure Rob Riley and corrupt Circuit Judge Claud Neilson who have ramrodded this case against me and it’s the reason I’m in jail and basically I’m in prison. This is really a high security prison here in Shelby County, Alabama, so we might as well not even call it a jail. But aside from that, this story outlines journalists who are incarcerated around the world and I’m told that there’s one of them in the United States and that’s me right here in Alabama and that should sicken and I repeat—sicken--everybody in this state and everybody who cares about any of the states in the United States that there’s a journalist in this country in prison for writing an article that’s a totally civil matter. And there’s law going back to 1780 that predates the Lewis and Clark expedition that says that this cannot be done. And the thing that dumbfounds me maybe most of all is that there have been no journalists even though my story has received quite a bit of coverage and I appreciate it and I also appreciate the calls and support from readers, but nobody has called apparently Rob Riley or Judge Neilson and grilled them about their unlawful actions. My understanding is that a reporter from Channel 42 had tried to contact them, but they would not take questions, they only issued statements which is typical because they can’t answer questions. I beg people to pay attention and make sure that these people are grilled. They’re taking public taxpayer dollars to abuse the courts and have me unlawfully in jail for two months. This an absolute disgrace. From what I understand the other journalists are in places like Iran, Syria and Libya and basically third world countries for the most part. And we’re here in Alabama with a journalist sitting in jail for two months and I’m about to miss Christmas with my family so Rob Riley can play little con games with our court system. And I appreciate the opportunity to speak to our readers. Obviously I’m not happy, but I am pleased that this committee has recognized what I’m going through and has brought attention to it."
Here is the link to Ms. Beiser's article: Second Worst Year on Record for Jailed Journalists

Per the CPJ website, "Elana Beiser is editorial director of the Committee to Protect Journalists. She previously worked as an editor for Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal in New York, London, Brussels, Singapore, and Hong Kong."

Here is a link to the CPJ list: CPJ 2013 Prison Census. Per the CPJ website, "The Committee to Protect Journalists is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide."


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Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that the increase in jailed journalists is at what appears to be an all time high under the Obama Presidency...Does anyone find that odd ??

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e.a.f. said...

Well that is certainly a list nobody expect Mr. Shuler to make, when he was writing, from home, a year ago.

Its really hard to know what to say. yes, its true. The State of Alabama and the U.S.A. has join a list of countries, no democratic country wants to be on. Now that the U.S.A. has made the list, it is suggested the no longer participate in any wars where they are "fighting" for democracy and freedom of speech. The U.S.A. needs to clean up its own house.

Simply from a P.R. position, this is not good news. of course, this may assist in getting Mr. Shuler home.

Anonymous said...

A&E Cable Channel's "Duck Dynasty" program is apparently receiving unlimited amount of media nationally, what now seems almost 24/7,rising from original interview w/"little people" to those holding highly elected offices to govern this nation; all wringing their hands worrying themselves sick about the lost of cast member's FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS after having responded to a question, expressing his personal opinion.


True, "Duck Dynasty" warranting resolve, suspension born out of his responsive answer; but how can the media, any reasonable minded individual equally balance the weigh of importance when compared to Roger Shuler's being jailed since late October 2013, too, result him refusing be denied his FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

I pray that there are those who remember; "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country."

And in doing so, here, for this individual, all efforts will speak volumes. For corruptors to succeed, is for good men to do nothing!

May God Bless All Of You, And Keep you Safe; Merry Christmas;
Pray for the little children sick and in need; Please remember all who since 09/11/2001 having given their lives; too, those having gone in harm's way; the U.S.S. Cole; Seal Team 6; the Army Private on perimeter guard; the Marine Corporal on door to door search for weapons; the Navy pilots; the Army helicopter pilots; the medics, cooks, truck drivers, mechanics, Air Force pilots and personnel, and shipboard personnel......

Difficult to understand that U.S. servicemen are being killed and maimed in foreign lands for others freedoms they have never met or known before; yet unbelievably within their own nation's boundaries matters are parallel to what they experience everyday in similar fashion happening there, encouraged and condoned happen here. Shame on us.

e.a.f. said...

Merry Christmas Carole and Roger. Do take care of yourselves. may the new year bring freedom and joy.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I hope that you and Roger can re-unite soon and celebrate Christmas,as I will, at a later date. I will not celebrate today, because, I, like you, are deprived from being with a loved one because of Rob Riley's associate.
I am a conservative, but I have come to know that a number of our politicians profess that just to gain an office. Rob Riley is a hypocrite. I have always heard that one is judged by the company that he keeps. Riley's has associates who are as trashy as he.

Anonymous said...

Ft. Collins, CO., located in Larimer County is the most corrupt place in the country. They frame innocent activists for arson, they frame people for murder until the state comes in from the outside and exonerates the wrongfully convicted with forensic evidence and they steal children from parents who would oppose the Agenda 21 invasion of their city and county.

Stacy was never accused of any wrongdoing. She was denied due process and her child was stolen from her. Her parental rights have never been severed, yet, she has not seen Jaden in 14 months. She would like to give him his birthday and Christmas presents, but does not know where he is at. The court will not enforce the visitation agreement.


Unknown said...

I, too, did no celebrate the 'Christmas' date of statement about being 'Christian'.

I am not a hypocrite and neither is Roger Shuler GOD SAVE MURPHY SPIRIT and that is Roger Shuler.

How blessed a Christmas 365 Roger has gifted Alabama.

Just think how long this cult of Riley human filth could have kept covering up the truth about 'FAMILY VALUES' as JAILED & NO DUE PROCESS.

RULE OF LAW? Snowden says the JOURNALISTS are not censored now?

Call the lawyers that have been representing Snowden.

When Roger gets out of jail, then there is a celebration worth being in. Best Murphy Schnauzer Mrs.

Robby Scott Hill said...


Michael Collins said...

Roger has been a steadfast defender of good government and journalistic integrity and excellence. It is simply outrageous that he's still held on these absurd charges. This tells us a great deal about not only Alabama justice but the policies and intentions originating in our nation's capital. He should be freed immediately and compensated for his suffering and distress.

Michael Collins
Editor, The Agonist