Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Havoc in Hoover (Cont.)

Rush Propst's reign as football coach at Hoover High School soon may be ending.

School board president Donna Frazier says today that she wants this Friday's game to be Propst's last as head coach. The Bucs recently had to forfeit four games because of use of an ineligible player, but they still have qualified for the state playoffs.

If Frazier has her way, someone other than Propst will be in control when Hoover goes to the playoffs. She says negotiations have been ongoing between school officials and Propst, with input from the Alabama Education Association. Propst said he was unaware of any negotiations to end his tenure as head coach.

Frazier said she assumes the delay in determining Propst's future is due to negotiations over a financial settlement.

If Propst indeed is terminated, that means Hoover will be embarking on its first football coaching search since late 1998. Shortly after that search began, your humble blogger began to witness a series of events that would turn my family's life upside down.

We have been examining possible connections between Hoover's previous search and the beginnings of my legal woes. That examination will continue very soon.


annabkrr said...

It's amazing how things have changed for Hoover and their coach. It's light years apart from the past hype and hoopla surrounding them. Those students have been on a wild ride.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad situation for ALL of Hoover... Coach Propst came to Hoover with a less than perfect past and it appears that winning football games made people blind to his true character.