Monday, October 15, 2007

A Note on Comments

The Legal Schnauzer welcomes comments from readers, particularly from those who have something worthwhile to say.

Unfortunately, we've been getting a number of comments lately from folks who might be called "trolls." The comments usually are in the form of witticisms like "you're an idiot," "you're a moron," or "you're blog is worthless." In some instances, they are taking unsubstantiated shots at people other than me.

I don't mind legitimate criticism, but that kind of stuff trashes up a blog, and I've worked too hard to make this a creditable site to allow that to go on.

As a result, we've been experimenting with moderation of comments. In the process, I'm afraid I've accidentally deleted a view comments I intended to publish. My apologies to those readers. I'm going to do away with moderation for a few days, and see how it goes.

Would really prefer to have an open forum, where comments show up quickly. With moderation, comments might not show up for a while, and I'd rather not do it that way; makes it hard to have much give and take.

Of course, if "bomb throwers" want to send me an e-mail and let me know who they are, I would be more willing to give leeway on comments. But I'm beginning to think it's not a good policy to allow anonymous commenters to just bombs away, and other bloggers tell me this is a common problem on sites with political content.

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