Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A "Valentine" for Alabama's Corporate Sociopaths

The desire to have honest government in Alabama is not an abstract idea here at Legal Schnauzer. We've seen first hand how corrupt public officials can erode our institutions and weaken our society.

Mrs. Schnauzer and I have been victimized by Alabama's corporate sociopaths--and their political and judicial henchmen--for almost 10 years now. The whole point of this blog is to shine light on the damage that ensues when corrupt officials violate the public trust.

So we hope you will excuse our childish delight at the thumping corporate candidates have taken at the election box recently in Alabama. The battle for honest governance is far from over--in Alabama and beyond. But we must admit to feeling a tiny bit of vindication today--and even a sense of "up yours" to those who have soiled our democracy.

When you spend quite a few of your waking hours reporting about corruption and injustice, the world can seem to be a pretty ugly place. That's why our Legal Schnauzer team so appreciates humor, especially the kind that makes you laugh until you think you are about to wet yourself.

We certainly can appreciate good, clean "family" humor. But some days, you need something that is a tad dark, sophomoric, or of questionable taste. Today is one of those days.

And so we share a little slice of comic heaven from our friends at It sums up a part of what we are feeling in SchnauzerWorld today. But more importantly, it appears to sum up the message that regular Alabamians sent to the corporate class yesterday.

I'm told that fans of Monty Python will find special meaning in this one. We hope it provides a chuckle.

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MaxShelby said...

Grandiose LOL Schnauzer!

Not just the picture but the title reference.

Love the "Valentine For Alabama's Corporate Sociopaths"

Very witty and so true.