Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Siegelman/Minor Connections

Thanks to Atlanta-based blogger Dana Blankenhorn for spotlighting our work at Legal Schnauzer on the Paul Minor case in Mississippi.

Blankenhorn is a veteran reporter and blogger who is particularly well known for his work in business journalism. He has a blog called "Voic.us," which focuses on the work of bloggers in the South, and he spotlights the Minor case in his latest Mississippi roundup.

Blankenhorn does an excellent job of summarizing key points we've made about the Minor case. And he draws parallels between it and the more well known Siegelman case. In fact, you might say the Minor case is the Dave Clark Five to Siegelman's The Beatles.

But Blankenhorn notes that the Minor case appears to show that "the Bush political 'hit' on Siegelman was not a one-off, but part of a concerted--and so far successful--effort to subvert democracy and justice in the Deep South."

As the Siegelman case prepares to take center stage in a Congressional investigation, we've received word that the Minor case will receive significant national attention in the next few days.

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