Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Media Coverage Continues to Expand on Legal Schnauzer First Amendment Case - Part 3

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Over the past couple days, we have written about some of the more interesting articles to appear in the media on  the Legal Schnauzer first amendment case. Another excellent article was written by Sara Rafsky of the outstanding international organization, Committee to Protect Journalists. It appeared on their website's CPJ Blog on Nov. 13. 

According to their website, the "CPJ promotes press freedom worldwide and defends the rights of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal. We take action wherever journalists are attacked, imprisoned, killed, kidnapped, threatened, censored, or harassed."

Here is the link to the CPJ story by Sara Rafsky: Censorship in Alabama's Shelby County.

Per the bio on the CPJ website, "Sara Rafsky is research associate in CPJ's Americas program. A freelance journalist in South America and Southeast Asia, she was awarded a 2008 Fulbright Grant to research photojournalism and the Colombian armed conflict."

This article was very well done and I appreciate the hard work and effort that went into it. It is also important to note that it was featured in The Huffington Post on Nov. 14. 

Here is the link to Ms. Rafsky's story which appeared on the HuffPost Blog: Censorship at Issue in Alabama Blogger's Case.


Anonymous said...

Where is the ACLU in this travesty? Why aren't they doing anything?

legalschnauzer said...

Anon @ 8:16 PM -- That is a great question. The ACLU did file friend of the court motions on Nov. 1 which we did very much appreciate. However beyond that, they have been less than helpful & even declined to provide names of lawyers for our case. I think they were quite possibly threatened after they filed the motions and decided to wash their hands of the matter. I may be wrong... Carol

Wayne said...

That's what it sounds like to me Carol.

Anonymous said...


Unbelievable WTF scary which will make the rest of us take more action!!

e. a. f. said...

If the Daily Show and Stephen Corbet can find time to poke fun of the Toronto, Canada mayor, Rob Ford, perhaps they would like to poke fun of the republicans in Alabama.