Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Legal Schnauzer Exposed to Theft, Threat of Violence and Gruesome Suicide While Unlawfully Incarcerated in Shelby County Jail

This is Carol, Roger's wife. Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler has been the victim of a theft while being unlawfully incarcerated in the Shelby County Jail because of a lawsuit filed by Republican political figure Rob Riley.

Shuler noticed funds missing from his inmate account about 10 days ago and filed a grievance with the Shelby County Jail. Shuler received a copy of his account which showed some $99 in unauthorized charges.

"I had a meeting with a Sargent Thompson," Shuler said, "and he stated that it appeared that an inmate had stolen my PIN number and charged unauthorized phone calls to my account in exchange for food items. I received no further word from Sargent Thompson and I don't know if this case is going to be investigated as as the crime that it is." Shuler has been incarcerated in the Shelby County Jail since Oct. 23 after Riley filed a lawsuit seeking removal of certain posts. Some 230 years of first amendment law in the United States says that it's unlawful to restrict publication prior to a final judgement that the report is false and defamatory. There has been no such finding in the Riley lawsuit and in fact has not even been any discovery and yet Shuler has been in jail for almost two full months.

"Because of Rob Riley's lawsuit, I've had to encounter all sorts of dangerous events," Shuler said. "Just last week I witnessed an inmate's suicide here in my unit. A man jumped some 27 feet from the top two stories above us and landed on concrete about 10 feet from where I was sitting. The sound of his skull cracking and blood pouring out of his head is something that I'll never forget and other inmates will not soon forget either. And had I been about 10 feet in another direction, he would've landed on me and crushed me to death. On top of that, an inmate in my block was found with a shank just last night which is an item that has been sharpened for the purposes of stabbing someone. And now I've been the victim of a theft. And all of this has been because of Rob Riley's fun and games lawsuit that he's filed that has absolutely no basis in law or fact. My wife has been without a husband now for almost two months. I've been wrongfully incarcerated and we're going to hold Rob Riley, Liberty Duke, their attorneys and Judge Claud Neilson accountable. They all should be held criminally and civilly accountable."

Below is a copy of a brief that the ACLU has filed on Shuler's behalf stating that these injunctions, civil contempt findings, imprisonment and incarceration are all unlawful in his case.



Unknown said...

The 'people' of Alabama must file against the monsters that pay the criminally insane to do what they're doing, and Roger is being set-up for a 'suicide?'

Appears the tell tale sign/s.

The Federal Reserve System pays the Alabama RICO Crime and the Criminally insane that work to do whatever can be done to any 'human being American' that won't go along with Agenda 21, in essence.

The UN is controlling now and the ACLU should be well aware of this-these-THE 'Agenda/s'.


SUE IN THE COURT OF CHIEF JUSTICE EMILY HEWITT. That would be the Washington DC Court now deposing Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, Hank Paulson, ALL got Roger and the U.S. 'Citizens' to be NO RIGHTS'.

Riley and ITS' ILK are paid via the Fed, sue the Fed and stop the paychecks to the criminals that are truly insane from the abject terror of no more are they 'immune'.


Unknown said...

Richard M. December 16, 2013 at 11:46 am

As horrible as your article describes the actions of these leftists, there is a county in Michigan that may be worse. Barry County judge Doherty runs the county like a mafia Don and has released many people from the county jail to commit crimes including murder and attempted murder, with apparent immunity. He has personally taken more than seven probate estates and created communities of homes for sale, by him. Tens of millions of dollars worth. Also impacted are the families from whom the estates were taken. They were destroyed, and some killed. I personally have had eight attempts on my life. Four in Barry County and four in Maryland. Attempts made on my stepfather’s life, and my mother was killed in the process. They’ve thoroughly embraced the Agenda 21 program as well, at the cost of many citizens of the county, and the city of Hastings. It’s a dangerous place if you’re not the judge’s friend. Very dangerous.


Americans gotta wake up fast.

The criminally inane are on purpose to get the innocent killed, like Roger - for telling the truth.

Truth isn't allowed in this AGENDA and the ACLU filing bullshit papers is bullshit.

ACLU should be suing the Fed, and AGENDA 21, but hey, MIA ACLU!

e.a.f. said...

Given just about anyone can get out on bail in the U.S.A. if they have the money, you'd think a non violent person, without a criminal history would be out and about. The state of Alabama must have a lot of money to be able to keep non violent people in jail or perhaps they are simply very vengeful and have friends who help them exercise their vengence.

We can only hope Mr. Shuler will be released soon so he can be at home with Mrs. Shuler.