Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Roger Shuler, Only Jailed U.S. Journalist Per CPJ Census, Receives Coverage at Al Jazeera America

This is Carol, Roger's wife. As reported here in recent days, Legal Schnauzer publisher Roger Shuler made the list of jailed journalists compiled by the Committee to Protect Journalists. Per the CPJ's article, "CPJ’s list is a snapshot of those incarcerated at 12:01 a.m. on December 1, 2013. It does not include the many journalists imprisoned and released throughout the year; accounts of those cases can be found at www.cpj.org. Journalists remain on CPJ’s list until the organization determines with reasonable certainty that they have been released or have died in custody." Here is a link to the CPJ list: CPJ 2013 Prison Census

In a census that is normally about jailed journalists in oppressive countries such as Turkey, Iran and China, the unlawful detention of American journalist Roger Shuler in the U.S. is truly a disgrace to our country and shows just have far we have sunk as a nation. Imprisoned for speaking out about corruption in America and Alabama at the highest levels, Shuler is making worldwide news in a variety of media venues because it is so uncommon for an American to make this list. Per the CPJ, Shuler is the only journalist unlawfully jailed in the Americas on a list of 211 journalists from around the globe.

This disturbing news of a jailed U.S. journalist on the CPJ census received coverage at Al Jazeera America in an article published on their website Dec. 18. The article states:
"Only one journalist was behind bars in the Americas as a direct result of their work. Roger Shuler, an independent blogger who writes about alleged Republican corruption in Alabama, was being held on contempt of court for refusing to comply with an injunction regarding content ruled defamatory, the CPJ said. In recent years, journalist jailings in the Americas have become increasingly rare, with one Cuban documented in prison in 2012 and none throughout the region in 2011."
Here is the link to the Al Jazeera America article:  Turkey Again Jails Most Journalists, Annual Index Finds.

Al Jazeera America


Unknown said...

too bad McCain is a shareholder of Al Jazeera America

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...


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That is the way it happened. Read Austin Fitts, the information and that is 'private-personal' DATA is worth more than money because IT becomes derivatives-algorithms.


I'd begin by demanding the entire file on Roger's private data, his IP, which is really why he is in the Jail.

Riley isn't exactly not hooked into the Republican Private Prison Industry - That is, Rove isn't for certain connected in Big AL.

Sue the private prison industry, sue at the International Court of Trade in DC.

Study Karen Hudes and Catherine Austin Fitts and Orly Taitz.

21 Century America isn't anything like what the "publications" of 'mainstream' begin to address.

Stay Strong Murphy Schnauzer Spirits!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Shuler: With all due respect, I can understand, what you are going through, the agonies brought upon you and Roger via him being denied his equal rights, protections, and due processes to keep him silenced from the public; for you see, I too have walked in, equal, his shoes; also having heard the metal door's heavy rolling steel
tumblers until they thud against the latching door. Confined to a human cesspool of contamination[s] while officials looked on with smiles and laughers.

But, that aside..... You and Roger, if not already knowing, you make yourself cognizant now, so to prepare day he gets released obtain a copy of his NCIC [National Crime Information Center] and too his Alabama Crime Information Center].

Why? Why, is this important? Well, for just one example, it happened this way. A private citizen, retired, filed community complaint with chief about drinking, speeding, and driving police car while on duty in the community.

What should have been a confidentially kept citizen's complaint was made known to officer being complained of; this particular officer aligned himself with few officer friends to engage in beginning harassment campaign against the community complainant, obviously with chief's and superior's approvals because nothing was ever done to discontinue, only heighten and inflame situation.

The gist of the story as follows: the community complainant at some point time later on while traveling out-of-town in Alabama came upon a license-check road block, waiting in line for his turn, having license in hand, anticipating being flagged right on thru; once state trooper ran a check on license and tag plate ask him to pull over side of road and remain in his vehicle until told otherwise.

What had happened as a further means of retaliation against this retired citizen was that his vehicle's tag number was listed as bolo, with his name listed as armed and dangerous, etc.........

The state troopers didn't know what they had, or didn't have; but here again what value is the amount for the total time wasted having involved city, county, and state individuals/offices result of a bad officer; but far worst condoned and encouraged by an immediate superior and officials?

This should not be construed or misinterpreted as being a blanket indictment of all enforcement, judicial, and political,
personnel, but rather a reality check as to how vunderable "the little people" are.

About the retired individual and his wife, so dissatisfied they moved to another state; later on much more tied these events surfaced, mandated change.

NCIC ACIC Like your credit report, you never really know what is on it, and who put it there............


Unknown said...

Goldman Sachs owns Equifax.

Equifax is how the CREDIT SCORE gets 'calculated' so 'money' can be given to the 'best scores'.


Is this sick? Oh yes indeed. We're a sovereign nation.

And, yes, the GMO humans are the so called system of GOVERNMENT. The intention was and is, intentional.

Making brain dead or compromised human capital isn't new.

The MOUNT was 'raized' via Pompeii for the same exact 'acts' of vile unnatural. MOSES and his tribe of "Hebes" were spared due to the more 'evolved'. BUT, IT didn't stay 'evolved', the 'Tribe'.

Study the Metzitzah b'peh and know the criminally insane are a global paedophilia cult that totally prey on all children in whatever way to be in control of the future.

VATICAN and Israel are not different entities!



People, Americans, get deeply educated about what really is going on.

We're almost past the worst of IT, except expect a "weather weapon" in forms of 'earthquakes' or other storms to kill lots of humans that aren't protected from the elements.

Roger is a consumer digital money machine cause that is all the compromised crazies have to keep their 'job/s'!