Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Media Coverage Continues to Expand on Legal Schnauzer First Amendment Case - Part 5

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Over the past several days, we have written about some of the more interesting articles to appear in the media on the Legal Schnauzer first amendment case. One such article appeared in ThinkProgress. The story was written by Nicole Flatow and was featured on the website Oct. 30--one week after Roger Shuler's severe beating and false arrest. 

Per the ThinkProgress website, Nicole Flatow is the Deputy Editor of ThinkProgress Justice. Previously, she was Associate Director of Communications for the American Constitution Society. Nicole has also worked for several legal and general circulation newspapers, including The Daily Record and The New York Law Journal, and was a legal fellow at Bread for the City, where she represented low-income D.C. residents in housing and public benefits matters. She received her J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law, and her B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Law from Binghamton University, where she was editor in chief of her campus newspaper. 

The article was very good, however, there was one incorrect statement. And it has, unfortunately, been repeated in several articles about the first amendment case.
"Riley sued Shuler and his wife, Carol Shuler, last year for alleged defamation." 
The above statement is simply not true and gives the mistaken impression that this harassment lawsuit had been ongoing for some time and thus, had been given a chance to be properly litigated. Nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, the bogus traffic stop where improper service was attempted took place on Sept 29, 2013. And then, Roger was beaten and unlawfully arrested inside our garage on Oct 23, 2013. That is far less than one month later. Hardly adequate time for any proper litigation of the facts and the law.

Typically civil lawsuits are served and a person will have 30 days in which to respond and then the case proceeds from there in an orderly and legal fashion. In this case, Roger Shuler was assaulted and thrown in jail in a mere 3 weeks time. How about that for a railroad job and outrageous miscarriage of justice? 

Here is the link to the ThinkProgress article by Ms. Flatow: 

Alabama Blogger Arrested, Jailed for Writing About Former Governor's Son


Anonymous said...

All those 'sheepskins' and WOW her pedigrees and what a powerful place she has in the world of words, and what does she do?


Please, this is exactly what is wrong with LICENSED ATTORNEYS AT LAW in the system of 'America'.

They've had people do their work for so long, and who knows who did her reading, but the worker didn't do the job as the job should have, could have and would have this been accomplished - then the DONE cooked in the cauldron would have been the result needed.

e.a.f. said...

happy to read your update.
Thank you for keeping all of us up to date. I trust you and Roger are keeping your spirits up. My regards to Mr. Shuler.

Unknown said...


Unfortunately, the PAID PROPAGANDISTS are names that writers or tweeters or trolls on the www, get the words out into the 'market' to sell the product or products of complete insanity.

This result published proves the internet has to be challenged too, at all times.

Every reader must write the so called human rights' activist 'lawyer' and demand the whole truth be published immediately.

Unknown said...


legalschnauzer said...

Thanks e.a.f -- I appreciate your support and encouragement. I will give Roger your regards when I speak to him again. He is probably in better spirits than I am. I am virtually non-functional due to depression.

Anonymous said...


Of course you're depressed.

You've been oppressed, suppressed, repressed and the depression is a natural state of being forced into the place where every American is going to be.

The choice is to become a total slave in every way to a machine that steals life, liberty and the pursuit to happiness.

Carol, where are your women friends? Family?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon at 10:11 AM -- I have no women friends or any family for the most part. FB friends only.

e.a.f. said...

Good Morning Carole,

I am saddened to hear you are suffering from depression. it can not be easy to have Mr. Shuler in jail and be left in your home a virtual prisoner. Not to mention just who is going to mow the lawn or put up the Christmas lights? Not having control over your life is always very unsettling, not that many actually do have control over their lives,but in cases such as this, there is the lack of personal freedom and safety attached to the whole mess.

For those who wonder why people sometimes have very few friends, by middle age. Its easy. If you take views which are not in line with the main stream, you don't get invited out much or asked to be friends. Just wait until you say something very critical of your local government at a dinner party or in a shop. Watch them all back away. it is funny at the time. However, if you don't have family to support you, it is difficult.

Not only is Mr. Shuler in jail, but the orange uniforms are so unflattering. my thoughts are with you and Mr. Shuler.

legalschnauzer said...

e.a.f. @ 11:47 AM -- Well suffice it to say that there will be no putting up of Christmas lights, Christmas trees or anything at all for the holiday season. And thankfully the lawn doesn't need to be mowed this time of year.